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Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. i'd like to meet someone and not be too sure of myself. if its awkward at first, thats ok. i dont want to have all the answers. because i dont. i'll take it slow. nothing but time on my hands. were not playing musical chairs. I do feel good about who I am. You should too. I'm interested in lots of stuff, and I"m able to be alone and not feel lonely.
I like humor, dry. No bar seen for me, been there.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. i am a happy and contented individual who would like to find a man for company and friendship to start out and see what happens after that. i prefer dating someone that i will feel would end in a long term relationship with me. that is my intention. i am not in this for just a fling. so if that is what you are interested in please dont contact me. I enjoy one on one conversation and watching his eyes. they are the window to the soul. he likes to enjoy quiet times with partner but also likes to mingle and socialize with other couples. enjoys animals. i have 2 little dogs who are a big part of my life. i am retired, independant, generous but do not expect anything in return. i get alot of enjoyment doing for others. i have been told by many that i have quick wit and a good sense of humour, also been told my eyes sparkle when i am happy or laughing, which is alot of the time. i have no baggage whatsoever. i am outgoing, a good listener, open and very easy to talk to and with. i have no problem striking up a conversation and am not easily intimidated. i am looking for a man who knows who he is and not afraid to show it. i expect openess and complete honesty in any form of relationship. i am dependable as i expect him to be. non smoker. social drinker.
enough about me, lets hear from you and see what you are all about

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. I am honest, respectful, loving, caring, have a sense of humor, high level of energy.I believe in doing rather than saying.I am fit, interested in health and well being. Independant, thoughtful, one who believes in romance. Comfortable in jeans but love to get dressed up. Not well travelled and seeking someone to share that experience with.
I love the the outdoors, walking, biking, boating, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, live theatre, symphony, ballet, movies, travel, antique car shows, dancing, just hanging around living a healthy lifestyle. I have a passion for entertaining friends and enjoing life as each day presents itself.
What would I like to see in a man you ask? One who appreciates simplicity,independant, is thoughtful, honest, intelligent, has a positive attitude towards life, respectful of people and not into mind games. Someone who has some of the same interests as I and willing to enjoy the ride. Also must live in Kelowna, BC, Canada

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. Most people love my smile. They say, "You are so calm." They are grateful for my sense of humour and say I have great wisdom. When all is said and done I am grateful but shy. I am an observer, a listener and I check out the territory for my place in it. I am better one-on-one than in a crowd. Timing is everything. As a practiced principled person I have learned to sense when the universe says, "OK, go!"
I am a first healer and teach anyone who asks. I am attuned to healing energies having worked through my own issues in life. Energy Healing is my passion.
I am looking for a male friend, first. Compatability, trust, some romance....and of course, I would reciprocate the best that I know how. Magic, hope, miracles, make me smile while I am crying. What is important is whether we can see and accept each other. That reminds me of "Avatar": "I see you."

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I am a recently .divorced woman who truly believes that "Life is too short" and that we should try to enjoy every day to it's fullest. I enjoy travelling, dinners, movies/plays/concerts, time spent with family friends, spontaneity, etc.... My friends describe me as being beautiful inside and out. My kids [two adult boys] describe me as being the best Mom they could have had. I love to laugh!!. I am youthful in my thinking, dressing, acting and in my energy level. I would love to meet someone who could make me smile, laugh and just really enjoy life. I would like to meet a man who would wake up in the morning, look at me and feel blessed. As I would feel blessed. A man who would explore with me, spend quiet times with me, etc..... A man who would enjoy the day with me and wonder what the evening and the following day would bring. I enjoy spending time with friends and family would love to have a man in my life that I could hardly wait to get home to.

