Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Abbotsford, 65 year old

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. I am a musical fellow. Love to play and sing. Was influenced with the good old rock and roll. I am a romantic fellow, looking for my soul mate. The lady I adore. The faithful one who loves me with tender passion all the time.
Honesty and sincerity are important to me. Inward beauty is every bit as important as the outward appearance. I am creative. I was made in the image of the great Creator. I love God. But I find institutions hard to attend. I am a christian who can't cumber myself with a denomination. Music flows from my soul. Spirituals and romantic songs are born within me. One day I will release them, so the world can hear.
I used to wander through the woods, awe struck by the beauty of nature. the wrens would sing fabulous musical passages to me there. I was a woodsman for most of my working life. Always had very physically demanding jobs. It kept my body lean and strong. My lady must be a warm caring and affectionate person. One who will help me on my musical journey.
I view this life in this world as a school of learning. we are all just passing through here. When the educational trip is over, we graduate from the materialistic dimension into the spiritual dimension. And while we are here, we all decide for ourselves and choose what color our spirit will be, whether it will be bright as the light, or black as the ace of spades, or any other color in between.
I was aviated. I used to fly. I had a little hang glider airplane that put me up there in the sky. It was a tremendous thrill to feel my wings in the wind.
Sometimes I jam with the other music heads. We form a circle, and the music goes round and round. We sing bluegrass, country, good old rock and roll, and spirituals. One of my favorites was a spiritual called I'll fly away.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. intelligent, 6ft 2 well spoken, presentable, casual, not bare-footed,, travel partner that's at sea level. if you can walk and chew gum, would ever be so and sound, adventure, new, different (and in people that's the greatest), not the artsy fartsy type, have been to most major museums...bla bla...watching clouds go by and the stars beats any 3D movie, stimulating conversation beats some music...and i'm gonna stop beating,,,my drum..)....yet maybe know about the glass 1/2 full...1/2 empty ? version is the door...i'm on the way in...not on the way o.......will put my photo on here soon as soon as the stitches heal from having it put back is great....(al bs).but from the heart.

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. Work hard and then play harder, looking for someone that has the same attitude and likes the same things I do. Would like to meet someone who is outgoing and not afraid to go out, sometimes for long periods of time.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Just a nice guy looking for a partner to enjoy what life has to offer. Enjoy cooking ,entertaining ,people ,kids, animals, and at times long walks with the right person.Looking for a Women how is independent ,"eat of the same bread but not of the same loaf". A Women who can be a cook in the kitchen ,a lady in the living room, and a "free spirit" in the bed room.


Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. iam semi retired .ilove to work at what i like to do.i would like to meetsomeone to share some good times wih maybe to travel , mexico or other loc. but first to get to you better . iam very happy and alittle funny at times i am looking for a fun loving person that i would enjoybeing wih to enjoy some good times wih. ima
i am a little over weight but i am not lasy . enjoy good food,like to dancego out to eat, and enjoy friends family. iam looking for someone with some of the same valves

Date people from Canada. quiet soul searching intinmate With a lot to learn never stop learning. all I have to offer is me . but that is a complex person and is what you want to make of me. I would like a quiet person one who is more a home body. but One who is able to underrtand why I am retired. and how I can make life richer and rewarding. someone who possibly likes to cycle to be my buddy on the road and somone Who likes to work out hard reach out for higher limits . but still remain soft warm and cuddly. total anorexic looks are Not my turn on . somone Who perhaps is medically knoledgable. someone Who Can put up with me. Wow thats a huge undertaking. NOre about me 168 pounds 5 ft 7 inchges last laser measure That makes it a loss of 2 inches due to a stunt in 1991 Yes spinal injured . but not to be coun ted out. enough for mow

Meet single man from Canada. i am very shy and don't have preference
very flexible when coming into a relationship
i have a problem talking about myself
i like to treat my companion the way she likes
ie opening doors , pulling out chairs etc
sorta old fashion

Date a man from Canada. someone wholikes toenjoy life even if are older a woman that i s loyal is fun loving likes cats dog likesto be outdoors camping fishing a good life with someone love caring man iam au to mech still working enjoy yard flowers my house a nd renos good people around me looking for long trem partner to enjoy things together

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am interested in a person who is intelligent, playful and positive. I really do like women who are either slender or athletic, and I'm not attracted to someone overweight. I'm more than willing to allow a partner "space", and hope to receive the same treatment in return. I am caring and sensitive and treat a partner with respect, and again, would want the same.

