Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia, 66 year old

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I'm an outgoing active guy who spends winters in the Palm Desert area. I love all the desert area has to offer... golf, tennis, hiking, restaurants, museums. Would love to share that with the last love of my life, that special friend, companion and lover to enjoy all that life has to offer.
My ideal gal would be friendly, happy, and would love to do some things together. Golf is an asset but not mandatory.
She would be a mature gal who knows what a special gift a committed relationship is, with the one you choose to love.
Sorry, I only respond to profiles with photos.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. caring, easy going, lay back, warm, sociable. friendly, compassionate, loving, considerate, kind hearted, intelligent, truthful, honest, no game play, spontaneous, witty, sensitive, sensual, romantic, passionate, loyal, active, generous, sense of humour, un pretentious, reliable, well-mannered, composed, charming, kind, loyal, efficient, goal oriented, good listener, accommodating, communicative, articulate, optimistic, even-tempered, adventurous, living life to the fullest potential,

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. Although my age displayed on my profile may be perceived by some as otherwise I am a very energetic and adventurous person and people who know me consistently say I look and act like I am10 years younger and appear astonished to learn my true age.
I take pride in having strong morals and being honest,faithful and loyal to my closest friends and family, striving to be fearless, except for the roller coaster ride at the Pacific Exhibitions. Having a great sense of humor is paramount to me otherwise what is the point and I do walk the talk. I wish to meet someone who emulates these values and that we are attracted to each other.
I have been described as an honorable and devoted father to my 2 daughters who are presently 22 and 16 years of age and that my dedication to them is beyond reproach. They presently live with their mother who is equally devoted to our children. Both of my girls are beautiful both inside and out…THANKS TO ME…and I absolutely adore them and proud of their achievements. Being normal girls of that age group they are at that stage of their life of wanting to be with close friends instead of parents and are working towards their independents, which is a good thing. I keep in touch with them regularly through Text Messaging or dinners etc and they occasionally stay over at my place.
Although my ex-wife and I have been separated for a number of years I did move in January of this year to Delta and now live on my own, which is awesome. I remain good friends with my ex-wife and approve of her boyfriend very much, as do my daughters, makes for a peaceful arrangement. Regardless of our separation I am still very close with my ex-wife’s family. Her mother affectionately called Granny still considers me her son and calls me an Angel. There is a fourteen years difference in age between my ex-wife and myself so the dynamics meant I had to remain younger than my age from the onset. I feel I have managed to maintain the stamina of someone much younger and still desire to do so regardless of my failed marriage. This does not mean my partner has to be much younger than me as there are a number of women my age that have done their due diligence and represent their age group extremely well, which is fabulous to see.
I was born in Scotland but not cheap and grew up in northern Alberta and B.C. before coming to the Lower Mainland in1966 after I graduated from the Police Academy in Ottawa. I have been smitten ever since I arrived being so close to the Mountains and Ocean which I love. Having travelled there is no doubt in my mind that we live in the best part of the World. Living up north the rain is much more desirable in my opinion. I lived in various parts of the Lower Mainland from the North Shore to Chilliwack and very content.
My primary exercise is the elliptical machine, weighs and aerobic exercises. I believe Yoga and Swimming are important and occasionally include them in my routine, although my stretching in Yoga is entertaining to watch for a good laugh. Cycling and hiking is of great interest to me when I get the time to do it. I have one brother who means a great deal to me and is my closest friend. I am very grateful that he lives in Phoenix during the cooler months where I do most of my hiking and cycling.
Majority of my Police career was investigating Major Crimes so I can be great at a party. I am truly embarrassed with some of the headlines of late but having worked at Internal Affairs investigating police conduct issues you get a different perspective of what is fact and fiction. There is no doubt we have people who work in the police environment that are disgraceful and should be fired.
I have been active all of my life from playing the majority of team sports, Skiing & Tennis & proud of my accomplishments playing Squash competitively in the day. I want to live a healthy & productive lifestyle with someone special.

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I am an active business person involved in real estate and development for over twenty-five years. Prior to that I owned several different retail businesses and prior to that was a police officer for ten years. I have two married children a son and a daughter. I have five grand children, three boys and two girls. My son lives in Ontario and my daughter lives in Penticton.

