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Date people from British Columbia, Canada. ther is no ideal person from people in my pat lives
in growing up ;each year or day changes as time goes too zero time back too our furture.
retired @ age 66 born albeerta
grew up in small toun & farm
came from nine kids
but two passed on
dad& mom pased forth
wife found her real love
gotsent as one finds oneness
no photo my sister keeps them
only one sister&mother*one father
till we connect

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. people that have a funny personality
someone with a sporty life that likes to go to the gym and to do yoga
and people that great with kids and love to have fun
and is a really good cook and loves to bake and is really hot

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am a semi-retired executive. Who is looking to enjoy the fruits of my labors and smell the roses.
I'm healthy, happy, fit, relaxed and active. I am good natured, easy to get along with, fun to be around and reasonably intelligent.
I love golfing, hunting, being on my boat fishing and working in my garden or around my house. I am quite handy, was the contractor for my house plus did all the wiring, plumbing and most of the flooring. I have a large fenced vegetable garden, enough to feed several families. Eating healthy and having fresh vegetables are a priority. I also have a small fenced flower garden. You might have guessed I have a multitude of deer who would like nothing better then to get into the gardens.
I love the outdoors and walk for an hour every day. I also enjoy watching a movie and some tv in the evenings.
I enjoy travel, have been all over BC as well as the US. Have visited England several times and been all over Europe. Spend 5 weeks every year in Palm Springs chasing little white balls around a field. I also enjoy cruising, just came back from a Mediterranean cruise.
I also enjoy a nice glass of shiraz while sitting on my deck looking at the ocean and normally start my day with a latte on the deck
I am honest sincere and very loyal to my friends and family as they are very important to me. I love my children and my new grand daughter and spend as much time as I can with them.
I would love to find a partner to cook for and pamper who also enjoys romantic evenings with good food and good wine.
I am looking to establish a relationship and share my life with a funloving, fit and sincere lady. Ideally one who likes the outdoors. A love of being on the water and golfing would be definite pluses. Someone who can and loves to travel.
Just a note, I do not respond unless there is a picture. THX.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I'm easy going man.. looking for muslim woman who speaks Arabic.. I will treat my dream woman as a queen .. inshallah
Salam,I am a calm Man that likes life,And I will wish a based relation on the respect, confidence

Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. my friends would desrcride me asgood sence of hummer careing like to laugh and have some fun, like to make othere happy. i like music,cooking movies travaling sighseeing i like to work and keep busy, but its nice to relax at the end of it, what to share my life with a good friend and see where it goes from there.

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. looking for someone who enjoys the slower pace of live in the country, also who likes her own space and can do things on her own but still enjoys having a partner to do things with,. I attend church regular, also have volunteered for 2 years as a missionary, working with kids overseas.

Date people from Canada. Passionate marine biologist hoping to save the oceans. Enjoys outdoors: hiking, cycling, x-country skiing, kayaking, rugby, traveling, and snorkeling and SCUBA diving in tropical waters of course. This sounds like I am a total fitness nut--well family, gardening to produce food for the table, reading and CBC news are also strong interests.
Looking for attractive, passionate, fit, active and interesting woman to share above. Intelligence, good conversation and chemistry a must. Over and out.

Meet a man from Canada. My friends would describe me as sensitive, intelligent, good sense of humor, considerate, generous, curious about the inner/outer worlds, somewhat eclectic. Hmmmm....make you wonder what they do not say...Yikes!!!
Many things make me smile: counting my daily blessings, fresh ocean air, conversations from the heart, RR / blues dancing, good company, witty intelligent conversation, a good day skiing, little children playing / laughing, good music, being kind, new experiences, flirting, learning about something new, cooking for others, the Cariboo in the autumn, trout fishing, beauty of all sorts, spiritual insights, exploring, a good walk, a good book, Ambleside, Commercial Drive, ....and lots more..
I'm most grateful for my life's experiences both good and bad....there is a lesson in every experience and it is my job is to find that lesson!! I am greatful for the friends in my life. I am greatful for the many gifts that the universe has given me (I just wish I had used them better at times).
Social life: I need / like people in my life. I need to be connected. I like to stay social active and engaged (read.... I can be a social butterfly extraordinaire if need be) but I also need my down time. I very much enjoy intelligent evolved people. Life is a lot more fun when shared with the right person/group. prefer dinner in a home setting than a restaurant, duplicate bridge, live theater / concerts, doing almost anything with interesting people.
Relationships: as I see it, the ingredients for a healthy relationship are emotional honesty, trust, openness, respect, willing to communicate, lotsa playfulness and let's not forget the "C" word..committment.
My relationship needs: passion mutual respect, playfulness, communication , emotional honesty, gentleness, awareness, and common interests ....tideally, my partner will still be part little girl....someone that I feel that I can protect and part woman equal.
The things that make me laugh out loud: good natured quick wit with other people, almost any humour as long as it is not slap-stick.or demeaning, and of course old Clint Eastwood dusters.
PLEASE READ: do not expect me via a wink or without a photo...

Date a soulmate from Canada. kind loving and caringHow would your closest friends describe you?
Who or what makes you smile?
What accomplishments are you most proud of?
What are you grateful for?
What type of person are you hoping to attract?
How would you describe your social life?
What types of things make you laugh out loud?
What are you looking for in a relationship?
What are the things in life you're most passionate about?

