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Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. my first posting so I don't know what to expect. Please be patient. I have MANY things in life to be grateful for but mostly my very close family ties. Loyalty and truth are big headliners in my desires.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. European Gentleman, looking for Ms. in between, not Ms. wright or Ms. wrong.
Originally I was zoning on Ms. wright and after looking for a long time and with out succes I have given up. Hence, I am looking for Ms. in between.

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. try to be easy going,my friends always know that if I can I will help them.that have good health and try and do and keep everything in moderation or control.would like the lady to enjoy travelling,social drinker.likes to dine out a light gambler and enjoys the popular music stars. in the relationship should be with thru the good and bad,the ups and downs that daily living hands us. have 1 cat so hopefully she likes animals

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. like to travel,dine out.go to casino,s once and awhile.enjoy muscial concerts,checking out points of interest.need to be able to communicate with partner at all times and about anything and everything.this is the bases for a strong non smoker,social drinker.have 1 cat SAM.enjoy mcycle touring. accomplishments are my ability to be able to help people. woman who enjoyes doing some of the above mentioned items I do.looking for one woman man

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. I'm an easy going guy and looking for someone to share my life with and has a spiritual belief. I enjoy one on one times and helping others in any way that I can. I have an average build and try to stay in shape, so take a step in faith, it could work !
Thanks for your time. Roy

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. Down to earth, friendly and loving feminine lady, openminded, playful and serious when needed.
I'm energized by a woman's intelligence, sense of humor, compassion, sensitivity, and intuition. I'm looking for someone who's self aware and still growing. In addition to sharing some of my interests, you are likely to describe yourself as optimistic, reflective, articulate, environmentally and socially aware, fun to be with, curious, can be intense but also light-hearted, generous of spirit, have passion and are comfortable who you are. If this strikes a chord, I'd love to hear from you.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am young at heart and have a great sense of humor. I am outgoing and hoping to find someone to enjoy life to the fullest.
I am comfortable in jeans or a tux...and are also comfortable in either situation. I like to cooking and enjoy entertaining family and friends in my home. I also enjoy dining out and experiencing different restaurants and ethnic foods.
I enjoy travel and have lived in England for a big part of my life, and got to travel to many countries. Love to travel, especially to warmer climates, Mediterranean, Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean and plan to explore many other country's.
Independent and financially securel, have great integrity, responsible and great company to share good times, laughs and good wine!
I am healthy and I look to someone that values their health, has a positive outlook and cares about themselves and others.

Meet someone special from Canada. i am a fun loving person who is looking for a fun loving woman to spend time walking and spending quiet times togrther. i am outgoing and love to sit and cuddle, and maybe take rides to visit family and friends.i like to watch movies and go out to diner.

Date people from Canada. easy going love kids. Two boys ran away from home and moved in with me, because of the abuse at they mothers place, so tring to help them for last three years. We do alot of RV camping, they go dirt biking and I just hang out at camp, or go fishing.

Meet men and women from Canada. My friends would say i'm a good listener with a good memory, tends to see things as black or white, shades don't exist. Loyal to his close friends. Have had some questions about my political views, my leaning is Conservative, but its not a passion, my past wife was far more NDP minded, made for some interesting conversations, but never fights.
My daughter is turning 16 later this year, as a hindrance to a developing relationship, yes she will be somewhat, not in; not wanting me to have another woman in my life. But more in the demand of my time, and once she can drive a lot of that goes away, as does she, in just a couple of years (university). If you find the idea of her disturbing, please don't, think of her more as a channel to help keep us young.
I have a sense of humor that tends to love the ridiculous, ie: Peter Sellars movies, double entendre, but not if it belittles the other party.
The physical me is overweight, I know it, but being on my own don't have that extra push to work on the problem. Its not helped my my love of cooking, only problem is I love rich creamy/buttery foods and always seem to cook just a little more than I should have. And you cant waste good food, so I eat it. Have been trying to spend time at the local rec center, but things just seem get in the way. Need someone to crack the whip behind me.
Over the years I have done many things that I am proud of, but I am most proud of getting congratulations about my daughters upbringing, and my step sons, "yes I had a 1st marriage that ended in divorce many years ago, it included 4 children", life style and successes "I see a lot of me in him" , he is 43 years old with a 6 year old son. The fact that thanks to both myself and my wife, I can live a comfortable retired life style.
What am I looking for in a companion, I don't know surprise me. But remember at our age life is short, my wife just proved that to me, I want someone I can commit to, its going to the last time in my life I can do so, Love Passion, Money, Fun, Travel are all wonderful, but my past wife and I had the most important ingredient to a relationship, she was my best friend, and I hope she thought the same of me. That's what i'm looking for again.
What would you find me most passionate about, that's easy, my family, past and present. Although you will find some things out about me that run counter to that statement, this re my past family.

