Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 40 year old

Date single man from Alberta, Canada. I am an "Explorer/Director" (according to Fisher personality analysis). I am looking for serious relationship, my happy divorce is almost done, and it is time to move on. I am loyal, faithful, and for the right girl I will make a fantastic life partner. My personality does not like constraint, and I am prone to heading off into the wild blue on some expedition or other...but, if you want to join me I would be pretty psyched. In general I would go well with other Explorers. If you are looking for fun, adventure and excitement in addition to a passionate and dedicated partner then read on. I am emotionally mature and available. I know what I want in life, I have my goals and I am going to achieve them. I do not need guidance in this department, but I do need the freedom to get on with it and that positive emotional support that comes from a rich and rewarding relationship. I am very down to earth. I am confident, and I know who I am. I am a scientist so I have to be honest. Furthermore, I recognize that honesty and trust are the cornerstones of good relationships. I am a good communicator, but I can't read minds, communication is a two way street. As you may already have realized, I am very direct, and tend to say what I think. Lastly, I have achieved a lot and had many interesting and intense experiences/adventures. I prefer adventure that involves some physical hardship or at least a bit of serious commitment to the goal. In a nutshell, I am not a beach sitter, I'd rather surf, preferably somewhere remote.
What I offer:
1. I am well educated and intelligent.
2. I can be passionately devoted if my spirit is moved. However it takes someone special to move my spirit.
3. I admire passion, and would be a great supporter of your endeavours.
4. I have a keen sense of humour but it can be sarcastic, and irreverent. I like practical jokes and would enjoy jumping out of closet when you are not expecting it. Of course you should chase me around after I do this.
5. I am into physical activities like mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking, trail running etc. If you are my type we will have many adventures and lots of hair raising stories and will enjoy many good views while sitting on ledges.
6. I am naturally slightly disorganized or messy but not bothered by it, to a point. When I hit that point I go into "do mode" and clean up.
7. I do not take rules too seriously (prefer to make my own) and have a low level, disdain for authority.
8. Physically I am tall and I take an active role in keeping myself trim(ish) and healthy.
9. I love a challenge and like good natured competition. I love it when girls beat me....very sexy!!
10. I have my own life. I am not interested in being a planet or a sun. A binary solar system sounds about right.
11. I am VERY curious and VERY open.
12. I don't worry about money too much. I think about finances, and take care, but I don't sweat it otherwise.
13. I appreciate quality (literature, art, food, etc.).
14. "Faith" or religion is not my thing.
15. I am prone to a bit of tunnel vision when my interests are aroused and can appear absent minded and detached.
16. I am financially secure and have a good professional career (ask me and I will tell you).
17. I am cerebral and enjoy word-play and the use of language.
18. I would enjoy cooking with you ...especially if it involves bumping hips and a bit of messing around.
19. I am a mean camp cook....has to be seen to be believed.
20. I would go dancing with you but only if you are willing to teach me how...a dance class would be cool. I do have rhythm and can shake my booty.
21. I am a kind and gentle person, even a bit shy, but I have nerves of steel and great physical and emotional strength.
22. I am a doer and am not into TV (hate advertising) but do like international sports etc..
23. I do like to hang out and watch a movie with good wine and enjoy physical intimacy in all its forms.

Meet a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. looking for someone that valuse friendsship and honesty in the relationship its hard too talk about my selfi,but here i go im quiet and shy at first but i open up later,my close friends would say i have a fun and good sense of humor,i have two daughters they live with me sometimes.i enjoy the out doors,or sitting at home cudling watching a good to bbq hangout, have a good job my own spending time with family and friends but need that someone too make it complet and we can be happy im caring,at the door with a hug as one of us get home from work talk about each others day,we can be their for each other druning ups and downs.

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. My friends would describe as being honest and grateful for what i have. People just having a good time puts a smile on my face. I'm a father of 2 awsome kids, who one day in my eyes will be successful.I hope to find someone with a good sense of humor, who is beautiful inside and out.
My social life lacks do to my heavy work load but I need to change that part of my life. A good joke even if i've heard before makes me laugh. I need a relationship with someone to be smooth like silk with hardly a wrinkle to iron out. If there is wrinkles that it's something that will naturally work it's way out. Just simply loving one another for who they are as to who you want them to be. I'm passionate about being a novelist one day.

