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Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I love seeing the joy that a simple thoughtful act can bring to others.I want some one who appreciates that and wants to get the most out of life.I would love to find someone who loves to travel and explore what the world has to offer.Someone with ambition who knows that living a healthy life style can give you more in life.Could that be you????? Someone to share this great life with.We should make each other a better person while adding value to each others lives.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I'm a"glass half full" person! Sociable and outgoing with an enquiring mind and sense of adventure.
Good grooming is important to me and while not vain - with a capital V, I have a healthly sense of self and appreciate that in others.
I have lived in the tropics for a decade and returned to Canada in the past few years. Different cultures interest me and travel is looked forward to in the near future.

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I am a happy self fullfilled person. I surround myself with family and good friends. I work hard and enjoy a night out now and then. I love to dance, not really a drinker, might have one or two occasionally. Like to play 8 ball/garage sailing/go fishing. Born and raised in Vancouver.
I am looking for a man with a great sense of humour, positive thinker, likes to go for walks, maybe cooks?
Must want to enjoy life and travel.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I am looking for companionship with an honest, kind, easy going guy, someone who enjoys their family and friends and the simple pleasures in life. I find a good sense of humour very appealing.
I'm easy going, happy, a good laugh makes my day. I'm positive about life and happy to be here. I enjoy my home, love decorating and putzing in the garden but also love getting away, would like to see more of the world and would love to do that with my partner. Love road trips, would love to drive across Canada, its such a beautiful place. Would like to grow old with someone special and make the most of each day along the way.

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. Im a 64 year old lady looking for a good man to go for walks with,movies,dinner someone to make me laugh!! If u r looking for the same and you are honest and sweet we should talk.I live in the south surrey area.

Meet a woman from Canada. I was born in Scandinavia come to this country 1966 maybe the reason you may find some spelling mistakes, but not to worry I have only slight acent and vicet sense of humor.
I have no baggage, I'm affectionate and sensua l(right place and time) confident and happy with my life, missing only "him" that special monogamous person to share my life with. I would like to constrantrade on "us" Doing and trying things we both like. Having lots of smiles and laughts living life with passion and open to new adventures.

Date a soulmate from Canada. humour & intelligence are half the battle.I'm in the third trimester of my magnificent life & there are a lot of you similar types out there, enjoy. Oh for heavens sake, what can I say about myself. It's up to someone else to describe me as I am obviously biased.

Meet men and women from Canada. I am a friendly,happy go lucky person who is looking for a honest,humorous,handsome guy. I am a people person and enjoy meeting and being with people from all walks of life. I really like to entertain and enjoy fun dinners with friends. The fine wines and fresh produce we have in this valley make that easy.
I really love wandering down that new road,
I enjoy the journey as well as the destination. I love water whether it be ocean or lakes, I will try anything once just as long as life and limb is not in danger,I am a retired Nurse/social worker. I am enjoying retirement by volunteering ,playing golf...or should I say trying to play golf, toastmasters can be interesting, eating healthy and exercising at least four times a week. I want to find someone who loves to laugh and love. I am warm and affectionate and want to share that with the right man.
I am willing to relocate for the right person.
I love all animals however dogs are my favorite.
I am looking for my best it you?

Date someone special from Canada. Would like to meet someone who is honest to a fault, giving, kind and loving...and not expect anything less of me in return. Don't like head games. I believe relationships have to be build on honesty, friendship, trust and lots of love.
I love music...can remember every word to every song I have ever heard, but forget my dental (don't know what that says about me...maybe don't dentist?) smile
Love to dance, laugh and tease. My interest are reading, sports, hiking, photography and anything else that is happening on the spur of the moment.
I am neat (NOT to a fault), love to cook and cuddle, a good glass of wine or in the summer I would share half a beer with you.

Meet people from Canada. I am looking for someone to share the wonders of life with. I have been widowed for 3 years now and am ready for another relationship. I am retired and financially independent. I have no children. I may be 63 but have been told that I look and act much younger than my age. I have a lot of energy and am in good shape. I work out at the gym at least 5 times a week. I enjoy anything from a night out on the town to a walk in the forest but to be honest I would rather go for the walk in the forest. I have a little dog who is great company and fun. I do weekly volunteer work in a professional capacity. People say that I am a easy to talk to and have a caring, fun, loving, generous personality. My cup is 3/4's full!!!
I would like to meet someone who is not stuck in the past or who has a lot of negative stress in his life. Good health is a must and a good sense of humor goes a long way with me. I like positive people who enjoy life!

