Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 75 year old

Date single man from Alberta, Canada. I prefer to be in company. My choice of companion would be someone who wants to be loved and who could find it in her heart to love me. We would do" our thing" together but also have private time and interests. I like a good laugh at myself and others. My family are a bunch of nuts but all fine people. Come and join us!
I like: sitting on the swing, on the deck, watching people go by in the cool of the evening, eating out, eating in,(I like to cook)taking short trips or long trips, cruising,walking, golfing, laying abed listening to the rain and/or thunder, planning our next day or future,(then making it come true,) taking a shower together, spoiling you with gifts or doing things for you,movies, live plays or musicals, etc. I f you don't reply you'll never know, so take a chance! Ray

Meet men and women from Alberta, Canada. Enjoying and living life to the fullest and enjoying meeting new and interesting people taking on new challenges and trying to servive to at least a hundred and two like my great aunt.Unfortunitely I was hit by a car while riding my bike and have concussion and brain damage 2007 but I have experienced some improvement and am still riding bikes bu with a little more care!!!!

Date people from Alberta, Canada. I have a zest for life. Am blessed to have seen and done so much and still have the energy, health and vitality to seek more. I enjoy all the perks and pleasures of the good life but miss the special companionship of someone like myself who comes with little or no baggage, hang ups or attitudes that are difficult to accommodate. I love to laugh and be serious at the same time and enjoy anyone who has the same attitude toward life, and that's what I'm looking for.
I've worked hard and played hard all my life but the time has come to ease back a bit on the throttle and spend some quality time with a soul mate to enjoy more of what we've individually both worked so hard to accomplish and achieve.
I've travelled extensively, like you, but marvel at how much more there is left to see and do, so more of that is definitely on the agenda, in addition to more quality quiet time, sandwiched in between the fun time activities and friends.
My soul mate will be a lady with a big heart, an open mind, an outgoing happy personality and a passion for living. She will be a giver by nature (but no patsy) and can expect the same from me.

Meet a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. i describe myself as a kind gental person to the last
50 years with a boipolare partner you have to have compation i think ihave those atributeslm not aknow it all if my partner is better than me at something let her handel the situation after all we boath stand to gain thats what i beleive 2 pepole that care about each other get and join in what hope
will be a lifetime of happyness of course nobody
can contol there futher at least i dont have those powers and i dont want them i ll just stay the way iam now
il,be true wiht you ladys im not looking for sex or money im just looking for a honest lady and i mean a lady i promise
she enjoy every thing i own or willown im not a millonare but i will tey very hard to make her happy she will be my angele

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. i am looking for a woman that can live in and help me to take care of my health and my trailer.
I have dibeaties and some times forget to take the meds i need to take.
I am a very independent person
I like to be in the company of a woman.

Meet a man from Alberta, Canada. I am a 75 yr old man interested in traveling primarily in Canada. I love camping and exploring the back country. I would like to explore Newfoundland. I am looking for a lifemate to help me finish my time on this world. I am lonely and am looking for a companion, not a mother or big sister. I am a one woman man ( married for 55 years. ) I am kind, loving, and protective. (10 years as caregiver.) As a mechanic/manager for over 50 yrs. I like things logical and organized where possible. I believe in mutual decisions. I would like to meet a kind loving lady, who wants to share the balance of our l ife here.

Date single man from Canada. I am the last of an endangered species..I am physically fit, above average health, have did sports from skiing, scuba, skydiving, pilots licence (own two planes which I built), hiking, climbing, camping, fishing, etc, I am educated 8 years university plus two years medical research, active in health research and antiaging, but also a technical person as a result of my father and upbringing..have built houses (presently building an energy efficient one now), plus the technical..mechanic, carpenter, electrical, bricklayer, plumber, gardening..have land with virgin prairie soil..I am an outdoors person and love it..but can be at home in urban cities..Have lived in cities 1 -15 million people..I am a world citizen so I can live anywhere..but prefer the wilderness of Canada (now summers only)..I used to speak several language which I am losing..must brush up on Spanish..I like travelling and I can fit into and enjoy many cultures..Yes, I am also a previous educator..from teacher to university, teacher to school superintendent to director of education..but that means nothing..Iam a humble, considerate person..But I am a complex person as you can see above which is because I savour life..I want to enjoy life period..because it is a one way the way I am going to live to 140...want to bet? Calender years mean nothing..It is biological years..People usually guess me as being in my 50's..I am lucky I have good genes..Maybe this all sounds pompous..But I am a humble person who loves to laugh (which upsets most people these days). I FEEL THAT LIFE IS A DARING ADVENTURE TO BE ENJOYED..NOT A MERE EXISTENCE FOR SURVIVAL.. That is why I am not hung up on material things or possessions. That special person in my life would have priority..The type of person I would like to meet is a positive person who wants to enjoy honest and sincere and glad to be alive..willing to explore what life has to offer..nothing conditions on my part..nuff said..the rest is up to you to discover..

Meet men and women from Canada. My ideal match would love me and allow me to spoil her. I like to give and take care of someone. She would be my counsellor and friend, an equal partnership in all things. She would like to plan for the future but still pick up and go on a whim. I would lke her to taste a new food, go to a new place, try a new thing. I would expect lots of hugs and hand holding and good romance and intimacy.

Date people from Canada. not to bad looking
i mostly always smile
playing instruments
Our Heavenly Father(Jesus)
someone with a good nature
someone doing something funny
a real good friend
making music,singing gospel,country/western songs

Meet a soulmate from Canada. A good and loving woman a one who will love me
and give me as much back as I will give her until
my last breath as I am a man of love and this I
mean with all my heart.Iam proud of the work I
have done here as well as in England.I can tell agood joke, and I can laugh.A good movie like
HOP put me in stiches I laughed all the way through
Well at the moment my closest friend would say I
am a very caring person.When and if the right
woman comes along I want a fulland loving life with
her.Passionate I am caring loving just as warm as
a summers day.In winter you wont need a fire.

Date someone special from Canada. i am kind and teat outhers the same asi would like
to be treated .I love the same way. I think of outhers ferst and tease some.go for ride and take time with outhers . i am on time when i go out or to
pick some one up, or just hang around home and be with my partener and do outher things.

Meet a man from Canada. My friends say that I am a "catch". I am rational and a Mr. Fixit. No baggage. I want s lovely companion, one who is of the same ilk. We would talk about everything and come to mutual agreements. I regard ladies as an equal in all things and would respect her agentcy in all things.