Meet someone special from Canada. Describe myself... Well let's see.. I took a test once to find out that if I were a dog, what kind of a dog I would be and the results were a Labrador Retreiver.. so I guess I'm soft & cuddly, warm, loyal, eager to please, and faithful. The bonus is that I'm paper trained and I don't have fleas!! lol (I think I have kind of an odd sense of humour). I love my friends and family. I'm a good listener and have great compassion for people and animals. At this point in my life I feel that I'm a butterfly coming out of my cocoon. I enjoy sunsets, drives in the country, sitting on the porch during a thunderstorm, listening to the birds in the trees.. sitting beside a babbling stream, but most of all I enjoy the sound of silence of two people in wordless communication in each other's arms. I live in a house on a couple of mostly treed acres on the side of a very small mountain. There is a stream running through the front of the property. When the moon is full I like to sit on the deck outside my bedroom and watch the deer grazing in the sparkling moonlight below. Why don't you pull up a chair and join me!! What do I want in a relationship??.. ummmmm first of all I would like a friend.. and if things went further than that it would be great. I do know that I don't want to spend the rest of my life by myself, not that I don't like my own company but it is kind of hard to hug yourself in front of the fire!! lol I want someone to share my hopes and desires with, someone to cuddle up with, someone to share intimate times with, a best friend that I can talk to about anything, someone to laugh with, someone to cry with, and someone to share the ups and downs of life with.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am truly grateful for my friends and family. They are a very important part of my life. I spend time and energy maintaining and enjoying them. Someone new in my life would become part of that friendshipfamily web and should want to be part of mine and these people's lives. I believe the people in your life and the relationships you have with them are the most important experiences you can have. Without special relationships with friends and family I don't believe you can be truly fulfilled.
Physical fitness and activities are also a necessary part of my life. I am physically active and would like to share these activities with a partner. Being healthy, eating well, exercising and generally paying attention to my physical and mental well-being are paramount to me. It is very hard to enjoy life and feel positive when you have chronic pain andor illness. Thus someone who is more sedentary would probably not feel comfortable with my lifestyle and I with theirs.
I am also looking for someone to laugh with and have fun with. I am not necessarily looking for marriage but definitely for a exclusive partner to enjoy life where-ever that may lead us. Fun could include the following and more: cooking together for friends (I love cooking and trying new recipes as well as eating great food. I probably will be a chef in my next life), a movie, hiking andor going for walks, boating, swimming, camping, traveling, live plays, biking, trying new restaurants, sharing a good book....
As well I have a great interest in philosophical and spiritual ideas. I read many books in these areas including ones on Buddhism and quantum physics - the easy readable texts! Trying to get a handle on what life is and how to experience it most successfully with an abundance of happiness is a key goal for me. Life is full of change and I want to be part of that positive change for the better for myself and others.
I am interested in the arts - drama, music, dance, visual art, writing. I do some visual art - drawing, pastel painting - but would consider it more a hobby than a passion.
I have a Post Baccalaureate in Fine Arts and a Masters in Curriculum InclusionDevelopment. I taught various grade levels at a fine arts school for 20 years including visual art, computer graphics, computer animation, core subjects (math, reading…) and I volunteered in our school theatre helping with lighting and sound. I am now retired from teaching at public schools.
I do volunteer work at the YMCA where I teach yoga at the once a week and sometimes do other work for them. I also volunteer with a friend at the Telethon every year and periodically cook dinner and serve it to people in need at my friendРІР‚в„ўs church. As well I volunteer at the Bell Centre for the Arts.
I have traveled part way across Canada and the US and to London, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Hong Kong, India and Nepal. I think I would like to travel more in BC - maybe camping, hiking, boating etc.. I love the water (ocean, lakes or rivers), the forests, the mountains and wildlife. I think I would like to go on a house boat cruise for 4-5 days.
I am looking for someone who is caring, supportive and flexible, as I would try to be. A person with similar interests and maybe some new ones would be great. I am interested in someone who is looking for happy times but knows how to handle the other times with a minimum of emotional outbursts. I would like to be with a person whose focus is on the positive. Life is too short to become involved with too many dramas - some drama is doable. I do not want to get involved with someone who over-indulges in drugs, alcohol, food...etc. on a consistent long term basis. Someone who has these type of abuse issues needs special care and attention from a qualified person and that is not me.

Meet people from Canada. Looking for a friend to enjoy life with, someone who can make me laugh and who has a good head on their shoulders. Need someone who enjoys golfing for fun, enjoys live concerts all music except jazz. I enjoy fishing but not hunting. Get a kick out of social gaming sites but not to the extreme.

