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Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. im fun loving and loyal, looking 4 a longterm relationship. like to do most anything that we can enjoy doing together. i like to travel ot walk along the lake or stream holding hands and chatting about what well hold when we get home

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. I am a Happy Person who Loves Life, I like adventurers and discovering new things.
I would like someone who has a sense oh Humor,
who is a bit daring, I like people who I can spend time together and just talk.

Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. I am out going and friendly and love people, i am energized when having great conversations. but also like my quiet times, i read quite allot and tend to read books on quantum physics metaphysics and spirituality i also like biographies i do have a lighter side i love to sing and listen to music , i have a good sense of humor, i love designing and building, and i am most grateful for spirituality and family,and looking for someone with similar values. I paint pictures and love to be creative and i also love to to hike and cross country ski and travel to new places and would like to have someone to do theses things with, i am entrepreneurial in spirit and open minded towards other peoples beliefs and opinions I am looking for a kind and loving lady who is creative and open minded who loves the beauty of nature and the great out doors.

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. . I am very romantic and believe in holding hands while walking together, or just touching your shoulder as I walk past your chair. Actions speak louder than words.I'm often told I look much younger than my chronological age (thanks for the genes grampa!) I have a long term interest in safe motorcycling and once instructed new riders. I collect and enjoy a large & varied collection of movies & music. I also enjoy troubleshooting & repairing computers. I have a very loving relationship with my 40 year old daughter who unfortunately lives way over in Toronto but I'm working on convincing her to re-locate to the wet coast (which she loves!) since I'm not much of a world traveler,I plan to get to know more about my immediate surroundings in beautiful British Columbia as there is a lot I haven't seen right here close to home. I put a high value on emotional honesty and trust in a relationship as I feel it can't survive without it. I also believe in showing affection by paying "little attentions" & being thoughtful. It's not the big things that destroy a relationship, but the thousands of little things we do or don't do. A very wise woman (my Mom) often said "all my feelings come from the heart, but all my thinking is done with my head"
I am not one of the boys,or a sports nut, and since I was a boy,always preferred the company of women. I really like & respect the "fairer sex" and am sensitive to issues women endure that would bring the average man to his knees. A man may sometimes be physically stronger, but no match for a woman's mental or emotional strength. I.M.H.O.
If I sound a bit like a hopeless romantic, well.... guilty as charged. I'm a giver, not a taker.

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I am insightful,calm, I like a good laugh, and enjoy people. I am most passionate about counselling, facilitating, and creating more joyful possibilities. I am looking for a woman who is fun to be with, supportive, caring, gentle, witty, likes herself, kind, affectionate, enjoys life, someone who is into self awareness,spirituality, , speaks from the heart.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. Someone who is content with their life but wants that special person to make it complete.
Honesty, Loyalty, laughter and must like to Cuddle and be affectionate, and open with their feelings.
Likes to travel around B.C. seeing the wonders that this province has to offer. I've done five Cruises and nothing beats this province for beauty.

Date a soulmate from Canada. LOOKING FOR A DATE, WHO IS WELL DRESSED,
I AM SLIM BUILT, 5'10", a retired forest engineer from UBC. My social life is nowhere at the moment,
need to share life with someone who is free sprited,
and likes to go dancing at least once or twice a week. I am not looking for commitment at this stage.
Let's leave it for later...

Meet a man from Canada. A little bit about me... I love to make the most out of each and every day, but also thoroughly enjoy kicking back and relaxing with good movie night. I'm a big fan of learning new things, whether it's a book I haven't read, a sport I haven't tried or a joke I haven't heard!
A little bit about you! I'm excited to meet someone who is light hearted, loves a good adventure and the outdoors.
--- It’s not what you know that counts. It is what you do with what you know that makes a difference. ---

Date single man from Canada. Very indipendent person and honest.easy to get along.Looking younger than age. god fear thanks to the god who send me to this earth to enjoy this to travel with right companion.hopoing to find simmilar thinkink pertner(start with good friend ship)

Meet men and women from Canada. I am HONEST, educated, imaginative and hard-working. I am big on almost anything that is legitimately fun, enjoyable, positive. I am also unconventional, independent, analytical and not very impressed with, nor attached to, all things money and status. To me, everyone is equal, spiritually.
I feel that the so-called solid realty our minds show us is just one aspect of our overall being, or existence (and it is not as solid as it appears). In addition, each of us has a strong, positive spiritual aspect, or soul (mine is my inner core). Our minds very often overlook or forget about our spiritual aspect. However, my life experience has convinced me that it is real, very much right here, right now, very positive, equal in everyone, and not in any way linked to any religion or deity. I (almost) always try to live my life straight from my heart, what feels right to me IS RIGHT for me! It is a heavenly way to live. I am committed to putting this ...feels right IS RIGHT... life philosophy out there for anyone who may be interested.
My negatives: I have had, and continue to deal with, several serious health problems. I'm now sticking to my meds, staying clear of booze and non-prescription drugs, get enough sleep, eat properly, exercise regularly and manage my levels of stress.
What I’m looking for in a woman is fairly wide-open in my mind right now. Physical attractiveness, while intellectually trivial, is nevertheless emotionally important to me (what can I say, I'm a man, its hard-wired into my system). Courage, honesty, autonomy, equality, healthy servings of curiosity, persistence, and maybe a bit of patience and humor, plus a reasonable level of fitness and activity are all attractive to me.
I would especially love to find someone who is genuinely interested in achieving conscious awareness of her own spirituality.

Date someone special from Canada. I am a happy person and enjoy helping others,I am grateful for the many friends I have made during my life male and female. the antics of animals often make me laugh as over the years with life on the farm have experienced bad and good.
I am looking for some one that has some as the same interests as mine ,must be positive about life,not paranoid about little things ,willing to try new adventures and live life at its fullest.

Meet people from Canada. 65 year old male desires female who is easy to get along with, sense of humor, gets comfort from hand holding, cuddling etc.
I am more of old school values and if you like honesty and openness that I am. Retired, own own home.
Do not want a lady with alcohol or drug issues thank you. I walk, some exercise, not into golf, love travel by car etc
Music is important to me at least at this time in life. A vast musical taste of cultures and and feeling. I listen to a wide variety but if I had to choose a center it would be old rock, country, swing, big band, classical, blues, jazz. Not into rap and only chosen heavy metal.
Strengths - excellent character, clean, humor, very relaxed, seldom pressure, gentleman and gentle man, trustworthy, extremely dependable
Weaknesses - trust most people till they wrong me, needs others, can cry at movies LOL

. Will know my ideal match when I find it,can you tell me what your ideal match is? to many variables to consider and try to put on cyber paper.Describe myself simply a guy looking for a simple woman to share lifes ups and downs with.I am not retired just tired of the same ol B.S these sutes try to feed me,so I am checking to see whay makes this any beter than the rest

. Him a happy go lucky guy and hope the lady hi meet will be somewhat the same . But can spell better then me lol.That she would like to go boating
alot and fishing crabbing and enjoy life as i do hope there is a lady like that that still exist in this world thank you for listening to me bye xxoo

. I am an older gentleman looking to find a mate to live an exciting and erotic life with. I am kind and gentle and will worship the right woman.Ideally she would be slim good looking and very sexy. 10 to 15 yrs younger loves to travel She should enjoy dressing sexy and having fun. Quiet times and romantic evenings should have a special place in her heart. I want a woman to be proud of and to love with all my heart. She will feel the same about me.