Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 41 year old

Date men and women from Alberta, Canada. Hello, thank you for visiting my profile. I'm an easy going guy looking to meet a very nice woman
I do a lot of shiftwork so meeting the right lady has not been easy. I have tried some other dating sites with disappointing results (lets just say I met a lot of scammers). I am hoping will be different.
I am open to chatting online or if you would like, meeting in person. If there are any questions you would like to know, please feel free to ask.

Meet single man from Alberta, Canada. My friends discribe me as funny and reliable. I like helping others without there being something in it for me. I like to spend quality time with that "certain someone in my life". I'm not the type of person that tries to make someone look small or silly in company. if I'm a friend then I'm a friend at all costs. I love silly movie quotes and slap stick comedy, and just generally having fun. I try to find fun in every situation.
I'm looking for a friend, first and foremost, someone that I can rely on. I'm not the jealous type but it's nice to send or receive a text without thinking we're checking up on each other. You need to be consistant and not too moody, I find it difficult to cope with moody people who are miserable by choice. "Happiness is a state of mind"!

Date a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. My friends describe me as funny and outgoing. Kind of sounds cliche but thats what they say. I believe in truly being your self and not falling into gossip circles. I cannot understand why people fall victim to gossip BS and not live their own lives. If you are one of those who live your life vicariously through others you are not living.
I have the truest of passion for music. I could not live one day without it. I sing in a local band with a bunch of my friends that are all in their forties. We haven't given up completely on our rock n roll dreams but reserve them for weekend jam sessions.
I absolutely love what I do for work as I have been occupied with the same industry since the age of 16. I am one of those guys who goes to work with a smile on my face everyday.
I enjoy down to earth, low maintenance women.

Meet a man from Alberta, Canada. Well my friends would say that I am a nice kind warm gental man who deserves happiness
Well I would like to meet someone who is honest and easygoingwho is not into alot of headgames.Who do sent revolve around money.who can take it or leave it.Just an al

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. I am passionate about cars. For someone who has no interest in the form, function and beaty of an automobile, I would probably be considered a total bore... But for someone who does share the interest, there is always something to see or do. Cars are not everyth in my life, but they are a large part of it.
What am I looking for?I'm not sure that I know that, myself... But I'm assuming I'll know it when I find it...

Meet people from Alberta, Canada. I'm a kind, caring, intelligent 41 year old man who is a good friend to almost everyone. I am very close to my family and friends. Having a lot of friends never hurts and always looking for more. I am very outgoing and helpful and a bit of a jokester. I believe in looking for the fun in life. I had an industrial accident 15 years ago that left me a paraplegic. To ease the misinformed I can do everything any able bodied man can except walk. I try to keep fit as much as I can by working out on my gym in my living room. I am quite health conscious as well. I am not easily offended and always willing to answer any questions that will help people understand disability. I like to entertain challenges. It keeps me active. I love the outdoors (weather permitting, haha) and animals. I love baseball and billiards, so I'm usually down at the diamonds watching the teams I used to play for and coach and I play competetive pool over winters. I'm looking for someone who loves to have fun, is kind hearted and loves to be treated well. I treat everyone how they deserve to be treated. I am looking for someone fairly intelligent, quick witted and somewhat humorous.If you are concerned with my lack of hair, no need to worry. I am not bald, balding or going grey. I grew my hair for 3 years without a single haircut so I could shave my lid and raise money for cancer research. It was quite successful and I have chosen, with the advice from family and friends, to keep it shaved. It is much easier and look at the money I save on shampoo. Wow, I can afford an extra beer every couple of months.

Date men and women from Canada. Laughter, a good sense of humor and great conservation is high on my list. I,m a healthy, respectful, warm, down to earth person who cares alot about people. Learning new perspectives intrigues me. I work hard, play hard and enjoy my down time- balance and family are very important to me. If you are a positive person and enjoy the simple things in life like cooking dinners together or going for walks, then we will get a long great. I am a positive, happy person who truly loves to see people smile. I consider myself to be a very diverse person. I enjoy trying new things. I am someone who enjoys life to the fullest. I,m a very honest and trusting soul that has the ability to love unconditionally and give 100% of my trust right from the start. I like being active and would like to meet someone who is like minded. I,m a naturally happy and optimistic person who loves to laugh. Having fun and laughing are very important to me. I,m an outgoing person looking to meet new people, someone that i can talk to and laugh with. I love life and make the most of all that i do.
I am looking for friendship first then seeing where it will lead from there. I would like to find someone who is fun, outgoing, caring, sharing the same interests as i do and feels accomplished. The traits that i like in a woman are being adventurous, fun, affectionate, passionate, hardworking, honesty and being spontaneous. I am hoping to meet someone who is genuine and who loves to give and receive affection. I am looking for companionship, great conservations and making each other laugh. Please be a good listener. I,m looking to date and ideally establish a long term relationship. I,d like to share my life with someone very special. I am looking for my best friend who will become more.... someone to share all the experiences life has to offer. I will enjoy spending time with the right person; whether it will be out for a walk, a vacation, shopping or cuddling on the couch.
You: You will dazzle me with your witt and charm. Your eyes and your smile are your best physical attributes. Our personalities will compliment each other and we will get to know each other,s sense of humor.
Please message me if you want to chat further....i would love to hear from YOU!
Thank-you for viewing my profile.
Wishing you all the best success in your search.

