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Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Life is an adventure! Sure it has its ups and downs but I never stay down for too long. I love learning and exploring new ideas, developing skills, and helping others. I find humour in everyday situations. Getting older is not necessarily fun but it provides a lot of good joke material.
Opposites often attract. I am a natural blonde, blue-eyed gal who is most attracted to dark eyed men (with Roman noses). You would be sociable, well-mannered, and romantic. You are also easy-going, and a bit adventurous. Like me, you enjoy being healthy and fit.
By nature, I am affectionate, caring and honest. Colleagues have said that I am hard working and idealistic, too. Sometimes I can be quiet (content to be working in my garden, or in a corner reading an exciting historical novel), sometimes funny or theatrical, and sometimes adventurous (backpacking by myself in Nicaragua).
I enjoy being with people from different cultures, and currently volunteer teaching English to adult immigrants. I am also learning Spanish, which I will use on a trip to Spain next year to see Gaudi's creations.
At this time of my life, while I still am interested in environmental and societal issues, I want to focus more on developing my talents, and creating a simpler, more joyous life. I know that my life would feel richer sharing it with a loving "forever" partner. Whether we were attending a balloon festival in New Mexico, or dancing at the Blues Bash in Victoria, we would have fun together.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am a quiet soft spoken professional working woman, I will be working for few more years.
I am amatuer musican, I play the clarient and would love to find someone to play music with. Music, like life, is better if shared. I play a wide varity of music incuding covers of Willy Nelson, Elton John, Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston.
I dabble in the stock market from time to time. I used to belong to a stock club.
Weekends.. doing the recycling, laundry, groceries, errands. Visiting with friends. Cycling the dykes and Steveston.
I am a bit of a geek in the IT world, I play Scrabble and Bridge on line. I have all the latest toys and know how to use them. I teach others!
I have also dabbled in the visual arts and have had some shows in local galleries. I'd like to get back into it when I retire. I would like to have a studio.
I've done some sailing in the past, but I am a fair weather sailor only. I enjoy kayaking too.
I'd like to meet someone interesting, nice and fun. I have a dry sense of humour. It would be nice if you did too. It has been said I am looking for a 'mind partner' .
I've got 4 weeks of holidays and would love to find someone who would be a good travel companion. I have Costa Rica on my to- do list. I would like to go back to Sedona and Mexico some time.
I have done some personal growth workshops and have a comfort level with meditation and introspection.
I am quite health conscious.
So many I's.. I am not a creative writer!

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. Easygoing, happy,fairly independant, looking for new adventures. Love to travel and have tried to visit national parks all over the US and Canada Still wanting to go to Newfoundland. Just back from South and Central America!
Not really into the bar scene,but attend TGIF at the flying club with friends and enjoy a great pub! Also volunteer at the hockey games and other arena events.
Would love to meet a happy, kind, fun and primarily honest gentleman with adventure in his soul and a few things left to see on his bucket list! .Would love a travel companion to visit Ireland and the Caribbean; cruising is also something new I am trying
The photos are main-taken in Feb 2012; others- a trip this past Feb to Peru and "deer in the headlights" is my current passport photo!.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. I live in Victoria B.C., one of the most beautiful cities in Canada and the Pacific Northwest and conducive to lots of outdoor activities: beach walking, hiking, biking, tennis, swimming in rivers and lakes, boating, camping, bird watching, exploring flora and fauna - all the things I enjoy doing on a regular basis.
I am very affectionate and enjoy cuddling, holding hands, expressing tenderness in many different ways. Even though I have a lot of common sense and a very practical side I also love to laugh and play and be silly. My friends consider me intelligent, charming, attractive, and fun to be with.
Now that I am no longer teaching foreign languages to high school students I pursue old and new interests: hiking, biking, long walks or just being in nature, socializing with friends or making new ones. I sing in a folkmusic choir, go dancing, paint landscapes in acrylic, look after my large garden, and read voraciously. I like adventure but also the finer things of life such as art, music, travel, and the beauty of the world around us. In order to find balance I focus on occasional solitude, quiet times, introspection, simplicity. My active spiritual life is supported by meditation, yoga, tai chi, and a philosophical approach to challenges that present themselves.
I've been around long enough to know that it takes time and effort to find and nurture a healthy relationship, and for both partners to thrive in it. For me love needs time to evolve and it's made easier with a partner who shares my values and some of my interests. Important criteria are trustworthiness, mutual respect, and physical compatibility.
Even though I already live in paradise I enjoy venturing outside and discovering new places in the world. I've travelled all over Europe, been to Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, the southwestern US, the Canadian Prairies, and the Rocky Mountains. Next I'd like to explore Central America, Bali, and New Zealand.
I would like to connect with someone who can appreciate my vivacious and affectionate nature and who is comfortable in his own skin. Friends first is fine with me.

