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Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. healthy looking for the same explore life and travel lots enjoy life retirement mode looking for someone interested in travel and a schedule that is able to do this working or retirement all is good

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. my goals are keeping my self healthy as long as my body allow me and have a happy non complicate life I can be an easy going person, or very complicate if i get push. My big passion now is running.I hope to meet an equal partner

Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. looking for fun if u know whai i take the first step.if u donot venture u miss the good things in what r u waiting for?.let us meet for coffee and if u like the package then we can get to know each other.if u donot like then we part and never say a word more.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. I am new to online dating and just checking this out. My friends would say I am caring, patient calm compassionate open minded and easy going, with some redneck activities and attitude in the mix. I have been told I am diamond in the rough and I definately stray from the norm. I watch what I eat and am active. I am grateful for having good health , 3 adult daughters ,2 grandsons,and some great friendships on both coasts. I live a simple lifestyle alone and am a busy person with many interests,committments, projects,and distractions.I have had many good times in my life but made some mistakes as well. I believe I have learned from my mistakes.
I am hoping to connect with a woman with some similar interests , who is independent with her own interests as well. I would also like to connect with someone who is intelligent, honest,financially and emotionally secure even tempered , and fun to be with. I do not want to date women who have hidden agendas,are controlling, judgemental ,manipulative,angry,or pretentious. I dont like drama and dont want to help fix someone who is broken or who wants to change me. I realize I have some issues but I am working on them and I think I need fine tuning rather than major changes.I am always open to suggestions. I am looking for someone to date and get to know and connect with intellectually,emotionally,spiratually and physically, who in time will become a best friend, partner soulmate and with whom I can share my life.

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I am looking for a friend, partner, and lover combo
I am looking for someone inteligent enough to carry on in a conversation and have a craving for learning
I like to meet someone to learn from and enjoy being with her at all times.

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. Growth is the only goal. We can never be perfect, but we can always learn from our mistakes, especially in dealing with others.
Forgiveness is the greatest emotional tool there is; I wish I could use it more than I do.
I have overcome a lot in my life and it appears I have learned enough to either have fooled a lot of people or I have gained some wisdom, although the later is very dubious.
I seek the kind of intimacy that can only come from openness and honesty, self honesty, the kind that builds the foundation for trust and respect and kindness and a lot of forgiveness....
For that, I have found, is what really drives a relationship. Not wealth or sex or beauty, but a generosity of spirit borne out of simply caring about, not for, but about the other person.
But, coffee and walk is cool too...!

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am a very easy going man and am quite affectionate.I expect to join a partner in her interests and hobbies.I am also kind and considerate.I have been on my own 6 years and have no baggage.I have a daughter and grand children who do not live with me I am told that I look better in real life than in photos . .I am on the patch trying to quit smoking.I enjoy yard sales,music,cooking,house reno's,animals and of course my family.Please have a photo for a reply

Meet someone special from Canada. After 60 years there is a little baggage accumulated and my baggage is just enough to remind me to stop and smell the coffee & roses more often. We spend a long time getting to this point in life, so Please let's enjoy it and not complicate it further. Am I the right guy for you? Are you looking for the perfect guy... hell move on! I am nowhere near perfect but I think I'm a work in progress and pretty damn good company. I need someone who stimulates me. Someone who makes me want to join in on her plans (be they good or wicked)

Date single man from Canada. Not looking for a relationship but someone who likes to go out for coffee some times, motorcycle rides, boating and dancing weekends.I'm easygoing and looking for someone to share my weekends with as I am busy week days with work.

Meet people from Canada. I am 64 years old. I have so many life. Now i am retired and i dont care about job and get up erly morninig. I am very well man and loving caring person. I like to enjoy dansing camping walking whole activities. But i am very choosy. I like to meet my partener to live my rest of to life like honeymoon.

Date men and women from Canada. W hat makes me smile is what my friends say about me that I look like grizzly adams with an Elvis smile. I'm grateful my cousin is doing this becuase I 'm too shy too. have an eclectic taste in music and enjoy playing and writing songs Love to laugh. I'm a retired school teacher looking to fill the days with adventure.


. I have strong family ties and am very social. I believe I make my partner comfortable in new situations but expect them to be independent. I act the same. Loyalty is extremely important to me and I give as much as I take. I have a sense of humour, usually self-deprecating, and expect that you will have one too but never without respect.
We can enjoy dinners with family and/or friends, participate in family activities (blended and individual), or just hang out with movie marathons and wine (or martinis). "Adventures" should be experienced with no expectations or disappointments.
I believe I have a sense of style in both my appearance and my home; both give me great pleasure however there's nothing wrong with lazing around in pj's or sweats.
I enjoy movies that challenge me intellectually, scare me, make me laugh out loud, awe me or make me cry (yes, I cry at movies sometimes).
I'm a sucker for dumb dogs, playful cats and exotic birds and am deeply concerned about animal welfare.
I am no longer interested in night clubs but will attend if there is an intriguing reason and I can close down any bar as long as it closes at 9:30 (kidding).
Many times I just need to be quiet with my own thoughts and will respect that in you without feeling abandoned.
I like curvy women; I'm very Mad Men when it comes to women. We both need to be attracted physically to one another but I also realize that this is something that can develop over time.
I will always strive to make you proud to be with me both in the way I physically present myself and the way I act.
I am old fashioned in my view of relationships but your views, idea and beliefs will never be minimized, ridiculed or dismissed by me - they are yours and they will be respected.

. Is there anyone out there with an unfullfilled need to race thoroughbred racehorses and sail sailboats? That is what do and would be wonderful to find someone to share the same. These things are important to me but not deal destroying

. I am a honest friendly caring down to earth person looking for someone to share my life with. It hast to be a win win for both . I love the outdoors, gardening, fishing, camping, . Also have a dog. I am a people person. I have wonderful children and grand children. Would like to travel more .