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Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I am new to Victoria and although I have many friends not many are single women that I can spend time enjoying all that Victoria has to offer. My biggest passion is travel and although I do travel alone a lot I find it much more fulfilling to travel with a partner who can share the many fabulous places available near and far. I work full time so have not had much of an opportunity to meet the many wonderful women that I know share many of my passions and keeping safety in mind would like to meet for a coffee so they can decide upon my compatability in their life. My motto is nothing ventured nothing gained. I only ask for a chance to state my case in person. A new friend might be around the corner and that is a good thing.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. Me well its hard to describe yourself suddenly when you find yourself on a dating website ! very down to earth person no real agedas at my time in life, winding up my career after 27 years on the job... yes I do have a pension and deservidly so, ten years divourced and learned to live with myself which I believe is very important to move on in life lates face it if you cannot live with you then who can you live with... love to travel have been to lots of places and Im looking for a partner to share the wonder years with exploring life to the full, salt and pepper girls are my heart they show experience and maturaty which I welcome and admire in many ways.. my children are grown up and indipendent so life can now enter the final 1/3 free and happy with the past, I am fit 165 lbs full hair mostly the same colour which is amazing love to walk for miles, read sleep well and eat very international fare ! Happiness and well being integrity / love are all to me that counts in a relationship.

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Friends tell me I am ruggedly handsome with a non-stop sense of humor. Life and people never cease to amuse and amaze me. 6'1, a husky prairie born man not quite HWP but close, non-smoking, employed professional, educated, very well read, imaginative, divorced, total hetero, comfortable with myself. Very broad range of vocational and intellectual life experience with all social classes. From Main and Hastings to the corridors of political and organizational power. Very clean, very loyal, enjoy road trips, foreign travel, long walks, fine dining, although I do like waltzing and slow dance, learning to dance the tango or Cuban salsa is on my list of things to do.
Reading includes Marquez, Eliade, the Tattoo Girl trilogy, et al, foreign to domestic as long as it is done well. Good art in all forms. From Oscar and Lucinda to The Mission and Juno it’s all good.
Looking forward to meeting a woman who enjoys life to the fullest and wants to share that enjoyment. Separate and shared tastes but “hearts beating close as one”. Independence given and received. Not too much baggage as airlines charge for extra weight and car trunks and boats are not big enough to bring everything. Someone who can take a compliment. She should be a communicator in all ways from hugs to philosophy. Someone who finds pleasure in a relationship that brings out the best in each other.
I am an amateur philosopher of life. Fascinated by the systems people create to give them some sense of order of life both personal and writ large Enjoy philosophizing (thinking) about anything that can possibly be philosophized (thought) about. Anywhere, anytime. However I am aware that silence, like space in art, can complete all experiences.
Only watch the last games of tennis opens or football and if they get missed because I am doing something else, oh well. The replays are always available.
My to-do bucket includes: snorkeling, salmon fishing, co-creating some form of art… whether a garden or a book of poetry, getting another boat. And more travel to wherever. Just “getting out of town” in itself can be fun.
Locale and mobile. No long distance girls please.
Vancouver located, mobile and keen to share this spring with another nature lover.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
If not, I wish you all the best life has to offer.

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. I am a person who is a easy going laid back sort of fellow. I like to watch movies, go for a nice drive on my days off, sit and watch the river flow by as it is so peaceful, and it would be nice to travel to a warm destination with a companion. The lady I hope to meet hopefully will like to do similiar things, hold hands, cuddle, and not be afraid to show affection in public.

Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. Id like someone that is comfortable with themselves.Low matinance is the key word.Liberal in views and tolerent of others and cultural differences.
Be independent and self reliant.Can be at ease being alone and in silence.
Im easy going and well rounded and have a good sense of humor.I dont like politics or people who talk all the time
I have worked alot on my issues and would like somone who has done so as well-again low emotional up keep.
Has a world view that is open and is more optimistic rather than telling me about their negaitve take on life.No black clouds please.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. .
I look for honesty, integrity, open communication and monogamy in a relationship. I love beautiful landscapes, National Parks and small, twisty roads to access them. I would much rather watch a documentary on P.B.S. or National Geographic H D, than any of the so-called 'reality' programmes...Survivor etc are sad reflections on today's society. I would rather travel to Machu Pichu than lie on a beach at an all-inclusive resort, or take an all-you-can-eat ocean cruise.
Obesity turns me off, as does anorexia and poor hygiene. I don't expect perfection, as I have many imperfections, but I would like a partner who has looked after herself and is not 'old before her time'. I have been told, by many students who pass through my classes, that I do not look or act like a 61 one year old. ( I hope they mean this in a positive way! ) No, I don't skydive, rock climb, hike the Grouse Grind, break wild horses or compete in the Tour de France, but I consider myself to be in pretty good long as you're not looking for spring-steel 6 packs abs, or pecs resembling the breastplate of a Roman Centurion.
A good sense of humour is essential and the ability to talk things over, rather than bottle up resentments or perceived sleights. Spontaneity is another asset...let's just go and explore!

Date men and women from Canada. Very new to this environment so taking a chance with a high degree of optimism to meet a companion to enjoy the abundance of Mother Earth.
My mantra for daily is practicing the Golden Rule and where possible reach out and help others and the creatures of this earth.

Meet people from Canada. my friends say im loyal, kids and animals make me smile, im grateful to be healthy, someone who likes to have funs no limits, what am i looking for in a relationship, time will tell. seeing people happy.

Date someone special from Canada. my friends say i,am friendly active outgoing and man of my word.i like too watch a good movie.
the most accomplishments are my children the way they turned out to be.i,am very proud of them.i,am grateful for the advice my grandfather and grandmother taught me.the person i,am looking for is one that likes me. not material things.well my social life is fine. so when i find a person i like we will make a new social life.a good joke makes me laugh out loud.i,am looking for a long term trust the most passionate things in life.

