Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 20 year old

Date people from Alberta, Canada. I am a very relaxed laid back back person I try to not let things get to me, I am trying to save up to buy a house in the next year or two, I never break a promise I only make them if I can keep them, I looking for someone who will like me for me not who they can make me be.

Meet a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. I'm laid back, hard working and love being a smartass and like to get cocky but not in a disrespectful manner and i'm just lookin' for a gal who is lookin' for some fun. She must be fit and attractive and got that bad girl side to her all wild & free, Has manners and is kind like myself.

Date single boy from Alberta, Canada. if i had to describe myself i would say that i am fun, easy going and adventurous. i enjoy life, love to fish and race and am looking for someone to share this with! i own a house on the south side and have no room mates, love my job and am genuinely excited about life!
I am currently working as a health and safety officer for a camp and catering company and recently received my NCSO designation.

Meet a boy from Alberta, Canada. iam looking for a nice and fun out going woman that like to have fun and go to new places to do fun things and just be who u are and go for drinks and just get to now eacher better as eacher and see if it goes any where in time or what ever happens

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. Hey! just moved to Calgary, told myself I would never use this site but bordem got the best of me haha. I have lived all over Ontario but never in a city as big as Calgary. Im normly not a serious person, I speak fluent sarcasm and I am normly making some kind of joke lol. I like anything that has to do with the outdoors, biking, snowboarding, hiking, camping and any sport with a motor haha. I have a soft spot for animals and regularly voulenteer at the humane society. I listen to most types of music, but I generally stick to country or hitlist type style of music. I just got a job doing sales, best job I've ever had. You meet new people everyday, it pays well and is fun!

Meet a guy from Alberta, Canada. Having a good time laughing joking alway like to make someones day likes to make people laugh and smile lots of things make me laugh lol kinda laughing at how long u have to wright this dang thing lol I'm grateful for my family that has alwAys bin there at the toughest times.

Date men and women from Alberta, Canada. I'm a little shy and quiet at first. Ones i get to know someone i come out of my shell. i'm a good listener. i love animals. the only thing is my allergies make it so i have to odserve them from a distance. i do live in a house with other animals but i only have a cat. I'm more of a cat person than a dog person. I like going camping, Quad riding , and day trips. I don't always have the time to do that. There's the odd time i will blow off work and go do something fun for the weekend. i will watch just about any movie or documenty.i dont read much. With my current situation i have not had the time to go do everything i would like to. I'm going to sait in August so i'm trying to save my money.

Meet people from Canada. Someone who like to smile, is sharp, enjoys being outdoors and other things I like! I also like to try new things so suggestions are always good! Id love to grab a coffee or see a movie or even something completely different! Hope to meet new friends or even find someone to date :)

Date a soulmate from Canada. I'm a funny guy, i love sport, meet new people, i would like to meet ? girl who are not shy, and who know how to have fun. ..................................................

Meet single boy from Canada. I beleave that my perfect match would be a person who is kind and wants to enjoy life to the fullest. My friends would describe me as somewhat shy at first but very outgoing once ive passed my inital shyness. I like to spend time outdoors and enjoy camping in the summer and skiing in the winter. I am currently attending the University of Alberta to get a degree in chemistry; during the summer I work at Suncor (refinery). My perfect match would be someone who understands the value of family and true friends. They would be kind and caring but also wanting to have fun and enjoy life.

Date a boy from Canada. Hello! My name is Ty. I work downtown at Talisman Energy as a Mineral Land Analyst. I have a busy life and it would be nice to find someone to have fun with. My friends would describe me as a down to earth guy who is nice and fun to be around. I love being active in my spare time. I tend to go to the gym a lot and I love it. I played basketball for 14 years growing up. What I am hoping to attract is a girl that I can connect with and be myself around and mainly just to have fun.
Hope to hear from you soon :)

Meet someone special from Canada. My name is Andrew and I am fairly new to the online dating thing. I am a very shy guy who barely takes any time to do anything for myself. With a busy working schedule, I find it hard to meet new people. When I get any days off work, I enjoy outdoor activities, relaxing at home and on occasion, go out for a few drinks. During the summer months I enjoy taking trips around Alberta, ATV trips. It's the best way to explore many of Alberta's beautiful areas. My match would have to enjoy traveling as well. After a long day from home, watching television and movies is my favorite way to relax. My life is usually too busy to relax. When I get the chance to, I help my parents out on their farm. I love being outdoors and working with animals. I am looking for someone who shares my common interests and values. She must be easy going, attractive, educated and compassionate. She must be open minded as well. I am currently taking courses through SAIT which adds another dimension to my crazy life, so my Match would have to put up with my busy schedule :) I am a very nice guy, who will treat my ideal match the way she deserves to be treated. Feel free to message me anytime. I'm always up for a conversation ;)

Date a guy from Canada. Hi, I'm Matt
I'm known to be a bit of a push over, "allegedly" but I'm just a generous good person who loves to share laughs and have fun- I keep out of trouble. I'm currently striving towards professional surveying as well as a backhoe operators license, I couldn't see myself behind a desk all day. Family and friends are very important to me, as well as their opinions. I'm very easy going, I'm not the type to make assumptions or judge people quickly. I'm an infamous workaholic as well, not only on site but everything I touch gets the effort and time I think it deserves, in which I'm very patient. I'm the sort of person that neighbours, my friends and their parents alike seek out for an extra hand, as I never mind. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to girls, and life in general. Whatever you do for fun, whether it be hanging out at the mall, camping, going to the club, playing video games, all that good stuff. In fact I don't like clubs much, never have, yet I find myself there with friends every once in awhile. Im usually parched on weekends; drinking my face off with my buddehs down at the local beer hunter. And lastly, I love music. Generally rock but i don't mind techno, dubstep or the occasional country song.
If your still not impressed I can wink with both eyes.
Still curious? Poke me and maybe i'll poke back. ;)

Meet men and women from Canada. So I'm a rig guy I work on the rigs I'm always out of town I practically live in my motorhome but I do have a house in sherwood park just never home to see it, yes I make great money but I don't like blowing it on bars and partying. I'm saving up for new an better things im currently tryin to buy a condo in Florida and I'm looking into a range rover. If your a girl who doesn't have a job and just wants to live off my hard earned money don't bother talking to me. I want a girl who does work even if its part time and in school, jut a girl who is building a future, unles you don't know what that is yet that's fine to.
So a little about me ,; im not a player, i love country, camping, quading and road trips to anywhere I want, oh and I also love date nights, going out for a nice dinner a walk in the park or going far out of town and just looking at the stars. I'm not a guy who treats girls like a regular person, I treat them like gold and like princesses.
So it doesn't matter what you look like, where your from or how old you are I'll still reply to your messages learn about you, chat with you, and get to know you, I don't judge people. Message me even if you just need someone to talk to, Or if you want to get to know me, I'm quite the catch ;)

. I'm a farmboy I like to 4x4, quad, drink beer, smoke dope, play hockey, skydive, shootguns, camping, all the summer fun, T.V. Gamming, driving, bowling, seeing friends, partying, sex who doesn't.
I work alot so its hard to get out and meet someone, My friends would describe me as honest, funny, loyal, carring, hardworking....