Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Burnaby, 25 year old

Date single boy from Canada. I am currently almost finished my medical school degree. I have realized that work and success can only bring one so much happiness, and that I've been missing that special person in my life to make my life whole. The usual clichee, is work hard, play hard. I've caught myself working too hard and playing less and I think it's time to tip that balance more so in the right direction. My dream is having someone to stay by my side, share experiences and most importantly have fun.
A bit about my personality: Friendly. Out-going. Open-minded. Rational and objective. Extremely goal-driven. Entrepeneurial. Considerate. Commited. I get serious when it calls for it, but I'm usually quite care-free. A little bit hot-tempered, but usually cool with everything. I would admit I'm sorta geeky, but who isn't if you take education seriously.
My ideal person:
Just want to meet a someone healthy in mind, body and spirit who is out-going, open-minded and somebody that I can be comfortable spending time with anywhere. I don't specifically need someone educated to the same extent as me. I just need a person who can keep me company and have some relaxed and somewhat intellectual conversations about science, religion, american politics, social trends etc. I am extremely attracted to someone who is an independent woman, a lady who can take a stand for what she believes in and hold her own ground. Someone whose self identity is not based solely on others, but claim their own self-worth and are truly comfortable in their own skin. Confidence, swagger, whatever you want to call it. I need someone who's driven and has ambition to match my personality. Realiability is key and someone who is straight honest. I always prefer if someone speaks their mind.

Meet a guy from Canada. Theres to much about me that I couldnt possibly begin to type here, soooo Lets just say Im worth getting to know and anything you wanna know im an open book to. I am a very loving and caring person who aims to please all the time. Im blessed to do what I love to do for a living and the sky is not the limit in my life, there are none!
I do have to say this, some people need a reality check. Please check yourself before you try to check and judge another person. So if you about drama and your way with dealing with things is to argue and make a scene please pass my page this is a "DRAMA FREE ZONE" i have no time or patience for that kind of ignorance. Nothing but positive synergy in my life. If you feel its ok to bring your negative energy into someone else's life, again i ask miss my page. Please don't waist my time. Thank you in advance to the people who will keep it real with themselves before trying to keep it real with someone else, because if you can't love yourself first then how can you expect somebody else to.

Date a boy from Canada. Hi i'm Jay currently studying at Sfu, Crim Major. I want to become a teacher somewhere either in Korea or Japan! I'm hoping to meet some new friends to hang out with and possibly just start from there! I enjoy reading playing piano and guitar when i have time as well as going to the gym and shooting hoops!
In the future i hope to have a family of my own and will have my own business and definitively kids~

Meet people from Canada. Hmm well I am not sure what to write here. I am an outgoing and independent person. I like to be active as much as possible but don't think that I don't enjoy my down time. I equally enjoy spending my day exploring what this city has to offer or curling up on the couch to watch the latest movie I have found. I love good food, whether I am cooking it or eating it at one of Vancouver's many great restaurants. If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life if I was forced too, it would be any type of seafood(no Tuna though), I really could eat it everyday.
I am a big outdoors person. I love being in the wilderness, and not just the local trails either. I love hiking especially when there is a nice view or lake at the end. Fishing is one of my biggest passions. Fly fishing is my latest endeavour and I have fallen in love with it. I love the feeling of being on the river or creek and being where no one else is, there is a true sense of peace and quiet at the point, except for when a bear comes crashing through the bush. At the point then things get a little serious haha.
My love of the outdoors has lead me to want to pursue a career in environmental conservation. My job at the moment allows me to be outside but I want something more. Ideally I want to work for Fisheries and Oceans or the Ministry of the Environment doing enforcement work.
I am a big family person. I have a large family to begin with but I enjoy them to the fullest. I like to laugh, sometimes at the most ridiculous things. I mean who wouldn't laugh at the ministry of silly walks?
I wouldn't mind finding someone who is active and adventurous. I like slightly sarcastic people, someone that I can have witty banter with. Ultimately though I would like to find someone that I can be with and mutually grow with. Not a picky eater wouldn't be a bad thing either as I like to try new foods all the time. Someone with drive and motivation and someone who wants to chase their dreams is always good thing in my eyes as well.

Date a soulmate from Canada. For one, I respect everyone equally unless someone disrespects me but that doesn't usually happen. People enjoy being around me for I get along with people really well and if you`ll get the chance to meet me you will notice that I like to smile, for there are many things that can put a smile to my face :) I'm also more of a giver than taker, I enjoy making someone happy that`s why I like to give, and I really like surprising someone, for the face cant lie when surprised... I love the look on someone when he or she (especially she) is surprised with a face full of joy. there are many more things you can learn about me, so don`t be shy to message me.