. Have a fairly busy life, but I would like to broaden my horizons a bit and start getting a sense of the world beyond my front door.
I have an eclectic sense of humor - sometimes a bit off the wall, which, along with music has helped keep me sane.
I have no idea if I am able to put myself out there enough to do this, but in a weak moment am willing to try.
Be gentle, allow me to vent once in awhile and provide some stimulating conversation. I, in turn, will provide you the same. Pour your heart out, scream your frustrations - I will listen and not judge............

. I am a woman who cares deeply for her family, siblings, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews. I am not deeply religious but have a close relationship with God through Jesus Christ and would love for my partner to be the same.
I think my friends would call me caring, over protective, loving among other things. Because I practice my faith, I believe myself to be trustworthy, loyal, faithful, kind, patient, slow to anger, forgiving, etc. sometimes honest to a fault.
I am very candid. I have never been rich financially but definitely believe myself to be rich in friendship, family, faith. I love a good laugh but frown on "dirty" jokes both in conversation and in movies, sitcoms etc. I love animals but do not keep any.
Traveling is something I have longed to do all my life..especially to the Caribbean or Tahiti, a place that captured my interest when I saw Mutiny on the Bounty starring Marlon Brando.
I am grateful that I recovered from the divorce and can call my ex-husband a good friend today. I would like that anyone I end up with would be as gracious and forgiving.
I am proud that I was among the top of the class to complete upgrading for secretarial skills after I left the business we ran together.
This gave me opportunity to obtain a good paying job to support myself. Today, however, I am a caregiver for my grandchildren as they are victims of a broken home.
Things that make me laugh out loud are things my little grandchildren say and do. Like "do I have to sleep with him if I marry him" from a 7 yr.old.. So innocent.
I hope to attract someone who is close to God and his family, comfortably retired so we can travel. I love a man who is tender, helpful in homemaking, generous with his time and money (not in a greedy sense) and loves good food. I am especially fond of Chinese since I am half Chinese and of course, Native American foods...but love to try new stuff. Like to eat heart smart. I love social activities like bowling, BBQ's, movies, getting together with family or friends for special events. Christmas is a huge family time for me and my family.
I am also interested in things like ceramics, painting, etc. I love card games, board games, etc.

. I am a woman who is comfortable in jeans or a business suit. I am sincere and caring. My family and friends are most important to me. I like kids and animals. I spend my spare time reading, doing genealogical research, travelling when I can, hanging out with friends and family. I am a transplanted prairie person and think that we live in the most beautiful spot, although I do go 'home' every summer to visit.

. Looking for a kind, considerate and thoughtful man..doesn't put himself first...doesn't drink a lot of booze as I've been down that road and don't want that road again. I drink socially and that's enough...I'm kind myself

. Wit and wisdom, lights me up. Have a creative soul and think outside the box. My emotional stability is steady and responsive. I am open, reachable, candid, unguarded and sometimes too sensitive. I am a conscientious, spontaneous, intuitive and perceptive individual who is well organized. I am sometimes outgoing and sometimes reserved.
I can maintain poise and be relaxed and pleasant at the same time. I believe in working through problems by discussion. If no compromise can be reached, then we are mature enough to agree to disagree.
I enjoy the outdoors and travel. Meeting new people is always fun for me. I am dependable, reliable and someone you can count on. I am Honest to a fault. I believe in respecting others and that they respect me.
Have had a rich full life and wish to share the future with someone buy exploring the world. The world is our oyster, and there is so much to see and do.
I have raised two daughters and they both live in Calgary. I have 6 grandchildren and we visit/get together on the holidays.
Much of my time is spent exploring Ottawa and surrounding area or reading. I share an apartment with a friend (women) and we have a beautiful view of the Ottawa River, Parliament Hill and the Airport. Our balcony is filled with flowers (in the summer), and we may try growing a variety of herbs this year. In the past I have had beautiful gardens which I maintained.
I have worked since I was 17, and have had experiences working at banks, Board of Education's (brought their payroll system in house), for Social Service Non-profit organizations, have owned and operted a restuarant, as well as run my own business doing the books for businesses. I do plan on working for several more years unless something else comes up (like winning the 649) Ya right you say!
I enjoy all types of music other than hard rock. Will be going to see "The Flying Dutchman" at Scotiabank Place on May 11th, which I am totally looking forward to.
If your interested, please let me know, by forwarding a wink.