Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 58 year old

Date people from Alberta, Canada. I am a , content , easy going guy .. livIng a happy , healthy calm lifestyle. My life is in pretty good shape but it is natural to want to share a good life with a special lady. We do not necesarily need to have all the same interests as long as we enjoy each others company. I am not a couch potato and not a big fan of watching TV. There are so many things to do and enjoy but it is not so much fun doing them alone . I like to smile and make you smile too. I luv to laugh and make you laugh . You will like me much better when we meet face to face .... I promose ....
I hope you are as excitied about meeting me as I am about meeting you .... soon ok ...

Meet single man from Alberta, Canada. i like fishing dancing going for walks hiking.i don't mind going shopping.i injoy playing pool darts and shuffleboard.i injoy music going to intresting movies.i don't mine cooking and i don't mind helping with the cleaning around the house.i like shoveling snow and playing in it.

Date a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. I enjoy being around people who love life.I am not sure what I am looking for at this point, just trying out this new stage of my life. I have always been an acheiver and worked hard for my family and now I am starting over . My adventure started a year ago with learning to cook, actually really enjoying nutritional focus. I am at the gym 3-4 times a week.
I really enjoy motorcycling ( I ride a Ninja 1200) and love daytripping around the Calgary area ie the mountains or down to Claresholm where I have family including my granddaughter ( my major sweetie:) .
Music is a big pastime for me. I have played in bands over the years, rock etc in my twenties and then worship bands at church and few years ago played with the Erlton Street Soul Band.. I love RandB soul music but I will listen to anything other than opera :) I listen to music, dance to music ( not ballroom tho!), play music, go to concerts, clubs. I am not a big TV type person, but do enjoy movies or sports( football,hockey,car/bike racing).
I love travel... Really love Europe (born in London UK and all my extended family still there),France is the best!! and anywhere hot and tropical like Jamaica,Bahamas,Mexico, as well as some US hotspots and cruises.I have travelled to Nova Scotia and really enjoyed that too. I have lived in Quebec and am fluent in french.
I have 4 children ( all grown and on their own, as well as 2 granddaughters ) and family is important to me. I am close with my Dad,Brother, his family and my own sons.
I balance the family with work and my renewed focus on health and fitness. I also try to keep up my reading and other leisure.
I am looking to meet that person who is HONEST and sincere, no baggage from the past or at lease moving on. Caring and sharing but not clingy. Takes care in appearance both in dress or jeans, smells nice, holds hands,smiles and loves family. I am not looking for a fitness addict who runs 10 x a week or scales mtns but one who is fit and enjoys the gym,or walks/hikes/cycling.
Motorbike lady would be a plus. I love good cooks, go-getters and neatness.
I love passion, beauty, charm, elegance and energy.
I am energetic, loving, learning and enjoying but I know that life offers so much more with a partner who shares all. Life is not a dress-rehearsal .
If you are a lady who is positive thinking, active, self-sufficient, cares about your appearance and a fun-loving type person, then I would enjoy connecting with you. I will ONLY view/reply to connections with photos.
for first date ( shared time) :
Probably just somewhere neutral, maybe a casual meal (lunch or dinner)and then some sort of activity ie a show or sports event or the Zoo ( always a safe place except for the wolves :)
Clubs are fine but often can be loud and get in the way of initial date-conversation.
I love to ride motorcycle, so a bike daytrip with a gal biker could really work too. If not , we could resort to bicycle :)
I am pretty open to what ever is less concerning to each of us. I think that dating can be weird at our age, so I have no preconditions...

Meet a man from Alberta, Canada. i am generly quiter and reserved person looking for someone who would like some special moments to share together. would like to camp fishing golfing or what ever we deside. and would like to go out for dinner possibly and chat see what we may des;de

Date men and women from Alberta, Canada. I am a hard working cowboy who enjoys my family and wishes to live life and have fun doing it with a special lady. I have 3 sons, two which are married and have 4 grandchildren. I enjoy rodeoing and team roping. I also enjoy spending time with a lady.

Meet someone special from Alberta, Canada. I am in a good place in my life right now... but it is missing that one important person that would make life even better.
Separated fora couple of years now and feel it is time to find that special person.
Looking for someone who enjoys a great meal, a good long hike, a bit of travel and is independent. Also the following:
Acitive lifestyle
Enjoys a good movie from time to time
No drama
Being with friends and family
I am not complicated so send me a note so we can see what happens next.

Date people from Canada. I am looking for a woman that can make decisions, arrange and control her self needs, and still include the needs of here parter. She must be very clean, have upscale appearance priories, sexy attitude, and not afraid to be out spoken and confident. I would also like to find a woman that is understanding, compassionate, with a very sensual soft attitude in the right atmosphere. Sensuality is extremely important as well as someone who can take control of various situations at a moments notice. A wonderful lady that knows who she is and knows what priories are for herself and her parter.
Great legs would be a bonus.

