Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia, 65 year old

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I enjoy walks in the forest and along sandy beaches. I haven't traveled far and I would like to venture to the other side of the world. I have worked for as long as I can remember in many trades and have great pride in the accomplishments in that journey. I don't drink or smoke as I have great concern for my health.
It would be so nice to know a special someone who is able to share her passions as I would indeed share mine.

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. A great relationship starts with a good friendship first,kindness ,openness,fairness in life ,humour & lightness in spirit all count in what I want/require in a relationship. At 64 I've done all the silly stuff in life now I just want to have fun with what time is left (A big bunch ..I hope)......CHEERS..

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. All successful relationships start with a first date. The following in my relationship bio, if you like what you see and read please RSVP and I'll take it from there.
"I've tried the romantic approach, the humorous approach and the open approach and I'm still looking for a partner, I'm fast running out of approaches.
What I like: would rather be out kayaking than sitting at home, would rather be out sailing than sitting at home, would rather be out cycling or hiking than sitting at home. Would rather read a good book than watch TV, would rather listen to Baroque, classical or smooth jazz than head banging stations. I would rather be wearing a reflective vest and hard hat than sitting at my computer - see backstage photo!
I enjoy traveling and plan on doing more with my future partner. In the past four years I've been to Australia (twice) the Netherlands, Egypt and Israel and a couple of weeks in Oregon.
My friends would describe me as honest and caring, my daughter would describe me as a great dad and her friends would describe me as being "cool" (as a parent that's one great compliment) I'd like to meet someone whose friends would also consider them to be honest and caring and if your children's friends consider you to be "cool" that's a bonus. I have a little baggage as do we all but nothing that can be considered a show stopper.
I'm romantic so if you're the one you'll never be without flowers, a romantic note and you'll never starve for affection.
A favorite quote of mine "one day someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else".
I'm looking for that someone.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Who am I?
I am true gentleman who loves being with people and putting a smile on there faces. I am a man of my word. I am non judgemental and most people that are around me find they can totally be themselves. I like to enjoy the simple things in life while living life passionately to its full capacity. I am joyful man who likes to have fun, I am confident, respectful and most importantly a good listener who likes to communicate.
I am healthy and a well balanced man who enjoys eating good quality natural foods. I really enjoy cooking a great meal together while listening to music playing in the background and if the music calls for it we might break into dancing. With that being said dancing is delightful. I truly enjoy dancing as a couple especially to good old blues/ rock n' roll or given the chance a nice waltz is like skating on clouds with wonderful ease and happiness. I also enjoy hiking and walking along the beach in general being close to nature is peaceful and rejuvenating.
What I am looking for?
I am looking for a joyful, confident and freely expressive woman who has a positive outlook on life. One thing that is really important to me is having fun and accepting each other for who we are and who we are not for this makes for a loving, successful relationship. I am truly looking for my best friend and partner, someone that I can adore and admire and be loved and respected in return.
If this is something you would like to explore further please contact me and we can take it from there. Thank you for you time, take care!D

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. Friends would describe me as outgoing, friendly, generous, empathetic for those in need and an outdoor enthusiast who stays in shape. For the past 30 years in BC I have had a very active the outdoors, in both work and play and, have traveled extensively in the province. I've kayaked many places in the inside passage and in the Queen Charlottes (Haida Gwaii). as well as the Yukon and Stikine rivers, the Bowron Lake loop, Myrtle Lake, etc. I have traveled in Central America with a backpack staying with families (not a four star hotel kinda guy), Ecuador, (incl. the Galapagos), Brazil, and last summer to Sweden and Norway for a month. My favorite might be Cuba....4 times and want to go back before the embargo is lifted. What I have always been struck by in all the developing Spanish speaking countries I have visited is the importance of 'f'amily' and the gentle nature of their social interactions (for the most part)....very sweet, caring people by-in-large. I hope to continue exploring BC, the Yukon and many overseas places and sharing these adventures with someone of similar mind, philosophies and curiousity.
Nearly all persons on this site of midlife age or more have had one or more 'difficult' relationships (at least from my 'surmizing') and hopefully have learned that it really is about learning to love oneself first if we are to have a lasting, loving, satisfying relationship with another person. I have been down this path a couple of times and have learned a lot each time. I'm ready to apply what I've learned about myself and share the rest of my life with a woman who is secure in herself as well. Personal honesty, high integrity and empathy for all creatures, human and non-human are at the top of my list for a partner....a love and appreciation of life in all its forms. I want to start as friends sharing small and large adventures and the day to day pleasures and see where it goes. Living in the moment is becoming part of my life strategy as well.....the moment is what we can really count on.....don't miss it!

