Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 45 year old

Date a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. I'm a man who likes the simple things in life. I can speak to any number of topics and will have opinions of each but can be bent to understand a sympathetic position on a whim. I also know when to call bs!
I'm happy when participating in a spontaneous event or enjoying a truly inspired performance. Being in the moment is all I can ask for and hopefully that moment doesn't get me into to much trouble.
I like to laugh out loud and enjoy others who inspire joviality. I've been known to be a prankster. Speaking of, April 1st is drawing near.
I'm a sucker for people who need a hand up rather than a hand out. I have no limit on what I'm willing to commit to those that simply need an opportunity to make a difference.

Meet a man from Alberta, Canada. I am looking for someone who will be my freind, but also allow me my independance when I need it. She needs to be honest, strong, and someone with a good heart. Integrityand a good set of values, I feel are important. I like rock music from everyone from Cheap Trick and Tom Petty to Seether, Tool and Metallica. I am huge huge hockey fan, but only a passive fan of other sports.

Date people from Alberta, Canada. I am a fun and a outgoing man, that is seeking a relationship with my long lost soulmate. I am career oriented but love my days off to the fulliest. I enjoy hanging with friends or alone time with that special person.

Meet someone special from Alberta, Canada. I am a succesful, compassionate, respectable, humerous, energetic, loving, honest and calm person! Active in different sport, I enjoy music, going out and traveling.
I Love spending time with my boys (22-17) and friends, especially while preparing a meal, enjoying conversations with some Jazz music or RB in the back ground with a glass of red wine.
My first language is French, my attitude and passion and sence of humor comes from Montreal, Quebec. (Joi de Vivre)
Looking for a smart, sincere, beautiful and active women that is not afraid to try new experiences, for a long term Love affaire!

Date single man from Alberta, Canada. Don't judge a book by the cover they say.. So I won't.. I want to get to know a women for who she is. I prefer to meet in person of course but thought to give this site a try. I would like to talk on the phone once your okay with that and do something fun together perhaps. I have posted current photos on my profile and if you don't have a photo, I may not respond. Lets try to keep it real and be honest.
Okay, good to know stuff.. I look great for my age, people can never guess my age, I find that amusing. Please don't judge me from my age as I have a lot to offer. I work out at least 3 days a week, eat healthy and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The only thing missing is finding the right woman. I have been told that I am a fun, charming guy. I enjoy cooking, good conversations, time with children, walking, dancing, going to or watching a movie, writing music, playing guitar, traveling, going to the beach, the park, holding hands, cuddling, motorcycles and classic cars.
Qualities that I am looking for in a women is that she has a good sense of humor, is affectionate, loving, kind, supportive,positive and is open and honest and is not afraid to communicate to develop a lasting relationship. Must also enjoy traveling, being adventurous, family and going to church together.
It would be totally worth being together an the end of the story so just know that I am totally open to come to you or relocate.

Meet men and women from Alberta, Canada. Need to find my laugh, my smile again. Looking for someone who gives as well well as she gets, loves to express herself, and doesn't take life too seriously. Passionate about friends, loved ones, new experiences, and sharing. Have been very fortunate in life and want someone to laugh and experience it with, I'm open to trying new things are crossing them off my bucket list!
Well travelled and looking to do more travelling with someone special.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am a thoughtful, fun loving person. I have a good sense of humor and am a great listener. I am looking to compliment someone's life as well as have them compliment mine. My life is even tempered without alot of extreme highs and lows but rather very stable. I believe we all have baggage, but what is important is how we carry it. Ive tried to learn from my past experiences and focus on what my role in them was. I ask myself what I could have done better or different. I believe its all a piece of the puzzle and hopefully i meet someone with the same attitude that i can put it all together with :)
I'm a big music fan and love going to live events. I also enjoy traveling whether it be a roadtrip to BC, a skitrip, or winter getaway somewhere with a beach.
My social life consists mainly of going out for dinner, movies,live music and having small groups of friends over. I like to go out and watch a hockey game or catch a band that interests me on occasion , but I'm not really into the bar scene so if your a party girl I'm pretty sure we won't meet each others needs.
Im most grateful for my beautiful son and the relationship that he and I have.
I am most passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and being the best person I can.
I am looking for someone who shares some of my interests and would like to do them together and also shares the same values of honesty, compassion, and humility.
If any of this appeals to you, I encourage you to message me!
Take care,

Meet a man from Canada. I am fun and down to earth and looking for someone who is the same. I have a great sense of humour and love to socialize however I enjoy a nice quiet evening with a glass of wine and great flick just as much. Honesty is huge for me, not into mind games, life is to short for that. Drop me a line and lets chat. Working on getting a picture up but having technical issues which is code for I need my son to figure it out (lol)?

