Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 32 year old

Date a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. hello i am here to check things out looking for a decient woman who can cook and clean =D or at least has a drive to do it. i love home cooked meals and entertaining at home. i am a ticked carpenter and scaffolder, so that means i work allot and dont have allot of time to meet people but i am a nice respectfull guy looking for the right girl

Meet a man from Alberta, Canada. To start, I want to be honest and upfront: I was married for 7 years. My wife was killed by a drunk driver Xmas 2005. Just so you know, I'm not the type of guy that will compare a new woman in my life to my wife. I find that degrading and rude.
I'm very open minded, down to earth, easy going, blunt, direct, striaght forward, great sense of humor (which can be very sexual at times), kind, considerate, passionate, affectionate, fun to be with.
Looking for a woman, that loves to take chances, but can also be serious when times arise. Looking for a woman, that loves to laugh and have fun...:) A woman that knows what she wants, how to get it. Looking for a woman that views the world and society outside the box, someone that wants to live life to the fullest, grow old together, but most of all live long and full of passion and happiness.
I can only promise 3 things: 1) I will never hurt you in any way, shape or form, intentionally. If u fall off the bed during a pillow fight, thats your 2) I will always make you smile, even when I'm not around. 3) I will always give you butterflies in your stomach.
Last but not least, my family only consists of me, my nephews n my in-laws. My immediate family was killed when i was in junior high. My grandparents raised me til i was 21.

Date single man from Alberta, Canada. I am a down to earth, caring man that would do anything for people I care about and have been told I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am a little shy at first but am chatty and fun loving once I get to know someone. I am looking for someone to talk to, laugh with and share my life with.
I love sports, played hockey all my life as a defenseman and now play net as well but the past couple of years haven't been able to play as much as I like.... Same goes with slo pitch, snowboarding etc. the only thing I make sure I have time for is golf...... I loooove golf. I wish i had more time for the gym used to go a few times a week but havent had a lot of time the past few months.
I used to be a very good artist but haven't tried in awhile, I listen to all kinds of music it just depends on my moods as to what I play.
I love my farm and it will always be a huge part of my life, I am a country boy through and through.
I would really like to travel, haven't had much of an opportunity so far. Only been on a plane once in my life,to go golfing in Arizona for two weeks. I would really to go somewhere tropical, Vevas, Europe, Australia and so many other places someday just want someone to share it with.
I am looking for an honest faithful woman that loves to laugh, can carry an intelligent conversation and stands up for what she believes in. I guess the most important thing is personality, there has to be a connection.
I enjoy the outdoors camping, I am in love with the mountains and don't get there near enough. I love to have fun, I don't give myself much time to do that at the moment because it isn't much fun by yourself lol and the conversation is far too one sided. Might as well work as much as I can.
I work a lot and have commitments but for the right lady I will make time and hope to meet someone wonderful.
Good luck in your search ladies.

Meet people from Alberta, Canada. I'm an easy going down to earth type of guy who beleives in the positive side of everything and im funny at times and i dont take things seriously.Im a big believer in treating others the way I'd like to be treated.My family and friends are very important to me and l am very lucky to have them in my life and l am very family oriented.Traveling is one of my biggest passion and so far i have mostly been in few countries back in Europe and middle east so still plenty so see. I love to go for a walk or hiking, alway up for a good movie or anything new..
Im looking for true love not someone who wants to play games with my heart and my emotions and just act like every awesome moment we had together never happened.I believe two people who have the same values to start with makes it easier to share a wonderful relationship that is long lasting!

Date men and women from Alberta, Canada. Looking to meet some new people outside my regular circle. I am busy with work and don't like to stay at home too often in the evenings as I like to get involved in many different things. I like to laugh and have someone around that likes to as well.

Meet someone special from Alberta, Canada. I'm an easygoing guy with a sarcastic, slightly random sense of humor. I can probably take it better than I can dish it out lol!
I think it's important to stay surrounded by people with a positive outlook...I try and enjoy each day and moment as they come.
Winter sees me praying to the snow gods for fresh tracks, and short lift lines. Winter storm warnings make me smile...In the summer, I try and get out camping and climbing, but it doesn't happen too often. I also enjoy just relaxing at home, hanging out with friends or reading. My music and literary tastes are founded in ADD and are all over the map - I often have more than one book on the go at a time and cycle through music genres...I love learning/experiencing new things, and always seem to find something unique to pick up wherever I am. I've done a bit of traveling and am looking forward to doing more soon - working on Brazil right now!
I'm close to my family and look forward to teaching my young nephew the many things that his mother doesn't want him to know! I’d like to find someone who shares some of my interests/values, has a healthy lifestyle, and can challenge me and make me laugh. In return, I'll actually be interested in hearing about your day...and I give a great massage ;)
If any of this sounds interesting, I'd love to hear from you!

