Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 28 year old

Date people from Alberta, Canada. I am emotionally untrammelled with good intentions. I am easy going, preferring more times than not, to opt for an extra few minutes cuddling...
Love all kinds of music, singing poorly in the shower... Fresh flowers and bright colors, just because… Kindness conquers most, and the others aren’t worth it anyway ;)
Kitchens? Love them…..A people watcher, and a nature lover. My favourite butterfly, the valiant Monarch.
My parents taught me manners…
Open to an easy, nice, fun experience; and another after that, preferably with the same person. That said, a committed long term relationship would suit me fine should that come my way.
You? You’re you…. don’t change for anyone, and that’s what makes will make you so great. I’ll hope to learn more, soon. Strong, yet warm. Confident in heels and stockings, comfortable in slippers and flannel... attractive in my eyes, and I don’t care what others say.
The world is such a cool place. Sights, sounds and flavours of faraway lands.
Please do not be shy if contacting me. Will not usually carry on long internet dialogue, sorry, that's just not me. I prefer to meet quickly. Chemistry is key and nothing trumps face to face, except of course, lips to lips.
My Hobbies Include: All kinds of sports (hockey, baseball, golf, football, etc), camping, fishing, gym, playing the guitar / drums, rafting, poker / casino, trying new restaurants, cooking and many more (I've got to leave some things for discovery!)
Favourite TV Shows: The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Anything Nat Geo / Discovery Channel, Seinfeld, Two and a Half Men, East Bound and Down.
Questions? Ask away..

Meet a guy from Alberta, Canada. If i had to describe myself i would say i can be a shy person at first until i get to know someone which usually doesnt take that long and then i am a very out going person that is up for absolutly anything. i have been told that i am a very honest person and sometimes i apprently can be a little to honest. i always love trying new things and am up for anything at least once. i enjoy going to pub with friends for a few drinks and great conversation or just sitting back and watching a great movie or going camping for the weekend or pretty much much anything that comes to mind.
i would have to say my greatest accomplishment that i am most proud of is my kids , but i would assume that any parent would say that. But other then that i would have to go with my job is something i am proud of
it hard to say how much i should write but If you want to know any more you just got to ask.

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. I like my job, I'm a truck driver. I believe in honesty and understanding. My friends describe me as dependable, good listener, generous and hard working. I enjoy making improvements and repairs around the house, entertaining in my home, and maintaining a network of close friends.

Meet a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. Not looking for much other then a fun and easy going time. Got an idea? send me a message!
I am a nice and genuine guy, I am up for whatever. Hanging out or going out on a "date" it's up to you!
I like to enjoy the summer outdoors, camping and dirt biking. Would be really cool to find a girl go out and ride dirt bike with me (i own 2 bikes). Or lets hang out around one of the parks here in the city.
I live life believing in myself. My inner strength is all I need to get what I want. I don't pray for things and I don't expect an "easy ride" in life. I rely on myself.
But I am always there for my friends and family. All my family are my friends and all my friends are my family.
I listen to all sorts of music. I;m a metal head at heart but enjoy folk, indie, alternative and electronic. I'm really digging psychobilly right now. Bands like tiger army, rezurex, koffin kats and the horrorpops
I dont drink very much and i dont see the bar scene all that often anymore. I do enjoy a beer at a pub and down at the ship! But, I'd rather blaze one and get to know a girl somewhere quite and calm.

Date a boy from Alberta, Canada. Basically, I love life and live it to the fullest, i'm one of those guys who likes to work hard and play hard at the same time.I enjoy hiking, camping, working on motorcycles, campfires and dirt biking. I also enjoy just taking off in the car and going exploring, makes for great adventures. I guess I'm looking for some one that doesn't mind to get dirty from time to time and is always up for an adventure. A killer smile doesn't hurt either.

