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Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am generally a quiet person as I have been a batchelor for many years. (introvert but sometimes the right person can break me out of my shell) Strange for an aries i know. I have never tried this online dating thing before but I can attribute that to just learning to run a computer. I just finished 4 months computer basics at local college as I would like to make a living as an medical transcriber working from home. But, they dont teach you the social aspects of the computer.
As far as my ideal match, Its hard to say at my age. honest, sincere, social, cutey.

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. all things considered, a good condition model - runs well, requires little maintenance and still looks in mint condition. cango up hill and handle back roads, but still good for a night out or a day at the beach

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. I have just moved to Vancouver to be near my kids and grandkids..lived many years in Southern United States..I live near downtown...I am looking for a great gal for a LTR...My friends would say I am easygoing and always have a positive attitude and a sense of humor.....I am a great cook (raised two boys)...I like to walk and ride my bike everyday....I believe age is in your mind and I feel much younger than my age and hope I can find a gal that feels the same..I like to golf when I can...I love to dance...great exercise.....I.enjoy the beach, ocean...I like swap meets, art galleries and long interesting conversations... l love the blues and rock and roll..I have done many things in my life but am not interested in the past...only the future....I am a romantic guy and want to find that special chemistry where we click on all levels....let's have a great summer

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. I am an intelligent, independent, perceptive man, with a dash of spontaneity and adventure in my character. My curiosity about life in general, extends to - arts & culture, issues (social, political & economic), religion, languages, travel, family and profession. I am divorced, with no children, but have lots of nieces & nephews and I sponsor an 11 year old in a developing country. Romance and affection flow naturally with the right woman. For me fitness means no smoking, as little alcohol as possible, light eating and walking, but not just the Seawall.
I am well educated. In youth I read literature; however, today most reading is in the finance area. Leisure activities include: creative writing, computers, software, volunteering, concerts, plays, sports events, and politics. I have lived in the US, England, Australia and have traveled in the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Europe.
My prioritized values (ethics, self-respect, intellect, etc) are strong and I am demanding of myself. I am goal oriented and set myself challenges. Personal and professional development is a strong motivator. I am an organized person, who pays attention to detail, thinks in a systematic way and who has good interpersonal skills.

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. I am a good looking Guy who loves to please you.My closest friends say iI would do anything to help anyone.I have done well in all sports.I laugh at anything funny and enjoy life very much. iI want to have a close relationship.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. walking through life i encountered ups and downs but you learn along the way thats what has made a stronger person. i would like to meet a lady i could relate with and is a excellent talker and enjoys just getting out being active. i love all animals and i sometimes take my little old dog for walk on the water front ,it is good for both of us plus witnessing couples holding hands and smiling as enjoying life , that is a beautiful sight and that brightens my day up thinking one day i will be there.

Date a soulmate from Canada. grampa/woodworker/.motorcyclist Prefer a quiet life
Like to help others if I can.
70/80s music or country. Like to watch documentries and good comedies. Science still fascinates me.
Like dark beers and cool mountain mornings.
Like to cook but hate cooking for one.

Meet men and women from Canada. Well travelled, open minded, independent but kind.
Health, Happiness and Humor most important. Like affection and sharing.
Enjoy Beach walks, cabin camping and romantic dinners. Seeking like minded.

Date people from Canada. someone would like to spend some quiet time together.and to go on a trip for the day if we arent working. i am told by my friends that i am easy going and easy to get along with anyone.someone i can get along with.

Meet single man from Canada. Carpe Diem !
Death twitches my ear. "Live," he says, "I am coming." ~Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro), Minor Poems, Copa
Seeing the humour in our mistakes reduces stress and allows challenges to have answers.
I have lived a full life with many detours and I admit they have made me who I am today.
I am healthy, enjoy being on my own but I realize there are many experiences in life I miss not having a loving partner with whom to share it. Romantic dinners, cuddling by the fireplace, special surprises are difficult to share with oneself. So I am on another adventure looking for that person.
I have set sail to seek a mate to share and explore those ports full of mystery and adventure.

Date a man from Canada. A creative life,looking for a partner that has a dynamic and exuberant view of the world,with a mature sense of humor and an inquisitiveness to want to work towards growing deeper into a more fulfilling and spritual life.

Meet someone special from Canada. I have moved to this part of Canada about a year back.Before that most of my life in Toronto.I really like the western part of this country which I did not know how beautyful this city is.I like to travel to other countries and enjoy the different cultures and enjoy the different living styles where food and their drinks.I like to chat about the current affairs.I can go on writing about myself but I think I will tell you every thing whatever you want to know.

. ask me later as I am not prepared to give information to some one I have not met or someone I cannot see. I prefer to stay reserved or there is not much to break the ice with.These types of questions come up anyways as common sense and normal interest to compatibility but I there are also many advantages also to not giving all info out

. hi.....newly retired, healthy, financially stable male.....looking to meet adventuresome female for friendship and more. I like to travel both near and far. Enjoy most outdoor activities....hoping that this perks up some interest

. Kind and gentle man looking for a woman who is
affectionate, lively and even tempered. Like
heavier set women who are not too tall. Am
sociable and like someone the same. Successful
in business and interested in many things, most
of all people's experiences