Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Armstrong, 63 year old

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. The reoccurring motif found in many profiles is the expression of how difficult it is to describe oneself. Mine is no different. Therefore, I will use some of the descriptors others have given me about myself: I am said to be “my own person”,-to have a “good sense or humour” , that I am “joyfully forgetful” but I can’t remember who said that! lol! I am said to be “pure entertainment” but am not sure what that means. Hope it is good. I will add that I think I am strong willed, but flexible, brave, but fragile, playfully inquisitive, insightful, but for matters of the heart, and blatantly compassionate about things that matter to me.
I live on a farm in the Okanagan Valley. I often derive energy from rising at dawn and working in my garden or taking breakfast on the pool deck. It is surprising how worries and woes can lose their power to a new and clearer perspective at the breaking of a new day.
In the summer I love to camp in my motorhome with friends and family at semi-remote lakes. I enjoy easy kayaking, walking/hiking, and biking when the weather is good and basking in the sound of pelting raindrops on the roof of the motorhome while cozily playing cards or board games inside when the weather is poor. It reminds me of how much I loved to cuddle up with my partner in front a blazing fire on a snowy winter day.
I am blessed that I can work four days a week. I teach grade three and am often in awe of the energy and joy that can be gleaned from a class full little people, each of whom contributes profoundly to the fabric of our class family. They bring me balance and keep me grounded.
I love reading and some of my most recent books have been Pillars of the Earth, The Fall of Giants, Cutting for Stone, SarahРІР‚в„ўs Key, to name a few. I have belonged to a book club for ten years and we have become life long friends.
And best for last! Family! My amazing kids have made me the proud “Grams” to 15 grandchildren who give me big hugs with small arms and fill my life with love. Many of them are now at the age where they face time, text and call. They offer a depth and quality of life that helps fill the universal need of love and belonging. I love them unconditionally!
What am I looking for in a partner? It is amazing that I am looking for a partner. After 38 years of marriage and five years as a single in a coupleРІР‚в„ўs world, it seems unconceivable that I have reached this point. Thanks to good friends and family I am ready to move on. Wow!
My partner must love children because they are our legacy and hope for the future. More importantly they keep us young and make us laugh and love. Hopefully my profile will inform the right person what I am looking for. If you are that person, I am holding a place in my heart for you.