Meet single man from Canada. I am an ambitious, hard-working, and enthusiastic kind of fella looking for the same. Despite the difficulty associated with a busted family, I am loving life…but not as much as I could be if I was complete. I am a middle school teacher and I really enjoy my job. So much so that I am back in school myself. I enjoy keeping in shape via biking (everyday), running (every week or so), and lifting weights (gotta stay stronger than my boys). Other than that I enjoy most activities with the right company. I am excited to begin a new chapter in my life. If you’re interested let me know.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I like the differences, the challenges, but also the simple things in life. I enjoy playing chess, when I have an interesting opponent, but I find myself often simply watching the news on different channels. Speaking a few languages and being curious. Reading books use to be a pleasure, but haven't done it since a while. Travel to Europe often, but enjoying being Here too. Having interesting life and being in a good mood most of the time. Relatively busy.
Why am I here? Well, You tell me. Perhaps I want to read Your answer?
To enjoy having a good time,Intelectual exchange,traveling together,dining out...Sometimes life represent it self with stile. I like to be there and to be a part of it.

Meet a man from Canada. down to earth looking for same, caring ,fun, hard worker,financely stable, life turn to future, family oriented new in area, like to meet new people like to discover , open minded, street wise,.Please be patient with the pics,, good things happens to those who wait

Date someone special from Canada. Well I'm easy goin, like to have fun and live for the moment, life is too short, I try to do as many things in life as I can. I love to laugh and make others laugh, I love the outdoors, fishing hunting quadding, even just goin for a walk somewhere in the woods with my dogs. I'm passionate about my sports, love goin to the Oilers games when I can. When I'm with someone I'm not shy to show affection at home or in public, I like holding hands goin on walks. I like to go out and have dinner an go the movies or bowling something fun, although I do like to stay home sometimes and cuddle up on the couch and watch movies and cook supper! I like to travel, I've been to a few places and there lots more that I wanna go and see, I would like to share that with someone! Family is very important to me, although all mine are back home in Ontario, I try to visit as much as possible!

Meet people from Canada. Ever been up close and personal with a dozen 800 lb bullsharks? No? Let me ask you this then: Would ya? I have on many occasions and I can not even begin to describe the awesome feeling you get. If your head is cocked sideways and you're even considering this then you are the type of gal I would love to get to know better.
Ok, so that was my opener. Girls, what I am looking for is someone who enjoys the great outdoors: boating, scuba, dirtbiking, camping, snowmobiling, travelling, whale watching, etc. I do a lot of fun things, and most of the time it's pretty spontaneous.
I do have a romantic side which would include some live jazz/blues and a nice glass of good cabernet sauvignon or some beers and a two step, or some popcorn and a gi-joe movie (lol) and most importantly some laughs. Most folks who know me get lots of laughs when they are around me. I'm a pretty good dancer, and enjoy it whether it be a slow-up-close-we-are-the-only-ones-here type, a twirling-kickin-up your-heels 2 step, or making-fool-out-of-ourselves YMCA. My idea of a fun date? Shooting for the stars by going to an airport and renting a little 4 seater plane for an hour perhaps? Steaming to the middle of the lake, throwing out the anchor, a bottle of red on the table listening to the waves and watching the sun go down?
If you've read this far, this is the important part, the part where I get a bit sappy and delve into that thing beating in my chest a little bit. perhaps giving you a hint of what's in my soul. Soooo... I can remember a time when I would fall in love with someone and that person would be my life, my everything. I would give anything just to be in the presence of her. My love for that someone would be unequivocal in my heart and there would be nothing in my life that could ever possibly tear me apart from her. I would stand beside her and allow nothing to get between us.
Of course, over time I have become jaded, whether it be from stress or some bad relationships (we've all been there), or whatever. Then I start feeling cold as ice. Frankly, that ticks me off - I don't like that about myself. And this answers the burning question as to why I am on I see all my friends out with their significant others, and still just as much in love as when they first fell. I am jealous. I want to feel that way again. I know that there's somebody out there, somewhere waiting to come my way and help me out with this! My hope is that that someone is on here, perhaps reading this right now.
There is a song out there, with a few lines I can tell you hit home "I will give you my heart, faithful and true, and all the love it can hold, that's all I can do. I've thought about it, how long I'll love you, and it's only fair that you know..." Can you finish it?
Well, I guess if you want to know more, message me and we'll see where it goes....

. I'm just a regular guy (just like Steve Earle says). I am new to Alberta, moved here nov '11 from NS... I am an avid golfer, and recently bought a kayak and am having loads of fun with it. I enjoy live sporting events and love live music, especially festivals ( rock, blues, jazz , folk), I like em all...(cold beer a must)...I also plan to do some travelling in the coming years, as I haven't done much in the past (except a couple trips south, which were very nice indeed). I am an easygoing, good- natured guy who doesn't take life too seriously...not really into the bar scene, much prefer a pub or patio or backyard fire pit. Also I am an avid reader and crossword junkie,(actually look forward to the Sunday times every week)...i like a wide variety of music, my faves being the hip, acdc, rem, any blues....don't like country or rap/hiphop
Happy hunting, all!

. When not at the office, I'm up for most things. I Like sports squash, tennis and golf. Great fan of eating out although I do like to have a go myself in the kitchen once in a while. Love to travel, and go places.
As far as my personality is concerned I would say I'm easy going, a good listener as well as talker.. past experiences have taught me to be respectful of others needs, as it takes two people to make a relationship work.

. This is my first ever tentative on line dating. I don't really like talking about myself in public I prefer having a discussion one on one. I pretty down to earth, I love enjoying moments with friends and spending time with my wonderful daughter.
I'm also a very passionate person. Arts for me are very inspiring and fitness is a must in my life.
I would love to meet someone who can talk easily about herself, someone that I can trust and feels great about herself...
Nothing complicated and no minds game please... Life is too short. Life can be very complicated but I prefer to make it as simple as possible. If you are easy going well that's great because I am too...