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Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I sum my personality as "WOW", (woman of worth)! My inner roots are plentiful of energies, heart and positive. I am a happy person, young at heart and happiest when it beats for others. I choose a life of grace (pleasing and thankful), a life of gratitude. I am not materialistic, very down to earth, and I wear a smile of confidence, warmth, playfulness, good listener, understanding and forgiving. I sum my character: with small dose of introvertive (shy but confident); senses, with thinking. Senses are practical, sensible and realistic; thinking is logically, analytical and reasonable. Respect for facts. I am motivated by wisdom and impelled by love. Others see me as calm, serious, orderly and value loyalty. I would be honoured to be a best friend there could be, a friend to laugh with and run after rainbows with, there may be this chemistry of a best felt times in my life.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. I'm a fun loving, caring person who loves live. i would like to share this with someone. My son and my grandchildren mean more to me than anythiing. i also come from a very large family (12) and i would do anything for any one of them if they needed my help.

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I enjoy having fun and a good laugh. Am able to laugh at myself. A sense of humor in a companion is a must. I respect other peoples feelings and would want someone who does the same.
I am good natured and easy to get a long with. I am not necessarily looking for a live in relationship. More looking for someone to have a good time with.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Youthful, intelligent, attractive and excited by life - a woman of substance. I appreciate a man who is fully engaged in the world around him, has a well developed sense of humour, is curious, articulate, committed to family and friends and likes to travel. It is important to me that the man I spend time with values honesty and integrity and has an open heart.
I have a busy and fulfilling life but I would also like a romantic connection with a good man. At this time, I would love to meet someone who also has a busy life and would enjoy dating primarily on the weekends. I am not opposed to developing a long term, committed relationship, I would just like to start at the beginning. Having some limited experience on this site I now understand that it is important to make that clear. I am not a high maintenance woman and I am not looking for someone to take care of me., although, I could really use a gym partner who would push me to work a little harder. I am more interested in how much character a man has than how much money he has in the bank. I would enjoy spending time with a man who is independent and self sufficient, has a variety of interests, a keen intellect, and likes to have fun. I have much to share with someone who is open to new experiences, likes to take care of himself and appreciates the many qualities that a mature, warm and evolved woman can bring to a relationship. There is still a lot of wonderful living to do.

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I'm happy to say I enjoy life, and I think, most people in my life enjoy me. Just wish I had that special someone.
Love the Switz Riviera in the Fall. Love Italy, Portugal, Hawaii, Mexico, well anywhere with water and mountains, a bonus.
I'm a fun lovin', but serious, adventurous, homebody, athletic, laidback, intelligent, with common sense, . . . are you confused?? OK, i have a rather flamboyant reputation, but based on practicality. I have my feet planted firmly on the ground, but I love to live in the moment. I have an upllifting personality with a zest for life. I am looking for a man, rather like me, to share my life with.
I spend my summers on my houseboat on the Okanagan Lake. Love the friendly, relaxed life style.
I would love to meet to a man who shares my zest for life, but based on practicality. I would that person to be Thee most important thing in my life, (not necessarily the Only thing). I would like for me to be the same for him.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am a positive outgoing lady who loves life to the fullest and all it has to offer. I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends and meeting new people.. I love my career and am trying to slow down however am having difficulty with that. I work with young children and find it very fulfilling towatch them grow emotionally and intellectually. I am however missing that special someone in my life to share special moments, walks on the beach, car travel,movies etc.and to share the rest of my life with. i genuinely look forward to exploring different avenues of life with that special someone.

Date people from Canada. loves cats and very friendly laughs and smiles alot
I am looking for a gentle person who enjoys animal and likes to laugh and smile. Loves country life and forest areas enjoy wildlife and walks. I have lived in Vancouver,BC, Langley, Lac La Hache.

Meet men and women from Canada. I am kind and non-judgmental and have a good sense of humour. I have a full life but miss male companionship. I like to dress up and go out to the theatre, symphony, jazz concerts/gigs. I enjoy playing bridge and "play at" golf, tennis. I enjoy travelling and would like to spend more time in Europe in particular. I enjoy cruises. Walks and conversation are good. I am semi-retired from teaching high school Biology and English. I read a lot and don't own a TV. I enjoy some movies but prefer live theatre. I would love to learn ballroom dancing. I enjoy cooking....I am vegetarian but eat a lot of fish.

Date someone special from Canada. I am a kind, loving down to earth and open minded woman. I am still fit and enjoy a variety of things, including; walking, camping - preferably in a camper...did my fair share of tenting. Going out for a nice dinner with a friend(s) and have a glass of fine wine! Cooking at home and eating together is something I enjoy. My house is my home and I pride myself in making it feel welcoming. Gardening, decorating and crafting are some of my hobbies. I'm not just a home body - I like to go out for a walk, drive or a concert or .... too many to name. My dog is a part of my life and I like to include her in some of my outdoor activities. I am an independent woman, but truly enjoy others company.
I am looking for an honest, fun loving partner that likes to share good times and can laugh at life! I am looking for companionship, but also want someone who is independent. .
If you feel we have something in common and think we could complement each others lives - send me a message

Meet a woman from Canada. I'm a widow for 5 years now and I want to move forward for my life. I've been married for 20 years but my husband past away for heart failure . I am looking for a men whom I will love with all my heart. The men I will spend the rest of my life, someone who knows how to respect her partner and who knows how to handle the relationship with her partner. I want a loving person who can go with me anywhere I go and have funs. I can share my life and emotion with him. I love to have a long drive to the country side or go for tour if he wants share with me. I want a long relationship if possible where there is love, passion, respect and romance. I am a fun loving and passionate person.I hope someone is there for me and I hope that our coming together would open door of blessing and affection in our lives.

. I enjoy spending time with friends, meeting new people, golfing and spending the winters in a sunny climate. I'm looking for a guy with similar interests to spend time together and enjoy life.
I'v been widowed for quite awhile, financially independent and looking to meet the right guy who also enjoys golfing, having fun and meeting new people.

. Life is an experience to be lived to the fullest. I am at a bend in the road of my life where I am ready to share new experiences with someone special.
I accept each day as a gift to be embraced. I am looking to share my life with someone who likes the simple things, likes to travel, enjoys animals, likes to drive and would enjoy travelling and discovering new places/cultures/etc.
I enjoy good health and bring no baggage to a relationship. I am looking for the same in a companion.

. Who am I - a sister, a mother, an aunt , a grandmother and I love each and every part of who I am. Still working as also love my career.
Like to laugh, smile and travel. I am looking for someone who enjoys travel, likes to dance and enjoys the finer things in life - good wine, great music and to be able to share what they have with someone in a caring fashion!

. I am a person that hates these sites as I feel I am selling myself and would rather tell the person face to face. But this is the only way to meet anyone.
I am a very affectionate person and I love my daughters and friends. I cook and bake as wellas sew quilts and other things.
I love to golf but am very lousy at it, but I try hard

. single, turning 60 feeling 40, have one child - does not live with me, love my grandkids, want to have fun, life is short and we only get one kick at the can - need to make the most of it, serious when need to be, good job and good ethics and morals