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Date people from British Columbia, Canada. I have been an executive all my life with little time for anything else. Time to change things. However, I do not compromise in my private life. I would never settle with someone I do not consider the very right one.
I have travelled hundreds of times throughout Western Europe, USA and Canada. I am back home after having lived in Europe for a number of years. For the time being, I live in Abbotsford, BC and I am in the magazines/newspapers publishing business. On Myers Briggs I am INTJ.
I am quiet, reserved and prefer to listen rather than talk. Simultaneously, I can be talkative, strong minded, and will almost never retreat from something I believe in. I have a sense of humour, I am honest and straightforward. Over the years I have developed my own philosophy and code of conduct in which I truly believe in.
I like Tennis, Skydiving, Skiing, Water Skiing, Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding, Listening to Classical Music or Pop, Movies, Opera, Concerts, ballet and selective poetry (My favourite is Richard Lovelace, particularly the one "to Locusta, Going to the Wars- I feel it represents me well) e.t.c..
Last, I speak four languages.
The woman I would feel close to should have the basics. Honesty, loyalty,self confidence, intelligence, independence, a good dose of sense of humour, good manners, refined, good taste, a true lady and above all to believe in herself.
I have a sense of humour, I am honest and never lie.
If someone lies to me outright, or cheats me, will lose me permanently as a friend. Over the years I have developed my own philosophy and code of conduct in which I truly believe in.
Last, I speak four languages English, French, Greek and Turkish. I would like to learn Japanese and Spanish.
The woman I would feel close to should have the basics. Honesty, loyalty, self confidence, intelligence, independence, a good dose of sense of humour, good manners, refined, good taste, a true lady, athletic minded and likes computers and dogs also very important - to believe in herself.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. I am an accomplished professional with diverse and flexible interests; very warm, communicative and inspirational. I invest fully in the woman I am with, and am a good �soul mate’. I really value equity, mutual respect, and a sense of �working together’.
My perspective on the world is still romantic and adventurous. Lived in New York, London, and Toronto for 25 years.
I am primarily interested in a woman who can share some of my current interests in the arts, music in particular. (My second career is as a newspaper columnist, reviewing concerts.) If she is also interested in art and modern design, even better. Love discussing all this stuff in an intellectual and creative way. If she is at least somewhat athletic and enjoys nature, even better still!
Very personable and comfortable in meeting others, and apparently can be very humorous and entertaining. Can be ultra-sophisticated or ultra-relaxed in style and dress. Fun-loving and playful most of the time. I will probably be an ideal companion for both arts and business functions.
Live in a very spacious, serene designer setting filled with artistic resources: a concert area seating 30; two sound systems, over 10,000 CD's and vinyl, and an art library. A grand piano may be coming!
Hopefully, an engaging package!
The Photos start from a standard (and possibly mundane) press photo, and then express my close relationship to architecture, grand concert halls, and finally my graduating students (my cat's response to some of the poorer ones is included). We then move to nature and adventure. The final shots show my courage in tracking down and photographing a potentially dangerous wild animal!

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. Athletic; enjoy good movies and long walks. Need exciting lady willing to explore new adventures. Must have a sense of humour; love to dance and likes romantic evenings. She needs to want to share all the joys of life.

