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Date people from British Columbia, Canada. I got tired of signing in Now all the women are over 70. Seriously no seriousness required. Just be open amd fun to be around. If U love life, laugh and it will laugh with You. No I mean it Laugh or the dragons will eat You.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. Just a nice guy looking for a partner to enjoy what life has to offer. Enjoy cooking ,entertaining ,people ,kids, animals, and at times long walks with the right person.Looking for a Women how is independent ,"eat of the same bread but not of the same loaf". A Women who can be a cook in the kitchen ,a lady in the living room, and a "free spirit" in the bed room.

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I`ve worked for the same company for 40 yrs. I`ll retire in 2 yrs.. I`d like to travel more, play golf and kick back and enjoy a cold cider and a cigar... My favorite holiday destination is Varadero, Cuba... Next Feb. will be my 4th time at Breezes Super Club...

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. easy going guy who doesn't look for demanding mate. Enjoy doing different things and definately not a stay at home person. like to do things on impulse. First priority is to enjoy life and everthing around us and care little about what people think about me

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I think my closest friends think I'm fairilly serious,but have a good sence of humer and somewhat wise in My simple logic. Accomplishments a fine Son and a few wonderfull friends . I'm feel very grateful to have been born in a part of the world where you can make your dreams come true with a little effort and some determination! However now that I've arrived there I can't help feelling like a decadin't pig when I see how most of the earths inhabitants are fairing, and what a mess this life I leed has done to the planet . I'd like to meet someone who can at least relate to this and doesn't want Me to forget about it and act like it isn't happening....DA!

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. hi I am hoping to meet up with someone who is also looking to meet up with someone who is not needy is not caught with having the lifestyle of the rich and famous but also be comfortable.I am not a big travler prefer to stay around the island but that could change. I have been by myself for several years so I dont really want to be overwhelmed by someone but to take things as they go.I am not a great talker but can carry on a conversation if I am part of it. ok . thats a start see how it goes.

Date people from Canada. to say I don't come with any junk would make me perfect right. I will say I have been working on my wellness for some time no and will not come with a lot of baggage. willling to look at it if it is pointed out and you will be same

Meet single man from Canada. looking for a honest friend, who take pride in herself and her health.
A happy face.
my health
A honest person.
Ok, but not exicting as I would like.
Long term relaationship, ect, ect.
Passionate about familly and friends.

Date someone special from Canada. I am very young at heart, and am looking for a friend to spend some quality time with. I am a professional, have my own business for many years, and I start to take time off whenever there is a good reason to travel, or just spend some time away from everyday live. I am looking for a attractive younger lady which is appreciating a well seasoned man and likes to have a causual relationship first, and see where it goes.
I am interested in many things and I am sure that we will find a lot of fun times, if you appreciate the company of an older man.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Home body. flea markets. Moderately disabled, You can't tell by looking. can't do sports, Don't do bars. Like to accasionally eat out. Eat healthy, fruit vegetables etc. Like a good steak occasionally. Looking for someone who is possibly able to sell things on the internet. Would be nice but not required. I know....tough to find. Oh well I am in no hurry.

Date men and women from Canada. interested in so many things, an artistic nature
love to look closely at nature, being in nature and in the middle of a city, I like how my body feels, rather walk or ride my bike than drive, enjoy long walks, travel on foot, love the sea, stories, like reading and being read to, I like to share things like cooking doing daily things together, In my love I look for warmth, care, a bright and active mind, being delighted at the sight of her, the sight of her brings a smile to my heart, a friend.

Meet a man from Canada. I am retired and looking forward to catching up on life after 40 years of hard work. My 80 lb. four legged roommate is great but he doesn't talk. I have spent most of my life working with people and am outgoing although perhaps somewhat reserved at times. I am looking to connect with someone who enjoys homelife, quiet times and the company of someone with whom the days to come can be enjoyed.


. Hello!
I am a very casual, easy going, patient person. Honesty integrity, and compassion and understanding toward others is very important to me.I love music [live and recorded]R&B Soul,Classic Rock C&W. I just never learned to appreciate classical.I very much like to cook and work in the kitchen[I find it very relaxing].The things I admire in a woman are a warm personality,lots of smarts, and a great sense of humor. If you can not have some laughs were already dead anyway! I am a handholder and a cuddly old bear. I am not a rich man so if you are looking for a heart of gold you found one. if your looking for a pot of gold, keep on looking.

. Intelligent, flirty and self confident, you are comfortable in your own skin.
I am witty and love to make your day with humour that may at times have just a touch of double entendre and might push the limits of political correctness :-)