Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 60 year old

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. 5-11 tall outdoory person.enjoys my job
would like to email people to get to know them.easy going and fun to chat with I am a volinteer for many orginiatins.greatfull for being able to do things,go friends would describe me as fun and helpfull.

Meet single man from Alberta, Canada. I'm a regular guy, recently moved to Calgary after retiring from my career as an engineer in Saudi Arabia. I'm lookinig for female companionship, someone to share some time with. I'd like to meet a woman who takes pride in her appearance and who enjoys a regular excercise routine. I'd like to meet a woman who is sincere, confident, energetic, and socially out-going.

Date a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. Easy going,Positive outlook on life, outgoing, cheerful. Looking for a partner to share the rest of the adventure life has to offer.
Someone to be mutually supportive in good times and bad. Ability to make Lemonade out of the Lemons life throws our way.
Independent, confident, ability to travel a bonus.
Love getting together with family or friends; or simply sharing a glass of wine together!
Life is not about the breathes you take but the moments that take your breathe away!
Share common interests,ROMANTIC, likes to touch and be touched.
Sense of humour,witty,flexible!!
Takes pride in appearance. As comfortable in jeans or shorts as all Dolled UP for an evening out!
Loves to dance.
I feel CHEMISTRY is an important element to build a relationship on and the only way to see if it exists between 2 people is to meet.
E-mail me for coffee or any other activity you might have in mind.

Meet men and women from Alberta, Canada. I am looking for a friend that will always be there. I an very easy going some people say to easy but that is my nature. I have a very good job and it takes me about 4 hours to do so lots of free time to share and explore new things.I do not like to gamble but would like to go to vegas and try my luck???lol. It is hard to talk about yourself so just have to get to know me. Thanks for stopping to read this and have a great day.

Date a man from Alberta, Canada. I'm not handsome or hot I'm a x biker looking for soul mate I have plenty of scars and a BAD BOY history I'm random and crazy don't take BS I won't change and if I love you I will with all my heart and soul I make no apologies this is who I am so is mysoul mate out there

Meet people from Alberta, Canada. I would like someone that appreciates having a uncomplicated relationship. Someone who wants to have fun, enjoys going out or is comfortable in front of a fire at home. She would have to be passionate loving and caring and expect the same from me. She would also not be into nay games.
I should add that after being on here a short while there are a lot of would be con artists probably from over seas posting phony profiles who think people 60 or over are stupid and may part with their money easily. Well I suggest you pass me over, I'm not desperate and no fool here. Also, if you can't post a picture it leads me to believe that you are ashamed of something so I will not reply to those either.
Everyone else I'd love to chat to you!

Date someone special from Canada. I would like to meet someone with some of the same likes, activities, and interests as mine; someone who eats healthy, is compassionate, out-going, easy-going, and open-minded; someone who likes weekend getaways, go to concerts, to social events, the movies; someone who would like to visit historical places of cultures that once existed; someone who enjoys hanging out with family and friends; someone with a cheerful smile, a friendly personality; has enthusiasm, a sense of humor; someone with a positive outlook on life, and is still passionately romantic.
You will always have my attention when you dress up in your "little black dress" and high heels when we're out for a night on the town. Nothing is more exciting than an elegant dressed woman sitting with me in some fancy restaurant; and nothing is more pleasing than seeing you express your femininity in such a way. Of course, dressing up in an enhancing fit pair of western jeans would make you irresistible too.
I am a dependable, caring, and respectful man. I am well-groomed and well-mannered. I do my best to maintain an eat-healthy lifestyle. I don't smoke, don't drink coffee, and don't eat pork.
Someday, I would like to travel to other exotic beaches like the ones in Rio de Janeiro; go on a cruise ship; visit the Aztec and Mayan ruins in Mexico; the Inca ruins in Peru; the Egyptian pyramids, Petra, and Israel.
I have a 25-yr old daughter; I have been married twice, and divorced twice. After all that, I'm still young-at-heart. I look younger than my age; and that could be why I don’t act my age. And yes, that is still my natural looking hair; it has never been colored, and should you spot a gray hair here and there, don't worry, it could be from work related stress.
Speaking of work, after a 9-month assignment to Houston (4 months) and Rio de Janeiro (5 months), I am working and living in SE Calgary again. Cheers!!

Meet single man from Canada. You would find me to be a laid back, down to earth, easy going guy with a great sense of humour. I like to keep a positive attitude that makes daily life so much easier even when there are bumps along the way.
I’m fit and like to keep in shape by way of the gym or doing something active each day and have become conscious of healthy eating habits.
It would be great to meet a lady with similar chemistry who is easy going, young at heart, has a great sense of humour and enjoys the quiet times as well as getting out and about. We should enjoy the things we have in common, respect each other’s differences, and together create new experiences that make life fun.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am new to Red Deer and looking for a friend too show me around.
Anyone interested
My closet friends would describe me as easy going, like too make people laugh.
I have often been asked what type of partner I am looking for and I used too say all the good things, until I realized I was describing a perfect person. I now answer that I will know when I meet the right person.
I could go on and on but I will leave the rest for us too talk about when we meet.
I am a very positive person and try too enjoy life.
I am very family and friend oriented. I like too spend time with them whether it is entertaining at home or away.

