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Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I am a happy, outgoing personality, with lots of friends. Let the sun shine in our relationship.Come join me in a happy loving union of similar ideals and family.
I want to live life to the fullest, with a partner, in my faith.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Looking for a stable partner to enjoy the second half of life with - love to dance, hike, kayak, ski, spend time with friends, enjoy music and art. Someone who is fit, spontaneous, and fun, but also sensitive.

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Loves to hike, snowshoe or ski, camp, travel, independent, likes to spend time separately as well as together. Feel good about yourself, honest, easy to talk to, spontaneous, does not need set plans when traveling or heading out for an adventure. Has the philosophy that there is never a wrong turn as all turns lead to something interesting.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. I'm looking for that special one to share my life with. I love to golf at least once a week, being that I still work. Hopefully when I retire I will be able to do more. Love going south in the winter or traveling to the many place I still would like to explore.
I am very close to my family and hope my partner has a good relationship with his. My two sons now live in other cities, actually one lives in another country, Australia. Planning on visiting next year. I have 5 grandchildren and they light up my day.
I hope to meet someone who has similar interests and is kind, loving, gentle. Hopefully he keeps himself in good shape and is financially secure.

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. A little bit of heaven looking to meet a strong and good man. Together, we would enjoy a fun, healthy, intelligent and sensuous relationship. This slender woman (two of the photos were taken in the last year) offers a warm heart, thoughtfulness and an appreciation of adventure. My passionate interests include a wide variety of music, discussion of thoughts, original art, reading, live theatre, real and excellent food, sharing, warm touches, domestic as well as international travel. I enjoy hours of walking in an interesting city as well as in remote rural areas. Liking variety I am drawn to many locales, people, foods and activities. I sense a connection to original cultures and tend to shun the total-tourist path. I think I'd rather try to walk across a body of water than take a massive cruise ship. A small ship or river barge appeals to me. I have a tactile nature, love to be close, am a morning person, and like healthy connection with my partner. My comfort is to be with a warm, thoughtful and creative man, with a smile in his heart. Although fitting well into society he is not known for following the crowd. Over his lifetime he has decided to grow, and by exercising his curiosity and sense of responsibility he will contine to'evolve. He is independent, intelligent, friendly, fun, understands love, needs nature, and is creative as he explores new places and new ideas. He is a positive person looking for a meaningful and pleasurable relationship. He seeks a woman with a smiling face, a good mind and a warm heart. He will honour in her that which is within himself. He is comfortable with ongoing connection and intimacy, welcoming and enjoying a woman with spirit. This man knows the value of the moment, recognizing that it is, indeed, the sum of all moments that defines the relationship.
If you would like to contact me please know that a 'wink' does not feel like meaningful contact, nor does a profile without a photo. I am not likely to respond to either.
Wishing you well.

Meet men and women from Canada. I loved to work, Had lots of jobs, mostly self employed, Now work at home, now I am retired. Lots to keep me busy in my garden and my home. Spend lots of time with friends and family. Would like to meet someone that has the same intrests. I am looking for someone that is loving and caring that I can love forever

Date a soulmate from Canada. I have a very active social life. My friends descirbe me as fun to be with. I am looking for that special spark of electricity with someone.
I love all types of humour, especially black comedy.
I love travelling and meeting new people and seeing new places. I love going to museums and art galleries in other countries as well as sightseeing and tasting new foods in foreign lands.

Meet someone special from Canada. I would like toeet someone who is interested in a friend.I would like that person to be kind,caring respectful,humorous,able to drive,patient,does not have a temper.He enjoys his family but does not need to spend all his time with them(in other words he has time for that friend)

Date people from Canada. Life is about supporting each other when times are difficult. Taking the time to see the beauty around you. Getting out in the fresh air. Sailing fast is my sport. Friends and family are what it all comes down to.

Meet a woman from Canada. I love to have fun, good dancer, painting, scenery. I love to travel; if you love to travel, that would be fantastic. I am looking for a companion with a sense of humour, someone to share smiles, laughs, and good stories with.

. i am a friendly person and enjoy spending time in mexico as well as with my three dogs. I enjoy country music and going to country music jamborees. I also really like rodeos and especially the chuckwagon races and take every opportunity to either go to the event or at least listen to them on the radio
I aspend the summer in the peace river country and usually spend the winter in Mexico in a small mexcan town

. whtotTHIS PART is difficult. I would best describe myself as adventuresome,down to earth, attractive youthful ,spontaneous & loyal. I appreciate what I have & find joy & appreciation in the smaller things in life. Value friendships & integrity. Travel has become my passion & I've been fortunate tto travel to many countries including China, Peru, & African Safari. Volunteer work is very much part of my life now only awhen I available. Love the outdoors, exploring,laughing, being silly( why not?) a practical gal with lots of common sense. Would love to share my interests with a sensitive, kind, & caring gentleman.

. Not too sure why this site thinks I live in Metchosin, lol!!! I live near the downtown core of Victoria. I love to swim and hot tub and hike. I enjoy sharing a meal in a nice ambience. I love some movies I can be quiet and thoughtful sometimes. I am missing someone special to just me....although I love my life. I'm fit and healthy. I love 5 Rhythms Dance. I am passionate about the ancient forest. I want to go to Carmanah/Wahlbran and camp.....a modest ambition but I haven't done it yet. I like a little travel.....Hawaii, Tofino, wanting to plan a trip to Europe and to Banff and to see more of B.C. I go to PEI or Cape Breton quite often. I've become used to travelling alone and I am curious how it would be to travel with a partner. I am not looking for a clone and I have a deep appreciation of other people's differences. I am hugely interested in other cultures....mostly from my armchair so far and through relationship. I am perhaps a unique mixture because I work in law and also as a healer which are very different occupations. I am self employed and merge work into the rest of my life.
There are no kids and no pets in my life. I live in a condo so gardening is the pots on my balcony. Although I love to have my hands in the dirt and in the springtime I miss it. And I love, love, love animals. I am a very tactile person and the feel of animals and the earth is pure pleasure to me.
I very much live in the moment.
I work part time and my life can sometimes be busy. Although I like alone time and I have a full life it would be so nice to have someone to do things together with at a time that works for both of us and someone to cuddle with. No demands. Just love and respect and fun. Living alone is very nice and I am used to it and there is a big yearning and so I am more than willing to make space for a committed relationship.
The patio at the coffeeshop is a favourite for me in my hood......taste in music is eclectic. I do volunteer work in social justice in lieu of hobbies (food bank, shelter for street youth, helping orphaned and abandoned children in Myanmar) I love the people I meet.

. This maybe shallow but I do require chemistry. I'm looking for someone to share 'dates' with. I do not require someone to take care of me nor do I wish to take care of someone. I'm grateful for my health and my friends.

. I am kind,gental,quiet.I do a lot of thinking,before I talk.I have a little dog his name is Louie.His antics make me smile.I have two children They are grown and left home.I am very proud of them.I am grateful for my health.I would like to attract a honest,kind,considerate person.My social life is quiet.Something that is really funny makes me laugh. I am looking for a friend. I am passionate about helping others that need help.