Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 50 year old

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. im shy somewhat a workaholic hrmit i guess hahahah i would like to find someone that could put up with me if you like a workaholic im youres lol im attracted to slim women and blondes ive been to the big show up north for eleven years now i just want to cool off and find my place in life im tired of being the guy thats a pushover too im very shy and wont start the conversation

Meet single man from Alberta, Canada. I am on here in hopes of meeting the right person for me ,I'm a hard working honest guy,but not to hard working that i can't find time to spend with that special someone,,,and do some cuddling on the couch ,or other activities,
,I am attracted to a woman with a slender figure and a good sence of humor is always a bonus ,,I'm a country guy likes to keep life interesting,,I am very loyal and passionate ,I don't smoke or drink ,and try to live a healthy lifestyle to the best of my ability,,,
I'm a guitar player,,so if you sing or play an instrument that would be great ,,if not thats fine too !
I'm looking for someone that enjoys country life by that i meen peace and quiet but not boring ,,
Some other interests of mine are in aviation,, i have built a few helicopters and love to fly them,,
I'm also a very passionate person and Love with all my heart ,,,
I would love to buy a piece of land down in the southern states somewhere and go there for the winter perhaps ,
I love it down in Tennessee Missouri Arkansaw ,any of the southern states is really nice,, I've been seperated for about a year now and would love to meet someone right for me this time around ,,,I know your out there and we've been missing each other all these years,,But I'm willing to take it a day at a time !!

Date a man from Alberta, Canada. Not concerned with keeping up with the world...need the right woman to fulfill my world. I don't believe in being in debt to keep up appearances. Need to get more active, but don't desire to do it alone. Enjoy being outdoors,but not to the point of survival I hate fighting/arguing. I love animals, not reptiles.
I know everybody says it, but I really do need a woman with a great sense of humour. Must love animals ! Must be employed or willing. Prefer non-smoker (REALLY). Needs to be approachable in the mornings, she doesn't have to be revved up to take on the day but she needs to be pleasantly happy. Must appreciate or atleast tolerate goofy humour. I want a woman who takes some pride in her appearance, but doesn't put everything on display, and also knows you don't need jewellery and a coordinated outfit to work outside ie. painting, washing the car, etc. together. I am looking for more or less a country girl.
I am a diabetic in good health, a shift-worker, would like to retire on the outskirts of somewhere with a couple of acres. And I like being happy, which is directly affected by the attitude of my partner !!!!


Date men and women from Alberta, Canada. I am a nice person and I like going out for walks,
hiking and biking. It would be nice to see someone
that likes the same things as well. Even if they like
going camping or pick nicking. ???????????????????

Meet a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. Hi i'm looking to find someone who has a sense of humour,who not scared to say whats on their mind,likes to laugh and have fun,someone who lives life one day at a time,get together for dinner,walk down whyte ave and people watch.go for drives not planned just go where the road takes us,cuddle and watch a movie. someone who likes to fishing & camping,someone to be with,have fun with.Ilike dancing,told im a good two stepper,just want to enjoy life. I'm out going, I'm quick witted,down to earth, easy to get along with. like to laugh,like to sing & write songs.

Date someone special from Canada. Well , i am a good person. I love life and all its splendor ,I love to laugh hang out . I look hopefully to attract the same kind of lady having said this i am open for difference ,because difference is our way of growing communicating I am open to many things I accept life not for what it is ,but for what it may become .I love all sports but i am not a sport junkie ,I love to be out side even if it is cold dark or wet ja! ja! I really dont like to talk about myself ,so grow with me ... Ilong to find someone who is real exciting beautiful inside and out and my friend

Meet single man from Canada. good food good wine good life value my familly laid back would like to travel just move to a new town for a job work seven days and seven off with that much time on my hands i join a fittness club and looking to share some good times

Date a man from Canada. Casual, fun, someone who is themselves.
enjoy sports, activities, movies and being with
teenagers, my children are my world.
Family is always a priority, I am known as a giver, almost to a fault.
Im a true pisces, can adapt to many environments, but still has a shyness about myself.

