Date men from Canada / British Columbia / Burnaby, 64 year old

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Now that my children no longer need me, it's MY time. Not in a hurry, but ultimately I would like to find a soul mate who I can enjoy the rest of my life with.
My passion is sports, so hopefully you appreciate my 'jock' mentality - even if you don't partake as often as I would. I still play hockey, volleyball, and run. And now that I have retired, I plan to have more time for golf and hopefully tennis. 2 of my kids are Physios and I have my weekly massage, so I'm hoping my body will hold out with all the activities I do.
I try to eat properly, but as I am always cooking and don't like to waste food, often eat too much. I grew up in a family of cooks, so we continually are cooking ... and eating. We even have our yearly family 'Iron Chef' contests as we gather for our Mother's birthday (this year was her 90th!). So hopefully you appreciate fine dining - although most of it would be prepared at home - as I can't justify spending big bucks in restaurants where food may expensive and not be up to standard. My primary diet is Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean), but also enjoy the other ethnic foods Vancouver has to offer. And because of my upbringing in a Prairie 'Chinese Greasy Spoon', my comfort foods include 'Veal Cutlets, Hot hamburger Sandwiches and Liver and Onions - not to mention Sweet and Sours and Fried Rice!
I also love the arts, especially live theatre. Musicals are my favorite, but I love watching Dance as well and almost anything on stage. Live music in some of those small restaurants or at the Riverrock Casino is also fun. I love the movies as well - can you believe I have to live vicariously through 'Romantic comedies' - which probably are my favorites.
So hopefully you like doing things and a great variety in life.
On the flip side, I love to putz in the garden with my vegetable garden and my fruit trees (if I still had any). Or to lie in my 'lazy boy chair' and watch the Discovery Channel or National Geographic (and the Sports highlights). So I like my quiet time as well.
But back to my life ...
As much as I currently enjoy life, I miss the intimacy that a good relationship would bring. A lot of things are designed 'for twos' and humans are meant to be with others, so that's why I think I want to get 'back on the horse' and see if I can find my mate out in cyberspace.
I've been on my own for a bit now, so am a little scared of being 'smothered', but if you are independent and also have your own interests, things would work much better.
Of course I want to travel - as I think everyone does. Had to spend a lot of accumulated vacation before retiring, so in the last 2 years I have been to New Zealand, Australia, Peru (Macchu Picchu), Cuba, Hawaii and a couple of years before that did my southeast Asia tour of China, Cambodia, Viet Nam. My kids have been to Europe numerous times so my goal is to get to get there soon (Italy, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany are all on my radar). Also Eastern Canada and the East Coast has its attraction to me - as I only saw Nova Scotia for 2 weeks in my youth.
So in summary, if you are active, flexible, romantic and love food and the arts, maybe we can hook up and see if there is a connection.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. To meet that perfect match may be asking to much. However, it will be the journey towards that ultimate goal. It is very difficult to say what is that special person like, it realy is more of will I fit the bill, to be honest I am not perfect. But I am trying.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I have a 9yr. old American Cocker Spaniel named Daisy, she is my little girl, so you should like animals of all kinds. My interests include reading, cooking,camping and travel. I would like to meet a women who is a bit of a tomboy, but who can dress-up for a fine evening of food and enterintment. I am a easy-going, open minded guy. Oh, I work construction as a excavator operater. I hope your interested to meet.

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. In all humility I am very talented and motivated to accomplish things in my life and very loyal to my friends and loved ones. I am looking for someone who will love and respect me and be my partner in life and eternity.
I love music and am a reasonably accomplished pianist (self taught playing by ear only) and also due a bit of strumming on a guitar.
I am an avid reader and like a wide range of books from the very serious and spiritual to political books and also a good political/espeionage/crime/drame book. In the latter category I love John Grisham and Tom Clancy especially.
I like movies but am very choosey. Most current movies are borderline garbage and I don't like the filth in most movies these days. But a good clean movie with an uplifting story is what I like.
I love the beauty of nature and walk almost daily either by a beach or in a forest trail or by a lake. I like travelling and have been to almost every continent except South America.
I have a very interesting career which takes me to many exciting places but I like spending quiet time at home and with friends more than anything.
I love Indian and Mexican food.
I am looking for someone who will respect and love me for what I am. I believe a couple should give each other space and be respectful of our differences while at the same time being fiercly loyal and true to each other.

Date someone special from Canada. Looking for someone to have great moments in life and be happy. If you are a person that is looking for good time and live entirely your life, here I'm. If your are the person that believes that money is all in life, you are in the wrong way and you will be better to look for somebody else.

Meet single man from Canada. I hope from the partnership is to relax, have as much funny moments as can be, and above all keep smiling and avoid sulking... Develop understanding and tolerance and share feelings, happiness and maintain constant appreciation of being together...

Date a soulmate from Canada. Enjoy hanging out with good people, have good food,good wine! Lets have some fun, but dont go go crazy, not yet! What is a good travel destination? Be shure this is what we want! Good being on same page.

Meet a man from Canada. Writing about one's self is often a challenge for some, others it is liken to writing a novel. I am of the former individual. I personally prefer the more personal approach - being in front of the other person as a one on one situation, but ---
One must write something to fulfill this requirement. I am easy to get along with and open to new adventures with whom ever comes along.


Meet single man from Burnaby, Canada. Hi. i'm looking for a honest, sincere, person. A lady who is on my side as much as i will be with her.
I've been married for twenty six years with my second wife, and even if it's never perfect, we had a great life together.
She died too soon, at the age of fifty-one, but it's the wish of God, and there is nothing we can do.
So i'm looking for a long relationship, but if it's not what the wish of Lady i'm go to meet, i'm ok with that.
I can't wait to meet the Lady who will flip my heart up side down. Bye X