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Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. This is difficult for me as I have never done this before and did not ever think that I would. I love my life but there definately are times when it would be more fun and satisfying to have someone to share it with. Ideally I will find someone who shares my love of animals, nature, is environmentally aware and responsible, is keen to travel, is interesting and interested in life, loves a good discussion and enjoys a great cup of coffee!

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. My friends would describe me as very loyal and caring person. My grandchildren can always make me laugh
i so enjoy their honesty and their spin on life.,
I hope to meet a sincere easy going man who enjoys travelling, exploring museums in new places, outdoor theater. Outdoor/ indoor musical concerts. Enjoy all music except rap and heavy metal.. I am seen Bryan Adams. Jane Arden, and a couple others. Missed the Righteous brothers but have a good list going who I want to hear.
Love going to open markets gives you a feel for the place your in.
Would like to meet someone who likes to cook. Experience different tastes.
Would like to meet over coffee or just a walk to get to see where we want to go with it if it is a mutual liking .

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. EMAILS ONLY. I DO NOT RESPOND TO WINKS.
Attraction may start a relationship but LOYALTY, TRUST, definitly COMMON INTERESTS are what maintains it. If you are ready to start the rest of your life, so am I.
Fitness and good health are primary for me. I am very young physically and mentally. Happy and witty, outgoing and affectionate girl/lady with a youthful attitude and laughter in her heart, known for her integrity, honesty, good values and morals. Being unpretentious and non-materialistic, I am very frugal and the simpler things in life are enjoyable to me.
My 2 sons are successful adults, married to great gals and have blessed me with 4 grandsons. I have a very high regard for family and friends and occasionally love entertaining them over good food/good wine.
MY EDUCATION: High School, 2 years Business Administration College and 3 years University. I took early retirement and enjoy every moment. I was very fortunate to have the opportunities of traveling extensively over my life having lived on 2 continents and traveled to 3 continents with visits to more than 29 countries. Paris was my home for a few years. It was so great to have had those opportunities and to learn so much of other cultures.
Being on or by water is a favorite. There is nothing like the outdoors and nature in any seasons. Music starts/ends my day as I enjoy soft jazz, 50s60s, some country and other types of music. If you like GARDENING that would be great but not a necessity.
I would like to meet a fit gentleman who has similar interests and inspirations. It is important to take the time to enjoy life and all its adventures. A beautiful smile, stimulating intelligent conversation, the closeness of a warm and loving man, considerate and thoughtful, holding hands, hugs, that certain look will make my heart beat. You don't need me to complete you, but you know we are better when we are together. You don’t have to live in my pocket nor I in yours. It is OK to need a little space for ourselves. We can call it “YOU time, ME time and US time”.
I'm looking for a life long partner, companion, my friend and a good lover who will take pride in me as I in him. You love to laugh, remembering that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest and with the right person any activity can be enjoyable. You are a sincere gentleman with some recent photos on your profile, at least 5'8" tall, 60 to 70, healthy in body and mind, on the LEANER side, have good self esteem and live life with integrity. You are warm and affectionate, flexible and considerate, non controling, loyal and the one who will make me laugh. I would like to be with the one who is able to listen with his heart and his head, that gentle someone who is kind, caring and enjoys holding hands and is not hesitant about appropriate public displays of affection and have a good sense of humour.. You carry little baggage, are emotionally and financially happy with yourself as I am.

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I like the llittle moments in life . I want be able to wake up each morning and be happy I have a partner who can share these moments with me .
i have no time for people who are down on themselves or others. Leave all baggage behind you . Seize The Day and make the best of it . Won't tolerate moods or the deep freeze. If you have something to say do so and get on with it .
My partner will have to be Honest Kind tolerant,open minded passionate and have known a woman well enough to know that not all love is restricted to the bedroom. His love making has to be totally free and knowledgeable about a woman's body. I'm not about to teach. you .

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. I have recently moved to the Okanagan from Saskatoon. So far it is great, but it would be nice to have someone to explore the area with. I am out-going and meeting very nice people but would like a special someone. If you are looking for a caring, genuine, honest lady it could be me. Like to spoil those I love, but need that reciprocated. Fighting or hostility in a relationship is a waste of time.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Discribing yourself is not easy.My friends would say I was private,dependable,honest,dry sense of humour and do not like people who judge others,who areunkind,dishonestand self centered.I think I would say that too. Right now Im gratefull for every day, its a gift .I would really like to learn how to dance better,to travel more esp on P.E.I.and surrounding areas and to have someone to share it all with. Someone who is a partner, who shares in everything,including cooking(not my favorite thing) and is on a spiritual path.Im slow at making friends and talking to new people,but once I know you look out!

Date someone special from Canada. My life has been very full with diverse experiences and adventures and now, almost into retirement (I sure like the Spanish word, 'jubilado') I intend to continue that way. At this moment I have a more spiritual context to swim in since I am taking the time to slow down and appreciate. Sometimes it's a challenge to arrive there each day since I have defined myself for too long by what I do/accomplish/create etc. But waking up to 2 waggy dogs sure helps, they make me laugh and remind me of the light side of life.
What I'm looking for in a Relationship is humor, friendship, compatibility, separate lives intersecting with love, respect, shared values (like peace, justice, equality), a commitment to communicate with honesty and caring, a genuine desire to rise to the challenge of change and to support the growth and excitement of this process for both.
I don't know who said this but I like it'..."Life is change, growth is optional, choose wisely"
I love great quotes. And did I mention dogs? and most animals, music, reading and writing, gardening, kids, recycling, hiking and swimming in lakes, dancing and yoga, movies, traveling, ginger chocolate and the company of great friends and family?