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. gentle, humble, athletic, emotionally available, financially secure, intelligent, generous, respect women, affectionate, likes children, likes concerts, movies, good sense of humour, hard working, happy with pda

Date someone special from Canada. social,sincere,striving constantly for inner honesty,realistic self evaluation and understanding.Being an Aries am a total committment type.When I go into something I jump in with both feet and go whole hog.Have tended to be a workaholic ,an extreme which I am striving to restrict to a much more reasonable balance.Love a positive,jovial attitude to life,there is always an upside to every circumstance and situation.When tough things come my way I find the best reaction to be " Ooh Joy,now just what am I going to do with this one?"Most passionate about sharing.We live this life to learn and grow.This is best done with open exchange and sharing.I am also an avid cuddler./

Meet a man from Canada. I am a very young at heart male, look and act much younger then my age; i am outgoing, social and surround myself with family and friends and am particularly proud of my two children and the contribution i made in raising them into fine young adults...i enjoy fine wine, good scotch and the odd cigar and love to entertain. My friends would describe me thoughtful, generous and caring, as well as a good listener; i am grateful for my health, family and friends. At this stage in my life, i am looking for something meaningful; a best friend; i have checked my baggage sometime back and have exchanged it for compassion, wisdom, tolerance and a warm smile. In the past three years i have spent quality time with family, friends and my children; i am very comfortable in my own skin; have a clear understanding of who i am and what strengths i bring to a partnership. There is joy in a simple walk, reading the morning paper with coffee and a glance! I desire a best friend who can speak from the heart and communicate from a place of self-awareness. My partner would mirror some of my other traits; romantic, affectionate, attentive, kind, giving,compassionate, and generally intuitive!

Date men and women from Canada. I worked 32 years for one company, it was a good job, but I was quite happy to retire. I laugh at the darndest things, I hope that it"s just a good sense of humor. I would like a woman that is easy going, but if she is takative it would probably be a good thing. I like to hold hands.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Good evening, I chose my handle conniecactus because i liked the name ; i have a cactus, but if i could change it,
i would use [ newislander ] but i can't get through to ,
Well here goes !! i am 6ft tall , fair hair with a hint of silver, blue eyes [both] trim /slim, ; fit , about 168 lbs [wet] late 60s ,
i can dance but not sing very well, i do a lot of walking ; hike about twice a week,
Iv been known to be funny [very]
laugh with //// not at,,,,
Im doing all I can to figure out a way to cut ; paste my pictures but Im working at that, lets hope In a day or two, it will be done,
I can here some out there giggling all ready , So its not only singing im hopeless at, [ LOL ] all you want I dont mind ,
I CAN be a creative cook/chef ; willing to learn more,
I`m very happy about my health , joy of exploring around B/C , I`m hoping to find a 'friend' to explore with , share the ins ; out of camera know how, stuff like that, We don`t have to be mirrored alike , but enjoy ; share the moments ,,,,, WOW guy saying share ,,,, [[[ YEP ]]]
Accomplishments !! Well i only had one work trade , my hole working life , it was a kind of passion that still excites me still,
Although retired I find i`m as busy as ever [tis fun to]

Thanks for listening , Opps I mean reading , OO [ie] over out,

Date people from Canada. positiff thinking, strong phisicaly and mentaly helt, working a lot but have time for fan, for walking to the beach ,se a movie , listen a concert.
July ,August is my favorites monts,
Be with me , nobady like to be alone, to lisen and to talk, so many think can be down togheter..