Date a soulmate from Abbotsford, Canada. Hi,
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.
I truely believe that life would be so much nicer with a life partner but unless one magically apprears in my life magically i will take a chance with this media.
I know that most profiles one reads seem to be the same, creative soul mate wanted to wisk one away but no one says hay do you know how to get the cat hair out of the keyboard?
I have the life skills that comes from the highs and sad lows that we all experience over time that have made me what I am today. I am honest,realiable,organized,creative,adventurous,ne
ver been in jail, and seldon lie, I like white wine, micro beer, the annual Sturgis Motorcycle rally, driving back roads,photography, caring about the environment, and so much more.
I do not enjoy going to the mall but if it is an outdoor artsy anything count me in. I feel that it is important to take the time to enjoy others creativity from a giant sandcastle to a painting one can not quite understand.It would be so nice to share my hobbys with yours.
I think we should all take the time to be simply silly, there is too much overload of evil in the world. So splashing in tidel pools while laughing at nothing and everything while holding hands sounds heavenly.
I raised my married son on my own so enjoy spending time with him and his family when I can.I so enjoy having my 1st grandchild.
I have been on my own for a number of years. I do know that being in a loving committed relationship that is built on friendship first is so very important.
I belive in giving back to my community through volunterism.
I do have osteoarthrist with most of my joints replaced so I can not do sports but most certainly can cheer you and your favouite team on. I use a walker and cane to help me walk depending on what I am doing.
I enjoy reading mystery novels, writting what i call rambles,crafting,exploring new places and learning always.When out on drives I love to see what is out there to explore just around the bend in the road. You just never know what one might find from the simply beauty of a deer to an old barn that time forgot.
I enjoy tv with mystery cop shows topping my list along with HBO.I am not interested in late night talk shows.
I am an out going woman who is very active in an international organization for gals that is all about friendship and fun.
I have a number of tattoos that are mostly florals.
I am looking for a gent who is still not angry with their ex, has strong communitie ties and for them it is family 1st not their job if possible. I like mustaches.
He knows that it takes time,communication, patience and laughter to make any relationship work.
I live my life with honor,respect, positivity and try not to be too much of a negative soul/ bitch at times.
I do not like people who are negative,always critical of things, cling to past, have huge bellies,hunt for the fun of it not survival,are dirty,have low self esteme, expect someone else to "take" care of them and their belongings or are addicted to anything that damages your body.
Remember age is just a number it is your positivity and smile that attracts others..
"A good man is handy during the day. But for rock-ing my nights,I'll take a bad man every time." lol

Meet a woman from Abbotsford, Canada. I love seeing the joy that a simple thoughtful act can bring to others.I want some one who appreciates that and wants to get the most out of life.I would love to find someone who loves to travel and explore what the world has to offer.Someone with ambition who knows that living a healthy life style can give you more in life.Could that be you????? Someone to share this great life with.We should make each other a better person while adding value to each others lives.

Date someone special from Abbotsford, Canada. In all - in general I would like to meet some one who loves life! I would want him to be caring and loving/kind and considerate.I love life and try to live it to the fullest.I would like a man who loves to go for walks and get his feet dirty walking in the sand at a beach on a sunny warm day. I like a guy who opens the door for me. I also surround myself with good people good fun and food.After working everyday I like to sit back and relax at home with a good book or a tv show that makes me laugh and smile. I am excited to be a mom of 1 beautiful daughter. I am grateful for excellent health and I am fit. My social life right now is slow -and meeting some one who is my soul mate can make a difference.

Meet people from Abbotsford, Canada. I am outgoing and friendly a hard worker and self motivated I love to hang out with friends and family. I am very loyal, honest and fun. I would like to meet someone who has a great attitude who would like to travel and have some fun.