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. IIhave already descrived myself in short in the previous section.A man shuld be honest and polite. Writen description not averything.SORY I have not too much writing experiance. Thank you.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am passionate about golf, My bucket list is to see live as many PGA tournaments a spossible
I love to meditate, and help people heal. I have been clean and sober for 16 years, do not like to be around drunks.
I am very healthy, have disbetes (under control). love to walk. Laugh a lot, love coedy, watch movies, watch golf on TV.
I am a volunteer with many organizations including Red Cross (Board) I am very spiritual and respect all religeons.
Born in Fiji came to Canad in 1970 via UK.I served in the British Forces and was an Officer with the Canadian Forces
English is my first language.know four more languages.
Love to dance, great at waltz, foxtrot, grat at jive (some latin)
Tyr and avoid negative people and negativity
I am told I am good looking (matter of opion-of course)
Love quiet times, love intimacy..
Have had an exciting and varied life.
I wouls like to meet a companion that definitely does NOT drink alcohol and smoke. If she is a golfer then great , however I cn teach her.
Love to travel, Fiji Auss, NZ my favorite destinations (have family in all these countries)
I am comfortable with females of all raeces and colour. We have one race and that is the HUMAN race.
I have a home and a car. Live near the skytrain by the Fraser River.
Dont like loud and bossy people.
I am grateful to be sober, spiritual and very alive.
My closest friends would describe me a kind, generous and an overall great guy
My greates accomplishmenta- there are many, but beating alcohol for over 15 years would be the greatest. Education is next, Got a Pid in education. Avionics Technologist, REME Interprovincial / Red Seal Electrical . Recently went back to Univercity and got licensed as aproperty manager. I am currently president of my Strata Corporation.
Being the representative in Canad for Fiji was an honour. Love democracy and fighting for the underpriviledged.
In companion I wouls look for health, kindness, laughter and similar likes to mine. I am not a tyrant, do not like arguments and am avery loving and king person.
I am financially ina good place-would like my new partner to ahve some resouces.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. i am honest and don't like playing games with people's feelings and i want to meet new people and make new friends who are like that too...
i enjoy spending time with my family ,, and friends and also enjoy going to the beach ,, doing some snorkling and walking, hiking and going for a niice long bike ride at the beach or the park and if everyone is too tired to go out then i'll just go,, cause nothing is going break up my stride ,, nobody is going to slow me down, ohh no!! i've got to keep on, love that song!! also i enjoy dancing, love all types of music, from salsa to hip hop ,, love that song by Drake called : find your love,, also the video is pretty good..

Date people from Canada. Starting life again and want to share it's wonders with someone eager to just let go. I have many hobbies gardening, photography, canoeing kayak discovering new experiences. Go to theater often and concerts or relaxing at home by the fire. Want to bring comfort to someone just be happy.

Meet single man from Canada. easy going and honest. looking for the same. one that feels just as comfortable in blue jeans and sweats as being dressed up. people say i'm nobody's fool (i know i'm not) and i guess it,s pretty hard to pull the wool over my eyes.Not into head games.

Date a man from Canada. i/m a trades person have bin in my trade for a period 40 year and hope to retire soon and enjoy life with someone that is astblished in her life with or without kids.i like to do some some boating and if you want to know more about me you have to send me a line.

Meet men and women from Canada. I am a quiet person, but that does not mean I do not like to talk. I can carry on conversation for hours and still feel there is a lot more to say when it's time to part. I was in computer career and like to play with computer and internet.
I play computer games occassionally, I am easy to get along, If there is no special event or no friends available, I'll stay home, read magazine or watch TV. I am looking for a woman who share the same interest and are not afraid to commit. I don't mind learning new thing and push new boundaries. I am comfortable about who I am and don't mind to be alone. Just feel that a mutual loving relationship would make life that much more enjoyable. I know that a email is not a marriage proposal, it's just a first step towards a friendship which may last for a very long time. or may even lead to marriage.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am a fair and understanding individual and believes everyone is created equal. I would like to have a relationship that is built on trust, faith and understanding. A relationship that would last long and be bigger than life itself. As I am a caring, loving and faithful person, I would be so gifted if she is passionate sharing the same attitude towards his man. thanksyeh rosalito

Meet someone special from Canada. I am a very giving person, And with running two businesses I am a very busy guy. I enjoy going to Auctions and buying and selling stuff and going to flea markets. I also enjoy going to movies and concerts and eating out. But most of all I enjoy spending time with the puppies that I sell.

. I am a good cook and like to entertain friends play cards and sip some good homemade wine. I could be called a bit of a clean freak I like my shirts ironed and the house clean. travel to warm places in the winter is a must at least for some part of the winter spending time at the lake in the summer is always nice

. I am a clean living person, don t drink or smoke, enjoys all sports both playing and watching, plus I enjoy the arts, concerts and also the outdoors especially during the summer months both in canada and also in asia..
As well I enjoy the winter sports such as bowling, ice skating, skiing and also walks in the snow

. My friend, Barry says....when people have met me they say.....that guy that was with you was really a nice guy" But then again, nice guys finish last ha ha
Best match woould be a lady that is happy to be at home with very , very little demands on her. she can do anything her little heart desires as long she is home to cook a decent meal and be ready to travel the world on a moments notice without whinning.