Meet someone special from Canada. i love playing hockey and traveling.
i enjoy people who have a good sense of humour
and don!t take themselves too seriously.
i have a lot of good friends who i play sports
and socialize with.
getting away to the beach for a month or two in
winter is a must as i!m not very fond of snow

Date single man from Canada. Looking for a rich widow with a 1962 Corvette or 2011 Corvette ZR-1--I'm joking!--to travel the "Blue Highways" of America and Canada (the 51st State).
A woman with a serious sense of humor who knows that her sense of self, well-being and happiness does not require that a man give up any aspect of his self. A woman who knows that a healthy life, in addition to nutrition and physical activity, requires primarily, efficacy; but also mental stimulation, creativity, humor, sleep and .... and the simple things: a shared meal, a walk in the sun or sand or the rain, the wind or the moonlight; a touch, an embrace and the words, the words and thoughts that one longs to hear from another.To reach into the being of another and to come back to one's self even more alive than one ever expected.
Not looking for "weekend warriors" searching for varied experiences to "live life to the fullest" or complete a "bucket list". Looking for a real woman with a full glass.
Vancouver born curmudgeon with a soft center.Too often sound like Andy Rooney
My main interest for most of my life has been my library. Presently at 2500 volumes mainly of human achievement. One third is art and architecture, realist art; minimalist archiiecture, timber frame; Frank Lloyd Wright. Primarily non-fiction, It's not the book that is important to me, it is the knowledge, so rare. As a young boy I wanted to understand this world, and its past, that I was born into. Different than taught and much more interesting,
Travelled a bit: Northern states; drove to Colorado; drove the coast; walked, ferried and helicoptered south Manhattan and stood atop the Empire State Building and World Trade Center. Worked six weeks in Japan.
Sometimes "life is just one furball after another!".
No secrets, just a bad memory sometimes and some bad choices.
Atheism is not a primary and certainly not obsessive. Atheism is a conclusion, not a premise. Astrology on a personal level is invalid. As precession, valid. An invention of the Ancients. Religion and spiritualism is bunk. Existence exists.
I can cook to survive with simple tasty meals.
Strong work ethic. Always gave more. Did a few amazing things. I have some maintenance, construction, carpentry experience and enough tools to work with. I can sometimes be obsessive with detail, accuracy and a sense of the beautiful in created things.
Haven't smoked since a divorce in '73. Sometimes drink but it's not as much fun as it used to be. I don't trust people who can't "hold" their likker.
Never read bestsellers or current "buzz" books. If everyone else is doin' it, it's not likely that I want to be doin' it. I travel a different road. Down to one bookclub(for 30yrs)in the last decade. They went into bankruptcy last December. That may be a good thing, for me
Fiction I've read: Nevil Shute, Richard Marcinko[Seal Team 6](check him out), Charles N. Aronson, Ayn Rand. I've read all that they've written.Some Martin Caidin[Wingborn], Dick Francis, Mickey Spillane, Tom Clancy and Louis L'Amour.
Reading "Private Gold Coins and Patterns of the United States" and "Reckless Disregard". Just finished "Day of Deceit" by Robert B. Stinnett ,"My Life in 'Toons" by Joe Barbera (Tom and Jerry, Flintstones) and now reading "My Life as a 10-yr-old Boy" by Nancy Cartwright(Bart Simpson).Condoleezza Rice autobio. Weird tastes, huh?
No matter wherever I was or how long the day or how tired I was I always made a few moments to read something.
I have often read out loud and have read more than 3000 pages that way,for listeners that is,not for myself!My lips don't move when I read.
4(now 2)cats.
Sports:The Daytona500.
A redneck?No.A renaissance man?Possibly.
Favorite spot:wherever at the moment,doin' whatever.within Reason.
Drugs?Gotta watch coffee intake,allergic ta hemp.
Politics:Constitutionally Limited Republic,as in respect for individual Rights.
Movies:Right Stuff,The ARROW,Casablanca,Vanishing Point,The Yakuza,12 Angry Men(B

Meet men and women from Canada. I am a retired Developer/Gas Industry exec. I have settled in Vancouver as one my daughters lives here with her companion and I enjoy the weather, all in all.
I am looking for a companion to share good times and my retirement.

. very easy going, natural, open minded, good listener, unpretentious, out-going, straight forward, smiling, hate games, looking for someone having similar characters, very little or no make-up, pleasant appearance and always have a smiling face.

. I am looking for a friend to share time with and someone with similiar interests. I love to travel, and especially want to explore the northern part of BC sometine.
I like honesty in a person ans someone whoe is proud of themself. Not afraid to try new adventures. Have you ever wondered what was down that road you just passed and went back and explored it? Oftentimes there is a new adventure just around the corner
There is no category for presently married, which I am, will explain later over coffee

. It's actually short and sweet,after many years of marriage our lives grew apart. I feel I still have a lot to give to the right woman. Through my racing,riding and trucking I have stayed pretty energetic, my unpleasent last years with my wife have been a strain to say the least. I want to experience life again and am looking for a woman to do the same.