Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Burnaby, 61 year old

Date someone special from Burnaby, Canada. I am looking for someone to share leisure time with, someone who cares for me and I for him, to have each other's backs, be best friends, support each other, want to converse and share thoughts and ideas, be excited to be with each other and just enjoy the moments hanging out to travelling. Someone who enjoys learning new things, is possibly into learning languages or already speaks a few. Enjoys the outdoors and friends and sunshine and laughter. Someone who loves his kids, cherishes time with them and wants a woman to compliment his life and whom he wants to compliment...enjoys time with friends and family and likes to be active .....knows table manners and is respectful of his fellow man/woman.....

Meet a soulmate from Burnaby, Canada. I am compassionate, selfless and can be adventurous, when the opportunity arises. Family and stability are very important to me so I would enjoy meeting someone with corresponding values.
I've worked hard my whole life and value hard-working, honest individuals. I truly enjoy the small things in life. They bring me the most happiness. Two ways to my heart: a soft strawberry ice cream cone and good conversation.

Date a woman from Burnaby, Canada. Strong family values, love to laugh, enjoy simple things like cooking for family or movies at home or at the theatre. My favorite getaways are beach resorts in Mexico or the Oregon Coast. I believe in eating and exercise for good health, but I'm long past hoping to look like a babe. Love to dress well, but prefer casual and comfort. I enjoy all kinds of music, a little gardening, small household projects, try to get to the gym twice a week, walks, I've always got a good book to read, lively discussions about anything and everything, a nice glass of merlot or an occasional vodka martini,sitting on the back patio in the summer time, barbequing with family and friends. I am open, verry honest and communicate well. You won't have to guess what's on my mind. I'm looking for a tall, strongly built man, who is assertive and communicates well, is secure, has a quick mind and a good sense of humour, someone who is romantic and affectionate. He takes care of himself, is financially stable, likes to look good and pursues good health in all aspects of his being. He is a family man with Christan values who is mature and easy going, loves to laugh, travel to sunny destinations, and also enjoys simple things in life. He is a man who has made relationship mistakes and has learned from them. While my goal is to be in an exclusive, committed relationship, it will take time and I'm in no hurry.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Passionate, open, honest, good sense of humor. Originally from the U.K. Well read, well travelled. Appreciate intelligent conversation. Fun with a sense of adventure. Have a good quality of life. Enjoy outdoor living. Actively involved in the community through volunteer work. Emotionally & financially secure. Like most music (particularly live music). Dancing, movies & dining out are some of the things I enjoy. Lost my life partner of 30 years due to cancer. I know the advantages of an excellent relationship through honesty, trust, communication, being supportive and having respect for persoinal growth. Relationships are an investment in ourselves -- the more we invest the richer we become. I enjoy what I have in life and I know the differences between needs and wants. I believe too much of life is wasted waiting -- the time is now. You can tell a lot about a person in a sentence -- particularly if the words in the sentence are strong, have value and virtue. If a person stands by their word you know they have a sense of themself which enables them to show you who they are in an honest and straightforward manner. Friends, first and foremost.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I find sixtyish men with greying/white hair, or degrees of no hair incredibly attractive! I like being this age and being with men of my generation. Je ne sais quoi, but I seem to frequently receive messages from young men. Kindly do not reply if you are younger or live outside the Lower Mainland, and no, I'm not interested in having or being a friend with benefits. It's important that you're available--not attached to drugs, alcohol, or another woman. With overhanging clouds such as those, we'll never fly.
While I'm drawn to the complexities and mysteries of life, I'm a simple person with simple tastes and wants and am not a shopper or one to go out for fancy meals; yet, I do enjoy going out for a romantic dinner from time to time or preparing one at home.
Since retiring from my busy job of teaching two years ago, I've taken time to be in stillness and to savour precious moments, the sad along with the glad. I am committed to deepening relationships to connect as closely with myself and with others as much as I possibly can, and I'm grateful for my family and friends in our coming together in mutual support--it hasn't always been that way, but we're movin' closer. "It is what it is" is a frequent saying of mine: it's gratifying that others in my circle are also using it, suggesting we're arriving at places of acceptance and surrender. And in those places that I'm finding myself, I feel incredibly alive, fortunate and grateful for each day, embracing spirituality ever more intimately, and inspired about what is to come.
I value being of service to others and have just begun volunteering at Hospice, fully appreciating the folks who share aspects of themselves with me, savouring their lives and what has been, and their deaths with possibilities of what will be.
I too am now finding new ways to be--unstructured, free, and open. I've left my other life behind and have been easing into a new one. It's as though I'm a solid older home that's been through a renovation--especially on the inside. I've had a few supportive interior decorators who've worked collaboratively with me to change my inner being. And, paradoxically, that softening reinforcement has benefited my outer self too: when I smile, I now fully feel it. I'm embracing navigating through my heart rather than my head, but it's still an awkward dance.
I spend two days a week hanging out with my small grandchildren, ages 3 and 5 and we have lots of fun! We visit parks, swim, do crafts, sing songs, perform, dance, plant things in the garden, cook, and find ways to just play and be goofy.
I enjoy staying fit: yoga in the morning and walking outdoors every day. Nature soothes and supports me (Romantic poets such as Byron, Keats and Wordsworth inspire). I can envision being alongside you, enjoying the air, birds, animals, trees, water, and mountains. Or, just gazing upon the moon, or at the sun as it sets. Or, sitting indoors contemplating the rain coming down....
I love dancing--nothing formal--just moving and letting the music wash over me. If you can dance, fine, if not, I have friends with whom I can dance. Favourite music is blues, then folk, rock 'n roll and some country. Gathering with folks and a few guitars and just singing together is an activity I love, as well as going to concerts.
You enjoy the outdoors in some way. A bonus if you go for walks or hikes (my knees can't do steep hills anymore), and share some similar interests as mine. You are comfortable in your own skin and have your own interests too. Most importantly, you are a compassionate person who communicates how you are feeling with emotional intimacy and are open to expressing your light and your dark sides--to being mutually real with each other. We can share together and let life flow.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. Sharing and caring for others and each other is very important to me! I like to share intimate hugs and kisses and always be treated like a lady and respected and that is what I have to offer a partner as well! I love to laugh, to joke around, to keep active and get out together as well as spend time cuddling at home and enjoying quiet times.I believe in smiles and a happy contenance.