Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 63 year old

Date men and women from Alberta, Canada. Im just a simple passionate romantic. I love to kiss, hold hands cuddle. Nothing nicer than surprising that special someone by giving or doing something on the spur of the moment. Im a self assured guy who is never moody but believes its easier to smile than to frown. I love to be around my adult kids and grandkids. If your interested in a true romantic, then Im your nice guy to contact.

Meet people from Alberta, Canada. **** I'm baack.****
I'm moderately liberal, have a sense of humour, a sense of adventure and I'm looking for a loving, committed, fun relationship with no drama. I like independent women who know how to share their lives while maintaining their individuality. I want to do things together, but its ok to do things apart too. I have a motorcycle but I'm definitely not a 'biker'!
I have had a career in policing, the travel industry and as a Court agent. Travel remains one of my passions. I love reading, writing, nature and nightclubs.
Among my favourite places are New Orleans, Dublin, Montreal, New York and just about any other big city you could name (even if I haven't been there!). I have travelled throughout the USA and Canada - Quebec and the Maritimes are still favourites.
I hail from the land of Leprechauns and Shamrocks but I'm more of a new-Irelander than the stereotypical beer and banjo type.
Ideally my partner will be someone open-minded, easy-going, articulate, comfortable in casual or formal wear whom I could cherish and adore! If you are interested it's okay to contact me - communication is a two-way process.
I like taking my m/cycle for rides in the foothills and mountains - its a sport-touring bike - Honda ST1300 - maybe you'd like to join me?
I do try to respond to everyone, I sometimes do not reply to winks - please don't be offended if that happens.

Date a man from Alberta, Canada. I love life, enjoy many different things from a quient evening at home to going out and painting the town red. I cook and can make you some great dishes.
My best is to walk hand in hand and share lifes joys.

Meet single man from Alberta, Canada. People who meet me for the first time like me. I am a loyal and trustworthy friend to my friends, I am looking for someone to laugh with for the rest of my life. A key to my successful relationship is one where we both work together. I enjoy quiet times at home as well as travelling, maybe going out camping which I have not done in a very long time. I want a soul-mate, someone who I can't take my eyes off, and to know that it is me she is leaving with. Someone to open doors for, someone to give foot-rubs too after they had a busy day at work. Someone who likes to travel and try different things while there. I am not a reckless person, but a careful person who thinks of others. I do like golfing, but am only so so at it, and enjoy it very much. I am a gentle-man with the ladies but out comes my dry sense of humor when I feel comfortable. The first three or four meetings should be at a restaurant then maybe mini-golf, or bowling, someplace where we can have some laughs and get to know each other better. With me, what you see is what I am, no phoneyness or games, I've been told that I wear my emotions on my shoulders, people around me know what kind of mood I'm in just by looking at me, luckily, there is a secret to getting me back into a happy state of mind. I am a so-so cook because I cook for one, so I have put on a few extra pounds, not so easy to take off, so it would be nice to meet someone who knew how to cook healthily. I know I am asking a lot, but all I can do is put my information out there and let God do the rest.

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. .charitable and easy going. good comedy makes me smile. have had no great accomplishments. I am grateful for my health. Would like to attract a lady who enjoys and is a good dancer. I have a happy social life. I am looking for someone to share good times in life and travel with.

Meet a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. I am a self employed consultant current ly in a contract with a large engineering firm. My pasion in life is sailing. I love golf but I am no longer a par golfer due to an injury. I am usually 9 or 10 over. I still just like to go though. I ride a bicycle. and I take walks. I like to swim. I make sure every year prior to the start of the sailing season that I can swim 5 miles. I am not muchh of a night out with the boys guy I would rather be with my partner.
I am looking to share my life with a lady who has similar interests. I don't want to ever leave her on the beach. I like to cuddle and intimacy is very important. Travel would be in our future. I am working on 2 sail plans one takes us down the west coast as far as Panama City. The other Starts at West Palm beach and takes us for a tour of the Caribbean to Trinidad, There are no time limits on either of these trips.

Date men and women from Canada. maybe find the right lady to share retirement life with that would put a smile on my face. social life right now is kind of at a standstill. would be great to find someone to go out with and share new interests

Meet people from Canada. Hi, like everyone else at first I was not sure what to put here, nor did I ever think that I would be in this position. Hopefully this is a better attempt. I was married to an amazing woman who made me a better person and I in turn completed her life too. The best part of my day, was coming home and seeing her asking how her day was and giving her a big hug. It was just as exciting seeing her the last time, as it was the first. She took my breath away with just a smile. We had an exceptional relationship, and I wonder if I will ever have that again.
My son and daughter have been there for me and I for them. Family is a priority, as they are there when times are good, but when life throws you a curve and things are not so good they are there too. For this I am truly grateful.
I do not do the bar scene, (not my style) but I do enjoy a cold beer after golf. I still go far walks for ice cream, take in a movie, go out for a bite to eat in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy a beverage and pizza in a local pub. It would be nice though to have someone to enjoy their company and conversation and they enjoy mine. I am easy to talk too, a good listener and hopefully pleasant to be with.
I am not a flashy person. What you see is what you get. I enjoy the simple things in life and appreciate them. I do not take anything or anyone for granted. In my opinion, everyone tries to do their best. I take pride in my appearance. I respect each person's individuality and appreciate the time spent with them. If they are too far over the top, too high maintenance then it was nice meeting you. At this stage in my life I cannot change, nor would I want to.
Thank you for your time, and good luck.

