Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia, 63 year old

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. I consider myself a 'graduate' from the world of industry and commerce... a life defined by economic success in order that a nuclear family situation can be successfully navigated in the highly stratified social fabric of participation in the trappings of a cosmopolitan city (Toronto). I am disciplined and focused in application of effort to achieve a desired outcome.
"Don't sweat the small stuff"... and always be alert to opportunities as they present themselves... These are 2 of the 3 signposts in my daily life now.
The #1 Rule has proven to be the Rock of my beliefs - The Golden Rule... treat others as you would have them treat you...
Otherwise, I am known to be well-spoken, opinionated where it matters to me, "easy on the eyes", athletic, 'young at heart', and a 'listener'.
I believe that there are a multiplicity of possibilities for connections one-on-one.
The acquisition of a Soul-Mate is my personal quest... my key to a true appreciation of this life... companionship on the journey...

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. I enjoy my life of creative pursuits and now find myself wanting to share the excitement of living life to the fullest.
I have a great sense of humor and often laugh at my (slight) imperfections.
I'm looking forward to finding a partner with a sharp and adventurous mind that shares my interests in life with Dramatic & documentary pursuits. You'll find I have a very active social life and often mentor those who wish to learn and expand their knowledge.
I am grateful for an enthusiastic take on life and need someone who has these similar traits.
It would be great to find a partner and companion that I can laugh, giggle, and huggle with or without a fireplace !
And as an added bonus being a non-drinker and non-smoker I'm not likely to fall down drunk, get an impaired charge, or not make it home for the night !
My friends say I should write a book about the thrills, and adventures I have had in my life, but I keep telling them maybe when I slow down and retire .... like that's ever going to happen !
My kids often say Dad ? Your gonna do WHAT !
I just chuckle and say Yep !
I have to share with you the proudest moments in my life though was when I started having long distance conversations with my daughters that would last 3-4hrs. We have so much fun and I realized how many Fathers have that kind of connection with their daughters ?
Now with a new granddaughter just arriving her time is not as available. But Jade and I have those long conversations every time we call each other. I am a very lucky man to have this special relationship.
So if I tell you too much about myself, there would be know sense of adventure and discovery. LOL
I just might be a lot of fun !

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. well it wants something but i don't know what to say. so i guess the person that reads this will have to meet me and see what i'm like i guess. so I guess i just have to put a little something here so i can get to see what it is i'm getting into ...

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. I think that my friends would say that I am very personable and that they enjoy being with me. I smile and laugh easily, but I have a serious side as well and like to be with people that are the same.

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. Admitedly I am somewhat particular and detail-oriented, I like to look after my posessions and I like good quality. Honesty is very important to me, you will get what you see and I expect the same from a partner. Things I like in no particular order are: cycling, golfing, hiking, walking with my dogs, travelling (my fave is Costa Rica where I have a little place to escape once in awhile), watching a good movie, hanging out with my family and grandkids especially. I am a social person, like to have a good time with friends, like adventure and am ready for whatever life throws at me. I am fit, healthy and hope to stay that way for a long time to come. Did I mention that I like to cook?
I love spontaneity in a woman, sense of adventure, honesty and willigness to try new things, like the odd culinary creation of mine. No drama please.If you are active and fit and ready to meet someone of the same mind, I may be your guy! We won't know until we try and I am looking forward to this dating very first time on a dating website.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. two individuals sharing life together,grateful to be healthy and happy to support each others choices in life with a positive attitude, allowing others to live their choices in life, able to enjoy the days out in the country as well as trips to the city, an appreciation of beauty in all kinds of different things with out judgement or bias

Date people from Canada. I am an intelligent, well read person. Blessed with good health and cheer. I am a forestry grad from UBC. I lead a balanced life style with good core values such as loyalty, kindness, spirituality and compassion. Pursuit of happiness in a loving relationship are my goals. If these basics interest you, you may want to read the rest of the book. I hope to meet someone who is smart, charming, honest, sharing, physically active and adventurous. No material girls please.

Meet a man from Canada. I am honest, loyal, caring and compassionate. I truly enjoy helping my partner and making her happy. I am there for her, during good and bad times. I listen and do my best to understand. I enjoy companionship, whether simply doing chores together or sharing special occasions. I am easy going and sometimes impatient.
A loving, caring and compassionate woman who can articulate her feelings and needs clearly.