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I'm an attractive, intelligent, considerate, active, energetic, enthusiastic, semi-retired, blonde, blue-eyed, slim (122 lb), 5'5", young looking and thinking 62 yr-old. To keep fit I power-walk for an hour or more, at least four times a week.
I've always been an outdoor girl and, unless there's a thunder or snow storm, the weather rarely changes my plans. I enjoy hiking and bird-watching, horseback riding, snowshoeing and downhill skiing. I could be encouraged to switch to cross-country, but I'd definitely need a few lessons on how to stop gracefully... and still remain vertical :) I've sailed and power-boated with friends through the Gulf Islands and into Desolation Sound. I have my own canoe, and I recently enjoyed a few hours paddling along the North Alouette River.
Otherwise, on rainy days I like curling up in front of my fireplace with a good book; having friends and family for dinner; and going to plays, movies, museums, art galleries, and occasional Live at the Met performances.
I've done some travelling (Mexico, Europe, USA, Canada, Bali, Hong Kong, etc.) and hope to do more.
Enough about me! I'd love to hear about you now...

Meet someone special from Canada. Hello!
I am a very independent person,who likes to help people when i can ! I am not really looking for a husband or a commitment! I would like to have a male friend to travel with or just chum around with!
Love to go to hockey games and really really enjoy sporting events!

Date a soulmate from Canada. I would like to meet the last love of my life. I am intelligent, active, attractive and happy with my life, but I am missing someone to share it with. I like to travel, golf, bike,most music, dance, read, watch tv (yes, I like sports) and movies, good wine and cold beer. I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week and eat healthy, but not a fanatic about either. I love long walks (on the beach is best) and cuddling on the couch watching a movie. Mostly willing to try new things (but not skydiving!!)
My match would be an optimistic, happy, self confident attractive man who also likes to travel, golf and do most of the things I like to do.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to meet the last great love of your life - that's what I'm hoping for.

