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Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. I am an Artist, Humanitarian Relief Worker, owner of a Home Improvement Business in Vancouver, Canada. I'm of average physique, 5'11", 165 lbs. / blonde hair, green-blue eyes.
I Love the Arts, Music, skiing, skating, volleyball, hockey etc. and social dancing, all with a good sense of humour. Some say I look like Indianna Jones, (Ha!Ha!) not knock out handsome but I clean up just fine in a suit and love to finish a week of good work with dinner and dancing with a Lovely Lady, preferably to a live band at a restaurant with intimate ambiance and a some class,(but not snobby.)
I would Love to meet a warm, affectionate, attractive, sensitive, intelligent, altruistic, humanitarian Lady, of strong character, who has no problem using some of our resources to help people less fortunate, in the developing world. All races appreciated, with interest in creating a life full of Love and Fun. A Lady who appreciates International Cultures and Travel.
I Love Family Life, both mine and others. As an Artist I am sensitive to people and relationships and avoid boring, tough, insensitive people and places. I really respect and appreciate people if they endeavour to make and keep a healthy, dynamic, Loving relationship.
Included in this Biography are photos of some of my Fine Art pencil studies from my Artist Life in The South Pacific, in The Kingdom of Tonga, 1980-85, where I established a Graphic Design and Textile Printing Enterprise. I built an open air studio on the beach next to my house. Designed and printed the Team Tonga Athletic Logo and Uniform for the South Pacific Games. Those were heady times and later I returned to work with Refugees in Latin America and Africa until 1996. Throughout my Artistic Life, I have completed Sculpture and Painting Commissions, Produced and Directed Art Events and Happenings on the main streets downtown in Victoria and Vancouver , Canada (These made the front page Newspapers) and my Art Story was broadcast on Canadian national TV news in previous years. I have written and illustrated animated films through Canada Council Grants and shown my work in Galleries in Canada, Africa and Polynesia.
My "Ideal Lady"appreciates and works with or would like to work with people less fortunate in a humanitarian capacity. I imagine us semi- retiring in a warm country in reasonable comfort, and helping that local community ( partime) by teaching English and International Cultural Concerns and / or other life and job skills. I know this would be fulfilling for us and the people we would help.
I avoid war or killing unless someone tried to harm my family, Loved Ones or myself. I know from experience in times of danger, that I am couragious.
Ideally we would build a positive life together which would naturally produce wealth, both culturally enriching and financial. I would like very much to build us two homes; One in a warm water setting for Oct to April i.e. Latin America? Polynesia other? and one probably in Vancouver, Canada (or West Coast) for the Summer months.
I like President Obama and his wife Michele, A refreshing change.
May I make friends with and then come to Love the Lady and her life as we begin to know each other.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. I am a quiet, gentle-natured man and someone who likes reading, learning new things (I am currently studying Spanish), exploring around BC and Canada as well as travel abroad. I like the outdoors but I also enjoy being inside with someone I care for, cooking for or with them, sharing a drink while discussing a book, or cuddling up to watch a movie together. I'm financially secure and am positive about who and what I am (I know my strengths and weaknesses), enjoy what I am presently doing but am willing to try new things. I have a lot of passion for the causes and people that are important to me, I would like to meet a woman who appreciates such qualities and shares some of my passions.

