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Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. Outgoing,easygoing, friendly. Love dogs and most other animals. Would love to take my motorcycle and tour the USA and Canada with someone on my bike or one of her own. Would like to take things slow and easy first. If thing progress so be it.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. From the descriptions I've read on this site everybody has an abundance of great qualities or they have been told they have. This will depress many psychiatrists. I'm a middle aged man and not ready for a rocking chair on the porch. I do certain things very well other things very poorly. I try not to hurt people and be supportive. In terms of values and opinions I would not be mainstream. I try and do what is right and really don't care what others think (that could make me sound like a criminal I'm not).

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. my frends describe me as funny kind and given person i am looking for someone kind and given given for me makes me smile social life is very busy and i love my kids and my five grand kids i also like to valantire my time a lot

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. My motto of life is to live and let live! We are all human and need our space to grow, and that is especially important in any relationship? I am very easy going and if anything may be a fault. Also I have a great sense of humour, if you cant laugh at your selve or events it ant worth living? My real calling in life is art and never went down that road but never too late. Chow....

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. My optimum match would be an attractive woman at or near retirement who likes the outdoors and likes to play golf. If not a golfer then understands my need to waste my life on the course! Want someone who wants to enjoy life and not sweat the small stuff-someone who knows how to nurture and strengthen a relationship.

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. I would describe myself as very down to earth, sensitive caring kind of guy. I like to eat healthy and exercise daily so I can enjoy life to the fullest. I am looking for someone similar to share my life with.

Date single man from Canada. Well what to say
I could tell all my good and bad habits can't chance them [that me] so why try!!!!
You can't put a round peg. Into a square hole.
why try, If we meet and you like me then you can take me home
If you don't like my humour I'm sorry noone is prepect
And my dislike are Greenpeppers liars degrading humour [were people call down other]
I'm lay back not to much get me mad
but I'm out spoken If I don't like it I say something about it
If it important

Meet a woman from Canada. Subjective questions are always the toughest for me. Basically I'm tired of doing everything alone. I believe an appropriate partner would make live richer. Shared sorrow is mollified, shared joy is enhanced. Please be smart, innovative, funny, motivated, and HAPPY.

Date men and women from Canada. I am very difficult and demanding, I need to be saved by a heroic man who is also willing to financially support me. I hope you like kids because I have lots. I also have about 20 cats and 3 pet ferrets. They don't smell as bad as you think.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I've been told that I'm warm hearted, kind (almost to a fault) and have a great sense of humor.
I love rock and roll, country rock, and some of the older music (like the Rat Pack era).
I enjoy travelling, and it would be great to do it with someone who enjoys meeting people of different cultures.
It's sometimes to just drive somewhere to just see the sights in your own back yard.
Sometimes I like to just stay home, cook, watch a movie and just veggie out. I do enjoy going out for dinner at times.
I like playing card games
If you have any other question just let me know.
I would like to meet someone who is financially sound, kind, good sense of humor and warm hearted with patience.

. I love life and am always looking for different ways to experience it fully. I enjoy music, dancing, cooking, reading, working out, yoga, walking, hiking, live theatre, movies, hanging out wtih friends, travelling, helping others, being with family and friends.
I am proud of my children, and of what I did in my profession in the past.
I am looking for someone to be my passion, and me theirs. I want to laugh with you, share the simple joys of life with you, be friends, get to know your friends and family and you mine. I am a compassionate, kind, loving and passionate person and I hope I can find that in you. I know and appreciate that there is " a crack in everything and that's how the light gets in".
UPDATED: What is it with some men in their 60's, do they all think that all women in their age group are old and decrepid? I have seen so many men now in their 60's requesting women in their 40's and 50's, or up to 60 but not beyond. Do you know men that there are lots of women out there, like me, who are healthy, in good shape, fun to be with, and sexy?

. My outgoing, friendly, smiling personality gets me into interesting situations. With my recent move to Penticton, I am serious about sharing the next adventure wine tasting, touring, exploring, creating a garden, laughing, cooking together, renovating or designing a home project. I am very creative and enjoy trying new things, foods, places and people. I am passionate and also compassionate. Honesty and respect are important to me. I am grateful to have a wonderful daughter who makes me proud to be a mother and best friend. My friends and co-workers would say my positive energy makes a difference in their lives.

. I have a gypsy soul and am at home wherever I land. My friends would say I am determined, generous, loyal, strong, funny. I love sand, sea and palm trees. I am passionate about animal welfare. I am non-judgmental. I am fortunate to have some very good friends and am very easy to be around. I don't make demands and am grateful for whatever comes my way. I try to live every day as if it were my last. I see humour everywhere - some things are just funnier than others. I am looking for someone who might appreciate these traits.

. i love to travel whether overseas or within canada,
its all good! i have always worked in the public so
i enjoy talking to people. I would like to meet a fellow who is lots of fun. My social life is going for coffee with girlfriends, going to movies. a good joke makes me laugh. keeping the environment green and clean i am most passionate about.

. I am grateful for everyday and what it holds! Even a bad golf game is better than no golf game! I enjoy time with family and friends! I am looking for someone to share short road trips, extended winters in a sunny place!