Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia, 62 year old

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. I go through life with a positive attitude and a smile. I’m kind and
caring to others, I treat myself with the respect I think I deserve and do what I can to maintain my young-
at-heart disposition and good physical health. I’m honest at all times, a loyal, supportive friend and I can
be relied on and trusted to follow through on my promises. I like films, books, being out in the beauty of
nature, and can always come up with something interesting to do before ever giving in and just getting
I’d like to meet an attractive woman with a youthful spirit, kind heart and a lively sense of adventure.
Someone who lives with purpose, has a good sense of style and likes to stay active and involved in living

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. One of the unique things about me is the fact that I live on a boat for the last fifteen years. One thing it teaches you is to is to organize your thinks, space is limited. Every thing has its pros and cons. The reason for the boat is to cruise the coast when I retire, I have already seen a lot of it by boat or plane its endless. I also like to hike and camp, I have done Cape Scott and one day would like to hike down Nootka Island. These two things tie in a hole bunch of other activates. I stay pretty busy with these things plus my job so thats why I'am on this site.
An ideal match would be someone how is interested in these activates, now these are my main interests but there is lots of things I'am Interested in doing, not inflexible.
I am pretty open mined and easy going I don't mind trying different things
Family is important, bother, sister,son,daughter and two grand children and we all get along.
I have a good job I travel around the southern Island and see lots of wild life and sites which is a bonus of the job.

Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. Where are you, my Mrs. Right? Will we make it through the depth and breadth and height our souls can reach? I do still believe that the bedrock of all happy relationships is trust, respect and acceptance, open, honest communication, with unfailing devotion, kindness and patience.
I would like to open a fresh start of my life from which I could make a difference in someone's life. I'm a single-father with a grown-up son who is now attending University at Cambridge University in the UK. So, it's now about time for me to find my Mrs. Right who I can laugh with and enjoy her company; who I can feel safe with and cared for; that we can share ideas and feelings together; and there is respect for one another. She is that special someone who shares my beliefs and values; emotionally-matured; spiritually- and morally-grounded; possesses a happy disposition; and leads a healthy and balanced life. I like sharing our interests and doing activities together, and also be both cognizant to our needs. We will then both pursue in nurturing a relationship where we can both persevere and enjoy co-creating our lives.
I am inclined to someone who is down-to-earth and accepts me for what I am. For me, what is endearing and admirable is the goodness and pureness of a heart. It is the beauty that lies within, other than physical appearance and material possessions. It is wisdom and humility, other than pompousness. My friends and other people who know me well say that I am affectionate, easy-going, loyal, honest, forgiving, caring, and faithful. I want to be with someone who I can grow old with; and share a life with mutual trust, mutual support, mutual comfort, mutual vulnerability in good times and bad times, and mutual responsibility.
We will make a life story that is worthwhile and fulfilling, because "twosome is wholesome." It is something that we are both passionate about: where we can create memories; share wonderful experiences; and explore together what is in store for us in the future.
I love to travel, and I've been to many places. I find it such an inexplicable thrill of excitement in awe and wonder visiting a place, the people, their history and culture; and the beauty of God's other creations. You must agree with me to what St. Augustine puts it: "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." I prefer that my Mrs. Right will travel and explore more places with me.
Chemistry is very important for me in this process ... if we don't have that at the start I don't think that part is likely to follow. Not to say we couldn't be great friends, but that chemistry thing, well that's a different story. As Bonnie Raitt says... "It's a mystery, this thing called love" and I need a little "mystery" in my romance!
Okay, that's me - in a nutshell as they say. Now, WHO ARE YOU? Hmmm ... that deserves a lot of careful consideration before posting thoughts. I have many, just not enough time to add them here now. If you've read all this way and you're still smiling, check back later. Till then, take care ... Also i wanna know, DO YOU LIKE MEN IN UNIFORM???

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. I am a person spends alot of hours Volunteering been with volunteer fire dept for 27 years also volunteer with ESS. I love old cars and car shows. I have an collectors car and love to cruise in it . I am not much of an out going person and work on my house and yard most of the time

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I am willing and ready to give love another try. I hope i can meet the ONE for me and share a future together while exploring new things with each other and doing the routines of life with a sharing, caring, loving person to create a life filled with dreams and passion. I enjoy the small things in life like taking in a sunrise or sunset, puttering around the house and yard, day trips to shop or explore, camping and the outdoors, or just spending the day relaxing with someone special. I have spent most of my life working long hours and away from home but now my work has changed and i have the time to do all those things i've missed and hope there is someone out there to do them with. All i want from life is to meet someone to learn and teach what love really is. I am a faithful, caring, responsible, not bad looking, somewhat witty, passionate and loving man who is paper trained :) I would like my lifes partner to be faithful above all and a compassionate, lively, humorus friend and lover who is willing to share lifes ups and downs.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am a fairly busy person. Spend a lot of time with my two children and their families. I enjoy being around my grand kids as their love is unconditional. I have a social life with a wide spectrum of friends but I am missing that special person to enjoy them with.