Meet a woman from Canada. It's most interesting to read of the individual lives, and times, of people on this particular Website.
Some facts about me :
Having been raised on the shores of Okanagan Lake (...most fortunately) here in beautiful south central B.C., I continue with a lifelong love of water sports (including swimming instructor, CYA Class 2 Sailor, kayaker now too) and the Great Outdoors. That meshed with raising a family (and being at home with my 2 children in their early years), and I have 2 marvelous grandchildren now.
I developed a strong career in the financial services industry, over a productive and satisfying 30 years.
The people who know me best would likely describe my personality as positive and proactive, enjoying both challenge and responsibility. I have an insatiable sense of curiosity about our natural world , and ALL of its' inhabitants.
I am presently re-focusing career and volounteer work to carve out more personal free time . I wish to share, as a true companion, more of this Great Adventure of Life....
Some possible facts about you .
SHARING much of an abundant life....with a man who enjoys the full scope of good companionship - from adventure-planning to cozy moments of wintertime reading by the fireplace, from a night out at the symphony to gearing up for a summertime kayak trip, can be wonderful. I enjoy the company of a more traditional type of man, confident, and at ease with himself, who enjoys a relationship based on earned trust and quiet respect. Caring proactively for oneself's health and well-being, and that of his family and friends in an "entertaining" way, really appeals to me.
The "Match Factor " - will it alight ?
I can be a hopeless romantic - no -that would be HOPEFUL romantic ! I certainly enjoy the shared excitement of exploring new destinations, and seeking aerial horizons. Also, taking a point or two from across the tennis net could be better yet !
One of the many rich aspects of life and times NOW is matching a character that has had many wonderful (and .. a few not so wonderful...c'est la vie ) life experiences, with another whose perspectives and interests jive.
As much as I am obviously a good sport, I truly enjoy being with a man who brings out the lively feminine side in me.
If you sense there may be some dynamics at play here, I would be interested in receiving an E-Mail from you via this excellent Website.
"Sparkle " in Vernon , B. C.

Date men and women from Canada. honest, reliable, loyal, weird sense of humour (often laugh at myself). grateful for family, health, looking for same in partner. enjoy reading, gardening, travel, exploring new places. value honesty, integrity, intelligence.

Meet people from Canada. My perfect match would be someone who can bring as much into my life as I offer to bring into his. I am a firm believer in growing older while staying young in mind, heart and spirit.
I am grounded, easy going, too nice, smart and funny. I am open to sharing new experiences and/or activities.
I am looking for a mature gentleman who enjoys social activities and knows what he wants in a long term relationship. A sense of humour is a must.
I am financially independant and do a lot of volunteer work during my free time. I view giving as an important part of life.
I have a great rapport with young people. Young being anyone under 50 years old. My relationship with them is one of mutual respect.
I cherish my free time spent with friends. But I am missing that one "special" guy.

. My friends think I am quick witted and funny. I always look on the bright side of any situation and strive to make good choices in whatever I do.
My 15 minutes of fame came when I crossed the finish line at my first Honolulu Marathon in 2001, after walking for a full workday plus my lunch hour.
I am grateful for my wonderful son and all my friends and relatives. They are what keep me focused in my busy world.
Singing has been my passion since the days with my high school glee club. I love to harmonize. I have sung in barbershop quartets (both female and mixed) and enjoy listening to most music.
I'm always up for a game of tennis or just the pleasure of hitting the ball for the exercise. I love the outdoors!
It would be great to meet a man with similar interests - someone with a great sense of humour who is happy in himself and who likes to have fun. Ideally he would have grandchildren that he loves to spend time with.

. I'm 65, in good health. I figure I've got 10-15 really good years left before I'm tottering. I spent years raising my family, and that was just fine. But now it's time for fun, for some more growth & exploration & some travel. And it would be nice to have a companion for some of that. Or someone(s) to hang out with on compatible, congenial activities, outings: walks, dinner, maybe kayaking or canoeing. It's great to laugh and en*joy this day, this time. I also like time to myself.

. I have had a wonderful married life with an exceptional man. It took me a long time to even consider looking at someone else to share my life. I am ready to look to the future with a new partner to fully enjoy all that life has to give and more.
Peewee hockey players make me cry and laugh all at once - too funny to see them put so much energy to get to the other side of the rink. Animal antics make me laugh out loud period. I think seniors have a lot to teach us. I cry at sad stories/documentaries. I'm confident with a dash of shyness thrown in. The man who I would feel comfortable with would accept me with all my faults, yes, I have some of those - surprise! I have a very good sense of humour, strength of character, stamina. I love life and I live it in the present; not waiting for things to happen. I'm fortunate to be able to enjoy life to the fullest, surrounded by family and good friends. I'm happy, comfortable with who I am. I'm grateful to have been born in Canada and living in Victoria the most beautiful city in the world.- I'm retired now, and am enjoying camping in my motor home; I'm new at this and it challenges me.
Basically I'm looking for a partner to hold hands with, living a full and rich life surrounded by family and friends, sharing adventures and looking toward a fulfilling golden era together. It would be great if my partner were living near Victoria, B.C.
Thank you for having read this; hopefully I spark your interest and perhaps with can have a cuppa.

. I'm hoping to attract a guy who is honest above all. Other than that, I'm hoping for someone who is a great kisser, has self confidence, who has friends, who likes to do any outdoor activities, and is ready for a great relationship after getting to really know me. I have great friends, but not any that gives me that special smile.

. A nice woman looking for a nice guy.Thoughtful, kind, funny and looking for the same.Christian and that is important to me.I like movies, dancing, conversation and lots of laughter.I love animals and have spent my life working hard so therefore a like a man with a kind heart and some hootsma.