Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 22 year old

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. I'm looking for a healthy good shape couple, a girl that is really nice and pretty, has a good job, and suits me. If I wer to take you out on a date it would would be the most romantic place you have ever been to. No matter how much it costs. And I wouldn't mind if u do or don't want to have kids.

Meet a guy from Alberta, Canada. Looking to meet someone outside my normal social circle.
I'm a giver and love to see people smile because of things I did for them, looking for someone who has the same attitude.
I enjoy my job but am looking to go back to school once I save up some money so I don't have to rely so much on student loans.
I enjoy a wide variety of things, from the slightly geeky side (star wars, lord of the rings) to sports (hockey and football) and everything in between (video games, books, cards, you name it). As long as it is social and can be done with a laugh I'm willing to try it.
My ideal match is someone who is willing to give life a shot and keep an upbeat attitude about everything.
Enough about me though, I prefer to listen to other people talk and be that pillar of support for them. If that's what you want give me a shout and we'll see where things go.

Date people from Alberta, Canada. Hello!, my name is Corey, I am 22 years old, I am an out going and expressive person, I am very funny, the only catch is, I am alittle shy to start, its been a life long thing, but after the initial introduction its smooth sailing from there. I am a hard working guy who puts in 70-80 hours a week, so the free time I do have I would like to find someone to share that with, I recently just purchased for myself my dream car that I have wanted since I was 15, I have many goals that I want to achieve in the next 2 years, so like before, if their was somebody to have experience with me then that would be great. It is really difficult to describe myself in this little box, so if you have any questions I think it would be better if you just asked! Im all ears!

Meet a boy from Alberta, Canada. I enjoy all kinds of people around me. I am just looking forward to have a good time!! I live in the present without worrying too much about the future. Talking about my motivation I just have a few. I love hitting the gym and have been doing it for just over a year to get myself in shape. I am also currently pursuing a degree in engineering and can't wait to get over it so I can make some real money. Lastly I keep my family happy to the most of my ability. I take life seriously only sometimes lol. But yeah if you're looking for something unique about me, I can walk on water...... LOL im kidding, you just gotta wait and find out!!

Date single boy from Alberta, Canada. looking for someone independent and fun to be around. I like spending time with friends and fam, sports are a huge part of my life, I try to be active. Full time job would be awesome, with similar hours

Meet a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. i am a recent graduate working at one of the greatest engineering firms in the world. i recently acquired my own residence, i like to ride my motorcycle.
im looking for someone who can cook and tends to be clean, must love animals, must be open to children.

Date men and women from Alberta, Canada. Well lets see. I fairly new to Alberta
When I am not working I like to be active and go to the gym. I also like to go to movies or watch TV and relax. I'm not huge into the bar scene, but I do like to occastionaly go out for wing nights with some friends.
Not to sure what else to put here, so if you have any questions ask!

Meet someone special from Canada. Hello, my name is Kyle. I've decided to give this website a shot because lately it seems I'm having bad luck trying to find someone on my own.
A little bit about me would be since I was a kid I've loved superheros and comic books, Superman being my favorite. I like playing guitar and taking my dog for a walk or run. I work out occasionly throughout the week. I like hanging out with my family and friends because without them I wouldnt be who I am today, they are most important to me. Im quite shy to be honest but Im trying to be more outgoing and talkative. I find myself to be quite laid back and easily entertained, I also believe Im a very understanding person. To be honest Im very scared and anxious about a lot of things, such as learning new things, doing things Ive never done, but Im trying very hard to move forward from that because I dont want to be the boy in the bubble, I would like to have stories to tell to people, but having said that I dont want to have so many stories that I cant tell fiction from truth, memories from lies. I try to live my life to the fullest, but in my way, not the story book or hollywood kind of way. The way that has a person the kind of fun they want to have without leaving them uncomfortable or regretful.
Instead of describing what I am looking for I'll describe what I'm not looking for. Im not looking for someone to travel the world with, though I do like to take a one or two week vacation from work in a year to go and see and experience new things, or even just sit at home and be away from work. I dont want someone whos going to pick out all my flaws and expect me to change, because Im already doing all of that myself. I dont want someone whos a party animal and wants to go clubing every weekend, I already did that phase and it was fun but Im done but I dont mind going to a friends party or hosting my own once in awhile, and I do love pubs and bars too. I dont want someone who has to constantly be doing something 24/7 and must be out of the house experiencing life, but dont get me wrong I want to do these things just not so much that I dont have time to kick back and relax and drink a beer on the patio or lie in bed on a Sunday doing absolutely nothing but just enjoying what I have before the routine of work kicks in again on Monday. What I do want is someone I can create my own life with, have my own experiences with, live our life with, play our way with, entertain ourselves with and just enjoy each others company with.
Career wise Im a Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker which has a fairly decent pay, I got into it straight out of highschool and have been doing the same job with the same company for 5 years. I worked extremely hard to get where I am today in my career and its paid of Id like to think. Im very good at what I do and Im proud to be doing what I do, although Im fairly sure that if youve managed to read this far into my profile that you have absolutely no idea what sheet metal work is, but thats okay, no one does haha.
Take a browse through my page and photos and if youd like to talk just shoot me a message.