Date a soulmate from Canada. Oh man Oh man OH MAN. The talking about me part, wish I love. I often flex in the mirror, usually shirtless but every now and then I through on a winter coat, just to see how bulky I could be, if I hit the gym more. I push little kids down and laugh in their faces, I want my candy first. I frolic (yup I said frolic) around elders that are pushin' walkers and I hold the door shut tight when they are trying to open it. Oh man nothing beats that, I slapped a kitten the other day, that was a close second. Seriouly SERIOUSLY, do I have to say I'm kidding, I was actually raised with morals, ethics and common courtesies and to respect your elders. I always hold the door.
So about me you ask, well certainly, I like the outdoors and doing something active such as activities, I'm up for pretty much anything, except that crazy shissnit you're thinking of. Though admittedly I've probably done worse, haha. I like working on my house, I'm doing some reno's right now. Just put in some shag carpet, ya shag, bringing back the 70's. It actually looks awesome and it's only half shag. I sing in the car and bop my head about, sometimes I might add my own lyrics, to add flare. I dance like a mad man too, when doing renos. My neighbours creep on me for a laugh. Thankfully I dance with my clothes on, or else they'd really be laughing. Pints on the weekend are nice, I'm not an alckie by any means but a pint or two and hanging out with friend and some family members is always fun. Yup that was some family members I said, there is always a wierdo friend and/or family member, you know its true, you have one too. So all in all I'm a laid back, down to earth, gnarly dude that always sports a smile, so say my friends, ok I add the gnarly bit. And just in case you couldn't tell, I'm a bit of a goof, I like to laugh and joke around, but only when it's appropriate, I'm not totally ignorant or is that arrogant, I don't know what either mean, they're kinda of big words that make me sound more intelligenterER, and I've never been able to spell them in scrabble, that can be said for most words.
Sooo, some qualities and traits that I'm looking for in a partner and I guess could also be a definition of myself too are; honesty (I'm an honest guy, so watch out if you get a new hair do and ask if I like it, haha), respectful (I'm a respectful guy and would say it covers a broad spectrum) and someone who is positive ( debbie downers, Boooo, life is too short to be a downer), and a happy person in general ( I'm a happy dude, and feel that happiness begets happiness). And someone that doesn't play games, and I'm not talking about Scrabble, Cranium, or Pictionary, I graduated high school a long time ago, then college, and then Tech School.
Well enough about me, let's hear more about you.
Thanks for creepin' on my pics and reading me talk/gloat/sell/boast/brag about myself.

Meet a man from Canada. I have been living in Calgary for over 5 years and have currently settled down in Cochrane. I am stable in my career and in life. Now I am looking for someone to share my life with. I am looking for someone who is active and a positive person. I need someone who is supportive and is a good person. Someone who is not into playing games and knows where she is going in life. Someone to build a future with.
-playing sports and staying in shape
-all types of animals
-the outdoors and camping
-staying healthy
-hard work ethic
-rude people
-people that take advantage of others
-stuck up people
-being late
-cold showers lol
I am a pretty easy going guy and I have a hi tolerance, but I am not a push over.