Meet men and women from Alberta, Canada. I am a very ambitious, fun loving 39 year old that really loves to meet new people who share common interests and goals... or even those who have opposite interests and are willing to introduce me to new things! I have had many life changes, but have no regrets and am grateful for all the positive people in my life.

Date people from Alberta, Canada. Been on this I think long enough to have an idea what to say now
Well the things I like:
Walking in the rain
Heart felt hugs
Interesting people
Starwars. Yes and Star Trek " si fi "
Working out and TaeKwonDo
Grass in between my toes
Laying on a beach in Mexico
Movies and History Channel series and shows
Trying something new every day
Like DC and Marvel
Like golfing and mountain biking
Lamborghini, Jeep and camero's
Dirt bikes
Cartoons like Simpsons, Family Guy and others
I like true people who are kind
Pepsi over coke
Ceader wood
The touch and stare of a beautiful woman
Beef, chicken and pork. No fish
Like buts over boobs
Most of all I like, love and forever is my son Konnor
I am a tech junkie and like to build things out of wood
I'm not your regular guy. I have a vast knowledge about a lot off things and if I don't know something then I want to learn about it. If your looking for cookie cutter guy. Move on.
All my freinds say I'm a super smart strong guy. Neard with muscle.
Talk to you soon. Keith

Meet a man from Alberta, Canada. hmmmm !! where to start ?? I guess for myself.... I'm kind, trustworthy, love to laugh even if it's st myself ,sometimes I can be a goof ! I like almost any kind of motor sports , going for long rides on my bike , kinda got the traveling bug so every year I try and go some place warm every year . as for the person I could be interested in has to have a great sense of humor , like doing spontaneous things , movie, coffee dates etc !

Date single man from Canada. Funny, good sense of humour, caring, adventuress, like to keep fit and active and easy to get along with.
I'm looking for a woman who shares the same interests as myself and someone who knows how to take care of herself.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. OK. This is my second time here. The first time I was nowhere near ready to move on...but now one year later I think it is time.
Quick facts about me:
I have 3 children...I am fairly certain I do not want any more.
I have a new but stable job that pays the bills.
I do not smoke...never have.
I do not drink...never have.
I do not do drugs...never have.
I have never had a one night stand or never physically cheated on a partner.
I can count the number of intimate partners I have had on the fingers of one hand.
I am more introverted than a pretty fair margin.
What I am looking for: basics..not an all encompassing list.
Someone who lives in the Edmonton area.
Does not smoke.
Does not use drugs.
Does not drink heavily on a regular basis.
Has a job and can support themselves.
Must be over any and all ex partners.
Independent, strong, trustworthy, honest....I could on.....but basically as close to perfection as possible..:)
I have been through the ups and downs of two long term relationships. I am looking for a partner who understands the effort and energy required to make even the best of relationships work. I am open to a fairly large age range but do prefer younger women. I do believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, although I do have a very narrow range for what I find physically attractive.
I'm sure there is more I could add but I would prefer to discuss that one on one.

