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Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. This is a self help solution for women who want the perfect man for them in their lives.
Test yourself on the following parameters and if you score 90% or better you may qualify for consideration.
Consideration will be made by the member posting this ad and is not guaranteed to result in you winning the "Prize Man".
• be a natural wonderful woman, full of the excitement and joy of Life
• Witty, humorous, compassionate, tantalizingly amazing, leaving a trail of delight as you pass
• be vibrant, exciting, self-confident, interesting, a seeker of the new
• compassionate, at times not wanting to sleep in fear you will miss something important
• passionate, questing, searching for fulfillment, for mutual satisfaction and joy
• able to meet any situation with the appropriate levels of enthusiasm, interest and grace
• delighted to dress down or up to meet the appropriate standards of the occasion
• love the outdoors, see the beauty of nature and of people,
• must love quiet romantic times, displays of appropriate public affection,
• Must yearn for cuddling, kissing, touching and being the object of my affection in private, must want to return the same.
• Have a strong and active Libido and glory in its demands and satisfaction
• Be compassionate and have feeling for those who have disabilities or are in need
• Be an everlasting student, always willing to learn, grow and expand your knowledge
• Know the meaning of compassion and be able to sympathize, relate without losing your perspective
• As I have a disabled daughter (27 years old, severe epileptic) you have to be able to look beyond the disability and see the
beauty, intelligence, and humour behind the disability that makes her such a wonderful person
• Rejoice in family and friends, the true meaning of Life
• Be a night owl/early bird
• Be able to argue me to a standstill (very difficult but do-able) and change my opinion or accept mine or be content
that we disagree.
• Must need time for yourself and friends, but always understand that this is a part of us both and will give us both
strength and vibrancy
• It would be nice if when I look in your eyes, smell your scent and hold you in my arms that I lose the ability to talk,
make a fool of myself and feel like I am a teenager in heaven
• Importantly, be honest, have integrity, keep white lies to a minimum, and want love!
Okay, a demanding list, so who am I? Everything above PLUS!
An accomplished Poet, mediocre painter, ex-dance teacher (beginner levels), eternal student, challenge the impossible and achieve the same on occassion, a Tarnished Knight in a world of technocracy, who tilts at windmills and believes that reality can be changed to the ideal, and if it can’t then it should be and I won’t conform to it beyond what is needed to survive.
I am always involved as a volunteer in Charitable Organizations and usually end up as a Director on their Boards;. I believe that we should all give back of our time and experience when we can.
Plan to live to 154 years old healthy, active and with a Libido that doesn’t quit. If I don’t make it, then I know I will have given it my best. Also, I am determined, stubborn (at times), compassionate and live by the credo that it is better to “Give & Receive”.
My epitaph should read “He changed the World, one kind act at a time”
Oh by the way, I do falter, make mistakes, lose patience and generally make a fool of myself from time to time. I do try not to make the same mistake twice although have not been perfect in this regard. I do need someone who is able to “kick me in the butt” once in awhile and bring me back to who I aim to be. Therefore you must also not be perfect and be capable of understanding that neither am I.
This contest is time limited and may be extended if the ideal candidate is not discovered. Good Luck to us both.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. I am looking for someone to share my interest
in boating and travel to warmer climates.
Explorer Canada and share our common interests.
In other words "share the golden years"
I am not into the Bar scene,however do enjoy
good food,and a evening at a good eating establishment

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. This is fun.....I am 65 years old, feel 46, love to
dance, mostly rock and roll and slow dance, but do other types of dance. Recent widower. Not bad looking, 150 lbs and 5'7-1/2 inches. In my youth, I
was compared to Elvis. In fact, my wife was his biggest fan. Actually, she was my Priscella, as I was stationed with the RCAF in Germany in the late 60`s, and she was a dependent daughter of a high-brow officer and I eventually married her in Trenton, Ontario, Canada in October 69. She just died of breast cancer in July 2011. I love cruising, and mwe have done 23. Been around the world.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. what you have already read is probably enough to make a decision on don't you think? I would just like to be able to relate to someone who is not tyed into the more,more,more society around us. The more we take care of ourselves and our own the more chance we have of an overall quality life. Appreciative of where we are on the planet and the opportunities we have compared with those who haven't. I basically have the old back to the land mentallity don't trust the government and never pay retail if there is the chance for "gently Used",grow your own,avoid wierd chemicals,the golden rule,take care of yourself and yours and believe in the strength of independance.If you got this far without hitting delete there may be a chance of discussion!! My oldest daughter tells me I am the new 50 of the 21st century,I leave that for someone else to judge as she is always being nice too nice to me!!