Date a guy from Canada. Well I enjoy volunteering on the fire department on my days off and i don't take much to heart UNLESS its my family also i like to think I'm funny lmao but at the same time i know when its time to be serious and responsible. Im done with looking for that one in 6 billion in the bars so thats what brings me here
Who's perfect not me but i try and i try hard and when i fall i fall hard but i will bring myself back up and ill try again
also i like to think of myself as an amateur poet just give it a try what can it hurt?
Cheating is cheating I'm a vary open person and caring but the one thing that cannot b forgiven would be cheating and as a man that does not cheat all i ask is the same
I am A vary passionate person and public and personal displays of affection seem to be a specialty of mine

Meet people from Canada. The compliments i get paid the most are that i'm funny, smart and thoughtful. In life i believe it is important to always ask questions and seek new truths, to always keep a light heart and to aid and inspire your friends and family.
I like to write, love philosophy and learning new things.
I get satisfaction from a job well done; be it a days paid work, making dinner or an evening of romance there is never a reason not to do it all spectacularly.
Im not looking for any girl in particular, but my kind of girl has a mind of her own and a sense of humour. If you can laugh your way through it, do it!

Date a boy from Canada. Essentially I’m an intellectual with a very broad range of interests. As a result I tend to like anyone that is really passionate about almost anything. If you have a deep interest in science, philosophy, politics, art, psychology, technology or music then I’m going to love talking to you. In particular I like thinking about the way in which people think and I tend to be pretty intuitive about what people are thinking and feeling. Although it’s unconventional, yes this does mean that I’d probably like to know what’s going through your head and if I get to know you well enough I won’t be shy about asking.
I won’t go into much detail on my interests because I feel as though enjoying the outdoors, travel and good times with good friends is so common that it’s barely worth mentioning. I’m a decent martial artist, or at least I was until lost most of my free time to university and now to my career, but otherwise I don’t have any particular interests in playing or watching organized sports (not to say I wouldn’t’ enjoy a casual game of anything). What’s most important to me is family, friends and the simple comforts in life.
I feel like mutual understanding, honesty and of course passion are the most important qualities of a good relationship. I’m looking for a partner in life, who complements me as a person, who strengthens my strengths, compensates my weaknesses and vice versa.
But when it comes down to it I’m not arrogant enough to think that I can represent myself without bias or describe every aspect of my personality so if this profile sparks your interest, don’t be afraid to send me an email; I’d love to talk to you.

Meet single boy from Canada. my friends would describe be as a outgoing funny and kind person. i like to play sports and watch movies. i graduated with a medical administration certificate. I am a family person. I like to alway try something new. i am i a type of person who doesnt care what people think of me because lifes to short to worry about that.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am a easy going, fun loving person who always has a smile on my face, loves to laugh and have a good time. Others describe me as a hardworking, honest, dedicated, sincere and trust worthy person. I’m very mature and serious for my age when I need to be, as I am a business professional who loves his job even though it is very demanding with high stress and often with long and odd hours. I wouldn't really change it for any thing. I hope to become a manager or to own my own business since I have worked my way up from the bottom. It really not your normal dream job but it is my dream job (most day's). I am somewhat of a shy, quit and reserved person at first, but once I get to know someone I open up. I love spending as much time as I can outdoors camping, hiking, golfing, walking the dog and spending time with family and friends. P.S. I'm a huge prankster and practical joker, so be forewarned;)
I am looking for some one who respects her self and others, is modest in the way she dresses and handles her self and is mature. Respect, loyalty, and honesty go a long way in my books. Sharing some of the same interests as I do would be great, however every one has to be their own person. Looking for a travel and activity partner to spend my free time with and build a long term relationship with. If our connection is going to go any place you must know how to cook and iron. jk I love to cook and I iron my own shirts.

Meet men and women from Canada. hi there new to this site not quite sure what to put here so ask if you wanna know more lookimg for a fun girl to hang out with and live life to the fullest everyday grew up on a farm so i kind of a country boy but live in the city now

. I am a fairly laid back, I like my music, some video games, and outdoorsy stuff, camping and fishing mainly. I don't really have an ideal "perfect match", just someone nice and easy going. And that's all I wanted to type so I typed this just to make it over 200 characters