Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 49 year old

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. Hmmmm!!!! What can I say about me lol but there are a few things to say I`m respectful to other people and I`m honest and courteous and I have a good sense of humor I have a full-time job which keep me busy otherwise I like to go out have fun with friends or family or I like a nice evening work on whyte ave what I really enjoy to take my quad out and go quading if someone wont's to know more about me you have to find out :-) :-) send me an e-mail or a wink is fine
I`m looking for
I am here to find an honest partner with a good sense of humor caring and romantic a nice smile so we can laugh together and have fun I think that`s not too much

Meet men and women from Alberta, Canada. While I strive to emulate the person I wish I was, I also fear that which I detest in others, for I know I, too, possess such qualities.
Maybe that was too heavy for and introduction to me. I describe myself as a writer, photographer, poet, philanthropist, student of human behavior, lifelong champion of idealism, wage slave, and all that those often competing and hypocritical descriptors encompass.
Not much lighter yet, huh?
Ok, well then I would offer that I am something of a free spirit with a keen wit, a sense of duty, and continually hunting for ways to accept and forgive.
What I seek is a woman who values friendship, who is committed to her beliefs and ideals, who smiles easily, who will share my interests but have her own as well, and who does or will make time to contribute to making her community a little bit better by volunteering for causes in which she believes. I do not subscribe to any particular 'type' of woman. Rather, I enjoy someone who knows there are times to be serious, but mostly that we make our lives far more complicated than they have to be, so, as the song says, don't worry, be happy. Or as I like to say, don't sweat the petty the sweaty stuff.
I am at ease in the kitchen, just starting yoga exercises, almost always have one of my cameras with me, have experienced more of life than many have but not as much as some, love a great debate, enjoy great music in all its forms except opera, and although I am fortunate to have creative works published throughout the world, I truly wish I could harness more creativity and express it well. I am threatening myself with learning some ballroom dancing, although I waver on the seriousness of such a threat. Some might describe me as a contrarian, but I would vehemently argue that point. And, every now and again, you can find me bravely belting out a karaoke tune with all the swagger of a has-been rock star. While I do enjoy the occsional Cuban or Honduran cigar, I am otherwise a non-smoker. It's just one of those hypocritical parts of me you will learn to like/love/tolerate/excuse/dismiss.
I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist, but more of a realist. While I usually hope for the best, I recognize I should probably just accept things for the way they are, and having just said that, I will also stand up to be counted when appropriately motivated. I am 48, look 35, and occasionally act my shoe size (10.5). I like the colors black, blue and red, and am drawn to shiny objects. I will go out of my way to purposely touch something with a sign that reads DO NOT TOUCH (I am such a rebel).
I could ramble on and on about who I am and what I seek, but then there would be no reason to meet me. You should take the next step and reply to me with your vital stats such as shoe size and blood type, what makes you tick, what makes you talk (see what I did there?), what thrills you, what scares you, what your idea of a good date might include, what are your deal breakers, what challenges you, and maybe include some insight on what costume you would wear to a masquerade ball or Halloween party, if you could dress up as anything.
I am seeking a relationship with potential, so my apologies ladies, I am not going to entertain anything long distance. Also, please do not respond unless you have a profile with photo. I've shown you mine, so show me yours.

Date single man from Alberta, Canada. I am an easy-going, someone who is outward looking towards the positive of others, and willing to help out when it is possible. I am a very God-fearing man which is very important to me for the one that I would like to be with. I enjoy trying out new things and likes to travel.

Meet a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. Widower seeking companionship. Honest ,very open minded , kind hearted , give the shirt off my back kind of guy. like outdoor activities but dont mind indoors for a quiet evening watching movies and cuddling. Looking for friendship to start with and see where lifes road will lead us to .

Date a man from Alberta, Canada. If you don't laugh at yourself, then someone else will eventually laugh at you...then it could get
My friends say I've got a great sense of humour,while being just sarcastic enough as needed, good looking, confident, very easy going and laid back. I've had enough drama thanks, time to chill and enjoy all of what matters. Even silly at times.
I enjoy the outdoors and the mountains, having a brother who lives in Banff doesn't hurt either. I enjoy mountain biking, Photography, my two dogs, Formula One auto racing.Floater down the bow I love Fresh flowers, cooking, included barbecuing any thing (short of soup)
The things I try to avoid are rude ignorant negative people. Close minded people. Large carnivores, Avalanches, landslide...
Looking for a Lady who enjoys the being loved. One who isn't too jealous, and really no drama !! A partner who's willing to enjoy working in the yard as much as doing the dishes in the kitchen......right beside me, of coarse. I enjoy doing things we share "together" whether it's finding the bottom of a good red vino from BC, or a nice cold beer on a hot summer day on the deck. Or trying to beat me in a go kart race...
Being happy...24/7 ???

