Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 67 year old

Date a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. I'm fun careing. enjoy doing things in a family way, My accomplishments that am proud is staying on this side of the grass, being grateful that I'm in good health. I'm hopeing to attract a person who enjoys the outdoors,camping,hiking & fishing. My social life is sometimes getting together with my neighbour friends. Watching a good comedy movie can sometimes make me laugh out loud,or doing something together can sometimes bring us a good us agood laugh. Looking for a lasting friendship, and letting nature take its course. I'm most passionate about the future lady in my life

Meet single man from Alberta, Canada. I have been riding for a number of years now I would like to have a companion to share those funfilled times in Canada and US cities If your interested in bike rodeos and traveling around get in touch with me. will discuss more later as needed.

Date people from Alberta, Canada. I am the nice guy everyone likes and would like to find someone who would like becoming great friends a shot. I believe that you must become close friends for about a year before a relationship can begin. All who know me will tell you that I am always a gentleman and would like to meet someone who is a lady.

Meet someone special from Alberta, Canada. Curious about what this is. Not serious just want to play. If you like to play check it out. Sometimes people get to serious about situations and need to relax. If you would like to chat, we can do it.

Date men and women from Alberta, Canada. y best friendyy life well hmm I am honest like people and animals i have learned to giive up hiding behind masks what you see is what you get I am fit and love to partiicpate in sports golf skiing roller bladeing I love to trave land experience other cultures im playful and enjoy laughing usully at myself I like and welcome new challenges. I have been fortunate in business (of course with ups and downs i have been very fortunate to have had a mentor that opened my eyes and heart
I am looking for a special lady to share my life to walk the beaches of the world to laugh withme be my best friend lover and partner

Meet a man from Alberta, Canada. Im looking for a great lady to share lifes experiences with. Want someone to fall in love with who makes my heart beat fast by just touching her hand. My life revolves around the horses which I breed, raise and train etc.

Date a soulmate from Canada. one who loves biking or flying or both
outdoor site seeing and mountain bike riding
flying over mountains and in mountains passes
looking for adventure
very positive in all respects
Life is great in all aspects

Meet single man from Canada. My closest Friends consider me to be a kind considerate person, very reliable. "What I say I do".
Baby robins comming out of the nest make me smile, a new start on life.
Being able to live long enough to see two of my Grandaughters Graduate from High School.
Not too hung up on the type of person I would like to meet, fairly open.
I am middle of the road, neither an extrovert nor introvert.
In my life I am passionate about seeing others thrive, especially when I have helped in some small way.

Date people from Canada. I've tried to retire a couple of times but find employment that is just too interesting to pass up. I enjoy riding my bicycle to work each day and stopping in at the fitness centre. Any improvements that needs to be done around the house I try to do myself before calling for help from others in the family or the skilled trades. My sports interests are hockey and football which I normally watch on TV but do get out to the odd game around town.

Meet someone special from Canada. Life is about learning and exploration, about experience and sharing and being with the right person to share all.
I have 3 great sons who have become my best friends and supporters and who, along with their wonderful wives and to continue to be spoiled grandchildren, are my pride and provide some great comedic as well as serious times together .
The opportunity to share the excitement with someone is one of the greatest part of it what life has to offer.. I would like to meet a woman who is equally optimistic, is open to share.her time and perhaps move ever forward together.
I am a bit of a newby to Calgary (October past) though I have traveled here often - it is still a neat experience and I have been wandering about in several parts but there is much left to explore, ideally with someone special.
I would like to meet someone interested in music (classical is my 1st choice), someone who likes to good food and wine and likes the idea of wine tasting, somewhat into being reasonably fit or at least not allergic to exercise be it a walk along the Bow or in the mountains or ... , someone who likes travel and exploring what countries have to offer and sharing the experience.

Date men and women from Canada. Independent thinkers and someone who knows what they want are attractive to me. You must be careful with your presentation and insist they same from your partner.. I have a few hobbies which I enjoy doing like golf curling and bike riding and it would be nice to have someone who shares these hobbies.

Meet a man from Canada. Passion is the virtue of my heart, I am creative, I am left brain, I am right brain, competitive, honest and loyal. I am fit and health conscious. I like to live intensely
I lived in many parts of the world; I perfectly speak 4 languages and some, I am highly educated, I am the founder of a small engineering company.
I like to walk, bike, regularly visit counties with beaches and explore their culture and past; I like movies and ethnic restaurants. I like the outdoors and animals, pets (used to have a Great Dane I miss)
I like to meet someone well educated, open minded, honest, warm and loving to share the wonders of this world, our families and friends .

. I live on my own, been around the block a few times. From Calgary. Born in Lamont. Have a MAIN MAN , CAT , FEZZ. Was married for along time, was involved with a Lady for a long time. Hell, at 67 , did alot. Still get drunk once in a a while. Got 2 sons, 5 grand kids. Live on a acreage. Paid for. That's It. Favorite place VEGAS .Don't gamble in Canada.

. i would like to meet a lady that would like to spend quality time with me doing things we both enjoy. There will be times apart doing things the other doesn't enjoy. There will be long romantic walks holding hands and talking as we walk. If the relationship progresses we will become each other's best friends/lovers. We each have a family and we will enjoy the other partners family as much as our own. Love is bult on trust and we will trust each other. Romance is important to both. Showing affection to your partner in public is more important than showing affection to boss, aquantences, some friends.

. i'm 67 yrs old ;semiretired .i am interested in hotrod s and muscle cars.i like rock and roll and most country music .ilike to go on trips.i don't type well obviously.i would like to have someone to enjoy life with either good or bad.and sometimes to just hold hands.