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Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. Hi,
You know what I'd like guys, is a handsome fellow to sweep me off my feet on Friday nites, movies, dancing, dinner, weekend trips, you get the picture. I'm not into finding the love of my life - not sure it exists - but a great consort with whom I can have lively debates, share common interests and history, and enjoy each other's company. To be very honest, I would hope that it might lead to a rich and pleasant union of more than the minds. For those of you who seem to have a difficult time reading between the lines.. It's completely your right to date more than one woman at a time, but I want you to know that in order for me to become physically involved with a man, I need to be in an exclusive relationship with him.
I'm a bit less than perfect and expect that you might have discovered the same about yourself! I'm more into the way the person thinks, reacts and what they value in life.
I'm an experienced traveler and would much prefer to be living that someplace warm. I love to discover the developing world areas, particularly Asia, South Seas, South America. Well lots of places.
If you have or have to look after a pet - which you think of as your companion and child - please pass me by thanks.
Saw this somewhere...Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably,
And never regret anything that made you smile.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. So where do I start?. I'm usually the one who's interested in learning about other people, rather than talking about myself. I'm genuinely delighted to meet new people, and it's always reflected in my smile.
My family and friends are very important to me, and even though many of them live elsewhere, distance hasn't stopped us being close. If you ask my friends (some of them going back to childhood), they'll probably describe me as being genuine, caring, intelligent, easy going and having a great sense of humour. I enjoy the time I'm able to spend with my family, and have a special bond with my grandchildren.
I'm grateful that I was able to retire earlier than I originally planned, and to have the good health to enjoy every moment. I've crossed a few items off my unofficial bucket list, and have enjoyed seeing new places and having new experiences.
Whether home or away, I love treating my tastebuds to new flavours, and enjoy experimenting in my kitchen. Just don't ask for a recipe - nothing seems to taste the same way twice! I love to entertain in my home, but also enjoy dining out, or going to movies, concerts and the theatre. I also enjoy just going for walks, or having a coffee at my local coffee shop.
Retirement gives me time to volunteer for causes I am passionate about. I prefer to be hands on rather than in an organizational position. "Organizing" feels too much like being back at work. I currently have a couple of weekly commitments, but I also like one-off volunteer opportunities for time-specific periods; the Vancouver Olympics and International Children's Games being just two examples.
My ideal match would be someone of similar age and in similar health, who is financially secure and open to new experiences, while maintaining good relationships with family and friends. I've become accustomed to a certain level of independence and freedom, but I would love to share my life with someone who believes that sharing what we love just enhances the experience.

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. I am new to B C. Grew up on shores of Lake Ontario. Moved out on my own to get away from such extremes in Onrario. Boating, swimming, camping, walking, reading, tv, cold beer and hot fire.
Respond, pls. and tell me about yourself, your interests and maybe, just maybe, we can find something in common

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. West Coast Enthusiast
Looking for Tall Man 60=70 yrs, widower with a nice smile. I am retired and would enjoy company, company and see where it goes. Living in Canada is my preference. I love Victoria, but am willing to relocate

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I've lived in Ontario and BC and I look forward to spending some time in a warm climate during the winter months. I'm adventurous, spontanious and seek out the unknown as I'm a curious person. When I was in Mexico this year for one month, I thoroughly enjoyed the people, their lifestyle and getting to know them better. I hiked the mountains which brought me into plantations, Indian ceremonial grounds, corn fields and vegetation that I had never seen before and I now look forward to my next adventure.
I've played many sports over the years but I'm now into hiking, cycling, working out, dancing, snowshoeing, walking and golfing. I prefer to be outdoors but I also enjoy my home as well.
I'm easy going, have a positive attitude and always have a smile on my face. My family and friends are very important to me and I feel fortunate to have them in my life. Being retired, I get to spend my time volunteering and doing the things I most enjoy. I especially like sharing the kitchen, preparing food, having fun doing it and then sharing the food. Having appetizers is one of my favourite ways of eating.
I'm a warm, passionate and friendly person who gets much enjoyment with being useful and helpful. I'm a dedicated and committed friend who is always there for you. By the way, I have a great sense of humor and can laugh at myself, just as I have been doing as I write this creative profile :-) I'm playful, affectionate and I'm looking for someone who is the same. I think being independant and respecting each others space is vital. Taking time for the "male and female bonding" is important. I want to bring out the best in you, bolster your ego, keep you on your toes and hopefully you find me fascinating.
I'm looking for someone who is like-minded, not afraid to expose your flaws, has self worth, takes care of themselves physically, mentally, likes a social atmosphere, believes in personal growth, intellectual, likes to cuddle/touch and interested in a long term relationship.