Meet people from Alberta, Canada. fun loving person looking for same hope you are there to enjoy fun and love together.
free spirit business man enjoys nice dinners, movies, workouts, quiet time together, travel together for my business

Date someone special from Canada. So, this is where I have to talk about myself, huh?
I'm usually pretty good with words. I express myself both in words and in visuals. I'd like to to be a better musician but alas, it's not meant to be. Still pretty fun to make a racket though!
I'm considered an easy-going, thoughtful and funny person. I enjoy getting out to see live music, theatre and the arts in general. Getting back into the exercise habit, because let's face it -- at my age it's use it or lose it. I like to cook and and try different cuisines. If you're a foodie, we have something in common! I tend towards eating healthy. Just feel better that way.
I support dry martinis and the Oxford comma. I have also recently switched to old-school manly grooming, which means a single blade safety razor, brush and mug. I've got all these classic grooming products, so I smell pretty good for a dude! Plus, I dress pretty sharp. Hey, I work with what I've got!
After being in a bit of a rut, I up and decided I'd get out and meet new people. No serious baggage here, just coping with the usual struggles life throws your way.
I'm quite active in charity and political causes. I like being around positive people active in the community and I'd like to give something back as well. I'm also active in the skeptic community, so if you're devoutly religious be aware of that.
Actor/Director Carl Reiner once said "Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is most important."
Looking for a likeable companion?

Meet men and women from Canada. About me: Hard working in a stable position in the oil and gas industry with some flexibility in my work schedule. I’m spontaneous, playful, adventurous and willing to try new things. I’m fun loving, easy going, creative, industrious, considerate, generous, respectful and responsible. I’m a musician, a poet, a singer, an outdoorsman, a handyman, a faithful lover, a loyal friend. I enjoy walks while holding hands, intimate times…kissing, cuddling…..etc! I do �guy stuff’ so NEED space and time for that. I am a realist who still knows how to dream……and I do!
About you: You are comfortable with who you are and are financially secure. You are a good communicator, able to listen as well as articulate your thoughts. You like to play, are open to trying new things…at least once. You are independent and understand that we will each have personal interests that we may want to spend time at on our own at times.
I’m not perfect and don’t expect you to be. I am seeking a relationship with someone who enjoys life and wants to share a positive future, growing together knowing that there will be challenges and rewards along the way. Are you up for it? Maybe we need to start a conversation….?!?!

Date single man from Canada. My friends describe me as energetic, responsible and fun loving. When I’m with that someone special, I’m romantic, caring and like surprising her with little personal gestures, being a weekend away, romantic dinner at home or a massage to relax the day’s stress away.
I am a proud Dad to a nearly 18 year old son who resides with his mother. My successful private practice has allowed me total flexibility to be very involved in his life and we share an exceptional bond. Now that my son is nearly grown I have more time and a desire to live life to the fullest.
Being a high energy guy, I exercise daily, mountain bike in the summer and down-hill ski in the winter. I enjoy keeping busy with something. At present, I am developing a commercial property and am very involved with a political party.
My favorite Sunday mornings are spent reading the paper while having breakfast in bed, lounging and cuddling. I'm looking for someone who has similar qualities and desires, someone who I can grow old with.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Quiet,somewhat shy, witty, humorous,caring. loving. to find that someone special for long time realtionship, to create a family if it is in the cards, to be able to look into each others eyes and know what the other is thinking with out a word spoken

Date a man from Canada. I am an easy going guy who enjoys life and travel.I have a great sence of humour and love to laugh,and am spontanious. I love movies and music.I love classic rock from 70's & 80's plus I like some country music as well. I am looking for a person who enjoys simular things. I like to play golf,shoot pool,motorcycles, love singing and occasionally like to bowl.I also play slow pitch ball in a league and enjoy it alot. Some of my other hobbies and interests are fishing,and seeing new places.I have lived in Asia for 11yrs and getting used to cold weather here is not easy lol.
I am looking for someone with the same or simular interests. I am open to new ideas and not afraid of committment. I am looking for that special someone that I know when I am away from her I cant help but think about her, I want her to feel the same as I do while I am away from her as well. I love to be romantic with my partner by doing little things to surprise her. Things like flowers for no special occasion or just go out for a nice walk and holding hands.
I feel that there is someone out there for everyone , the only thing is are you willing to wait for that right person or just jump into any relationship. If you are looking for someone with compassion and knows how to be a gentleman and treat a lady then look no further.
The only problem I find with is to many portray to be something that they are not instead of just being themselves