Meet single boy from Alberta, Canada. I honestly don't know what to say here...get to know me and you will see what kind of guy I am...I have been told I'm funny easy going and lovable....u care for the ones I love and never put myself first

Date men and women from Alberta, Canada. I just moved back to Calgary after four years of living in Halifax. I completed my law degree and articles there, but decided I wanted to come back home and i'm poised to start my new career as a lawyer here in the city within a few weeks. Life is going to be very busy in the coming months, but it would be nice to find someone special to share it with.
When i'm not working, I always like to have something to do with friends or family. The last minute spontaneous trip to the mountains, cooking a big meal or just getting a few friends together for a pint on a patio somewhere are a few of my favourite things in life. Spending time with other people energizes me, and i'm always looking for an excuse to get out of the house and do something awesome. I've always been at my best and happiest when surrounded by good people.
When i'm not out and about I like to paint and play the guitar, or listen to tunes and enjoy a good book in the sun. I try to make it to the gym every day, or at least ride a bike or go for a long walk. After being in an office all day I tend to get antsy, and I like to be able to get out at the end of the day and do something physical. I grew up on a cattle ranch north of Calgary, and my parents still live there and run the farm, so heading out there to do some real work or just go horseback riding is always a favourite.
My greatest hope is to go on an adventuresome trip again sometime soon. I've been all over Canada, Europe and the States, and the travel bug has bitten me hard. I'm hoping to do a 2 or 3 week tour of the Black Sea within the next couple years - Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey. Awesome.
I'd say i'm looking for someone who likes spontaneous, random adventures, who loves dining out, or cooking and eating delicious food, knows an excellent beer or glass of wine, and who wouldn't mind a poorly planned but extremely awesome tour of Eastern Europe.
I want to live large and generally get out and experience all this crazy world has to offer. It would be lovely to have someone to share it with. If you're interested, please drop me a line.

Meet people from Canada. Edmonton -- BC -- Ottawa --Toronto -- New York -- Connecticut -- Calgary -- Medicine Hat. Long journey, but I'm finally full circle. But Medicine Hat? Long story, and it's for another day.
Life isn't cups of coffee interrupted by work, exercise and sleep. Being that I moved here on my own with virtually no contacts in the area, at some times it can be. So here it goes, this is my attempt at breaking the vicious cycle, returning to my pre-Alberta life and sharing all of my complexities with someone who is willing to handle the learning curve that I present with.
I'm a peppy person, who at any given time probably has more caffeine flowing though his veins than blood. This means I can often be caught running (watch out for me when I'm holding scissors) around like a lunatic and talking people's ears off. But hey, it gets me through day and sometimes due to poor timing, it also keeps me up at night. :P
Given that it's not really realistic for me to frequent bars often anymore given that I work on people (I'm a dentist, please don't hold that against me, haha). I love going to the gym, nothing makes me feel better. If I'm feeling particularly non-exertional, I have no problem watching a movie, walking my dog or shameless(ful)ly watching whatever the latest iteration of trash television that the world has to offer. I'm also an avid museum-goer, international traveler and theater junkie.
I'm optimistic about this match thing, as creeping around at bars wading through a deluge of drunks was never my style to begin with. I'm looking for someone with substance and style (don't mind the cliche). Someone astute, family-oriented, loves animals, motivated, open-minded, educated and progressive. But also at the same time someone elegant and health conscious who is looking to enjoy the finer things and wants to travel, dine and enjoy life. If this is you, drop me a wink or a message. :)

Date a guy from Canada. I'm on here to hopefully meet someone special I wouldn't otherwise meet in work or social circles. Life has so much to offer and over the years I've found experiences are always more memorable when they are shared.
I like to live by the adage that you work to live and not the other way around. With that being said I do work a lot, but I love my job. I think it's a good bet you're in the right line of work when you ask yourself 'they pay me to do this?' on a weekly basis.
My friends would describe me as caring, spontaneous, witty, intelligent, and laid-back. If you asked me I don't think I'd be quite that flattering, but I am quite modest ;)
I like being active and love spending time outdoors. I'm up for pretty much anything (there's that spontaneous quality) and always like trying new activities. Aside from getting outside I love cooking, going out for dinner, enjoying wine, and hanging out with friends. I love hockey and like going out to watch games, or even better heading down to the 'Dome to catch one live.
I'm looking for someone who is happy, stable, and shares some similar interests. Someone who likes trying new things and doesn't mind pushing me to try new things, just no bungee-jumping please.