Meet people from Canada. An outdoor Picasso looking for a spiritual partner to share in the outdoor living palette of activity, life and reflection .... guided from within, rather than without; and sharing the love of nature, skiing, surfing, mt biking, running, climbing, diving, traveling, reading, loving, eating, drinking, and all the good things in life, seen, heard, tasted, felt and understood.
My friends (including females) think I’m a great guy. I’m a straight shooter, honest, kind, thoughtful, spiritual worldly, independent but giving, ,…and many more good qualities. I sometimes enjoy talking about the “meaning of life” and “beauty”, yet enjoy an uncomplicated life.
I’m not big on internet dating because I would rather be outside, but, then how would I find the outdoorsy woman of my dreams - the Goddess I can run, hike, bike, ski, surf, camp, and take out mountain climbing and back country with. Don’t worry…I’m a gentleman and would even open the tent flap for you.
We don't have to do all these activities together, but it would be nice to share some of them. I also enjoy very much curling up with a good book and coffee in the morning, or on the beach, or just about anywhere peaceful.
The ideal outdoor Goddess will be good looking, take care of herself, and have legs nicer than mine (my friends say I have great legs); love the outdoors, and lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and be interested in a long term relationship (I’m not a “one nighter kinda guy”). The ideal woman will enjoy an outdoorsy lifestyle, be affectionate and loving (but mixed with independence) and be an educated professional as myself. I hope that she would also enjoy art and culture so I don’t have to go to the Ballet with my buddies. Love good food and wine. Vegetarians are also welcome.
On weekends….. the outdoors await “Carpe Diem”... Pack up girl--- we’re going for a hike ...
PS, I am a man, and we are (quite) visual ... so a photo is preferred.

Date men and women from Canada. Hello Girls
After looking at my profile I realized that it was in dyer need for a make over. Just like a new pain job in a home, a new profile changes the way I present my self to you. Also the fact that I’ve been separated and now divorce for two years put’s me in a different place emotional in my life.
So here a few things about me, which, I’m hoping, will peak your interest to say hi.? Trust me I don't bit and less you ask me...LOL
As you can tell from my profile pictures I’ve posted! I’m an active guy. Young at heart that just LOVE’S LIFE.
I have two incredible young adult women in my life. One old dog call, Max. He’s 16years old, can’t hear anymore but still has some spunk left in him.
As for me; I love adventure, love to travel, mostly over seas. I ride my mountain bike in the summer, hit the mountain for some hiking and the campfire at night with Marshmallows, on the menu….LOL Wintertime I substitute the campfire for the hot tub after a day of skiing. I’m a powder hound at heart that love to ski and very much enjoy the Apr?s Ski social environment. Dancing in your ski boots you got to try it. ?
DANCE,DANCE,DANCE. Yes that crazy! Obviously the disco years where a big influence on me….lol I love to dance and I’m looking at taking some dance lessons over the course of winter. That’s the plan anyway! You got to have a plan.
I’m original from Sherbrook Quebec and still have family there so I go every few years for a visit. I try to line up a festival whenever I can! Montreal is a great city with incredible food and wine and yes you can forget the shopping for you girls…lol I have two shoppers in my life I know. ?
I could carrion and bore you with my profile but I would rather here from you and learn something about you. Who you are, what your looking for. So don’t be shy, take a chance and say hi, you never how what can happen.
In closing I would like to wish all of you best of luck in your quest to find love. Live is short so don’t let it go by! If you see something you like, go for it. Don’t take rejections personally. Rejection is part of this game we’re all playing.
Best of luck….. ?

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am thoughtful person and as I wish success in the routines of life love,education and work I want everybody happy and joyful as I am. I wish to meet somebody who is thoughtful and caring forimself and others too. I am reatful of my family and friends who share my thouts.