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I am apx: 6 feet tall average weight healthy with no baggage and love life , Would like to meet that special lady from fourty to fifty
must be a non smoker and who can take care of her self, is confident, honest, sexy,and fun. Loves to travel and enterain, is somewhat financially secure with very little baggage, one who can leave the past behind and look forward to what tomorrow will bring, within a reasonable distance from Maui, or could be as much as a eight hour flight away.
There are many more things I could say about myself and what I am looking for in a woman but I would rather talk about that when we make that connection.
I am sure when we meet and have a connection we both will think of more fun things to talk about and like to do.
I have been told by quite a lot of my friends that I could be a pretty good catch, and feel that this is the right time for me to meet share and enjoy the company of one fun loving beautiful woman
I know you are out there some where and I hope to meet you real soon.
Now I have done my part, now come rescue me from this single life . ha ha.
All the best to all of you looking for that special person to share your life with, Isn't that what life is all about to be with someone to love, share, and to be there for each other at all times.
Now let's see if this has the magic to help us find who we are all really looking for.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. I am interested in a person who is intelligent, playful and positive. I really do like women who are either slender or athletic, and I'm not attracted to someone overweight. I'm more than willing to allow a partner "space", and hope to receive the same treatment in return. I am caring and sensitive and treat a partner with respect, and again, would want the same.

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. Interested in everything. Finding someone to travel with is ideal. Love exploring, slow dancing, occasional shiraz, good food of almost any variety. I am reasonably intelligent and not prone to make mistakes because I didn't think things through. Reviewing critical events in life has enabled me to have a fairly realistic view of myself. Menatl companionship is just as important as the physical kind.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am an honest, upfront,loyal,down to earth,openminded and passionate person, not afraid to show what is on the inside, mainly because most of the fears are gone. The barriers only are there to protect oneself from the baggage that is being carried around. Intuitive, intelligent and like to deal with issues before they become problems. I enjoy anything that can be done outside, including camping, gardening and landscaping. That doesn't preclude making romantic gourmet dinners, especially on the weekend.I would like to meet someone with the qualities I admire in myself and the company that I keep. That person values integrity, honesty, trust and has a willingness to communicate. Has a good sense of humour and able to laugh with others as well as at herself. Knows the meaning of intimacy and is not afraid to show it in whatever form it is. Willing to be my best friend and lover. Knowing that it will be returned in kind.

Date a man from Canada. I would say I'm very into my spiritual culture which may be why I like to be outside with nature expereincing the language of the water, birds and hearing the noises of nature. I'd like to date someone who would take an interest in these things, maybe a nice quiet picnic on some quiet secluded beach. I like watching local sports, the home teams, fastball mostly. I would like to take someone to the top of the mountain and look at distant mountain tops.

Meet people from Canada. I'm easy going and easy to get along with,I hope.I'm told I'm dependable,somewhat interesting,reliable..I don't know where to go with this....I try to be ethical and at the expense of over simplifying things,believe in treating people the way I would like to be treated.

Date someone special from Canada. I'm 5'5" with an average body. My friends say I'm an easy going type of person. Good listener and always try to be there for them. I think I am sometimes vary quiet and shy and don't like to stand out. I enjoy woodworking as a hobby. Like dancing, and sometimes get enough nerve to do Kareoke. Drop me a line, and lets see what developes.My ideal match would be someone who enjoys similar interests as I do, like dancing some outdoor things, enjoy life in general.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I have also been told that I am a risk taker....not extreme sports, though. I look forward to getting together with anyone who continues to be amazed by the wonder of the world and life, loves trivia and all kinds of tripe, is still awed by nature's wonders and beautiful music...or share with me your heart's desires. Someone who understands the delicate balance of conversation so that both parties feel heard; all the other stuff is window dressing that we can gradually and gracefully disclose. You could be anyone--I am limited only by my imagination. I become small and confined in terms of describing the unique human being whom I would hope to meet. I know that I am open to meeting you as though we met at a friend's house, in a coffee shop, or as a man in the next seat to me on an airplane. I would be charmed I'm sure if any of these scenarios were our meeting place but that is not the case. If any of this resonates with you, please drop me a line.