Date a man from Canada. I am an independent and compassionate individual. I am a laid back individual and enjoy working around the house, watching some educational TV or even some of the CSI series. I especially enjoy cuddling on the couch or enjoying the hot tub with that special someone. I really like cooking and trying different recipes. Although I am 63 I am young at heart. I have a great sense of humor and love to have a great time. I'm also not afraid to laugh at myself. Family and friends are very important to me and I enjoy visiting and having company over for a great meal or BBQ. I would like to meet a woman who shares the same values as I do, one who has a good sense of humor. Are you the woman who has similar interests as me and someone who can laugh with me and enjoys a good time. It would be nice to have a partner who also enjoys golfing. Are you also the type of person who enjoys traveling. Puerto Vallerta is on of my favourite places. It felt like being in heaven swimming with the dolphins. That was a dream of mine for such a long time. If you love animals and have a chance to swim with the dolphins do it. It is so peaceful and serine.
I want that special someone I can spend the rest of my life with. Are you that special someone who wants to share my dreams and aspirations.

Meet single man from Canada. I'm a regular,honest,open,loyal, down to earth,fit and healthy individual.My prefence in a lady,is to have very similar characteristics to which I just described.
It would be great to meet a lady that would be interested in travel and also a lady that would be interested in exploring and seeing different cultures.
I am financially and emotionally stable and I would prefer to meet a lady that is in a similar situation that I'm in.

Date someone special from Canada. I am honest, loyal, non judgemental, and have a positive attitude to life. I can laugh at myself, see the other point of view. After enjoying a long career in law enforcement, I now enjoy my hobbies of gardening, travel and staying active on a full time basis. Although law enforcement was my career, horticulture is my hobby and passion. I have a hobby greenhouse that is in the late winter and spring months my oasis from the cold, and where I grow bedding plants for sale in the spring (whenever that may be in Calgary). I always seem to find another garden project to keep me busy, and draw inspiration from belonging to the Horticultural Society of Calgary.
I was born in the United Kingdom, and have lived in Canada since 1977, a country that I feel blessed to live in. Over the years, friends, I have met in Canada have become like a second family. It is important to me to invest time with these close friends, as well as my three grown children (24, 27 and 31).
I have been physically active all my life, and have a small gym in the basement, I enjoy running, swimming, hiking, downhill ski, x-country ski, snow shoe and biking (motorcycles as well as the ones you pedal). I hike year round and I am not held prisoner by our winter. At the same time I am drawn to gentler winters and more promising springs, and enjoy road trips down south in my RV, which also serves as my 'second home' over the summer months in the Okanagan. Needless to say, my bucket list of places to visit on this continent is long. I have enjoyed the RV lifestyle so far and believe it has allot to offer, but far more fun with a partner to enjoy it with.
My profile and pictures are a glimpse in to my life; if you would like to know more I would love to hear from you as we all have to start somewhere. I do not believe that a potential partner has to enjoy all the same interests, and it is important for me that there is room to learn new things and to grow together. At the same time I am looking for a partner who is at a similar stage in life, financially independent, and who shares the same fundamnetal belifs, attitude and approach to life.
I have current pictures of myself posted, and will only respond to those that have the same. Winks are ok, but an email, even if just one line is better, if I do not respond it is because I feel we are not a match. I have set my geographic limits to include the Okanagan and BC interior as I spend much of my time there. So all the best with your search, and a Happy New Year.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am a creative person with passionate beliefs. I have been alone for some time now, and have recently returned to Alberta from north coastal B.C. I write, perform music, and design and build things in woods, metals, plastics and graphics. I am not yet retired, but getting closer every day. I have 2 daughters and 2 grandaughters, whom I love! I like to travel to warm places in the winter and within Canada during the summer. I would like to fall in love again, but am not sure how such things happen any more. Start with friends I guess!

. Charm looking for soulmate.

. I consider myself easy going, friendly and very comfortable around people. I enjoy meeting folks and my occupation allows me to do that. I enjoy my work which is owning a convenience retailing business in a resort community.
Being outgoing, I enjoy being with people who enjoy the same. Enjoy lunch, casual encounters and the like as I am not ready to commit seriously to a relationship as of yet. Fairly active in sports, golf in summer and hockey in winter.
All is well

. Describe myself, hhmmm....I am a very honest man, with strong belief in The Bible and our God. I can be humourus at times, and I love the beauties of nature. I have done many different things in my lifetime, one of the being the building of my former log home (hand crafted). I was pretty good with horses, and trained my own colts. Just recently closed out my aquarium hobby, which at one time was quite large. I like to get together with a few people, but detest crowds.
Though not very good, I like to play guitar and sing, and also play the mandolin a bit.
I am grateful for each new day, and the fact I live in a free country, and have so many blessings! I like to go camping, with my canoe for fishing, and it is great to sit around a campfire.
So.....The lady I hope to find will be not hard to look at, have a bit of wit about her, and definitely interested in some of the things I do. I believe that you and I can share and learn interests and hobbies.