Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 33 year old

Date men and women from Alberta, Canada. I'm sure there are several ways to describe the perfect man, but I think perfection is over rated.
Im a confident, not to be mistaken for cocky, mature, caring, loving and an honest guy (sometimes too honest). I listen to people when in a conversation, I have a big heart and I look for the same things in a partner.
I'm not much of a cooker, and it's ok if you're not either, that's why they invented restaurants :P I like to laugh, and Im a smartass, hopefully you are too :)
I'm pretty well balanced in life and work, I enjoy the little things, and the big ones :p. I like all kinds of music and movies.
I work out often, am I ripped, no, but im not rolly pollie either. Yes, some wine, pizza, a comfy couch and a good movie are also great things to share, maybe even all at once ;)
Yes if you got this far I assume you are mildly interested and the question is, 3 kids for real? Lol!! I get it, don't worry, there is zero moma drama, her and I have a great parenting relationship, and the utmost respect for each other.

Meet people from Alberta, Canada. id like to meet someone who has simular intrests as me and like to have fun and whos loyal. i do work longer hrs and i enjoy to come home from a hards day and curl up and watch a good movie or somethig

Date a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. I'm happiest when I'm hiking through the mountains away from the urban craziness of the city. However I also love to travel and take in new cultures and meeting interesting people along the way. My favorite adventure was trekking through Alaska?s wilderness. I also enjoy jumping in my jeep and discovering the open road.
I have a career, I own my home, I have my own vehicle, I pay for my own food, and do my own laundry.
I know what I want in a partner. I would like to meet someone who is quirky and cute, kind and happy, dependable and honest, down to earth and enjoys the simple things in life. Someone who is confident enough to be without makeup, and someone that can sport a pair of jogging pants ones in awhile. The person should be passionate about life and growth.
My perfect Friday night would be in a quaint little coffee shop drinking coffee and chatting about whatever comes to mind, dinner and a movie followed by a walk down an unbeaten path, or just laying back on the couch and enjoying each other?s company.

Meet someone special from Alberta, Canada. Well about me. I love summer time there aren't many days you'll catch me at home. I'm usually out on a motor bike of some kind or trying to find new places to go camping. A live band, some drinks and good food is a good night for me. As for this summer I'm going to be traveling a lot but I would definitely find time to meet some body new. I'm usually kept pretty busy with work but it's a good balance between work and time off. and winter you'll catch me on a mountain snowboarding (Revelstoke rules!) So if you're in to wilderness and traveling give me a shout and If there's anything you'd like to know feel free to ask.

Date a man from Alberta, Canada. Hi, My name is Jason. People that know me would say that I am a great guy who is sweet and caring with a great sense of humour. I'm very easy going, somewhat laid back and overall, just down to earth. I think of myself as a pretty smart guy. I love to learn on my own which is why I usually am seen reading manuals for anything that peaks my interest. I do believe honesty and humour are very important in any good relationship. I'm a great listener, but I love to tell stories. When I am with someone, I am truly devoted to that person. Family will always be a priority, but I make the person I am with my priority. Friends come and go and good friends will be with you forever. However, its that person you fall in love with who becomes your best friend and that is what I'm looking for. My goal is loving life and finding someone to share the whole world with. Even if that whole world is just the two of us.
I love my family. I have a beautiful sister and wonderful parents. I also have a pretty big family and the reunions are always the best. I take pride in my work. It may be no career, but I love my job and being happy with what you do is what its all about.
I am a big fan of nature and also a huge animal lover. I do live alone and have my own place with my two wonderful little orange tabby kitties named Milo & Meiko.
I love watching movies. Some of my classic favorites are; The NeverEnding Stories, Labyrynth, Legend and The Princess Bride.
My movie collection is quite extensive, but some of my other favorites are; 21 Jump Street, Red, Colombiana, Underworld Series, The Lost Boys, Talladega Nights, Half Baked, Wild Hogs, The Expendables and many more.
I enjoy all genres of movies.
I have a passion for photography, art, music and videogames. While I enjoy having those lazy days of just relaxing at home, I do enjoy getting out as much as I can, especially going for hikes or even to the beach.
I love spending the day at the zoo. I could go everyday.
Hopefully this says a little about me even though its very brief. Either way, thank you for taking time to read this.