Meet single man from Canada. I'm a relaxed family man who enjoys the simple things in life. I have seen much of this world, and am planning to see the rest.
I have 3 great kids who are grown and are working on families of their own. I couldn't be more proud of them, but I'm looking for someone to share in all that having them out of the house allows!
I have a fantastic network of friends who I see often, but I've been missing a dance partner when it comes to the social side of things.
I am semi-retired, meaning that I still work but only when I want or need to. I have been doing what I do for a long time, and it's allowed me to raise my family comfortably in a fantastic neighborhood that I still live in.
I would ideally like to find someone who would be my partner in crime when we travel, enjoys a casual day in the sun, or simply loves to cook with me and relax around the house. She should be relaxed but outgoing, active, funny, loves to travel, and a genuine person.
My passion rests with my family, and even though the kids are grown and moved away, we remain exceptionally close and talk often. This is important to me, so meeting someone who understands this is important to me as well.
I believe I'm a good, kind hearted and generous man. I also feel as though I'm patient, funny, loving and understanding, and I am lookign for someone who shares these traits. But most of all, I'm just looking for a fun, friendly gal who's up for anything!

. I am a committed Christian with a love of the outdoors. Serious about life but I enjoy simple pleasures. I enjoy open political discussion but I am a strong conservative.
I am close to retirement but I more think of 'retreading' into some meaningful community oriented fruitful activity while at the same time enjoying regular relationships with a small group of like minded people.
I enjoy "mystery trips" where only one person in the group knows where your are all going.
I enjoy 'slow food' get togethers where we all get together, shop for food and then cook and eat together.
I am Ok with a hammer, screwdriver, wrench and power tools.
I am OK with computers and would like to re-develope some art skills.
As this is a tryout I am mainly interested in finding someone to might share similar interests which would consist of hiking, camping (backpacking,) road cycling, art, design, blues music, cooking,

. I am a musical fellow. Love to play and sing. Was influenced with the good old rock and roll. I am a romantic fellow, looking for my soul mate. The lady I adore. The faithful one who loves me with tender passion all the time.
Honesty and sincerity are important to me. Inward beauty is every bit as important as the outward appearance. I am creative. I was made in the image of the great Creator. I love God. But I find institutions hard to attend. I am a christian who can't cumber myself with a denomination. Music flows from my soul. Spirituals and romantic songs are born within me. One day I will release them, so the world can hear.
I used to wander through the woods, awe struck by the beauty of nature. the wrens would sing fabulous musical passages to me there. I was a woodsman for most of my working life. Always had very physically demanding jobs. It kept my body lean and strong. My lady must be a warm caring and affectionate person. One who will help me on my musical journey.
I view this life in this world as a school of learning. we are all just passing through here. When the educational trip is over, we graduate from the materialistic dimension into the spiritual dimension. And while we are here, we all decide for ourselves and choose what color our spirit will be, whether it will be bright as the light, or black as the ace of spades, or any other color in between.
I was aviated. I used to fly. I had a little hang glider airplane that put me up there in the sky. It was a tremendous thrill to feel my wings in the wind.
Sometimes I jam with the other music heads. We form a circle, and the music goes round and round. We sing bluegrass, country, good old rock and roll, and spirituals. One of my favorites was a spiritual called I'll fly away.

. I have a sence of homour a bit dry sometime, like to laugh even at myself when i do something stupid live is to short to walk around mad and i don't believe in going to bed or getting up mad.Enjoy good home cooked meals and don't mind helping, going out for a meal now and then is alright , the food just isn't the same Like someone that looks after herself and a bit independent, has her own things to do but enjoys doing things together