Date men from Canada / British Columbia / Alta Lake, 64 year old

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I live singly, in Whistler, apart for 6 years from a wife with whom I retain a working relationship. Divorce pends favorable disposition of assets which we share. If not rejected for that, great! It's the truth.
I am semi-retired and currently engaged selling assets to allow for more leisure, though I do retain some small business interests locally and in Asia.
I remain athletically active and enjoy many sports and activities, but am not a sport spectator and do not watch sports. I like to sail and retain a keen passion for sailing, both racing and cruising, skiing, mountain biking, and other activities that promote health, fitness, and fun. I train at a local gym about 3 times a week
All activities in life are enhanced with the company and companionship of someone who one can hold as dear. I seek a relationship with a woman whose interests have some similarities with my own, but am willing to expand my own horizons to embrace new activities and interests.
I prefer vacations and travel destinations that have an activity or special interest to them. I am not drawn, for instance, to a beach resort where I can sit for a week and listen to the waves. That is not for me. I can enjoy passive relaxation for short periods, then prefer to be scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, or doing some activity or visiting places of interest.
I like to cook and entertain others, but I do not make a regular thing of entertaining such that it is a big part of my lifestyle.
I am a passionate individual on all counts; physically, and in the enthusiasm with which I pursue work, hobbies, sports, or support for things in which I believe.
It is a time in life to have and be committed to a partner with which to share all experiences. The dawn, the rain, the sun, breakfast and coffee (good coffee), activities and various interests, fun and heartaches. All life's things have more meaning when shared.
If you are one who likes to really sleep-in for long periods during the week, or o n weekends, then we are not to be. I like morning and like to share them. I look forward to each day and want to fill it with fun, or with meaning.