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Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. New to this format. I have had loving relationships in the past and keep trying to find that special person. I'm not in a hurry. I find getting to know each other first and not jumping into anything is the right way to go...Women make great friends too. You can't have too many friends, right.
Most people are fairly cautious these days, but you can't hang around and wait for something to magically happen and you have to take a chance even though you might get burned. I live a fairly quiet life in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island. I love the lifestyle here. Beautiful, Natural and has everything as well.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. eclectic, adventurous,open fun loving likes keeiping fit, plays music, loves all kinds of music, likes learning new things seeking someone who is not afraid to let go and feel the joys of being alive

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. l like the outdoors,camping, fishing and boating among other things. l also like traveling the back roads and learning the history of quaint little places. I toy with the idea of going gold panning, but will not go alone. l am openminded, kind and sincere. l like learning new things, l believe that that is one the things that keeps people young. l enjoy socializing but also treasure my time on my own.
l would like to find someone with similar interests who is positive and outgoing. l tend to be a bit shy and quiet until l get to know someone. l am looking for someone who is sincere, kind and fun loving.
l feel a healthy life style is important, l try to eat healthy and keep fit but l am not fanatical. l enjoy all the outdoors, most types of music, classical to the bagpipes and movies. I do not work fulltime which leaves a lot of extra time and am looking for someone in a similar position. l feel sincerity and good communication are key, l would like a casual friendship at the start. May evolve into something more serious if all the right elements are there. l feel we should only be with someone if it benefits both of our lives.

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I am looking for a partner that loves to travel and has the time and finances to so. A person who is honest and truthful. I am a Vergo very neat and things in there place, my house is clean and Ilove animals I love sports Hockey ( Canucks ) football.I enjoy a good movie at home or go out to see a movie,not the best dancer willing to learn.Most of all I am looking for a partner to share each other interests.

Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. active and ready to go places after work. looking for a lady to shake off the day with. lets enjoy out time off whether its walking in the park or have coffee on the drive. im thinking about getting a bike for outdoor excersise

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. In recent years I've noticed an awful lot of people apologizing for being bright thinkers. I gave that up long ago; I love to use my mind, love to analyze and discuss literature, politics, life and the whole damned thing.
But I am a thoughtful person in both senses of the word: I love ideas and love being with and supporting people. I love going to the movies, I read voraciously, and I love being around scholarly andor artistic people.
I have reached the top of my field in two areas, as a political writer and as a magazine writer. I publish a poetry blog, am an accomplished song writer (or so my friends tell me) and a proud of an adult son (I suppose that's what I am most grateful for, that and good friends).
I'm looking for someone with a bit of an intellectual bent themselves, attractive and worldly wise.

Date a man from Canada. Looking for companion someone who still enjoys closeness sexually and emotionally wants to enjoy life not afraid to try new things is happy to just be together at home or out for the night not afraid to travel when time permits someone who is comfortable with herself and not quick to judge

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I love family,friends,good neighbours,cooking,gardening,golf, chocolat,wine,coffee in the morning,walks with my dog,my house,golf,travel,my job,sunshine or rain, crosswords,a good novel,listening to others talk,music,hiking,Christmas,BBQ's,movies,theatre,o
pera,symphony,art galleries,window shopping with that special person,holding hands,cuddling,clean sheets.I am a naturally happy person, a forward thinker who does not dwell in the past. I am goal oriented,enjoy both quite and busy times. The person I am hoping to meet is someone who is looking forward to retirement or ending work in about three or four years and will enjoy travel, being physically active,family.friends and creating a warm and inviting homelife.Hopefully sharing in some mutual passions but having individual interests as well....a well balanced life..

Date someone special from Canada. I'm one off those guys that are always there when you need someone, caring and trusted. My kids are great and my grandkids make me smile. I would like to travel, so many places to see. Would like to meet someone who is into there family, caring, trusting and adventursome,

Meet men and women from Canada. My activities & interest go a long way in describing me. I've: Skied in N.& S. Am. & Europe, ditto for hang gliding inc Pres. of the HGABC & Cap't of the Grouse Mtn Flying Team; staged cycled the Alps, Pyrennes, BC, & the USA: scuba dived locally, Hawaii, Mex, Galapagos, the Red Sea, Indonesia & the Grest B. Reef.
My friends wold describe me as interested & Interesting, Loyal, Caring & Giving, Passionate, Energetic, Relaxed, INTENSE. I love my children (24 yr. boy-girl Twins), & it's demonstrative & reciprocal- my Son hugs & kisses me even in front of his friends. PDA is only an issue if my partner feels awkward about holding hands, kissing,hugging, & a slight light breezy touch.
I'd like to find someone to join me, as an Equal, stand By me, when necessary, stand Up to me- letting me know if I'm being UnReasonable, UnFair, UnKind, or just plain Wrong. This is based on deep & clear Mutual Respect & Trust.
Please find me.

Date single man from Canada. I have been married and known love and partnership, I have lived the single life and now I would like to know if a like soul is out there , so the magic can be recreated. I am obtermistic, I am cheerful, I love a laugh. I am a romanic, I am loyal, I will listen, I care, I think the best days are ahead, I share, I am looking for a female version of me. Someon who has experience of life yet not, jaded, someone who will laugh and cry at a movie, someone who will listen has well as converse

Meet people from Canada. i love the great outdoors ,hiking ,skiing ,my pond & garden, gourmet cooking, and .travel i am easy going and love to pamper the ones i love .
as above
wining & dining , live comedy shows and spending time together

. I'm looking to meet someone to share conversation and good times. My many friends think I'm both smart and funny. I am retired now but worked as an executive for over 20 years. I was well respected in my longtime career, which I miss since retirement. According to my friends, I am a great taught gourmet which I enjoy.

. I am a very active person. If that is a problem, move on. I feel like has been good to me and I count my blessings often. I would like to meet an inteligent person who is in tune with nature and has a good sense of humour. I enjoy my social life but need my own space as well. I have a passion for the trials and tribulations of global events and like to keep up todate on same. JI have been very fortunate in having two very successful childern and can now live a very cumfortable retirement.

. I enjoy being with friends, hiking,biking and running, I like people who are sincere in what they say about other people. I would like to meet a lady who smiles alot and is happy with her self. Family is important.