Meet a woman from Canada. I'm a warm hearted woman who sees the positive side of life! I'm a people person and welcome group activities but a good book and fireplace on a cool evening refreshes my mind and my energy. I have a great sense of houmour and an easy going quiet nature. I'm tactile and love to touch my partner a lot; a true romantic who enjoys candlelight dinners and warm spontaneous discussions around a fireplace with a glass of wine.
I am seeking a healthy fit individual who is adventurous, lively and makes me laugh. I would hope that you genuinely embody family values as I do and have a good relationship with your family. I have goals for retirement and I would hope the same from you. I hope you are a deep thinker and an open communicator as I am seeking a partner to stimulate my mind and to encourage my growth in many areas of my life. I am seeking a man who is openly honest about himself, careing and supportive with a strong sense of commitment to the relationship. If you like anyting that I have said so far, then there is a good basis for meeting you.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am looking to find my soul mate to share the rest of life with. I am a easy going girl, I love to laugh.
I am carung and sharing. I will respect you and hopefully you will me.
I love animals, food, dancing, music, theatre,
sight seeing spontaneity
Gosh hope you have humor :-)

Meet people from Canada. I am a person of integrity and self knowledge through life experiences, that I've learned to bring forward in a healthy relationship.Someone who believes by healing the past, allows me to move forward into consecrated relationship in all walks of my life. I am health conscious person and would want the same in a partner in sharing a healthy lifestyle.I am looking for someone who I would be attracted to, along with some chemistry thrown in to savour the relationship. I am a fun loving, affectionate, outgoing,effervescent and openminded,liberal person. I believe to have a healthy consecrated relationship is to have a monogamous relationship and that is truly what I am looking for in a partnership. I want playfullness, love,laughter and passion in a relationship and most important is to have an open communication from the heart.I possess a positive outlook towards myself ,life and all that surrounds me.I don't like criticism and judgement, but acceptance and growth in a relationship. I have always been a selfsufficient person all my life and never have asked for help in anything,you could say, I am a maverick character.A strong soul,spirit and independant women, who only seeks to find that unique man who know the meaning of personal growth,love and connection to having a unque partnership with someone.I love the outdoors,camping in total wilderness, kayaking, canoeing,hiking,cycling and enjoying those special moments together.I am a passionate, sensuous person who loves the connection of intimacy with the right person toward exploring our being through tantra. I have travelled a lot during my 20's through Europe, the States, lived in Hawaii for 7 years, and would love to find someone who loves the west coast as much as I do. I am looking for that special being who, travels a similar path as myself,wants to journey alongside with me to complete our lives as being best of friends,lovers,companions. 

Date someone special from Canada. I am a confident woman who has learned to enjoy being a widow for now, but if there is another husband in my future, I'm interested. I am a committed Christian and seeking the same.
I enjoy my adult children and grandchildren, even though they live elsewhere. I love living in Victoria but am open to other beautiful places in Canada to be in.

Meet men and women from Canada. Partner for the interesting road ahead....looking to hear from just one mensch. I know you are out there. Let's share the journey, with love, support, much laughing, and curiosity always. I am am up for it, are you? Let's roll, and grab some interesting time together.

. I would be described as a very personal type of woman. I love a good joke and happy go lucky nature.
I am very proud of the fact that I have gone into studio and produced my own music CDs ( My own guitar vocals) and also published two of my own books and had many poems published in various chapbooks and win first place and other in competitions.
A person that I would enjoy being around is one with interest that run close to my own. I do like boats and am acquainted with auto repair and cars.
I am passionate about the care of animals.