Meet single man from Alberta, Canada. Who I am?!....
I'm just me...simple, honest and I know what I want.
I am from the farm. I was brought up with old school values (like opening doors for women, treating people with respect, and work hard for the things you want.) but with a modern twist. Times have changed, only thing that shouldn't change...always respect her!!!!!!
I like to be outside. From camping, to sitting on the deck, to going for a walk or a ride. Golfing, snowmobiling, and yes I do go shopping once and a while's not that bad, I can make it fun...:)
I love my job and what I do. Its given me the chance to do the things I have, enjoy life and travel as much as I can...(pretty certain I have a salt water and sand addiction)
Oh....I don't live at home, I can do my own laundry, and I can cook more than just Kraft dinner.....:P
I know I have left out some other stuff out about me, but if I told you everything, then you wouldn't have anything to ask me. Plus I don't find it that much fun, nor think its attractive for me to sit there and ramble on about myself.
What I am looking for?!
Honesty...please......I promise it back, fully!!
Someone that isn't afraid of life and knows what she wants.
I'm looking for someone to maybe one day be my best friend, and more.
Also if you like question to you is, trailer or tent?!
Last games...don't have time in my life for that, and I've got better things to do, like....wash my hair...:)

Date men and women from Canada. what im looking for is a caring sweet women that loves to cuddle whos understanding and who is beautiful inside and closest friends would describe me as fun full of laughter and spontanies im also looking for something that can be real

Meet people from Canada. I'm an individual that enjoys to relax around the house and listen to music and watch movies. I'm also into traveling and exploring the world. My ideal mate can consist of many things that holds my interest. I enjoy experiencing new things and ideas and look forward to a spontaneous moment at any given time.

Date a soulmate from Canada. honest, loyal, and careing, kind hearted person. my financial life is on the right track meaning i do not need or want a sugar mamma. i want the REAL DEAL a true girlfriend. i am 33 years old and lonely.

Meet someone special from Canada. Just trying this out. Wanting to meet a woman that I have chemistry with obviously. So lets see if this works!!
I have a great career and feel very lucky to be a person who enjoys work. I like to go out to pubs with friends and chat over a few beers. I'm not at all into the club sceen at all. If your a bar star I highly doubt we will get along.
I will work on this profile later since I am just wanting to try this out and view my matches.

Date a man from Canada. 33 from edmonton 5'11 175lbs fit. Just got out of an 11 year marriage . what i am looking for is some one who likes to go out for walks with me and my dogs likes to go out for dinner and a movie or just curl up on a couch and watch a movie at home and ill cook the dinner
Ok i am new to the site i am 33 5'11 175lbs i have just got out of an 11 year marriage and not too sure what is all out there i am looking for someone to spend some time with get to know and go from there i like to go for walks in the rain, ride bikes dinner and a movie or to just curl up on a couch pop in movie and cook you something nice.... yes i can cook nd i think i am one of the last nice guys here in edmonton

Meet single man from Canada. Hi,
I never thought i'd be doing the whole online dating thing, but here I am so lets see where this goes.
I'm 33 years old, have a great job, and just looking for that special lady who I can make smile, and enjoy all that life has to offer.
I am a very positive person, and have a wide variety of interests especially traveling. My friends would describe me as very loyal, and always there for them if they need me.
What I look for in a lady is someone who is positive, someone who has goals and dreams, and is looking for a guy is a true gentleman. She has to enjoy traveling, or at least wants to go traveling, and loves to laugh.
I hope you've enjoyed reading my profile, and if you have any questions message me.