Date a man from Canada. Semi retired 65 yr.old man. Like to keep active walking, hiking,working out and playing some sports.
Warm,quiet spoken and easy to be with.
I`m a good cook and rather eat at home rather than frequent restaurants but a night out or lunch is sometimes a nice change.
The woman that interests me will enjoy being active with me .
Please don`t contact me if you don`t post a photo unless you`re new and intend to post one.
I will not respond to profiles with no photos.

Meet single man from Canada. Me well 67 Yrs.on this planet,Enjoy what life has to throw my way,Like to go boating,fishing, walking in the rockies,watching nature unspoiled,photography,slow dancing,and of course to travel.My ideal companionis someone not looking for lofty things,just down to earth,and average.I am not looking for the most beautiful women or the best built just someone average to slim build.Not into head games been there, and have it done to me, have to many t-shirts and coffee mugs already.If you are looking for a knight in shinning ,firstly nowhee to keep horse,and to much time spend on shinng armor.For me I would arrive in my trusty car and take you to the ball.I do not live in a big home or somewhere that will knock your socks for many years I have lived in my trusty motor home, and have everything the big house would have ,Its home and comfortable.I would enter any relashionship,its simply I do not want to know what your past was for that is for you to resolve if we are to make it work we start from the first day and if we feel it is not working be honest tell one another and move on.The job I have keeps me away for up to 5 days at a time only in the summer of course (tour bus driver) and you are welcome to join me on tours.But when at home total devoted to you and total devoted when away also. you would be between oh 5-0 to 5-7,not into changing the (me thats different)Likes surprises like a dozen roses to mainly say thank you for being a part of my life.likes to pampaered,likes to be hugged,hold hands,cuddled,normal sex drive.Loves to be surprised by a candle light dinner, which I have cooked and served just for you.(also clean up after)Somone more comfortable in jeans than making a fashion statement,I hope you are the one if send message and lets see where it goes.

. This is my opportunity to pitch my attributes sell you on contacting me. I suspect that many of the self descriptions provided are grossly exaggerated and misleading. Therefore I don't put much stock in them believing instead that the best opportunity for assessing compatibility is dialogue. I would be pleased to discuss my character, history, quirks, strengths and weaknesses with you directly. You might be pleasantly surprised.

. my friends describe me as having a sense of humor, dependable,sometimes sarcastic. there if I'm needed.
I consider muyself to be in reasonably good health
and I try to walk for at least an hour every day. Since I have become widower my social life has suffered althour i do try and get out as much as possible.
The person I am hopiig to find should be attractive, somewhat financially independent, in reasonably good health, broad minded, slim build,
some one not too serious who can laulgh at herself as well as me I sometimes do have an attack of wry humor. Much more stuff that does tend to come out during conversation. Oh, also can cook although I can do that as well.

. I am looking for some one to share my life with.
I am an honest and out going person. Passionate and fun loving. I enjoy the outdoors, going hiking in the mountains close to my home. Also enjoy camping close to the lakes and parks in british columbia. I have two teenage children that I am raising as I am a single dad. So that alone keeps me very busy along with my full time job.