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Date a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. About me....
First off fyi i can be a bit of a smart ass lol... When i write haha or lol I'm actually laughing or smirking ;-).. I think I'm an easy going guy that like to have fun.. Im very comfortable in my own skin... It takes a lot, and i mean a lot to rattle me... I make friends very easily.. What can i say, people like me haha! Like everyone else on here I really love to travel haha ! I've been lucky enough to travel to 42 of the 50 states and I would love to go to Africa! I'm a guys guy.. I work outside, I like to go hunting and fishing, quadding, sledding, play golf etc.. I did play both golf and hockey when i went to university... Some people say im good.. I dont do it for a living so obviously i have room for improvement.. I prefer quality over quantity in almost all aspect of life! I'm a very patient person and know what want! I have a great group of friends and a awesome family! They have been there through or thin for me.
I'm not looking for someone that does everything that I do.. If you like some of the same things great! If you don't, that's ok.. I just kinda expect you to respect that fact that it's important to me.. I will definately do the same in return..
I have my own business and I work in town.. I really enjoy what I do... Sometimes I work goofy hours, but you do what you have to do..
I own a couple places, I drive a new truck, i have a new quad, just bought a newish sled.. so I'm far from a dead beat haha
Could write and write on here but then there would be nothing left to talk about when we meet... If you want to know more just ask!

Meet a man from Alberta, Canada. I was born and grew up in Italy. I have been living in Calgary for 10 years now and enjoy the mountains, but in my heart I still have the sea. I grew up in the Mediterranean and every morning I woke up and open my window I could touch it ( the house is 50 meters away from the water). I am going to be in italy the for almost 4 weeks in august, but I am sure I can find the time to meet somebody before I go.
I would like to find somebody with a passion for travel like I have... in the past 12 months I went to San Francisco , Los Angels , italy (last oct). My type of girl is the one with the passport by her night stand... ( it is not mandatory, but it would be nice to have)
I am very active and before my knee surgery (in august, they reconstructed my ACL), I used to play soccer for 3 teams, volleyball and dodgeball, also as physical activity I would rock climb, snowboard and hike. Now, I getting back slowing in to volleyball and soon I will be running the soccer fields. (Again, it is nice to have in a partner, but I don't see it as mandatory)
Now, what it is that I am looking for ... I know who my perfect match is, but Natalie Portman's agent does not return my calls. Joking.
Everybody, looks at the pictures on an online dating site and this is a drawback of it because I may miss a woman with a great personality, but there is not way to capture your personality when you write about yourself.
I have been learning lots about myself from my past experience and mostly I have learned what it is important in relationships. Also, I am not looking for a partner because I can get something out of it, but I know I need to contribute if the goal is to develop something from it.
Quality in a partner is very important, what I mean by it is somebody who can hold and develop a conversation, who is opinionated but will to understand the other side, somebody who does not need to be entertained ( I am sorry to say, but I realized in my past I was an entertainer and I can't be like at 100% of the time, if you want more clarification about it just fire me an email ), somebody with beliefs of what it is important in life similar to mine, somebody with initiative, somebody who understand in a couple we are both equal.
About me... I don't have any baggage, I am independent and willing to give some up for the right person, I enjoy to learn something new on a daily basis, keeping add bricks to build a solid foundation for my future ( it could be towards my body, career, mind, or even a relationship ), enjoy conversing as you can see from this profile description, I don't get upset or mad because I don't see the reason ( I am an adult and I can talk as adults)
I have a my "lazy" days, but I have noticed they are becoming very rare. You will never hear me saying "I am bored", I believe only "boring" people say that... you can always find something to do with yourself, for me usually is... home renovation (I have done a lot it in the past 12 months), sports, reading a book, catching up with some tv shows, watching a movie, playing a video games, laying on the couch and enjoy some good tunes, meeting with some friends, going to the gym or swimming.
My attitude towards work... I enjoy my career, I have a very good position and very advanced for my age. I work with a great group of people and I see them outside of work too. I work only 40 hours a week and I like to keep it like that because I would rather do other things after 4 pm. I work towards improving my skills but I apply the same philosophy in life too with improving myself.
I enjoy a good coffee and love a really nice tea. Tell me a good restaurant and I'll try it, but if you tell me your pizzeria is better than mine "I will beat you with my pizza expertise"

Date people from Alberta, Canada. About me. this is a hard one. most people say i'm fun and can make anyone laugh when need and when it is time to be serious i can do that. also that i'm caring and kind and will do anything for a person. but ask me and you will see.