Meet a man from Canada. I am a dual citizen of the United States and Canada. I will retire in a few years but will travel south on a regular basis. I am a very active 61 years young. I play tennis on a regular basis, work out several times per week. I have a passion for football & baseball and travel to Seattle regularly to watch the Seahawks & Mariners. The picture in my profile was taken this past summer ( I am the one with silver hair) at Dodger Stadium with my best friend from high school. I love music (all kinds except rap), I read business/sports biographies. I love my children(older -live with Mom), dog & cat.
John Candy, John Balushi, Chris Farley and David Letterman make me laugh. My favorite comedian is Dennis Miller.
I have a job that I am successful at and I have had two really great, fun careers.
I am looking for a woman with passion for life, a zest for living. I am looking for woman who is positive about herself and her life. I want a woman I can talk about anything from sports to politics. I am looking for a woman that will go to the gym with me, play tennis and or baseball with me (I also play slow pitch with men 1/2 my age.) or at least be willing to watch me make errors in the field :-)
***THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY PROFILE*** All the very best to you!!!

Date single man from Canada. I am a commercial fisherman for 40 yrs..Ihave made & lost a couple small fortunes & couple wives...I think cops might have a bigger divorce I'm looking to hook up with some nice female person to share life with...everybody has a story...I got a pretty good one haha...
But seriosly, I want to hook up with someone not afraid to get hands dirty..I like nice restaurants & the fine life but I like roughin' it semi-retired now, jst wanna have some fun soon....I like camping, boating & trout fishing in spring & campfires & hotdogs..want to share with partner, jst not the same alone...I wish...
I have little knowledge about computer...need too learn how to do photo, intend to do soon ...

Meet a soulmate from Canada. First of all, let me say that there is an error in myprofile. I'm not 60, I'm 66, and I don't know how that error happened or how to change the error. Okay.
Recently retired and determined not to waste even one minute of precious time. I like music, in particular classical, but I really do like all kinds of music....jazz, folk, tango, ethnic .Oh, and don't forget Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. I like spicy food and intelligent conversation with an interesting friend. I have not met anyone so far in life that I have not learned something from, so maybe I can learn from you too. I keep reasonably fit........nothing too heroic or over the top, but enough to keep the cardiac system ticking over. My bike goes with me wherever I go (within reason!) and no, I don't take it to bed with me…..LOL!! I always try to see the positive side of life. There is enough negativity on the radio and on the tv these days, so I avoid it as much as I can. I happen to believe that a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves promotes good health and overall happiness. I have good friends, whom I value, which is why my friendships last so long. I have lived and worked on three continents and I am open to new cultures and experiences. I am very fit and independent, so I am definitely not looking for "a nurse or a purse." I like working with my hands (gives my brain a rest LOL!) I like renovations, having just practically re-built my own house, and helped friends with theirs. I'm not leaping up and down with joy at the prospect of yard-work, but I know it has to be done, so I tell myself that I am enjoying it!! (Wonderful the power of auto-suggestion, isn't it!)
I don't have bags of money anymore, but I do have enough to do the things I want to do for the rest of my life.
One of my ambitions is to dance the Tango in Buenos Aires.........but first I would have to learn it......LOL! Can you teach me? Have you ever lied down on the grass of the African plains, or on the sand of the desert and fallen asleep with the warm wind blowing over you? Well, it's something that I love, and that everyone should try at least once! I am interested in meeting an easy-going, non-controlling lady, who has a life of her own, with like tastes, and a big sense of humour. I'm looking for someone who is emotionally stable. Don't get me wrong; I like eccentric people but there is a difference between eccentric and looney!! Are you free and interested in friendship/casual dating to begin with?
If this sounds like you, drop me an email and let's take it from there. I'd also like to say that it's time for me to redo this profile as it is getting a bit stale. I'm now a regular in Arizona for at least some of the Winter, just going wherever the road takes me.......but avoiding the hundreds of resorts populated by thousands of senior people who endlessly discuss their surgeries and their aches and pains!
When I was in my 30's, there was an older lady (she was well over 80 yrs at the time) who was a member of our poker club. Every Friday night she would sit with us and drink her beer and smoke her cigarette, and play her poker. And every Friday she would give me the same advice:"Gabe, keep away from older people. Hang out with young people, just like I'm doing, because they keep you young." I loved that lady. She died at 101 years of age, and I have never forgotten her advice. LOL!! So, I stick to the desert as much as I can. I'd better make some time to edit all this soon.....but for now, I'd better go and do some maintenance work on the house, as O'l Man Winter is fast approaching...........sadly, no more crickets singing in my garden. Thanks for reading all this, and sorry if I wasted your time, but you know, that's why it's called fishing!! Come on.....drop a line!

. I'm a positive person, enjoy great food
good sense of humour, passionate about music and believe life is to be enjoyed and be grateful for each day.The type of person I'm hoping to meet is positive, loves to laugh and shows kindness to others

. I am healthy fit person a reflection of my lifestyle.I am looking for the same.through serendipity i overcame a severe stutter,am writing a book about it to help others.I used to bike race,and am seriously thinking of riding my bike across canada promoting my book.I so far have acomplished most of the goals that i have set out to do.Iam looking for a friend to sharetimes together,enjoying good food,travelling,boating,and fishing is important to me.What you read is what you get.Hope to see you soon.

. fun loving, easy going, well off, active retired man looking for interesting attractive woman.
Interested in travel - I'm your man! I love Europe and Australia. I am very ell travelled and have no particular favourites although would like to do more in south america!
Will also take you sailing and to the mountains to do whatever suits you, from hiking to walking to X-C sking, snow shoeing or down hill skiing.