Date someone special from Canada. Lovable, laughable, looking for beautiful partner to share my life. Like Dancing, Romancing, and having a good time. Lets travel and explore the world. I am looking for an easy going, likeable, woman. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgood

Meet single man from Canada. Like so many others, I find it somewhat strange to be sitting here preparing what essentially amounts to a personal marketing brochure. It's like preparing a business resume - capture all the good points, find just the right words, sound intelligent but don't come across as egotistical, give just enough information to create interest but not enough to cause a reader to make a 'discard pile' decision. WHEW!!
That said, here goes - I enjoy life in all its aspects. I love to travel, especially in my motor home because of the flexibility it affords such as taking the road to the left when the original plan was to turn right. You just never know what might be presented to you over the next hill. I have a great sense of humour and love to laugh. I get tremendous satisfaction from my business in terms of both the sense of accomplishment every time we get a new client or a 'fan mail' note from an existing one. I also appreciate the life style and freedom that has come from the success of my business. I have amazing, wonderful employees who do make subtle comments at times, such as "Go ahead. Stay down south as long as you like. The business runs just fine when you are away.' (GRRR . . . still love them though.) I love cooking, especially with wine, and trying different cuisines. I believe in politeness and manners. I guess I'm old-school because I still open the car door and walk on the street side when I'm with a lady. I'm also a serious romantic that thinks the unexpected hug, or note, or simply holding hands while walking through the mall, mean a great deal in a caring, loving relationship. I like smart minds that do outrageous and silly things just for the fun of it. I hate conflict; one should always be able to achieve compromise if it is that important to you. I believe that sharing a rolling-on-the-floor, tears-in-the-eyes laugh with your special someone is one of the best moments in life..
I do admit to being an avid golfer who will play in almost any weather. I enjoy canoeing on the lake in front of my house. I prefer playing sports rather than watching them although I will also admit that playoffs do get my attention. I enjoy reading almost anything and love live theatre, good movies, and most music, with the exception of rap. Sorry, but I just don't get rap.
I grew up in southern Ontario in the snow belt so feel that snow is best when it stays up in the mountains where it belongs. It's there to play in but I not too crazy about living in it. Would much rather swim in warm waters, hike serene forests, or explore the desert.
I hope to find that person that makes me want to grin from ear to ear whenever I see her because I am so happy she is in my life. That may be because we have become really good friends or it may be because she is 'the one' and I can't bear to spend a moment away from her. I think I should clarify that last statement by saying my perfect 'one' is not dependent on anyone but rather an individual who wants to share experiences.
Best wishes in your own journey.

Date men and women from Canada. Looking for just occaisonal sensual times at her place. She has a busy life that will not change, and so do I. We will keep each others secret absolutely. We will enjoy entertaining each other between the sheets.
She wants to be with a gentle sensual man, because she has sexual needs, and wants to be with a man once in awhile, without all the other hassels and complications that go with "an affair" etc.
She might only call him up once a month or maybe even less, to have a good sexual time, and have all the rest of her life and loved ones protected from changes and entanglements that get complicated.
They will become ongoing secret friends.
Life is just flying by too fast not to savor some good wine, sensual hands, some great kissing, and all the rest that gives her a satsifed smile.
I am very married and staying that way. Maybe she is very married as well...all the better for equality. I am a truthful direct to the point kind of person, who is also cautious. Cheers

Meet a soulmate from Canada. my ideal match would be a lady who takes care of her self,enjoyes intimacy and the pleasures of exploring life.she is to consider and accept each day as a life time, unic and to be enjoyed.
She is to enjoy sharing and exchanging ideas and be adventures, honest and sincere.
i live by the same ideas and wish to share life with a person to love.

. This is really difficult for me. I really don't have anything in mind. I like to travel. I like to go camping. I like to have fun and enjoy myself. I want someone with similar interests to share my life with.

. I appreciate life. Not excessively but with honest
enjoyment do I participate in activities of many kinds. I am a musician (semi pro)(bass) and
play classic rock. I like shopping for unusual things so scour second hand stores and often go to garage sales. I enjoy eating at different types of restaurants but am not a good cook.

. I am tall, healty, told I'm good looking, and in reasonably good shape. (Not fat) Employed, educated, and well travelled, I want to retire soon, and devote my time to a partner who wants travel with me and fall in love with too. Time to start with the rest of our lives, and want to do it with someone of similar interests. I am handy, can fix almost anything, love to cook, and garden, and enjoy fishing and some light hiking too. So much more, but would rather save it for when meeting you. Would love to hear from you.