Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia, 67 year old

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. Looking for a partner that would join me on hikes, canoe trips, kayak trips (sometimes overnight), road trips to the American Desert, Plan exotic trips to Southeast Asia, Latin America etc. Enjoy indoor activities including reading, movies, live play and performances.
Try anything new. Enjoy sex.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Because I am not a paying member yet. I cannot respond to emails yet
I have a position open for a special woman who wants to be treated like a queen. No prior experience required. If you do not have the right qualifications, training will be provided.
You will be someone who loves romantic get-aways, handholding, hugs, yes lots of hugs, kissing, and, well, if the rest isn't clear we may not be a match. You will be someone who likes to be flirted with and charmed until you cannot speak coherently. You will be someone who can turn my heart into a puddle with just a glance from across a crowded room. Your smile will give me butterflies.
Motorcycle and horseback rides may be required where you will be responsible for holding the one your with for long periods. If you do not hold on tight enough, I will speed up until you do.!!!!
If this further intrigues you, please visit my complete profile. I will leave the door open, and the lights on. Feel free to browse. But please do not touch ....yet!
You must be able to order in a candle-lit atmosphere, or at least allow me to order. Long walks on the beach are a must.
Dress code: if contract is sealed, fig leaves are optional! Lol
Okay, that is in part, what I AM looking for. One of the things I am NOT looking for when I search for love on this site, is pictures of your pets. There is a dating site for animals called I do love animals though, and miss not being able to have one right now (I've had pets pretty much all my life), but I am more interested in finding that woman of my dreams.

Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. I am a healthy person looking for someone to share evenings by the fire with a glass of wine. She should like motorclyces and going for long rides in the summer. I don't eat a lot of processed food and not a lot of red meat. Mostly chicken and lots of vegetables and fruit.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. My friends consider me to be intelligent and wise, hence prudent, with a keen ability to ask why or why not? I am relied on by many for sound, professional advice, and am not, despite a long legal career, in its many iterations, very judgmental. My philosophy can be summed up by the famous Rumi quote: "Beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I will meet you there someday!"
I live on the ocean out on the Saanich Peninsula, and life outdoors here is both fun and relaxing, be it on one of my two boats in my personal "navy", a J 24 for day sailing, or my 26 motor boat for gunkholing around the islands.
I golf a bit but do not keep score, bike a bit on our paths here to stay aerobically fit, as well as swim at out local pool. I enjoy my half acre of paradise, and I am slowly getting to be a knowledgeable gardener.
I love to travel abroad and have made many sojourns over the years, especially the latter ones, a well as hopping off to a warmer climes during our "Wet Coast" months.
I enjoy people and how they interact with each other on this planet, to get along, as conflict resolver has been a major role that I have developed. Therefore, I would enjoy the company of an attractive, grounded, and centred woman, who, like me, is considered authentic, who has accomplished something to date in her life, yet has more to give in her "Third Chapter".

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. My friends would say that I am loyal and trustworthy -- no I am not a Maytag repairman. I spent most of my working career in education as a teacher, principal and counsellor.
I enjoy being around people but I am also comfortable with my own company. I guess I have learned to transform loneliness into solitude and I don't need to suck life out of someone else to feel complete. My mind is interesting and thoughts develop more like fireworks than ducks in a row. I laugh a lot and particularly enjoy the type of humour in Farside where things are viewed from a different perspective.
I really enjoy spending time with my granddaughter, who is almost three. She has real personality and a great sense of fun and we are learning to swim and ride a bike. (Actually, I know how. I also know how to ski, sail, roller blade and windsurf.)
I am interested in meeting a woman who is also confident in who she is and willing to develop a relationship in which she would be treasured for who she is.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. I am a down to earth person who likes to help others.
I do not like being on my own, it gets lonely sometime.
I like a simple lifestyle and do my own thing, keeping up with the Jones's doesn't ring a bell with me.

Date men and women from Canada. I am easy going and would like to meet same, to explore things together, giving each other space and respecting each other strenght and differences. I like to travel both domesticaly as well as foreign, may be join some clubs together
or do volunteer work together.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Independent, adventuresome, easy-going guy seeks partner with similar qualities. Preferably with no hangups or excess baggage!
Gold-diggers need not apply!
Must have a love of both "indoor" and outdoor activities....

Date single man from Canada. My ideal match Must be clean as I am,Take care of her self,positive not to be sour puss! and overly critical,free of major problems-(drugs,alcohol,disises,smoking dope or cigarets,or duing drugs!) I like chineese for there culture,
:Smiling and happy personality itis very importand to me and her,healthy outlook on life!! is a Must.Past tence is gone and canot be change!!!
Must be mature,MONOGAMUS!,Honest, I am ready to serve but not to be a slave same gualities aply on each of us. I dont ask what I canot deliver my self!!!Quality of Personality it is aMust to LOVE And CHerish each other! The body size and type is not as importand as size and qulity of HART is the most important!!!! I Prefer christian religion!

Meet someone special from Canada. I don't have an ideal match. If there are any preferences, I am partial to light body types. I also like some average types but can't get too interested in someone with too many extra pounds.
I am in pretty good shape for a guy my age and look about 10 years younger. This is probably because I lived in Hawaii for about 15 years and remained very active while I was there. I am actually looking for someone who would like to live there because I plan to return and stay permanently within the next year.

Date a man from Canada. I guess for the most part I'm a fairly straight forward type of person. I'm even keeled and don't get overly excited about things. I have an interest in ideas however I have a silly and playful side and really enjoy humour. I would describe myself as an optimist and see the glass half full most of the time. I think I also try to be caring and thoughtful toward people in my life
The person I'm looking for will have a good sense of humour and be caring and affectionate. Although important that partners have space to pursue their own interests a relationship is bound up in shared interests. For me this includes the theatre, movies, dancing, a walk on the beach, cycling, traveling, watching masterpiece theatre or classic movies on tv ...... and, most importantly, whatever else we decide. What I'm looking for first is a friendship that I hope will turn into a lifelong relationship.

Meet people from Canada. like to help people and sometimes it is abad thing as can help people too much.enjoy going to pub,out for a meal. attending music concerts of popular rock artists such as Rod Stewart,Duran Duran,C.C.R.,Neil Diamond,Michelle Wright. like to travel and tour as have touring mcycle. looking for 1 man woman

. I'm pretty active, love to have fun, ready to meet and greet, just checking all you girls out, don't need help, want to be in positive situations, want to laugh. this profile is brief because how we see each other in person is what counts.

. Kind and sensitive--later on that--cheepers!--OK--outspoken-she-some what indepentant--sense of ha-ha-forgiving--a realalist--likes chineese food--musical a bonus-not fancy--likes fishing--most of all affectionate and considerate--country gal good but not a must--a gogetter but knows when to park it--likes animals--too perfect not so good both ways

. I like a person to have lots of humour like i do.And some one how likes the out doors.Ilike to play and sing gutiar.Ilike to about you do theas thing.Good moves camping.Iam in to model trainds-gives me so thing to do in the wenter time.Ilikethe computer its inderesting.Also like rideing on the ATV up in the hills.Ido like sports and lots of little things.Gardnig.Rideing my motorcycle and things like that.I like birds have bird houses.