Meet someone special from Canada. Top of the morning to ya, or afternoon depending on when you are checking me out. Little bit about myself: I am a down to earth kinda guy who loves to have a good time and have a great sense of humor. I am not one for drama and would rather try to rationally solve an argument rather than persue one. I have a condo on the north end and a cat named Mowglie. I love dogs as well but will be waiting until I buy a house to get one.
I love to stay active and currently play hockey on a men's league team but enjoy pretty much all sports and being outdoors. Tennis, biking, roller-blading, swimming, football in the summer and hockey and skiing in the winter. I do like to keep a sense of adventure and am willing to try anything. I would love to get in to mountain climbing one of these days. I also love to travel.
I am basically looking to meet some new people and hope to find that spark that can take it further so I thought this would be worth a shot. If you are interested send me a message.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I enjoy making people smile and laugh. To that extent I'm a clown, a shoulder to cry on, and a punching bag as the need may be. That would probably be the number one thing about me. I've been known to go out of my way for friends and give them help whenever they need it.
All in all I'm easy going and laid back emotionally, but hardworking and loyal ethically. I'm one of those jacks-of-all-trades that loves to pick up and do everything, from building my own pc to putting in my own toilet. I also participated in plenty of sports growing up, and I've been awarded the Chief Scout Award, which I am proud of.
I love the outdoors, having spent a large chunk of my youth camping. I still enjoy doing so with my family when I can, as well as just going for walks or relaxing under a tree with a bag of peas, and of course fishing. Alternatively I also enjoy kicking back with video games or even a game of canasta. When I say I like cards, I mean the good stuff like canasta and cribbage, not boring old poker. Board games aren't bad either except I never have anyone to play them with.
I'm also a family man. I'm close to my family, and want a family of my own someday. I go to bars with friends when they invite me, mostly to play pool, but aside of that I'm not much of a bar hopper, and definitely not a clubber. I'm also a small town guy, cities just don't have enough green for me.

Meet a boy from Canada. I'm honest, loyal, sociable,friendly, funny, even tempered, active, have a great personality, respectful, and love being outside and constantly doing something to keep myself busy if it's work or hanging out with friends and family. I am set in my career and know what I want out of my life just haven't found the right person to spend the time with. I love the smile that you get when you do a simple act or a generous act to ones partner.
I can laugh at everything even myself when i do make mistakes or say something silly. Being able to laugh at yourself and having a good time no matter the situation is a must. I want to have a good time with someone who doesn't play games with no drama. I am looking for someone who is respectful, caring, compatible, has a personality, common sense, knows how to have a good time.
I like to travel, try new things, learn about new things, take off camping for a weekend, quading, hiking, golfing, spending time by the river cooling off ( specially lately with all this heat ), fishing, slo-pitch. Interested in trying new things with someone and some things that neither of us have tried.
If this interests you at all well send me an email and lets get to know each other more.
I am sure I have left somethings out but sometimes it's hard to describe yourself, so if you want to know anything else just ask I won't be shy and i'll let you know :)

Date single boy from Canada. I love to laugh and smile. Life should be fun! Why are we here if not to? Newish to Calgary and looking to plant some roots. Enjoy the summer weekends golfing and diving as much as possible, and studying during the week to better my career. Looking to share laughter and life with that special someone we all deserve.

Meet men and women from Canada. Well I've been told I'm pretty funny,I'm a very chill person but enjoy excitement in my life. I like pretty much anything to do with the outdoors and also finding great new pubs and resturants... I'm looking for someone who has a great sence of humor and outgoing

. I am not a fan of trying to describe myself. So here goes nothing.
I am the youngest of four kid's, I have three older sisters. Yes i'm sure that they dressed me up like a cabbige patch kid when I was young but I don't remeber it so I say it didn't really happen. Eventhough my sisters and I have a significant gap in age we are all very close and love spending time together.
I grew up in Falher, which is a very small town in Norther Alberta. We then moved to Whitecourt where I got a job at the Golf Course and found one of my biggest passions in Life.
I Love to play golf. I was working as the Golf Operations Manager at a course near Airdrie but decided that Edmonton is the place for me. I didn't get another job in the golf industry as it is very seasonal and you miss out on your whole summer every year. Now i'm back to just enjoying the game.
In my spare time I like to go to any event. Weither it be a concert, down to the leg to watch the fireworks, a nice nature hike, or pretty much play any sport. I love being able to drop everything and taking the opertunity to try new things.
I'm looking forsome to spend my free time with. No matter what it is as long as we have some fun. It would be great if the person that I meet on here became one of my closest friends along with the physical attraction of course:)
I'm all about no games and being straight forward, and having fun. So if this feels good to you send me a message and we can go from there.