Meet men and women from Canada. I am most grateful for my lifestyle. My family and friends are important to me. I love my work and enjoy meeting new people. I am looking for a true relationship with a special guy who will share adventures and be best friends.
To continue.... Life is adventure when you participate. No sitting on the sidelines.
Where to start?? I would like you to know me. So here goes some facts.
My favorite color is red. Red cars. Red shoes. A little bit of red is usual with me or on me. I like the 'red' energies. Fire and Mars. Red makes me feel alive.
My hair is naturally curly. It has good days 'n bad days. I wash my hair, apply a good conditioner through the strands and Go. It will be... what it will be. It's who I am.
My eyes are blue. They are kind and caring. My eyes are my asset. I am detail orientated. My eyes take in many details, compute and analysis. I like balance. When things have balance
I feel calm. My eyes will notice when things are out if balance. When you know me, my eyes tell you how I am.
Some of my favorite things are Asian. I have collected, decorated and coveted many Asian objects, since I was in my teens. Art, books, dishes, and games that have an oriental fair or origin. I have travelled to Shanghai, Japan and Thailand. I would like to see more.
My daughters laugh at me. I laugh back. It is funny. I am not Asian. However, maybe I another lifetime. That's another conversation for another time.
My family is important to me. However, they do not dictate my life or my choices. I respect their wishes and lifestyles. They respect mine. I like to visit them on special holidays, if possible, like Christmas. They like to visit me for some love, nuturing and pampering when they have time. I have been invited to share holidays and be present for the births of their children. I am blessed.
That is the beginning of a beautiful story.
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Date people from Canada. My friends would describe me as loyal and trustworthy. Small things make me the giggle of a baby or the sillyness of puppies. My greatest accomplishments would be how I've lived my life and raised my children. Greateful for all I have. Would hope to attract an open, honest caring man who is not into playing games and who's baggage is left in the past ( over and done with .) My social life at the moment is on hold but I would love to change that...Things that make me laugh out loud are the antics of puppies and grandbabies as well as T.V. comedy(laugh aloud...all by myself...)
In a relationship I would like to meet someone who is ready to meet, greet and grow to-gether. I find at this stage most people feel they can jump right in with-out exploring if there is something to truly build on. I need that stability. Honesty and a caring loyal heart are very important to me. A willingness to share in the good times as well as work thru the tough moments.
I am most passionate about my beliefs. We do not have to agree but we should be able to agree to disagree while showing respect for another's beliefs. Open discussions are always cool...

Meet a woman from Canada. I am mature, kind, loyal flexible and respect all living creatures. I am very free spirited and would not like some one who is "very controlling."
I seek to find a man made of velvet and steel, balanced and not rounded in inches but rather wisdom. A man who knows what he wants and needs and is not afraid to show emotions. I am attracted to clean men and men who are not afraid of committments. I am a young 62 and as such I seek a healthy man who is young at heart. Life is short so lets get connected and enjoy life with all its wanders and awesomeness.

. I can not speak English.My family help me Register.
I was never disappointed. Positive, optimistic person.
I often tell others where the falls where to get up.
I like singing, dancing, reading the newspaper, travel,exercise, maintain a healthy

. I am an honest, caring, trustworthy individual looking for someone with similar attributes. I am kind of old-fashioned when it comes to dating, and like to take things slowly. What I have learned in life is that with love and humor you can pretty well overcome everything.
I am thankful for the accomplishments that I have achieved so far and I am looking forward to more leisurely activities in this chapter of my life.
The person I am looking for, is kind, respectful, sensitive with a good sense of humor, and who believes in a healthy lifestyle.
Could it be you?

. Mix of extrovert /introvert, down to earth / big dreams. Eclectic, balanced, communicative, adventurous, creative, passionate, trustworthy. Totally authentic. (Is that enough?) Like a touch of spiritual. Open to new directions but do love Victoria.
Looking for my last great love. Best friend and soulmate. Equal partner,a loving, honest, intelligent companion for the journey. I believe you live somewhere on planet earth.
I have all kinds of interests. Travel, good literature, creative writing, music, dancing, hiking. Love sunshine, fresh air, natural landscapes. Real people and good conversation.
Some common interests are desirable but the differences can add the spice and give us an opportunity to learn and grow. I appreciate a man who has a healthy balance of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual energy. I also appreciate someone who can read deepr than an internet profile.
I believe many thngs, but most of all I believe that life is precious, life is short and the journey is so much better shared.
Look forward to hearing from you.

. I don't play mind games, I'm happy, optimistic and practical. I want someone to share my life with, to do the ordinary things and the extraordinary. I am a giving person and would like to meet someone who is the same. I like wood working singing, walking, movies and lots of other stuff that we can talk about. I have a good sense of humour, although it has a British slant. I like holding hands and touching and being held. I am trusting and trustworthy.

. A sense of humor makes me smile or laugh.
I am looking for a good friendship, tend to be a soul partner.
I am grateful for the person who likes to accompany me.
Various hobby is my life style, so I expect a person who has same experience and can share with me.