Date someone special from Canada. Greetings! So, who am I am what am I looking for? Well, let's see... I grew up in the city and left for the mountains at 20, been here ever since. I am passionate about life, I follow my heart instead of the status quo. I never make the same mistake 3 times, have no regrets, and live for the moment. A hopeless romantic, I have had my heart broken a few times, but I still believe in Love. I guess like the song, I was lookin for love in all the wrong places! Not sure if this is the place either, but stranger things have happened...
I love the outdoors, the wilder the trail, the more enticing it is. I live in a National Park, my backyard is 11000 sqkm of wild mountains, valleys and animals. I enjoy a cold brew around a warm fire with good friends and a few guitars, always down for a road trip. Friends and family are a big part of my life. I live very far from most of my family, so my friends are the family I made for myself. I love photography, painting and writing, the natural landscape that surrounds me provides me with unlimited inspiration.
I have everything I want out of life, I would just like to share it with someone...
Who am I looking for? well, we are all looking for the "one" aren't we? I'm not into one night stands... unless the game has some kind of ball, a stick of some form or another, a frisbee, a deck of cards or a board and pieces, I'm not playing it lol I have been on my own for quite some time, I like having time to myself and would respect my partner's personal time as well No person should have to change for another, you should be yourself and love your partner for being who they are, together you should compliment eachother.
I am not a city person, sorry...I visit cities, but when I live in them my soul starts to die. I am not in a good situation here on this site geographically, I realize that. If I was to have my cake and eat it it too, I would like to meet someone who is looking for a change of scenery in their life, geographically, emotionally, spiritually. Someone who is ready to take a step back and enjoy life a little more, laugh a little more, breathe a little more... after all, there is no air fresher than mountain air...

Meet men and women from Canada. I am looking into doing different things and finding new encounters. I would Love to meet for a Coffee and See where it leads from there. Hoping my soul mate is out there somewhere! Possibility of Romantic Meetings in a Restaurant, then possible dip in my Hot tub would be nice too.

Date people from Canada. I am a good hearted fun guy with two happy well adjusted kids . I have a busy life but feel now is the right time to start something new with that someone right . I am looking for a lady who is classy smart funny not scared of dirt or work . A lady who knows who she is and is confident in her self . And it wouldn't hurt if you were real pretty too , with a smile and soul that fills a room....

Meet a man from Canada. Family and friends are truly important to me. Now its time for a female partner as I have my head on my shoulders and I'm ready for more.
I am an outgoing, kind, caring, fun, likes to see the good side of things kind of guy. Life is what you make it.
I would like to meet a nice, caring and fun woman who knows what she wants and is willing to go get it!
I am an open minded kind soul who lives life on the positive side and is ready to spend it with someone special.
I would prefer to get to know that someone over coffee and conversation rather than read about them. So if my short and sweet, get to know each other on a personal level works for you (I mean on this site), then lets get familiar on here and go for coffee.
One of my favorite sayings "Thoughts become things".

. I am a good-looking 40-year-old, 5'10" tall, 190 pounds. I'm physically fit, energetic and love to have fun. I'm looking for someone who likes to try new things, has a great sense of humor and loves life.
I am professionally employed but love to get to the outdoors whenever I can. I absolutely love to travel and experience new places and cultures.

. I'm a happy, sane yet silly person and like to think the best of people. I enjoy a night out where I can either be the life of the party, a quiet observer, or even little naughty on the dance floor. I can also be content at home snuggling on the sofa with the right person.
Performing arts, sporting events, comedy, camping,dirt bikes, hiking, learning/trying new things are fun-and I can be persuaded into doing more outdoor activities. If we're together having fun, it doesn't really matter what the activity is.
After the obvious need for mutual attraction and chemistry is fulfilled, you may capture my heart if you have good communication skills, kind, honest, reliable and enjoy physical affection. I'm an admitted serial hugger and will hug the right one, over and over again:)
I like a woman that isn't afraid to share their thoughts with me and can be a true friend. If you're involved in worthy causes as how could I resist you?
Even though I'm fairly independent, I still value a woman that is take charge (in a kind way) and assertive with good old fashion manners. I'm aware that it may take a while to find the special person that I'd love to be with and that's okay, it will be well worth it.
Think we'd be a good match? Then tell me about you.

. I work away from home a lot, don't go to bars much, also avoid crowds, so it is difficult to meet people. I may appear quiet until I am comfortable with people, but am outspoken with friends. Really am just a shy, quiet, country boy, but my friends don't buy it. Am looking for someone I can be myself with while they are themselves. Someone to see where life takes us.
I enjoy seeing and trying new things. Life is all about the experiences, the adventures. Want to start traveling to more exotic or interesting destinations. More often lately I wish there was someone to share the adventure and experiences.
Growing up in a large farm family I learned to enjoy the little things in everyday life.