. My friends would describe me as elegant, kind and classy. I have had the privilege of mentoring thousands of women and helping to develop their self esteem and self image to build their businesses which has been extremely rewarding. I became top in my field in Canada which was a career highlight. I am grateful for my health as it is our wealth, so I am looking for a mate who is physically, emotional and financially fit. He must have a sense of adventure and love to travel. A good sense of humour and patience are also high on my wish list.
I do not enjoy the monsoon season in Vancouver. So the freedom to leave for those months is a bonus.. I am very dedicated to fitness and healthy lifestyle. I would enjoy a man who is romantic and knows how to treat a lady. It is also nice to have a man who can keep his closet organized and understands the function of a hanger. I am not over the top but can't live in a clutter. Simplicity and old tired things have a place at the goodwill.
This is the final chapter of life, and it is the time to really get out there and see the world. I want to taste all the remaining adventures for which I was too busy with careers and kids to even entertain .thank you taking the time to peek into a wee bit of my world. The only way to know from a profile where everyone puts their best foot forward is a phone call and then meeting. face to face. Chemistry that even a fire hose can't put out just seems to happen. That said friendships, and good solid similar interests also help. At this stage of life we really don't want to waste time on any more mistakes in the relationship arena ... So how about it, shall we dance?
Miles of Smiles

. Funny, kind, sensitive, intuitive, outgoing but in certain situations shy, sometimes unsure of herself.
Speaks the truth......I think that is what friends would say about me, I hope so anyway!
I have been on my own for sometime now, my choice. I have 2 great boys that are full grown and we have just had a small addition to our family of a little girl, my first grandchild who I am nuts about!
The man I am looking for would have to be funny, kind, enjoy family, love animals, enjoy traveling and enjoy the arts. Someone who is sure of himself, comfortable in his own skin. Would picnic on a beach and be just as comfortable in a wonderful restaurant.
When the right person comes along we will recognise each other?

. Would like to find a person who is open minded enought to appreciate all people and things..enjoy a good laught over a cup of coffee, good meal about anything , good book, movie, play, just enjoying time together getting to know each other..I likea good conversationalist, someone who is up on the news and whats happening around them, can stimulate my mind either by something they read or saw or even just their opinion on a subject....I enjoy a good sense of humour, someone who can give and take..Life seems to be flying by and I would just like to have someone to enjoy these so called golden years...doesnt have to be rich, drive a fancy car, eat in the best of places..just have a good and open heart willing to share good times with..You would think with this new mode of communication the world becoming smaller and smaller but people are becoming lonelier and lonelier because it is so hard to reach out and touch someone and have them really notice you there..because they have a list of a hundred others that are lonely and trying to do the same me makes me very sad that it is so hard to find someone to love and keep who wont look for the greener grasss on the other side of the fence just because it is there... This isnt probably the best place to state this fact but we seem to have become a disposable world and if one person doesnt work out with a little effort, we just move on to the next poor soul waiting to find that special someone...and in the end grass is never greener on the other side just looks that way!!!
So you cans see I really dont have much faith in this system of finding someone to share things with , but then again on the other had doesnt seem to be any other place to maybe me far away or very close at hand only time will tell...and who knows i just might finally get lucky before I grow to old to appreciate some of the finer things in the companionship of a good friend and lover.....

. In general, I go through life enjoying all with a positive outlook. I love dogs and being outside. This means hiking, gardening, cross country skiing or just reading outside. I'm a dressage competitor, which means riding several days/week. I'm currently still working as an elementary teacher; loving helping kids find their heart.
Started out with a Fine Arts degree; have worked in photography and other graphic arts; moved to the mountains, built a log house and raised sheep; worked a forestry lookout; raised two lovely kids with partly little power, no phones and no running water. Lucky to have had a memorable community with like minded individuals in beautiful Tatlayoko Lake.
Kind of a movie nut and CBC radio afficianado; love all types of music done well. Have always tried to keep my footprint small and I love to cook fresh good food.
In a nutshell, I'm happy, working for a bit longer. I'm hoping to find someone confident in themselves and with interests of their own to share time with.