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I am not always convenient person but I am not weirdo.
I am presently involved in writing my first novel-and am hoping that it will be good enough for eventual publication.
I enjoy hiking with no sweat-watching scenes and wild or other life.I am not extremely extroverted but certainly can say more than just eh or oh.
I dabble in inconvenient philosophies at times but it does not run my life.
I like my free time and let have my oposite one too.
I am loyal but fair.If there ever is a need to chose between good and evil,it would be the former one for me.I am not agressive but do not let others to play me.I do have strong opinions but can see the others opinions too.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Salam,I am a patient,calm,Man that likes life,And I will wish a based relation on the respect, confidence and I love mutual and all
that God offered us and Iwill treat her like
a queen inshalla. nothing

Date men and women from Canada. looking for friendship for the present. time will only tell what this may develope into. I would like a woman who has a great sense of humour and is clean and neat. I would also like to meet a woman who can drive and enjoys going to other towns for shopping and generally enjoys small day trips.

Meet single man from Canada. Just too much to say ...but comfortable in any setting---talented in all social graces---somewhat naughty in all phases of life--quite presentable...send an e-mail & i'll send a photo only to you.
Travelled to many parts of the world ---but still so much to see and learn.
Would enjoy a lady to be with me to cherish equally as a friend -a partner-and my "love" of all share all of our joys-and overcome our difficult times together as one...if you understand that...then we should have that "coffee" and see if we create that "chemistry"!!!!

Date a man from Canada. I'm hoping to be with a person, who like me,loves someone who can be dedicated to each other.Who can laugh at anything funny and smile when we're happy.One who enjoys being with each other more than anything else.Who like walks on the beach on a sunny day or at sunset.Also enjoys walking in a light cool rain and who might enjoy watching thunderstorms from a safe distance.One who enjoys the loyalty of a pet. Would like to find a spiritual person who believes in God.I'm active in my church through 4 different praise and worship mucic groups.I am a guitarist in them and also sing and one of my sons happens to be the drummer in the same 4 praise groups.I'm a 1 woman man and my life would be devoted to the right person and hope the same in return.One who believes that an intimate relationship is what was meant to be.


Date someone special from Canada. My friends would describe me as a warm, affectionate person who is devoted to them and my daughter. The three things which I am most thankful for:
- my daughter and all of her accomplishments
- having had two loving parents who have passed on but remain dear to my heart
- I have been fortunate to have had four loving wives, one of which passed away and the remaining three are still close friends to this date.
I have a very distinctive voice and I enjoy entertaining people. My passions are sports, politics and antiques.
I am looking forward to meeting someone who loves life, friends and family. Hopefully that someone is you!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Silent and low profile individual looking for a friend to go walking with my poodle in the local parks and seashore. Someone who engages in conversations about society, environment and current issues.

. i am a recently widower i am a caring man and trying to enjoy life. i have 2 sons both married and 4 grandsons. enjoy camping and traveling am planning on going to the east coast this summer.i am average build and try to stay in shape. iam looking for someone with simular intrests.

. i am sincere, have a sense of humor and enjoy most things in life and likewise with my ideal match. life is too short to play games . i also like biking, motorcycling, camping and travelling in Canada and the US. gratitude is also what i am aware of in my life

. Well: I don't have a star on the Hollywood pavement !! So. I'm best described as an average guy. Had my share of great times, heartache and misery...Which seems required to reach this stage of life. I've had an amazing life where I've been 3 feet from humpback and killer whales. I swam amongst 5000 salmon in a spawning pool. I've caught 100lb halibut and 38 lb salmon. I've earned and lost a fortune and now don't care. I sought the glitter in women in my life but not the Gold..So NOW I'd like to find the Gold. A really nice lady to explore the wilderness I haven't seen yet