. Hi
I have been described ( really, this is not a self-description, I did ask friends ) as fun and funny, interesting, witty, intelligent, compassionate, sincere, honest, trustworthy and wise ( though I often question that last one, but if wisdom is learned from our mistakes and foibles then I guess I qualify ! ). I believe life is about choices. I choose hope, optimism, tolerance and joy. I live a fit and healthy lifestyle emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. However, I also don't take myself too seriously, I love to laugh. I am young at heart and relate very well to all ages. I am masculine but not macho. Hmm, negatives ; I dog ear my books. squeeze the toothpaste from the middle, leave underwear on the floor, It's all good.
I am a responsible free spirit, a professional with an inner hippie, a wannabe-intellectual with a blue collar heritage, a soft hearted fighter for justice and truth, a closet singer/songwriter with limited talent, a realistic idealist ; a mirthful deep thinker, and I am comfortable in my own paradoxes. After retiring from policing ( relatively unscathed ) I have a dream second career, I have a Masters degree, a 22 year old son I am proud of, and I am very blessed.
I can be very playful and love good natured banter, breaking out in spontaneous song , being goofy. I can also be very serious and circumspect when need be. The wisdom is all in the timing. I am very affectionate and cuddly too. My faith is real in my life and I have experienced amazing grace. NOT to be mistaken for "religious" !
I am dipping my toe in the dating waters again as while I have a very active and full life I don't think I am wired to go through it alone. My divorce is not through yet but very close. I have been physically separated for two years and I own my own place and have very much moved on. Divorce is complicated and needs to be exempt from judgment don't you think?
Who am I looking for:
I am wondering if there is someone out there who lives a healthy, fit lifestyle, who is emotionally grounded and level, loves to laugh and play, loves the outdoors and it would be a bonus if they enjoyed all season play in the mountains. Intelligent and witty repartee is always fun. I find a great smile very attractive. Emotional intelligence and maturity is a must. My ideal mate is smart, funny, warm, attractive, fit, affectionate, communicative, comfortable in her own skin, has reasonably dealt with her baggage ( and we all have some ) and knows what is important in life. I hope to meet someone who enjoys the simple things in life, meaningful conversation and has a joyful spirit. Music, nature , and conversing with informed and good people are the most enjoyable things in my life.
My character?
I have a strong sense of justice and will stand up for the underdog or fight against injustice where need be. Thus I can step on toes where required. I try my best to do the right thing in all circumstances. I am not perfect and have had my share of ups and downs and made my mistakes. I have chosen to learn and grow from them, ask for forgiveness, forgive others and move on.
I am looking to see if there is someone who would like to explore potential chemistry and compatibility. Compatibility in all four spheresof our lives ; intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual; is a must. Absence of chemistry or compatibility does not mean a person does not have value and can't be a match for someone. We shouldn't be offended if it's not there. If I am not compatible with someone's tastes , preferences , worldview , that's okay. It's a journey right?
We are all obviously much more complex than what can be described here.... so , there you go :) Please feel free to drop a line,

. equalls,acceptance of each other,also would like a partner whos all about keeping things simple. someone whos not overly materiallistic. who will love me for me and vice versa. must have a love of the outdoors, family,friends. im an average guy whos been single seven years by choice. i am ready for a committed relationship i no longer want to be alone. i have above average looks,have a great sense of humour, i work, and my friends think im golden.

. Life is pretty good as it is, but it can be better. I believe I have my priorities and values set properly and I’m looking forward not backwards. My priorities are pretty simple, I am a father first, my own person second and a lover, friend, brother, son third. That’s not an absolute order as situations and needs arise but as long as my son relies on me, he is my priority and if I’m not healthy, I’m no good to anyone. My values are trust, respect, honesty, “treat others as I want to be treated”, honor family and have reverence for wisdom, give freely, be generous with those who matter, love and accept myself.
In a relationship I am committed to just one and like to spend as much time as is available with her but also leave room for continued growth, friendship and family. I like to get out with the boys once in a while but that will never be an all nighter. I am a planner but also spontaneous, patient but quick to decide. I approach life and living in a methodical and practical way but also toss it to the wind and go where my heart leads me. I stand up for myself but will let go of that which is not worth the drama. I don't hold grudges. I don’t like drama. I want to nurture a relationship that I can spend the rest of my life living, side by side. Little moments that touch me are the ones I remember always. I’m adventuresome, alive, and physically capable but I’m not a runner or an ultra athlete. I go to the gym and love to walk alone or with another. I bike and blade, swim at the lake, ski and skate. I keep a clean home and a handy man with tools. I love to talk and with the right person time goes by so fast; it has to end too soon. Nothing stirs my soul like the ocean, lakes and rivers. It brings about inner peace and sometimes a little boys curiosity for what lies below. I grew up on a ranch. I like to take kids and adults tubing and skiing at the lake, a partner to share those moments with is what I seek.
She'll be petite or a few cuddle pounds, shorter than me, kids or maybe not as long as she understands my priorities. We have similar values but not a copy of each other and we like similar but not the exact same things. We can cook together and not get under each other’s skin. I’d like it if she can look at herself in a mirror and be almost 100% happy with what she sees inside and out.
I have a son. I’ve raised him alone since he was 5 weeks old. He’s a great, healthy, happy normal boy. He’ll be 13 this year. I have a small circle of friends I’ve known for 30 years and a huge group of acquaintances. I stay healthy and fit. We live a pretty good life, but it could be better.
Please be local to Calgary.
My pictures are recent.