Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Burnaby, 65 year old

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. looking for someone , that is honset, caring, loving, I would love to find someone who like to travel and to esplore what the world has to offer,and living healthy lifestyle helps you get more out of life

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. time to see the world at large! train, plane, or cruise ship or bus the world awaits for our discovery. free to roam anytime the system says go. are you ready to have fun and discovery in your life ? lets go to Rome,Paris,Spain,Asia or relax at the resort of sun and fun ///

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. easy going guy who doesn't look for demanding mate. Enjoy doing different things and definately not a stay at home person. like to do things on impulse. First priority is to enjoy life and everthing around us and care little about what people think about me

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. Hello!
I am a very casual, easy going, patient person. Honesty integrity, and compassion and understanding toward others is very important to me.I love music [live and recorded]R&B Soul,Classic Rock C&W. I just never learned to appreciate classical.I very much like to cook and work in the kitchen[I find it very relaxing].The things I admire in a woman are a warm personality,lots of smarts, and a great sense of humor. If you can not have some laughs were already dead anyway! I am a handholder and a cuddly old bear. I am not a rich man so if you are looking for a heart of gold you found one. if your looking for a pot of gold, keep on looking.

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. After 27 years living in the northI have returned to Burnaby and live with a cat.
I am happy by nature and love travel adventures. By car, by train, or by plane I do love to look at something else. For exercise I love walking the trails of Burnaby Lake or a tread mill at home during inclement weather.
I have one daughter living in Kamloops, we travel back in forth regularly.
My undergraduate degree is in europeon history.
Expect conversations that might lead us into world affairs past and present.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am a financially secure retired man. I enjoy being physically active. I play tennis 3 times per week. I enjoy discussing current events. I have been told that I have a good sense of humour.
I'm looking for an active and attractive woman who has a good sense of humour and takes an interest in current events.

Date someone special from Canada. I like to do quite a lot of different things. I like getting up early. I am not a 9-5 job kind of person. I like to explore quite a few things. I look at life very optimistically. Life is a great adventure.

Meet single man from Canada. I am an honest, upfront,loyal,down to earth,openminded and passionate person, not afraid to show what is on the inside, mainly because most of the fears are gone. The barriers only are there to protect oneself from the baggage that is being carried around. Intuitive, intelligent and like to deal with issues before they become problems. I enjoy anything that can be done outside, including camping, gardening and landscaping. That doesn't preclude making romantic gourmet dinners, especially on the weekend.I would like to meet someone with the qualities I admire in myself and the company that I keep. That person values integrity, honesty, trust and has a willingness to communicate. Has a good sense of humour and able to laugh with others as well as at herself. Knows the meaning of intimacy and is not afraid to show it in whatever form it is. Willing to be my best friend and lover. Knowing that it will be returned in kind.

Date people from Canada. I am greatful for my relationship with my daughter and my friends. I enjoy a good joke and movies that make me laugh. I like to hear people talk about what is important in his/her life. I am looking for someone to do things with and spend time with.

Meet men and women from Canada. Hello I'm a petite 5'lady who loves the outdoors. I'm a little classy, adventurous, and very curious about people in different lands. I love to travel and have done so extensively and wish to continue in the coming years. I like boating and the boating lifestyle including fishing. I work out as much as I can and lead a fairly healthy lifestyle. I bike, ski (downhill) swim, enjoy music, dancing etc. My life is very easy and I'm quite a content person. My friends are important to me as well as my family. I'm honest open, have a good sense of humour. I'm a bit shy and once I get to know someone you'll be wishing for shy. Just keep laughing.I'd like to meet someone who has mutual interests but not all. One who likes to travel and 5 star, camping and RV'ing. I think that my best match would be a person that is adventurous, takes care of himself and have an inner warmth and good looks (meaning good looks from within). I find it so diffiicult to go through the listings as each person is so much more than just a picture. As I am nearing the age which I am going to retire (within 3 years) I would like to find someone to play with and be free to do whatever.To me a partner with integrity is the most important attribute. Honesty, gentleness,thoughtfulness are also important. To me beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however attraction is important as well. Having mutual interests and one's own interest keeps life interesting. A good sense of humour is a must!

Date a woman from Burnaby, Canada. Just curious about this site. Heard about it so thought I'd drop in and take a look. Like reading, gardening and am passionate about motorsports, especially road racing. I watch Formula 1. I love to cruise and hate flying.

Meet someone special from Burnaby, Canada. Someone who will love me and will want to be with me throught the up and down that life bring are way . I want someone who like what I like just know he is out they some where put a smile on my face . I am grateful for my grandson and love the time with him