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. I enjoy working with my tow truck. Its good because I get to help other people. I meet some intresting people. Some stories I hear as to why they need my help are very funny. Life is short and best if shared with someone.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. Being new to this the hard part is talking about myself, well here goes.I was born in London England in 1946 and came to Canada the same year.I've lived in many areas of greater Vancouver and now live in the west end of Vancouver. I am easy going, young at heart ,have a good sense of humour who enjoys being with people whatever the situation.
I am looking to meet an affectionate easy going lady with a good sense of humor,enjoys stimulation conversations on various topics, likes to have fun and be positive about themselves.
Have experienced bruises and baggage which are now behind me. There's no future in archeology.
I enjoy reading about history events, explorers, currently reading The Six Wives of Henry the VIII. Also enjoy British drama's, foreign films and documentaries.
My entire working career centered around the marine shipping business and I retired in 2011. I'm comfortable with people whatever the event. Also compassionate and understanding. Not religious but spiritual in nature. Would like to take up recreational sports, golf, fishing etc. with that special someone.
Not a sports person but enjoy watching hockey,football(North American and European) enjoy being outdoors going for long walks on the seawall or any place near water. Would like to start fishing(catching is the hard part) Open to new interests and other activities.Also enjoy people watching, having a coffee on an patio,dining out, reading biographies,history and related subjects.I volunteer at the Maritime Museum, the West End cleanup and recently joined the West End Community police Centre.Enjoy travelling, been to the British Isles, caribean, United States, Far East and Canada.To have that special lady would make the holiday fantastic..
I hope to find someone to enjoy a coffee, a pleasant conversations, dining out at different ethnic restaurants, long walks on the seawall or anywhere near water. watching good movies either at home or theatre.Simple things can be the most fun
Like many others on this site, I'm ultimately seeking that loving relationship. The process starts by meeting then developing a friendship with no romantic expectations and no pressure. If over time, it leads to something long lasting, bonus. Life is too short to be alone.
I'm now ready to meet that very special lady,lover and confidant to spend the rest of my life with! Looking for a lady with honesty, a sense of humour, loving,faithfull to name a few, to share time with... a companion...and where it goes from there...well..who knows .
To start a phone conversation to talk about our mutual interests,On our first meeting get together at a coffee shop, a casual encounter without any expectations. When meeting someone for the first time, there is an element of pressure and possibly surprise,be relaxed and open to the experience. We can chat and see where the conversation leads.If chemistry is right we might have a second latte and maybe a walk and lets see where that goes.
A quote from Mother Theresa
Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.
I reside downtown and gave up my car some time ago when my work moved to downtown Vancouver.
Thanks for viewing my profile.

Date a soulmate from Canada. My description of myself comes with getting to know me . You can make your own description . I am looking for a level headed , open minded , non materialistic women . I believe this is not the place to go into great detailed descriptions . I like the idea of being able to talk face to face about the details of my life and yours .
My greatest passion in life is simple -- Being happy as much as possible .

Meet someone special from Canada. SEARCH SUSPENDED.
I have been most fortunate to find a match I wish to pursue. I am not a player and therefore am suspending my search for a while to see how things progress.
I thank all to look at my profile and wish you the same success.

Date people from Canada. Each day is a gift. I would like to share that gift with my best friend/lover. I am definitely not a jock, enjoy good books, most music except rap and hiphop, preparing /or eating good food with good company (my partner and/or friends). I believe that a good relationship requires 3 C's (courtesy, compassion, consideration)

Meet men and women from Canada. No games, down to earth, no BS, caring, realistic, genine, good listener, sympathetic, likes o help, love and enjoy food, like coking but prefer other people to do it, romantic, helpful, world traveller

Date a man from Canada. Hi I'm a member of FORBS the Furturnity of Real Bearded Santas, I volunteer for AVI trying to give pay forward.and looking for a sex partner my passion is to give back to people in need If I have I,ve learned it,s better to help and give then to take I feel what goes around will always come back to you in spades.

Meet single man from Canada. I am :A veteran of life who has wide interests, is still curious, I am humorous, warm,and appreciate romanceand love,Experience has lead me to appreciate the good and not reject iy in the name of perfection. Looking fora woman with thr same attitudes towards life and shares some of my intere4sts

. I am searching for a true lady. One who looks, acts, and really is a lady. I am not looking for game players or those who might be looking for someone to take care of them. I know you are out there, I just have to find you.
I am a very down to earth, easygoing guy who knows how to treat a lady like a lady. I tend to be a bit "old fashioned" in that I will open a door for you, pull out your chair at a restaurant, and treat you like a princess as long as you deserve it! lol!
I was born and raised in Vancouver with good old traditional family and Christian values. My faith is very important to me but I will not try and force my beliefs on you. Hopefully we will share the same beliefs.
Ideally you, you will be a brunette (but that's not cast in stone!), in reasonably good shape, eat a healthy diet, drink only socially if at all, and definitely no drugs or a smoker of any kind. Am I asking too much? I don't think so. You will always know you are loved and cared about. I will call you just to say "hi, I'm thinking about you" or "what are you up to?" or "want to grab a bite after work or whatever?" I offer all this and more to a very wonderful lady. Is that you?

. I am a dominant male who seeks a submissive lady.I also show my soft, romantic and affectionate side often. When I go out I enjoy opera,symphony, commedy shows and movies.At home I like to relax while listening to music or watching TV while snuggling close

. I am a simple, caring, loving one woman man who is very happy and grateful to spend time with family and friends. I enjoy cooking, fishing, dining out, live theatre, dancing, sports and am not afraid to show love to my partner. The most important thing in a relationship is communication, without it there is none. I am still looking for true love and enjoy holding hands, cuddling and intamacy. I also enjoy my own space. I am looking for a friend first, someone who will make me laugh. If I was lucky enough to
find you I could onlly hope and pray you would not change and we would grow old together. I am also looking for someone who can accept and love me for who I am and I wiil do the same in return.