Date people from Canada. Witty, compassionate, would like meet someone who is similar. I enjoy conversation, fine dining and travelling. I am quite shy and will respect and treat any contacts I may receive with the utmost discretion.

Meet someone special from Canada. Im looking for an honest, caring loving woman. I want a to start as friends and get to know each other. Hopefully if the chemistry is there it can carry on with dating. Im easy going and very social. very reliable and honest. I love my family and would do anything for them.
I believe everyone on here wants the same thing. For me time is the big deal. you have to put the time in to try and know the person. You cant just base it all on the initial looks. you cant look too far into the future...
A day at a time , a day at a time
Music IS MY PASSION. LATIN,JAZZ SOUL,BOSSA NOVA DANCE, OPERA, Dinah washington and sam cook do it for me.
Also brook benton, roy hamilton those could really sing. the ramsey lewis trio, are the best.
I am ready to welcome you in my arms, and care for your heart. and believe me i am a Romantic one woman man. thanks for reading.

Date single man from Canada. I am grateful for live I had a heart attack 2 years ago but everything is ok know. I hope to find a companion to go to hockey games (penticton Vees) or a rivel team in the Okanagan? It is always good to have a rival.

Meet a man from Canada. A very young fit inshape just took early retirement. Have the option for contract work however, if I choose, but will see how this new retirement thing goes . Emotionally/financially stable.Own my home in Coquitlam. Two grown sons. I have lots of interests. Flex to my partners needs. Travel is a biggie. Non smoker/social drinker. great sense of humour. social/outgoing Lead a healthy/active lifestyle. Life is meant to share, so my goal would be to ideally meet another special person who is a good stable person to enjoy all the fun things life has to offer.I am very domesticated, love to entertain, keep a nice home, love dining out, theatre, enjoy some sports as spectator and participant, enjoy casual golf,etc. . Look at life as the cup half full. Open to most things in life, Love walks, leisurely cycle, packing a picnic, enjoying so many of the simple pleasures in life. Have a great sense of humour. Not looking for a nurse or a purse, and hopefully the person I might connect with is similar. That said, I am generous and like to spoil that special person in my life. So, thought I would check this out and see if there is anyone out there who might be interested in chatting, meeting for coffee or a walk and see if there is a connection. I am certainly a people person. Have been in a Mgmt position in my career all of my life and getting along well with people from every walk has always been a strong point. Try to live my life by the golden rule. Words that family/friends/staff have used to describe me have been....loyal, honest,sincere,generous, kind, understanding, compassionate, humourous,great listener,romantic. Looking forward to this journey and ultimatley meeting a wonderful person. Sorry about the photos, not photogenic at all.

Date men and women from Canada. I can best be described as a person who is compassionate and unassuming. I believe in doing rather than saying, honesty and sincerity are important to me. At times I enjoy watching informative television, especially the Oasis and Business News Network channels. Yes, I do watch Sports. I work out regularly and believe in keeping fit. I enjoy hiking, cycling, skiing, tennis and especially golfing. On occasion I like to sing and play guitar. Chess anyone? It is imperative not to take life too seriously. Life is to be enjoyed, laughter, happiness and friendship are music to the ear. Kadampa teachings and philosophies have had a great impact on me and to some degree have paved the road to a happy life.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Looking for someone to share life with, to have new experiences, to share interests, to be able to relax with and live. I have a even disposition, i can laugh, and I can be serious. Lets find out if we can travel together, play together, and enjoy life together.

. I am a single dad with a great little 9 yr old daughter,asian looking. I have been a widower for about ! year I have a comfortable lifestyle ,but need a life partner, without drama, to make nice.We need positive,active ,lady,to make a family.A sister for my girl may be good.We like to travel,but limited by school year.I was self employed but mostly retired.Prefer some one younger than me,as they seem to have more interest in children,and a give and take relationship.See you soon? sorry but it must be someone local.
Please post at least one honest picture of your self or do not agree to meet me . thanks

. My ideal match will like to do things and not be adverse to trying new things would be nice to get out into the outdoors maybe rent a cabin on a remote lake for 3 or 4 days or ride a motorcycle all through the kootenays in august,go fishing out of bamfield for a few days...go to seattle and take in a mariners game....take the boat over to sidney spit and hang out on the sand all day....sipping nice chilled white wine and a picnic basket with great cheese pickled onions smoked salmon...hand peeled this is making me hungry.....hang on I have to go to the fridge.....don't you love smoked salmon......damn I got some on my keyboard....I would also like my match to be sensual and passionate as I am it would be nice if you could cook and would also be nice to cook together...specially in the winter.

. I am a good listener, don't like loud and obnxious people, I can be kind of shy at first, and have great friends but can enjoy my own company and need some time alone, regardless. contact me at pof I am fairviewnelson. Hope this gets a laugh out of someone! and you get it! I see attractive women on here, I expect they look at the other sites too.