Date people from Canada. My friends would descibe me as a kind hearted person that loves to laugh and puts others before myself, loves life and what it has to offer. I am respectful, non judgemental of the the people in my life. I enjoy the outdoors, weather it's doing sports, activities or enjoying friends and family around a fire.
Life is pretty good - I have a career that I enjoy, stable friends since childhood, a wonderful family that I make a priority to spend time with, now just looking for someone to take the next steps and build a future with!
I am looking for someone with similar interests but will also bring a new challenge to our relationship. You are someone that wants to be an equal partner and can communicate you hopes, dreams, happy thoughts and unhappy thoughts. Someone that will laugh at my jokes and laugh at yourself.
If you're looking for the type of guy who can make you laugh, support you on your decisions in life, someone who will listen when you need to talk, be a shoulder to lean on or give you the romance and passion that you desire... give me a shout :)

Meet someone special from Canada. nd Love me for who I am. I am very proid of my profession and my ability to work with horse's. My friend's would describe me as a very good person, my friend's and family are very important to me. Yet at time's I do like to be alone, just to sit and relax and play my guitar.

Date single man from Canada. Well my soon to be ex wife, would say that I'm a Contolling Bastard, but I think she just found a different way of life for her, I was Married 15 years and with her for 20yrs. My other friends have no idea what is going on in her head and neither do I. But my best Friend of 32 years would trust my with his life and has mentiond to me that I'm easy going, fun loving and very Generous, I smile when people are smilling, I have a good sense of humor and like good jokes or facinating stories that are fun. I started my own buisness, Have learned to Scuba Dive, I am a Journeyman Welder, And have my Class1 Drivers licence. Jack of all trades but a master of some, I love to Travel hopefully some where warm and so We can scuba, The person I would like to attract Should be close to her family but want to meet and be involved in my family too. sombody that is not insecure and someone that is not afraid of learning or trying somthing new. I'm not over social but like to hang out around the campfire or go out dancing or dinners out. Camping is good. the things that make me laugh out loud is something that catches me off guard or quick quips, and i don't mind being teased if in fun. I would love to find someone that has a good moral standings and share in some of the interests that I have, fun loving and giving and someone that wants to be with me for me and no others. sound controlling?

Meet men and women from Canada. I am hard working, own and operate my own roofing& eves trough co, fun loving, caring and help anyone out, down to earth understanding, like honest people, that you can trust and count on, my ideal match should be honest down to earth easy going advent ours down for anything, like trying new things

. looking for a honest , self assured, some what independent women. i used to be romantic but been a while so need some one to pour some attention on. I'm a hard worker honest and im willing to learn and make that special person happy i'm a born again christian

. Hi :) Self-marketing - challenging for an introvert. Here goes the snapshot:
I am the devoted father to a thoughtful, athletic and terrific 11-yr old daughter, and she lives with me half-time - it is a non-negotiable, but the best kind in my opinion. I understand the challenges of starting and being in a relationship with a single parent, and do not take them lightly. She has a terrific Mom, and is very well-loved ... but every child I've ever known could always use another friend and role model. My daughter teaches me about life, commitment and unconditional love everyday - good lessons I think. One of my favourite quotes sums it up: "The guys who fear becoming fathers don't understand that fathering is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man."
I love staying fit without being fanatic. I am not a weekend warrior, but make a daily commitment to my health and wellness. I love healthy and delicious food and wine, and am an extrovert in the kitchen (read: great cook). I love our mountains. I read, a lot, and really value the exchange of ideas. Few things in life as wonderful as traveling with your best friend and discovering a new culture, food, secret beach or mountaintop. Fave places: Paris, Provence, Japan, Spain, Mexico.
My friends would - after the sarcasm ended - characterize me as down to earth, thoughtful, generous, intuitive, intelligent and funny. They would also say I am shy but confident, wear my heart on my sleeve, exude calm and am a great Dad. I have a bad sense of direction but will ask for directions, like taking the long way (pragmatic considering my sense of direction), and will travel far for a great soy latte. I really like shopping for clothes (mine and yours!), mani/pedis, and farmers markets. I also love splitting wood on a hot day, getting dirty in the garden, and hiking to the top and sliding down.
What am I looking for? Friendship and all it implies - partnership, trust, authenticity, emotional connection, and a commitment to communication, shared experiences and intimacy. I don't have a physical checklist that I am attracted to, but mutual attraction and chemistry is pretty important. If you don't want the eventual emotional commitment implicit in a relationship with a single Dad, I'm sorry but I cannot be interested. I have a very respectful, friendly and mutually supportive relationship with my daughter's mother - our co-parenting schedule leaves lots of room for Life to happen. Family is very important to me and my daughter, and I maintain and cherish my relationships with my ex's immediate and extended family.
I am open to meeting for coffee or a glass of wine to see if there is a connection. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, and much luck to you, here and elsewhere.

. i'm a good person,understanding,hard worker to make money.thoughtful,i don't like the girl no plan for her future.for me not only for a short relationship,the most important to her is honest and be respect its other,i prepare to her as a roman catholic religion,