Meet single man from Canada. Hello,
I am relatively new to Calgary. I have a busy work life and travel frequently.
I enjoy good food, fine wines and great conversations.
I am an avid reader and enjoy the movies and theatre. I take long brisk walks to relax and clear my head of everyday stresses. I love to ski and golf when time permits.
I am seeking a woman who enjoys life, is independant and strong willed....someone who is happy and seeks a man to share that happiness.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am a passionate person, passionate about everything I do. I am athletic therefore enjoy playing many sports. I consider myself handsome and feel very good about the person I am. I love adventure and always look forward to my next adventure or challenge. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. I am a bit of a softy when it comes to emotional movies. A sensitive side. I love to cuddle and I would love to share my life with someone who likes adventure, Romance, physical activity and loves to laugh.

Meet a man from Canada. I am a humble man, not proud, not thinking to be better than others, but modest, not arrogant, but yet independant and like to achieve the highest. I am someone who is calm, protective, sharing, balanced and serene. I am gentle, kind with a passionate spirit that looks at every occurance and focus on the golden kernal of what can be, what should be and what will be. An enthusiastic individual that values time and life. to generate the power of my passion with a desire to meet a partner that can fulfill togetherness with out justifying or assuming. developing a trusting realtionship to being receptive to experiencing every second of every hour of everyday in the waters of deepest joys and motivations and with a companion that can be shared with admiration so the sun shines every morning with warmth of fulfillment.

Date men and women from Canada. I am a very positive person who understands there are ups and downs in life. I have lived in a number of cities and been fortunate to enjoy a lot of good life memories. I am a single dad who has 2 amazing teenage children and my best times are watching them succeed in their activities and educational pursuits, I am looking for someone who is honest, self confident, positive and not into game playing. Even though I am in my 50's I feel young and there are a lot of good memories to come. I enjoy good wine, keeping fit, love my job, and very much enjoy being a single dad. I believe a relationship should be built on 4 pillars, honest, integrity, trust and respect.

Meet someone special from Canada. Most of us agree that life is too short to be serious all the time,so why are so many good at it. myself,I try damn hard to be happy and I will agree some days it is tough to do. moving on, at 58 I will try this one more time....maybe two.
you will have to be happy, not live in the past,discuss it yes, love to laugh and joke around,
make my heart sing when I am going to see you.

. I suppose my friends would say I am kind of quiet. Not loud or obnoxious. I am fairly content in my life right now, just missing that someone special. I am grateful for my two children and my grandchildren. I love to travel when I can. There is nothing like going for a bike ride over the Logan pass in the summer or the Bears Tooth Pass. Have traveled to many places on my bike, probably my favorite being the Baja and mainland Mexico.
I am looking for someone who has some of the same interests as me, bike riding, a drive in the country, golfing (not well but fun) traveling, family get togethers or with friends, watch a movie or dancing.

. Because of the work I do, my interests cover considerable �territory’ and these interests and connections linked to my daily activities keep my outlook and approach to life vibrant and optimistic.
Also, I have learned to be comfortable in interacting with people across varying social strata. In fact some days are filled with just that – work with some of Europe's oldest families and then with newly arrived immigrants barely capable of speaking the language. It is the very human dignity which each of them has within, that is so fulfilling and satisfying to learn to know. And people, no matter what their background or current situation have their good days and some which are less so. To have touched the life of at least one person a day in a helpful way makes two people smile.
A lady who cherishes her vitality and her appearance will attract my interest. Of course, to connect we also need to have a compatible level of intellect, 'chemistry' and values. I'd be delighted connecting with a lady who is kind, loving and intelligent. She enjoys simple pleasures with the occassional splurge, country living, outdoor life, the arts, music, equal measures of working and playing, long conversations and delightful intimate times.
This exceptional lady is confident in herself and of her accomplishments. You are physically active, reasonably fit and enjoy indoor and outdoor pursuits. The gamut of your interests varies widely and includes great music, books, movies, travel and simple homelife. Your educational background always stirs interest in things new and old.
At risk of possibly boring you with my words, I like to close now. But prior to doing so, I like to invite you to reply to my profile to begin an exchange, which would allow me the privilege to learn about you also. As we gain the confidence to open our hearts, may we learn to treasure and hold the beauty each of us represents to this world and to each other.

. I'm honest. My grandkids make me happy. My son and daugther is my pride. I'm greatfull for good health. I'm looking for someone with a good heart and can show it. I like a good joke, and I can tell a few. Just for laughs gags makes me laugh out loud looking for love and frendship in a relationship The right woman can get around a man's heart andfire up his soul. There,s no better fealing in the world. I'm not her to tell what I may have or have not I think that's imaterial. I have been losing my hair since I was 17. I'm pretty handy with my hands I can fix most anythink. I'll leve more to thalk about latter as i'am a man of fuewords.