. I have been separated for two years after a long term marriage and am currently working on a divorce. I am looking for a travel partner and 'new best friend'. Winters for the past 4-5 years have been spent in Arizona, love the sunshine! Photography has been a hobby of mine for the past 20 years, and of course, these days, computers go hand-in-hand. 'Dating' at this stage of my life scares me, however, it is probably the only way to find what I am looking for. I am a little shy in a large group of people until I get to know them. I am an honest, caring individual with a sense of humour. I have many friends and am fairly outgoing. I have worked most of my life with my last job being self-employed as a bookkeeper/computer consultant. I am looking for someone to share the remainder of my time here on earth, a caring, respectful and trustworthy individual. Cycling and walking are my main forms of exercise at present, but i would like to try golf in future.
I have traveled the world somewhat, seeing Australia, new Zealand, Japan, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Germany, England, Ireland, France, etc. love Europe, off-beaten tracks, seeing how people live in other parts of the world. Would love to see Cuba and maybe parts of S. America.
My two kids (now in their 40's) are both successful individuals and I am proud of each. Family is important to me, but since separating have not been home for Christmas, spending it with new friends in Arizona. Although I own my place I live in, if I found the right individual I could relocate.
If you think I am what you are looking for, would love to hear from you.

. I am alive, vivacious, and enjoy exploring and travel. I will not be but down, I am looking for a partner who wants to see this planet. I love life. I love hiking, exploring and being a part of this world. Come join me in a great adventue.

. My friends describe me as a friend who they can trust fully.... I love to make fun of myself ...I am a writer and a painter too ....I become proud of myself as soon as I do or learn something new in my life ...I am so grateful for every single thing that I do it myself and independently ....I love to experience life the way I haven't experienced it yet... so i love to attract a person who shows me how to live my life differently ...I love going to movies, walking, dinning ,reading books sharing my thoughts with and listening to his too relationship I am looking for honestly .. I am so passionate about living the life fully!

. I am finally ready to have that very special man come into my life. A man who is masculine but tender, strong but soft, and who understands the meaning of interdependence. My ideal relationship is to be joined at the heart but not joined at the hip. I love close time together but need some space to be the individual that really am. I am financially and emotionally independent and would love to find those qualities in that spcial man. He will be nurturing, but not controlling; very bright but not an intellectual snob; educated (in some way) and sophisticated but humble; socially liberal, but financially conservative; loving, sexy, and oh so interesting....
As for me... first, my age. I am told constantly that I look and act more like a person 10 to 15 years younger than I really am. I am very healthy and pretty fit. I had a hard time deciding which body type to choose from the list because I am athletic and work at the toned part, but I also have curves. Of course, they are all in the right places..(lol).
I had a very rewarding career in the helping professions but was able to retire 5 years ago and then pursue my dream of living on Vancouver Island.
I have good sense of humour that can lean toward the irreverant at times, and I truly am able to laugh at myself. I hope that you can as well.
In years past, I was an avid horsewoman and tennis player. Note that I said "avid" , which is not the same as "accomplished." I stopped riding when my beloved horse got too old to carry a passenger. After he died in 2006, I never had the heart to get another horse. The same is true of my dog who died 2 1/2 years ago. I still play a little tennis, and golf - sort of. Let's just say that I have clubs and I am a good sport who would not delay you on the course.
Politically, I would describe myself as a social liberal and a fiscal conservative.
I am a spiritual person, but not particularly religious and have no affiliation to any organized religion.
I have tried to download a photo without much luck as yet, but I continue to work on it.

. I am a confident, caring, honest, romantic, open minded and down to earth woman with a sense of humour. I am looking for similar qualities in a man. I am comfortable in blue jeans or an evening dress. I believe a relationship is give and take but never measured because it shouldn't be.
I am a CFL fan, I also enjoy the NFL and golf. I love music (except Rap and Opera), walking, dancing, dinner-movies-concerts with friends and especially candlelight dinners, walking on the beach or cuddling in front of the fireplace with that special man in my life. So if you think we might have something in common let's chat or we'll never know.
To me my partner is my best friend, my lover whom I trust, love and look up to more than anyone else in my world. It would it include a sense of humour, fitness, confidence, romantic, emotional balance .... and whatever else you bring to the table.