Meet men and women from Alberta, Canada. I am fairly new to Calgary, and to Canada. I'm here from Michigan to do a PhD in business at the UofC. I study decision making and ways to improve people's decision making, typically in the context of energy sustainability. it's a pretty fun field to study in, and I'm pretty passionate about it.
While i miss baseball, and football, and, well, a lot about the States, I like the mountains and, believe it or not, the cooler weather up here. i like to ride motorcycles (just got a new one), i like to read (yes, i read the Hunger Games, no, i'm not proud of it), i like to play sports, go to movies, listen to music (hip hop, alt and indie rock), etc. i like to cook and I like to run half-marathons, especially the super flat easy ones like the Calgary Half.
I'm looking for somebody who is passionate and confident, somebody who is not afraid to argue (and maybe even likes to). As opposed to shoes, or new jackets, I'd rather talk about books or music or why you think a particular color is overrated. While i've only camped maybe twice in my life (i was in the army for four years, but i don't count those times), i wouldn't mind going camping more--i've heard that there are places to camp around here?

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. I love being out and around people. I frequently go to the gym and play sports. I am competitive but focus on having fun when i play sports. I drive a truck and moonlight two careers. I love teaching kids with behaviors and disabilities. I worked construction since i was 16 and have renovated and built tons of stuff. I also worked with the disabled since i was 18. love languages I speak a few French Spanish English are my best. In the future I want to open my own school out east.
looking for a girl to go out with and have fun. Looking to go to all types of events and would love a fun girl to go with.

Meet single man from Alberta, Canada. Looking for someone special to share life little moments. Just looking for some with the same outlook in life. I enjoy getting out and traveling the road less traveled. I respect someone who know what they want in life.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am an easygoing but strong guy, relaxed and easy to please but can also put in my 2 cents when needed. I was raised on a farm and have a good work ethic as well as morals, i have always treated people as i expect to be treated and have always been a one girl guy that can treat a girl right no matter the situation. I have also lived in the city and enjoy certain aspects of both country and city lifestyles. I am an outdoor activity person generally but do enjoy indoor things like watching sports, movies, t.v and games. I have a great close family that I spend time with and two sports nut nephews that love to have their uncle around as much as possible. I am not a fitness freak but do my part to participate in daily physical activity, mostly riding my dirt bike. So.... I am looking for someone with some of the same qualities and interests to get to know and spend time with.

Meet a man from Canada. I have a passion for life and love spending time learning new things. I have an amazing family and the best friends in the world, I have my health, a good job, and live in an area of the world where my friends and I can do some amazing things. I’ve traveled through North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Arctic and met all kinds of incredible people. I love going out with friends and having fun. I’m a challenge, a bit elusive, fun, vibrant, funny, fun to be with, sarcastic, not afraid to put you in your place or have a little verbal sparring back and forth. I am very open-minded with an international outlook, a risk-taker who is always up for an adventure. I’m driven with anything I set my mind to.
I’m looking for someone that’s attractive, cool, and fun to be with. Fitness is important to me and I enjoy spending time outdoors. I’m looking for a solid friendship first, what I mean is someone to be with, where you can just be yourself, no pressure. If I found a woman that’s above and beyond… then I’d be interested in seeing where that could lead. If something happens then its meant to be. In the past I had planned to remain single and take advantage of the benefits that come with that but now I think about things differently... Sometimes in life you need a wakeup call to figure out whats REALLY important to you. I learned that having someone special in my life was vital and that’s why I’m here.
If you’ve read this far then there is some interest, please, send me an email, don’t window shop. I don’t bite. Well, only on the 3rd date lol…