Meet men and women from Canada. I have never done this online dating but i hear its a great way to meet new people. If someone were to discribe me I believe they would say Funny, Outgoing, Committed and Hardworking.I am self-sufficient, independent, and honest.I'm at the point in my life were I would like to settle down with that special someone and develop a special relationship. I have been through many different adventures these past couple years from getting my diploma in theatre acting and living and working abroad in Australia for 8 months. I enjoy traveling playing sports, cooking, gardening (im starting my first garden attempt this year!) laying back watching TV or Movies, listning to music. Theres many more things but thats all i can think of at the moment lol.
When it comes to what im looking for in a girl is someone whos family oriented, confident in herself, happy, hardworking and fun to be around. From experince I dont like to move to fast. From what I have learned its all about No Pressure! Let's just relax...become friends and get to know each other... and see what happens.

Date someone special from Canada. Hey everyone. LIL about me. I'm 6'1 athletic. Love sports. I work full time as a plumber for new construction. I'm at the gum 6 days a week. I eat healthy most of the time.
I enjoy hanging with my friends. Being outside enjoying the weather. Iove to eat and spend a nice night in watching a good movie.

Meet single boy from Burnaby, Canada. Just try me, you`ll be happy by my characters. because, I`m a down to earth person, easy to deal with, lot of funny ideas. full of love, and ready to share everything with any person I`ll meet with. be ready to be going out every Saturdays and Sundays just to enjoy life. because, life is too short.

Date a guy from Burnaby, Canada. I’m out going, love to meet new people and go with the flow. I just recently got back from Germany and have caught the traveling bug. Looking to go to Australia at the end of Aug for a bit and maybe stop by in Fiji. Currently working full time and trying to finish my CGA with one night course, with the extra weekend days going towards snowboarding and trying to keep in touch with friends and family. Moved here from Osoyoos back in 2005 when i graded from high school, as i need to be near a movie theater. Love to write and produce screenplays, and some day wish to be in the movie making industry that’s becoming huge in Vancouver.
I have an older sister that happily married and lives in Vancouver with her husband and my mom and dad live in the Okanagan. They own a motel in Osoyoos which is great to have in the summer time, as it’s the best place to go camping and boating.
I own my own place right by the sky train which is good for the drunken downtown nights and of course for friends to just show up and crash as my place.

Meet a boy from Burnaby, Canada. Hi,i am Vincent,25 years old. Currently i am running my own business,in my spare time,i like traveling and exploring. Is there anyone interested in joining my plan? Btw,i don't speak fluent English,so plz be patient.

Date people from Burnaby, Canada. I'm the "nice guy" type with a gentleman's approach to romance.
I know what I want in life & work hard to achieve my goals.
I don't consider myself materialistic & prefer the simpler moments of life.
I love to share laughter & can be a kid at times.
Being outdoors & active is always preferred however lazy Sundays do happen from
time to time.
I love to cook & consider myself a "foodie". Experimenting new foods & exploring new restaurants is one of my passions.
I enjoy traveling & have no problem learning new cultures, meeting new friends & trying new things.
My daily style is simple; well fit jeans, classic Adidas shoes, white t-shirt & button up shirt.

Meet a soulmate from Burnaby, Canada. I am from Shanghai, China, and live in Vancouver right now. Willing to meet someone by destiny. I wish the right girl is here for me. Meanwhile, I am glad to meet some friends here, who can hang out to have some funs.

Date men and women from Burnaby, Canada. I sometimes come across as a serious person but i am a big fan of having a good time and a few laughs. I Sometimes work long hours and don't have much extra time. I love being outside and on the water. I come from a large family and am the middle of five kids.

Meet someone special from Burnaby, Canada. Who am I?
I'm passionate about achieving my goals and won't let anything stand in my way
I like to do things on my own terms and march to my own beat and like to speak my mind. I have no problem standing up for what I believe in if a situation calls for it.
I'd like to do some travelling and see some parts of the world that I haven't been to yet. I wouldn't mind having someone to come join me on the adventurous journey if they are cool to hang with.
I'm pretty mature for my age and have been told that I'm "wise beyond my years"
If we hang out, there will never be an awkward silence. Don't worry if you're nervous, I will just tease you :)
I'm a guy who is comfortable making the first move, regardless if it is a romantic kiss on the beach or throwing you up against a wall and making out with you the rain
I'm not looking for the trophy girlfriend, I'm much more interested in personality. You don't have to be a model for me to respond but if you are a model... please prove to me that you're not ALL bat sh*t crazy

Date single boy from British Columbia, Canada. What u see,is what u get..
Im not a Picky guy.,im more of a appreciative type..likes nature,and adventure..i grew up and stayed in the philippines for 25 loving my stay here in canada..finding new friends and cool places,culture and a simple guy,an average person..