Meet people from Canada. Honest and sincere in seeking a best friend and companion, to enjoy life and all it has to offer. Romantic and sensual, I know how to treat a lady like a lady, show and give respect and appreciate it in return. Just as happy going out for dinner and a show (or whatever) as I am cooking dinner and cuddling on the couch watching a movie.
I consider myself fit, take care of my body and I'm looking for a woman that does the same for hers. I rarely drink these days, (one to three is the usual) and can enjoy a night together without needing a drink to relax. (not opposed to drinking, just can live with or without it)
I try to find the humour in all aspects of life, love to laugh and often wind up laughing at myself.
When the weather permits, I ride.. Usually west into the mountains, I'm from BC and love spending time there. I'm hoping to find a woman that either owns her own bike or will feel comfortable on the back of mine. This is very important to me. . I just love to ride and the freedom that comes with it. I ride safe and don't stop for beers at every bar along the way... (not that lunch and a beer isn't on the
Again, I'll say I'm open, honest and sincere in wanting "long term"... I'm not into one night stands or weekend flings, my baggage is mostly dealt with and hope yours is as well. I love long drives and love going to places we've never been, but not necessarily anywhere in particular. Waking up in the morning, saying "You want go where? Let's go!" Hugely spontanious, willing to try anything once and if we like it then try it again.
Enjoy shopping (yes.. you read that right) even if we don't buy anything, or just to go people watching.
Having grown up in Vancouver, I'm a city boy at heart, but toatally enjoy being near bodies of water,forests and the mountains. I prefer those things to being on the open prairie, unless it's to watch an awesome thunder and lightning storm!
I'm not an angry person, abusive or argumentative.
A true blue romantic at heart, I love to pamper and spoil my companion. Cuddle, be close, give and receive affection and long slow kisses. holding hands, a gentle touch of the shoulder as I pass by, a hug for no reason at all...
I try to eat well, love to dine out wether it be a nice restaurant or simply fast food, doesn't matter, it's all good to me.
Easy going, happy and love to laugh, going to comedy clubs, dinner theaters, movies, or just sitting around a campfire watching the stars.

. My friends would say I'm very out going and a person they can rely on. I'm looking for someone that is easy going, kind and active. I have 2 boys 22 and 9. Ya you read that right:) I am very involved with my budding hockey star:) I'm always on the go it seems.

. Here it is:
Tall, dark (not real dark), handsome (NOT CUTE) gentleman. Very laid back I always try to see the lighter side of things. I have a dry sarcastic sense of humor & probably use it too much. I am athletic & did my share of sports in my younger days (even some National championships) but right now going to the gym is how I stay in shape. I actually even enjoy my job which has taken me to some very distant & isolated places you probably have not even heard of. My work & personal situation allow me a lot of free time & it would be fantastic to spend some with this person:
A lady who takes care of herself, is confident & shows a great smile. For an evening out she looks stunning in a dress or eye catching in her favorite blue jeans. Like myself she is very easy going & doesn’t mind being teased because she is clever enough to give it back anyway. This is a classy, secure, independent woman who is looking forward to being on the arm of a tall, dark (not real dark), handsome (NOT CUTE) gentleman.
Alright then lets see if we can make some sparks fly.

. Hi there, thanks for dropping in!
Some adjectives and adverbs others have used to describe me...only the good ones though!...
An engaging communicator and active listener. Generous and helpful. A real family man and great dad. Handy(I'm a licensed Electrician (non-practicing) and I grew up on a farm so I'm mechanically inclined). Good work ethic and positive. Classy and stylish. I always smell good! Better looking in person...look like a cross between Clooney and Pitt! (I'm not photogenic and camera shy!)
I have a professional corporate career and I also hobby farm so I have the best of both worlds!
Morals, values and integrity are important to me so I can offer you a truthful word, a loyal companion and a trustworthy friend. I believe there are two main things that build the foundation of a relationship....communication and trust. Our communication style needs to match. I am one who is very open and expressive. If something is bothering me I like to lay it out on the table and talk about it. If this is your style of communication, then I think we may have a good chance. Trust that goes way beyond being loyal because in my world, loyalty is a given. Truly trusting each other that we will love and support each other when life throws us those curve we all kow ***t happens!
I am looking for a woman with a gentle heart and who isn't afraid to show it. Someone I just connect with. I enjoy physical affection with lots of cuddling, hugging and kissing. I believe that intimacy is created first by the way we treat each other every minute of the day. Where we feel so comfortable with each other that we almost feel like we have known each other before. Someone who grows into my best friend and who is emotionally ready to love and be loved in a greater way then ever before. I'd like someone who is secure, passionate, and kind. Someone positive and optimistic, attractive, physically active and health conscious. Certainly a woman who likes dogs, cats, horses, (all animals) and nature. If you have allergies or despise driving for 20 minutes, we won't be a match as I live in the country south of Sherwood Park. Of course a sense of humour is important!...Someone who loves traveling. I have traveled alot so far...want to go to Asia, New Zealand and South America for the to join me?