Date people from Canada. Hey, thanks for checking out my profile
I work very hard at running my own business, keeps me very busy at times but also gives me a lot of time off. I have big aspirations with it and I’m very good at following up on my goals, I actually write them down. I get to live in the country but I’m very close to the city so I don’t have that detachment so kind of get the best of both worlds. I started running half marathons for weight loss, goal of running two a year now, I’ve lost a lot of weight, I’m almost there and figured out the mental stuff of not going back there. Sunshine makes me happy, either working or playing in it, I do both. Not a big drinker but love a bottle of wine with dinner, fireplace, etc… I used to be a Chef, starting a new venture now that has something to do with that, ask me if you want to know. I’m shy and confident at the same time. I’m constantly trying to improve myself physically, mentally and spiritually. Free time I want to relax and that is either reading, running (yes this is relaxing to me), road cycling, hiking, camping, anything outdoors. Couple of my hobbies are Gardening and I’m getting into wood working, both require patience which helps keeps me level, not sure if that makes any sense
Just looking for a down to earth genuine women I can try to build something with. I have a lot to offer so feel free to message me and tell me about yourself, dreams, aspirations, what makes you smile

Meet men and women from Canada. I'm a nice guy with a good job, recently moved to Alberta from Ontario. I enjoy the simple things in life and the outdoors. Looking for someone to enjoy life with and enjoy eachother. If you wanna know anything feel free to ask

Date someone special from Canada. I work a lot, I am looking for a woman who is work oriented as well so we can motivate each other to reach new heights and accomplishments in our lives. I like movies and tv to unwind after a long day just as much as going out or drinks after work.

Meet single man from Canada. Travel is something I want to do more of, but already I've been to places like Mexico and Las Vegas. Growing up, my parents would take us camping throughout the United States which really gave my brothers and I a unique perspective. One day, I'd like to go to Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and even to Portugal where my father comes from. All that's missing is someone to join me.
I enjoy doing things around the house, am good with cars and think kids would be great. Sometimes at work they call me a practical joker. I do it because you spend enough time there it might as well be fun. I don't love my job but I like it and I work with a pretty good group of guys so that always helps. The oldest of three boys, I have a close family and have learned from my parents(34 years) and my grandparents(63 years) that being married isn't always a cake walk, but with the right person it's worth it. My partner will find me to be devoted to her, honest and dedicated to making this relationship work. Always caring, I put her needs before my own and am genuinely interested in what she has to say.
I'm looking for someone that's a little like me; who appreciates loyalty and trustworthiness. I want someone who's on the friendly side and confident in her abilities. Outgoing and talkative, she'll always let me know what's on her mind. She should be independent and hopefully enjoys what she does for a living, but also has an adventurous side when it comes to traveling.

. If you arrived at my profile because:
I am one of your matches: The newest and most advance relationship science has proven that we are meant to be together and we will live happily ever after without a shadow of a doubt. FACT
Any other reason or I messaged you: You are positively one of the luckiest women, read on.
Looking for a guy who's honest, sincere, faithful, and trustworthy? Well, you just found one!
My typical week includes climbing Mt. Everest backwards with all limbs bound, finding needles in haystacks, and rescuing lost puppies every Saturday afternoon. On Tuesdays and Sundays I enter a cave, don spandex, then crusade against the evil plaguing Gotham City.
Every other month I dedicate to flexing my guns in bathroom mirrors & polishing my armor to slay dragons, rescue damsels in distress, free captured unicorns, and kiss frogs looking for my princess. Sorry, I just find some of these online profiles quite self-indulgent and narcissistic. :P
Really, I'm just an awesome guy searching for a great gal to have a fun time with. I'm fun, my sarcasm and humor are second to none!!
There is a lot about me I'm not gonna post on the Internet. If you'd like to know the real me, you're just gonna need to be creative and ask. :P

. I love the summer! whether it is camping in the mountains or reading a book on my deck the summer is when I am truly happy. As for winter that is when I like to hibernate and watch movies and complete seasons of my favorite t.v shows.
My ideal match much like dogs because I love taking my 2 furry kids to the dog park to run around. Also I really like to go camping! I just bought a brand new trailer and can't wait to take it out this year! Also it does not hurt to like to cook! I love to eat so someone who enjoys cooking would be wonderful!
As for my social life I really enjoy hanging out with my friends. Whether it is wing Wednesday's or just catching the ufc or the game I always cherish that time. But other than that I don't really have much of a social life.
I guess that is a small look into my world. If you would like to actually get to know the real me feel free to send me a message.

. Never half ass two things but whole ass one thing...I am pretty layed back so me and uptightness doesn't work all to well together. I've done the club and bar scene like most people , and like most have found nothing but failed attempts.. I have strong beliefs in family and health ,I'm an uncle to two wonderful little girls which is so much fun cause I get to be a little big kid again.

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