Meet men and women from Canada. my friends would say iam happy and easy going.being around friends and familyand grandkids make me smile alot. Accomplishments that most proud are building my house by my self from ground up, being with grandkids and family , they also make you laugh out loud. What i am looking for in a relationship is someone to have coffee with , talk to tell you what they would like to do,how thier day went .go out for supper ,likes camping and traveling

Date a man from Canada. I haven't yet found 'her' yet. Search continues but I'm getting 'on-line-fatigue'
60 is the new 45 you know, so as I turn 61, does that make me 'virtually 46'?
... and I'm tired of meeting women who are afraid of success (they don't seem to be afraid of failure, but risk of success seems to intimidate many) ... so, if you aren't looking for that, no need to read further
I want someone who is crazy. Not a 'nuts' kind of crazy, just crazy about me. And I, too, will be the same kind of crazy . . .
kinesthetic auditory in search of same – the size of frame or height matters far less than brain size, idea size, think capacity . . .
someone who’ll massage my scalp while I lay with my head in her lap (putty in her hands), someone with a deep soaker tub where she can recline into me, leaning against my chest while candles flicker and the hot water slowly cools till goose-flesh forces us to turn on the tap (but that interrupts the music) or stay a while longer . . .
I’ve re-written my profile – hopefully – for the last time.
I’ve considered three short options:
1) For sale, or long term lease: good heart, barely used.
2) available for long term lease through to 2047: heart to share, partially used but not used up with large capacity for love to flow. Previous occupants left some baggage but it has been long removed, threshold swept clean. Overnight guests are welcome, but applicants seeking longer term arrangement preferred.
3) seeking partner to co-develop well-worn path
Seriously, all I want is comfort and joy, I want that. I'm like an old Timex, I've taken a licking, and keep on ticking. To all who are seeking, seeking and not finding, I wish you well. Also, at someone's request (thank you) I am reposting one of my poems I used to have on my profile:
maybe I've already met her or nearly met her or am
about to meet her; or maybe we'll pass like two ships
at sea, in dark of night, or maybe we'll gently bump
into each other, in a store, between turnips and melons.
wherever I find her will be paradise ... and rolling
over in the middle of the night to find the person
whose foot rests on my calf or whose shoulder blade
just bumped mine for some emergency intimacy.
finger tip touch finger tip, lip touch lip, her breast
presses my chest, she lays half across me in slumber, her
murmur in sleepy ear, to barely hear, she says she loves
me and I know, as I've always known, that I love her.
finding the right fit, the right person, the right pairing –
me for her, and her for me - elusive and beautiful;
dumbstruck and gobsmacked am I, brain focused,
on her fineness, like china, I’m afraid to break.
Not everyone knows they are loved, or feels they are loved – but the person doing the loving, that person, is never mistaken. They might find their loving not returned, but that is no reason for feeling naught, or for feeling anything other than very good. Worse, than not being loved, is having no one to give your love to. I believe we should not give it carelessly, but when we do, we should give it fearlessly and foolishly – deeply, wholly, and holy-cow-man all the way deeply, off the cliff, over the top, without reservation.
P.S.: to those seeking someone retired (or wanting to), please pass me by. I work, and though the focus and shape of that work is evolving toward being able to work remotely, I DO NOT WANT to retire. I want to live easier, more easily and more flexibly, but if seek someone to hang with all day every day simply to watch yourself (and me) age like moldy cheese on a slow path toward death, you've picked the wrong boy
P.P.S.: middle-aged pear-shaped, I considered changing 'average' to 'typical' but that option is not available. I still have legs and tush of young tennis player I once was but belly has become part of my vernacular. I do have a 6-pack of abs but they are in hiding beneath the surface

Meet people from Canada. I am a hand worker and time has come to slow down. I have a great job that takes me about 3 hours aday. I am looking for someone to be a special friend or more down the road and would enjoy doing things at the last minute.

. I am indeed, a lucky man. I have been blessed with wonderful parents, though both elderly and living in England are still a big part of my life. And three great children and one very cute grandaughter.
I also have a wonderful career ( I work in oil/gas engineering ) The only thing missing is having a partner to share some of these things with me.
Im loyal, passionate, honest and reliable and being English, a great sense of humour. I try to take pride in my appearence.
Im also a one woman man, very easy going and soft spoken.

. I am out looking for soul mate, one who shares the ups and downs of live thats offered everyday. One who is willing to get down on the ground beside me in the garden pulling weeds, Ilive on a acerage with dog,room for playing. I love campimg,rideing my harley, walking around the yard looking, sitting by firepit with small fire burning smelling the smoke. Just enjoying live, If you like this sort of boreing lifestyle you know to get a hold of me.

. I would describe myself, as a hard working stable man. Sometimes, I work too much.
I've been known to be quite the prankster. I love to laugh and my friends and family would say I have a great sense of humour.
I'm secure and happy with myself.. however, life is meant for 2..
I have had a great year on the golf course.. However, have been unable to make it professionally. So I will continue to practice. Looking for someone to practice with.
I enjoy my morning and evening walks with my dogs and cat.