. then I want to drive it all night long. With a pack of crisps and a road beer. And it helps to have someone along to play the license plate game with.
In a nutshell: I'm one of those rare Calgarians who's actually from Calgary, but I've lived in 4 different countries, can speak about three languages and swear fluently in about 6, which is always fun to put on a resume. I've got a tight, close-knit family and I'm quite happy to say I don't share their love of country music. I am quite passionate about music however (I used to be a fairly active clubgoer and into the DJ scene) and I'm willing to bet I know quite a few bands who won't make the Top 40 on a radio playlist. I'm rather passionate about traveling as well - sure, Calgary's a great city, but there's a world out beyond the Rockies that's just begging to be explored. I read fairly often - I'm a diehard Neil Gaiman/Murakamki Haruki addict, and I'm a consumer of underground liberal news media. I work hard and enjoy my time away from work immensely, and I'm always up for a hike, down for a movie and game for a night in with dinner and a movie. I've been told I make a mean Bolognase and a slightly-on-the-amiable-side-shrimp curry. And
Who I'm looking for? Honesty and a sense of humor are important in any match. Someone with similar interests, and who isn't afraid to not take themselves too seriously. Life's too much of a head trip if you can't step back and laugh at yourself every now and then. Isn't that what we're all doing?

. I am a 33 year old optimist, with a 6 year old international travelling Lab. I have too many interests/activities/sports to list, but to start I play rec. hockey, golf somewhat regularly, sub this year on a slo-pitch team, frequent various dog parks, DJing/music production… I have a demanding job that I enjoy, as well as a large bite from the travel bug. My family/friends are very important to me, as well as a need for a certain amount of Vitamin D!
I have travelled on 3 continents and plan to see more! I didn't take a vacation for 7 years, then gave my head a shake, sold my house/car and travelled around, then lived in Europe for 2009. (Who moves back to Edmonton in the middle of Dec..)
I've got this single living thing down, and am hoping to share travel, laughter, completely random daily events, R.A.O.K., and in general I guess.

. Hello, my name is Mike and I will do my best to tell you a little about myself so here it goes. I'm am very laid back guy and try to maintain a positive attitude and way of life. I tend to gravitate towards easy going type of people, so if you’re a drama queen and like to argue or fight, please don't message myself because you will be wasting both of our time. I enjoy life and the people who have become a part of it and tend to avoid inviting people into it that will disrupt and unbalance my easy going lifestyle. I have a few theories I try to live by. I believe that things you own end up owning you. (I will be impressed if you can tell me what movie this is quoted from?) Living a minimalist way of life and having little to no debt is the path I’ve chosen. I would rather spend my money travelling to new places I've never seen, then wasting my money away on personal possessions, booze and night clubs.
I live a pretty green lifestyle, eating healthy, living clean and exercising is my day to day rituals and passions. I enjoy nature such as hiking and camping and do my best to take full advantage of this beautiful Province of British Columbia that God gave us for a gift to discover. I love sports from hockey, baseball, volleyball, football, curling; I guess most team sports in general. I have played or continue to play some of these sports, so a person who can enjoy watching or participating in some of these activities is a real match for me. I am going to try some kayaking in the near future and maybe this will become my new passion in life?
As for music, I really listen to everything as long as you have a good story to tell and some soul and passion in your music. I can say I'm not a fan of most of the tunes that get air play on local radio and television, as the commercially marketed music is too manufactured and not my cup of tea. I enjoy reading, movies and films (yes there is a difference between the two) and my choices are the same as my taste in music. The person I would like to most emulate and would love to meet is Eddie Vedder. That man is unbelievably talented, inspiring, intriguing and really lives life the way it’s supposed to be lived. Simple and free spirited.
Now if you’re the kind of girl who is interested in taking a chance at finding something different other than the usual routine and dating we've all been sold to believe is the way it is in today's society? Then I might just be the guy you’re looking to have that change of lifestyle with and you might be that girl I’m looking for to be my partner in crime to enjoy and discover life with? Well, this really only scratches the surface and is pretty tough to put everything on this page that makes me unique and tells who I really am, so hopefully this will leave you with some curiosity? Anything you would like to know, feel free to message me and I’ll do my best to answer and satisfy your questions.
All the best and hope you find what you’re looking for,