Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Abbotsford, 63 year old

Date someone special from Canada. Looking for someone whos down to earthIm honest caring like to hear peple out-meet someone halfway and ready to try new things hum hum.need to have amatch that likes the out doors doesnt complain about every little thing and above all has a positive attitude

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I love to go to concerts and love dinning out. I like to be surounded by dogs, You have heard the old saying THE MORE PEOPLE I MEET THE MORE I LOVE MY DOG. I am looking for somewon to fall deeply in love with I am not looking for a fling.

Date a man from Canada. I see the world through eyes that have seen a lot. Never hold a grudge, try and help somebody every day, with nothing in return but a thank you. Give back a little, and smile. Learn the thrill of music and the magical effect it has on kids and adults alike. Then I can settle back as I look back, had how my life has molded me into who I am today. Not necessarily who I am description, but perhaps a description of what I see through my eyes.

Meet people from Canada. fun loving caring and very loyal to everyone enjoy life as whole. love sports and movies as well as being a homebody just starting to travel to warm destinations like mexico. need someone to share ideas and also become a partner.

Date men and women from Canada. I have been an executive all my life with little time for anything else. Time to change things. However, I do not compromise in my private life. I would never settle with someone I do not consider the very right one.
I have travelled hundreds of times throughout Western Europe, USA and Canada. I am back home after having lived in Europe for a number of years. For the time being, I live in Abbotsford, BC and I am in the magazines/newspapers publishing business. On Myers Briggs I am INTJ.
I am quiet, reserved and prefer to listen rather than talk. Simultaneously, I can be talkative, strong minded, and will almost never retreat from something I believe in. I have a sense of humour, I am honest and straightforward. Over the years I have developed my own philosophy and code of conduct in which I truly believe in.
I like Tennis, Skydiving, Skiing, Water Skiing, Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding, Listening to Classical Music or Pop, Movies, Opera, Concerts, ballet and selective poetry (My favourite is Richard Lovelace, particularly the one "to Locusta, Going to the Wars- I feel it represents me well) e.t.c..
Last, I speak four languages.
The woman I would feel close to should have the basics. Honesty, loyalty,self confidence, intelligence, independence, a good dose of sense of humour, good manners, refined, good taste, a true lady and above all to believe in herself.
I have a sense of humour, I am honest and never lie.
If someone lies to me outright, or cheats me, will lose me permanently as a friend. Over the years I have developed my own philosophy and code of conduct in which I truly believe in.
Last, I speak four languages English, French, Greek and Turkish. I would like to learn Japanese and Spanish.
The woman I would feel close to should have the basics. Honesty, loyalty, self confidence, intelligence, independence, a good dose of sense of humour, good manners, refined, good taste, a true lady, athletic minded and likes computers and dogs also very important - to believe in herself.

Meet single man from Canada. I am a very giving person, And with running two businesses I am a very busy guy. I enjoy going to Auctions and buying and selling stuff and going to flea markets. I also enjoy going to movies and concerts and eating out. But most of all I enjoy spending time with the puppies that I sell.

Date a soulmate from Abbotsford, Canada. Honest, trustworthy, very loving and romantic!!! I guess I am a hopeless romantic. I love to have friends for dinner to socialize, drink lots of good wine, games and play cards, etc. I love to cook and enjoy sharing my great recipes with friends. I love walking especially in White Rock, BC, anytime of the year, the ocean is my favorite. I grew up in New Brunswick and went to the ocean many times, camping and just to the beach. I like to travel and have done a lot and would like to travel more. I'd like to camp but not in a tent. I am easy to get along with and fun. I like to have a good time and am interested in many things. I used to do Dragon Boating and Outrigger, but haven't the last few years. Kayaking is something I'd like to try.
I love the theater and movies, the forest and walking in it. Beach combing and sailing, I've been sailing in Key West and fishing there also, it was great. I have traveled quite a bit and usually go somewhere each year. My family is in the east, Ontario and New Brunswick. Grew up in NB and went to the USA a lot, camping and shopping.
I love to read, delving into the mysteries I love. I have just starting reading "Malcolm Gladwell" I've read the "Outliers and just started on "The Tipping Point" they are really interesting. "What the Dog Saw" is next on the list. Detective and CSI are my favorites.
I love my family, with 7 grandkids we have fun together. We get together when time permits, very busy families.

Meet people from Abbotsford, Canada. Would like to find a person who is open minded enought to appreciate all people and things..enjoy a good laught over a cup of coffee, good meal about anything , good book, movie, play, just enjoying time together getting to know each other..I likea good conversationalist, someone who is up on the news and whats happening around them, can stimulate my mind either by something they read or saw or even just their opinion on a subject....I enjoy a good sense of humour, someone who can give and take..Life seems to be flying by and I would just like to have someone to enjoy these so called golden years...doesnt have to be rich, drive a fancy car, eat in the best of places..just have a good and open heart willing to share good times with..You would think with this new mode of communication the world becoming smaller and smaller but people are becoming lonelier and lonelier because it is so hard to reach out and touch someone and have them really notice you there..because they have a list of a hundred others that are lonely and trying to do the same me makes me very sad that it is so hard to find someone to love and keep who wont look for the greener grasss on the other side of the fence just because it is there... This isnt probably the best place to state this fact but we seem to have become a disposable world and if one person doesnt work out with a little effort, we just move on to the next poor soul waiting to find that special someone...and in the end grass is never greener on the other side just looks that way!!!
So you cans see I really dont have much faith in this system of finding someone to share things with , but then again on the other had doesnt seem to be any other place to maybe me far away or very close at hand only time will tell...and who knows i just might finally get lucky before I grow to old to appreciate some of the finer things in the companionship of a good friend and lover.....

Date men and women from Abbotsford, Canada. Strong in the Lord and the power of His might.
Love God and His Word.
Able to choose wisely with knowledge and understanding discernment and discretion.
Maturity and respect for others. A good sense of
humor and a humble heart.

Meet a woman from Abbotsford, Canada. at this point in my life , just looking for someone to share the day with , to talk to enjoy what the day brings.basically I enjoy the simple things of live nothing complicated , no drama, I enjoy watching grandchildren play hockey,at this point my social life has been very quiet and laid back, not a partier, but do enjoy going out for dinner, theatre, sports games, just not big on party crowds...I love the outdoors , enjoy my pets...good laugh at myself or whatever, have a warped sense of humour , which is what has gotten me this far I am sure in life...I am grateful for my healthy children, grandchildren and few friends I have...I see the cup half full not half empty...when the world gets to be too much for me get down and dirty and plant a flower AHAHHH!!! dirt is good for the soul so they say...nothing difficult, just want to enjoy life and maybe companionship in these years ahead, no complications or stress , just and easy laid back person trying to find a friend to share things with...