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Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. This is a new thing, a friend of mine was successful finding a partner and that encourages me, I like people who believe in honesty like myself. I would like to connect with a woman who enjoys life and family....I'm grateful for so much in life and what it offers, i am alone but certainly not lonely...big difference, it would be great to find someone to share life with!!

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. I am not a consumer or a materialist
I am a vegetarian
I follow the teachings of the Buddha
I love to travel the world and experience other cultures.
I delight in Nature
I have recently retired from teaching
I am hoping to find a friend to share interests and activities

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I'm a very caring, loving, happy, very honest and believe in only the truth. No games played from my side of searching. Not looking for a lady with tattoo's, or any mental issues or in a relationship with another man.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I'm just a laid back country boy, stuck in the city. I love nature and all that it has to offer, mountains, holding hands, stars, warm rain, gentle kisses, all things romantic. Hate conflict! like motorcycles, 4x4s, camping with comforts, swimming, fishing, bonfires, toasted marshmellows.

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. Personable, funny, looking for someone who enjoys a good laugh. I've travelled a lot and enjoy other cultures and food. Don't like politicians or overly religious people. Love hockey and baseball. Spend a lot time cooking.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. About me? My friends know me as a honest male, friendly, good listener, always helping other people, happy, optimistic, hard working (in engineering business), with good life attitudes.
Excellent health, no smoker, no drugs, always living healthy life, working hard to be in great shape (mental, physical) for all my life. I love people, children, animals, nature. Music was always part of my life, all kind of, classical, country, rock, easy listening, new age, I listen music daily home in my work from my iPad, iPod and other sources. I enjoy outdoor activities, camping, hiking, biking, traveling, discovering new places home and abroad as well.
In our first date I will tell you much more about me, honestly and positive way. I want to build love, intimacy, trust, honest enviroment between us where you and me will be unseparable couple in love. whould you like to be part of me?

Date someone special from Canada. I am a almost six foot tall blue eyed man looking for only the second woman in my life for the last 34 yrs. I have no experience "dating" wow, hard to believe I am typing this to whoever, lol. I do desire, as most men would, a nice, fairly smart, fairly pretty, fairly classy, I am getting tired of typing "fairly". lol. I prefer an "active" lady, and I am not talking about sports. A woman I can take out for fine dinners, holidays, resorts, whereever we feel like going. A woman, that likes to entertain people in our home, I do like that, versus meeting them all at a restaurant, I find it more interesting.

Meet people from Canada. Sometimes too serious.Funny things make me smile.and a good joke.told well.I am happy the way I have run my life. and the investments I have made.I am looking for that attractive well prepotioned lady, That is smart and witty.Who is a excellent dancer and can follow well. She would be self sufficient and likes to travel. Likes the water and Boats.enjoys most anything that is exciting. and yet sometimes just watch TV movies.

Date men and women from Canada. shy quiet works too much but Ienjoy the work and it has to be done.enjoy my alone time but I get a lot of that at work looking for companionship travel partner friend preferably long term but where does one start. the world has changed since I last dated and I am having trouble catching up.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I never know what to say or write when I'm asked what I'm looking for in another person. I guess my best answer so far is I'll know when I meet that person. I know that sounds vague - but I really don't know exactly what characteristics another person needs to have to be compatible with me. As Popeye said, "I am who I am!".

Date a man from Canada. funny, loving, honest, caring, creative guy seeks same and more in a wise & playful companion
to share quiet evenings, great food, music, books, and the outdoors. curious about the mystery
of the multiverse. enjoy small pleasures, big ideas, small gestures, largesse.

Meet single man from Canada. Hi; a new year has started, time to start enjoying life. I am a single man (never married) wirh eclectic tastes looking for a friend, lover and companion. Some of my interests are travel, walking, bike riding, history, trying interesting restaurants and reading. I am contemplating taking early retirement in a few years; looking for someone to share the adventure.Looking to meet some one who likes adventures and is perhaps a little be crazy. Someone who is fun to be with; yet can enjoy quiet times.

. my closes closses friends say that i am happy and go lucky a nice woman always makes me happy my social life is not good i am looking for a woman that will like some of the things that i like doing together i now manage the port renfrew marina but it is only four months long in the summer i am most passionate about having a nice woman to love and be able to live for the rest of my life

. I am a positive and open minded person who believes in the Golden Rule. Would like to meet someone who thinks along the same line. I enjoy playing sports. It helps keep you fit and you meet nice people as well.

. Who am I? Do I know?
I think I am:
hard working
I like to
play golf, visit with my family, walk with my dog,
have alone time, travel to warm places.
I am self employed and so am able to set my own hours. I am on the quieter side rather than the party side but still very much enjoy social gatherings.