Date men and women from Canada. Honest, trustworthy, very loving and romantic!!! I guess I am a hopeless romantic. I love to have friends for dinner to socialize, drink lots of good wine, games and play cards, etc. I love to cook and enjoy sharing my great recipes with friends. I love walking especially in White Rock, BC, anytime of the year, the ocean is my favorite. I grew up in New Brunswick and went to the ocean many times, camping and just to the beach. I like to travel and have done a lot and would like to travel more. I'd like to camp but not in a tent. I am easy to get along with and fun. I like to have a good time and am interested in many things. I used to do Dragon Boating and Outrigger, but haven't the last few years. Kayaking is something I'd like to try.
I love the theater and movies, the forest and walking in it. Beach combing and sailing, I've been sailing in Key West and fishing there also, it was great. I have traveled quite a bit and usually go somewhere each year. My family is in the east, Ontario and New Brunswick. Grew up in NB and went to the USA a lot, camping and shopping.
I love to read, delving into the mysteries I love. I have just starting reading "Malcolm Gladwell" I've read the "Outliers and just started on "The Tipping Point" they are really interesting. "What the Dog Saw" is next on the list. Detective and CSI are my favorites.
I love my family, with 7 grandkids we have fun together. We get together when time permits, very busy families.

Meet a woman from Canada. I have been in Langley BC for only 2.5 years. I am retired, but work part time in order to get out of the house and out and among people.
My good friends would call me honest, loyal, compassionate, fun, funny, and loving (with great hugs!).
I am down-to-earth, and don't care for drama. I adapt to most situations pretty well, and am easy to be around and considered good company. I enjoy being around people who have a sense of humour. I appreciate life....the important things, like family and good friends.
I enjoy watching CFL football (I have a special team!) or NHL play-off hockey, as well as curling. I am an active curler and have attended curling events such as The Roar of the Rings, Tim Horton's Brier, and the Scotties!
I would like to meet someone for a good friendship and then.......let's see where that takes us!

. Grateful for each day~peace and beauty of where I live is never taken for granted. Famiy and friends are precious~Love to celebrate occasions with them. Care deeply about those less fortunate and work with that population in health care field. Am a sun-worshipper but do it sensibly. Enjoy gardening and "alone time". Try to keep reasonably healthy (all organic food) and exercise as time permits (hiking, snowshoe). Concern re: environmental issues. Love log homes!! Raised in one and have always wanted to live in another. Nursing school took me "out of the country and mountains" where I was raised~always a little "niggling" desire to go back to that lifestyle. Many genres of music appeal~depends on what I'm doing. Enjoy spontaneous road trips and tropical vacations. Embrace different cultures. Hope to do more travelling some day.
I should mention that a "pet peeve" I have had most of my life is ~ poor English and poor spelling. My daughter accuses me of critiquing
bill boards!! She hasn't however reminded me about sending her "papers" to me for critiquing during her university years! :-)
By the way "recently separated" = still married = not interested. I don't respond to "winks" (fyi). Smoking is a "deal breaker" for me!

. I am searching for a gentleman, who enjoys
getting the full benefit out of life. Sharing, caring,
a compassionate a romantic and loving friend,
an understanding person, I love to hold hands with and stroll along the beach, making conversation and looking at each other. Perhaps going for a light dinner with candles afterwards, and a movie at home. Exploring, the many venues in our city together. Sharing feelings in an open and honest way. I am very feminine,
open, compatible to the right person also I have a lot of sensuality about myself.

. I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I'm looking for someone who is outgoing and family oriented, and is kind and caring with a great sense of humour.
My closest friends would describe me as kind, generous and easy to get along with. We enjoy taking turns to host dinner parties and wine tasting.
I've raised 2 beautiful and successful girls who now have families of their own. I am also a proud grandmother to 3 grandchildren.

. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. I am looking for a special man not a perfect one. I am a loving and caring person I enjoy taking life one day at a time.I am respectful of others needs and try to be non-judgemental. I have a good sense of humor, enjoy travelling by land or sea, movies and swimming. I am not looking for someone to support after me or I them

. I am a very pleasant person with a great personality, I don't judge others and I'm grateful to be alive. I;m very out going and I love people.
Im a romantic at heart and the key to my heart is music and I love RB soul and bit of country.
I enjoy a good movie, love dancing and going for walks. I don't like to gossip about others as I don't wish to hurt anyones feelings. I would love a man who can take a joke who can laugh an enjoy life, can wake up with a smile, he has to be kind and gentle and knows what he wants from life. I especially want a man who knows how to treat a lady and carries no baggage.
I would like to meet some close enough that we can meet each other perferably close enough that is no obstacles to stand in our way..