Date single man from Canada. I would best describe myself as passionate; living each day as though it is my last. Trying my best at everything I do. Determined; when I want something or someone I tend to work very hard till I get it or them. Not "crazy", driven, but very focused on what I want and how I can acquire it. Family oriented; I love spending time with family and friends, and would do almost anything for them if need be. Caring; I believe in the spirit of human kind, and with the respect, kindness, and understanding I show others, I receive it back 10 fold. Giving and sharing with others is what I do best. And Honest; I don't beat around the bush. All relationships are built on trust, and without that, there is no way to move forward and grow.
My goals and aspirations in life are to successful just like everyone else. But success to me is not fame or fortune. I want to live a simple life - always challenging myself to be a better person, and not only for me, but for the loved ones I surround myself with. I want too one day in the near future, own a nice piece of land outside of the city, with a beautiful home facing the Rockies. I want to continue to build the successful company my brother and I started 4 years ago. I dream about finding a loving partner, whom I can call my best friend, my confidant, my lover. Someone who wants children, whom we will raise together in a loving family which has morals and values. I want to be happy with who I am, nothing more.
What makes me unique; I'm difficult to understand, a seething mass of contradictions, but in the end, I believe I'm easy to love. All in all, I'm a calm person (except when the French comes out in me, then I can be fairly emotional), who doesn't stress about much. I don't try to change the things I cannot change.
I would hope to find someone who can appreciate who I am, challenge me in all areas of life, accept my life as it is now, has an open heart, a positive outlook on life and is ready for a relationship.
When I'm not working, I enjoy painting, reading, cooking, playing sports (I currently play Ice Hockey, Soccer, and Inner Tube Water polo on competitive, and recreational teams), working out (physical health, and proper nutrition is something I work hard at), and sleeping - I love my sleep! A huge passion of mine is traveling, and I'm always researching and planning my next trip (Next trip being back to Europe (I love it there)). I also enjoy lazy Sundays, watching movies, taking in a festival, or simply, doing absolutely nothing at all; I can lay in bed all day with no regrets :).
As for music, I can listen too almost anything...

Meet people from Canada. I am looking to amke friends, people never know if they are a match or just fail simply waiting to happen. But you never know unless you try.
Ideal match likes being active in and out of the bedroom and not just sexually.

Date men and women from Canada. Ok well here it goes! I'm a very easy going guy. I have two wonderful boys that are my world! I'm looking for someone to share friendship with and maybe a life with. I'm quite shy but very caring and would do just about any thing to help a friend out. huge believer in the phrase "Do unto others".
I'm a very truthful person and don't believe in bull. Honesty is the key to any friendship/relationship. I'm not into the whole club seen.
I work out of town a lot! And try to make the best of the time I get in Edmonton.
When I'm home I tend to spend time working on my car, taking my boys to different sporting events, or going tired the track and watching the races.
I'm into tattoos and piercings and have a few of each!
So between work and my boys I don't get alot of free time butI'm giving this a shot and I'd like to find someone share that time with.
Well I'm putting it out there. If you want to know more about me sent me a message.

Meet someone special from Canada. I live by myself, I pay my mortgage, go to work Mon-Fri, I am a shy guy - not shy creepy - just shy (lol). I’m a goal getter (see what I did there) and have a very good work ethic.
On a typical Friday night I am: Bored - that’s why I’m on this dating site and trying to change all that. I like doing challenging and fun things - except don’t expect me to go on any spinny rides at an amusement park - I stick to the haunted houses cause they’re safer!!
But I do enjoy an active lifestyle. I like to rock climb, hike, camp and boat. I’m getting to be a pretty good wake boarder. I’m thinking of turning pro!! Lol. Apparently - I’m somewhat delusional as well. Lol. Other interests include renovating my own home…yes ladies…I’m handy!! I also like kicking back at home or having friends over for a fire…in a regulated fire pit…don’t wanna get in trouble. See - safety AND responsibility!! I’m a good catch!!
Family is very important to me. I share a tight bond with my family - and hope to find someone who values the same thing!! But don’t worry - I’m looking for someone to be top priority in my life - and not come second to my family!!

. I am funny I listen and enjoy life. I love sunny days and try to be out to enjoy them. Rainy days are great too but prefer to stay inside looking out
I enjoy life and I like my current job I like my career and I am going to school at night to complete my education to move forward im my career I enjoy what i do as an accountatnt and
The ideal person for me is someone nice and outgoing likes to talk alot and enjoys company. She will hopefully be a funny and great person to be around.

. looking for a woman who know's how to have fun and live for thr moment. I am looking for no drama or headaches....just wanna have fun! I am a funny, confident, attractive and know how to havw a good time! hit me up and lets chat!

. I am a pretty average Joe trying to make the best of life, but seeking that special gal to share it with. I am very down to earth, have great family values and morals, and have a passion for animals. I would like a gal who is outdoor minded, doesnt mind getting dirty, is honest, faithful, respectful and genuine in family values and morals. Someone who has a horse or 2, or at least likes riding is a great plus! POF Mysterious Wonder