Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 70 year old

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. I want wo can you trust and rely someone wo can you believe when you to be side you smiling do not worry get stabing in you back just i looking some to trust thas is only wich i can say thanks now abauot my social life i enjoy the music like nice concert or ballet good musician from viena, i am grateful for the life where i live becauso i work now i get back all effort wich y trail to en joy

Meet a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. I WOULD LIKE TO FIND SOMEONE WHO ENJOYS

Date a man from Alberta, Canada. I am 70yrs. old. I have been a widower for 4 yrs.
Looking to meet someone to share time with. Just going out to eat or amovie. Golfing,going to Art shows, or Art Museums.Travel around the stat,Cruises.
Enjoy Las Vegas and the shows.
The pictures are a recent trip I tokk my mother back to England to see her realatives one more time.
She is 94 yrs old.

Meet people from Alberta, Canada. I love to laugh, dance & be with someone, listening & learning; a very supportive & romantic kissing fool...quite untalented piano/bass/bridge/chess player, I like slow blues, cats & dogs, classic boats and decidedly cool cars. Can still rollerblade/squash/swim if you like, or cook up a storm, and I remain a gentle pushover for true, the lovely mix of compassion, caring & warmth...
While never wanting to say never, I find marriage to have altered its states and ramifications to such a degree that It's rather frightening, and not in childish or immature ways....did you know that as of yesterday, there were over 100,000, yes, believe it, one hundred thousand active divorces before the Courts for resolution in Canada??? If that's not cause for worry, what in heaven is?.....reasonable people can only conclude (with all due respect to its dedicated fans) that the institution is failing to withstand withering forces, nor protect in any way those marrying with their hearts wide open....And yet can anyone imagine a bride or groom who marries expecting divorce?...and I find it both debilitating and discouraging.........but here I am, just like you and even knowing the odds, wanting so very much to share life with a loving partner....perhaps that's all we've ever had going for us, it's just become so darn easy for someone to get pissed off and..............get divorced???...or not???
Having said all that, I can't wait to be married again, or partners, or whatever....the underlying truth is that the person I want to be with ought to be my most intimate friend and confessor, someone who knows me inside & out, yet can still stand by me (or spoon, or hug, or kiss, or touch) without hesitation, knowing in their heart that I'd never consciously hurt them in any way, ever.....can't promise I'd never screw up, never make a mistake, never say the wrong thing at the wrong time...........but you'd never, ever, have cause to doubt your trust in me, nor my trust in you..........

Date single man from Alberta, Canada. I just went 70. My physical condition = 55-60. I'm self employed, still working and love what I'm doing. I like watching soccer. Horse jumping and exploring the Nature.
I did grow up on a little farm in Germany.
We did breed the famous German short hair hunting dogs. puppies where send all over the world. most of them to Us soldiers.
I learned in construction, went to the master school studied Industrial Business on the University in Oldenburg.
I played soccer, built up an Equestrian Society, did horse jumping my self.
played Tromped and Hunting horn. Moved 1993 to Canada
I like to help people in general, specially taking care of a loved one no strings attached.
I'm standing with both feet on mother earth.
the most important for me is mutual for someone to be there.
Love keeps your brain producing hormones which keeps you Jung and vital. everything else for me is secondary in life.
without prejudicial.

Meet men and women from Alberta, Canada. I was a person that could never learn anything sitting in a classroom or reading from a book. Whatever I wanted to learn, I watched, asked questions and then went and did it. I guess it worked for me because I kept watching, asking questions and doing whatever it was. When I retired I was a Logistics Analyst in the Corporate Office in Senior Mgmt. I am very proud of that but I am still just one of the good ole boys who can wear a tux or a 3 piece suit but prefer jeans, shirt and boots.

Date someone special from Canada. Active,Retired ,Straight Male. Enjoy most activities from gardening to travel,sightseeing. Wish to meet self assured, adventurous, affectionate Lady with similar interest. As the saying goes " We get old too soon and smart too late"

Meet a soulmate from Canada. fun loving and carefree enjoy golf and a cold beer.i smoke and like traveling and visiting my grandchildren and family.would like to meet someone who enjoys the same interests and is attractive.southern alberta resident.

Date a man from Canada. .
Well here it goes....a little about me .... I am a hardworker. I care deeply about my family and friends and do my best to treat everyone with respect no matter who they are. I have a good sense of humor and try not to take myself too seriously. I enjoy life and what it has to offer and am open to trying almost anything at least once. Although life can have its challenging moments I am grateful for these days as they have made me a better person and taught me what is important in life.
I love to travel and have gone to a few places over the years. Of course the warm locales are most attractive but there are other countries that I would like to visit in the future. I enjoy cooking, especially for others. I want to be able to do what I do now well into my years. In my spare time I enjoy renovation projects, golfing, going to hockey and football games, camping, ski dooing, working in my yard. Although I like to keep active I enjoy and cherish the quiet times as well. A good movie and glass of wine while snuggling on the couch with someone special makes for a great night when it is -20 outside.
First and foremost I am looking for a partner that compliments my life. We do not have to have all the same interests as differences are what makes life exciting. We do however, have to be on the same page about the important things that make for a great relationship. Someone with confidence and integrity, that has a strong work ethic but makes time for the important things in life.
Someone that is honest, caring, emotionally mature, values their partner and willing to work on any issue that life brings forth, someone who has my back..... in return they will get the same from me.
I look forward to hearing from you but be aware, I am not interested in sending out a thousand emails or texts. If you are really interested be prepared to meet with me. Although this is a good way to start, nothing compares to meeting someone in person.
All my best,

Meet people from Canada. A Friendly Guy , Who likes People., I love to Travel, and have seen 45 different countries, and there are
still more to see; and some are worth, going back to more than twice. I have been to Australia twenty
times, and would be happy to go again.....So if you're interested in seeing more of the World, and
are willing to Travel; Join me!!!

Date single man from Canada. easy going and looking for someone who is easy going also. I don't like domineering women who complain all the time and try to change people. She should take pride in her appearance and have a pleasing personality. Alittle affection would be a plus .. A person who likes to give as well as receive. Should like animals even if I don't have any.

Meet men and women from Canada. I am grateful for life and I strive to enjoy each day. To show a good turn to some one every day. To keep my sense of humor when the joke is on me.
I want a lady who will love me for what I am and except all the love I can give her. I have a lot of love stored up and I want someone who I can spend it on. I love good clean humor, I am a supporter of the less fortunate. I am looking for a permanet relationship, someone I can share my life with.

. I would like to find someone that is full of life and wants to explore it to the fullest. I enjoy life but need companionship. I have 3 daughters 2son in laws and 1 granddaughter and last 1 grandson. I love to spoil them

. I am looking for someone who is not only beautiful on the outside but the inside as well, is easy going , enjoys Camping, Traveling, Spending some nice vacation time in Phoenix, Arizona During the winters and Hot Summer's In Canada. I enjoy Boating, fishing, camping etc, Racing has been apart of mine and my family for years.

. I am a very passionate person and need a woman to spend some quality time with me. I like to go touring with my 5th wheel trailer to explore new places, dine out often. Visit my grandkids in Kelowna. My social life is to have coffee in Red Deer a couple times a week, dine out with friends, spend time with a friend and go shopping in Edmonton. Just got back from a trip to Fort St. John and Kelowna to see people I promised to see after my wife's death last November. We were married for 50 yrs. and 8 months, so there is a big hole that needs to be filled.